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    BL8gPt reacted to Vessey in Short time room   
    The last two holidays I have stayed at the Zing for a number of days. 
    Good clean, basic hotel with a nice pool. Guest friendly and ideal for 'boy shopping'!

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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in Better to be retired than retarded - Thailand and Cambodia in January 2024. Trip report, brief but long.   
    Day 1
     That will be short one as I said arrived at 17.40. Immigration line was hair rising but speed was world beating. It was second longest I saw in BKK ever and still with all boths opened and personnel wisely directing internationals even to “ASEAN or Thai only” booths when they were free it moved shockingly fast.
     By time I bought SIM card my luggage was out already and in exactly 75 minutes from plane touching tarmac I was already waiting for train at the platform.
     Raya, where I opened door exactly 47 hours and 45 minutes after closing my home door,  was informed that I will miss previous night but at least room was waiting for me ( no refund for no show) so I unpacked , desoiled and went to 7/11 to buy some necessities in process took circular way through Thaniya and Patpong 2.
     At 21.00 I was supposed to meet J, our member  at G’Bangkok , soi 4. As it happened his last day was mine first. So we caught on news and food and  being already in soi 4 we decided to go to Jupiter . On recent trips  somehow it’s always first bar I’m visiting. Due to esthetics as their boy collection  beats them all not a bad place to start.
     I’m not being big fan of Jupiter due to their policy requiring boys to appear cold , aloof and uninterested. This of course changes right away after one invites boy to seat beside but still  I don’t like it as can’t gauge if g boy is treating me as transparent because I deserve or because boss told them so.
     Of course looking at them during their walkouts is pure pleasure , smile or not. And soon after we sat down first round started. I tipped red note two of them including hero of my many stories and veteran of dozen if not more  offs over the years HC (Handsome Cambodian).
     I did not count on anything other than may be nod and shy smile during next round acknowledging tip and my presence. But disappointingly during next walkabout I was still transparent air. There were few  smiles but not at me and not by me tippees .  That was bit discouraging and disappointing so  when J, who in meantime had some hunk  sitting beside  signaled he is ready to go I gladly went with them. This was my only visit at Jupiter this trip or as my father would say “ this trip I was there two times - first and last”.
     Outside I wished guys fun , to J also safe trip home and we parted ways. I went to Moonlight hoping Y will be available but he was already booked to tonight so I secured his presence for tomorrow by slipping him and mamasan who leeched on me immediately remembering me very well from previous visits red note each and went to Hot Male beer bar where P was present so I offered him  a drink and in process asked about option of accompany me tonight.
     He agreed but I sensed answer is kind of  suspended. On top of it , even it treated with drink , instead of keeping me company  he was constantly on the move here and there.  At some point when I noticed he is going to bar upstairs with some female patron I did one of best things this trip, right on the first evening – paid for both drinks and just took off.
     As it was past midnight I decided to try my favorite corner in Bangkok at soi 6 and Suriwong. That the place where Tawan boys use to drink after bar closes. Tonight it was only D solitary drinking from small Hong Thong bottle. We meet many times in the past, now he is in bit less of shape but his skin is still as smooth as baby’s and  being late I made another best decision, drunk or not I asked if he wants to go with me.
     Happy smile and nod. He wanted to ride his motorsai but I declined and we walked to Raya. Holly Molly, he was always quiet and bit reserved companion , very suitable for 1st night after long trip but not tonight.  I was hoping for pussy cat but instead  got lion, very sweet lion indeed. As close to boyfriend experience as one can dream about. It was almost shocking in a best sense.  I guess blend of being bit drunk and  probably not being offed   for some time contributed to that energy. What an introduction to Bangkok and a trip  and end of day 1 !!!
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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in Better to be retired than retarded - Thailand and Cambodia in January 2024. Trip report, brief but long.   
    Preliminaries and getting to.
     This was my first trip to Thailand after leaving workforce for good and as result it was also longest of them all (so far I hope).Also first covering month of January, I was in that month before twice but only for ,few days in the beginning  back in 2003 and at end last year.
    I keep travel diary on evert trip everywhere  so  no need to stretch my memory, cleaning glasses from time to time will suffice to produce this report. Reading it this morning I noticed that some occurrences faded from  memory already which makes point again not to be upset about small things as they are soon forgotten for good.
    Winter trip has advantages of escaping cold but also carries risk that weather may go in the way. It was exactly a case this time. When we boarded plane snow  blizzard started . It was sudden and energetic and as result we took off exactly 2 hours later than scheduled. Considering that at Narita I had originally exactly 2 hours connection time it was obvious that something will happen. Either, like last time I took that route plane to Bangkok will be waiting but luggage arrive day later or I need to be placed on another flight that evening or day after. Did not bother me as nothing I could do on my part.
     I did not enjoy flight much ( one of those things faded from memory I mentioned before but diary remembers). It was cold inside and this comes from guy who likes winter over summer. For first few hours entertainment system did not work which I don’t care but  in modern aircrafts one can’t turn on reading light if screen is dead so I lost few hours of reading time. And to add to my misery , food was nothing memorable and that is charitable.
     But as always there  was bonus – nobody seating beside me. I always fly at the back , middle section , aisle seat , hoping for that to happen  and it did again. I noticed that elbow space is as important as legs one on those long flights.
     We landed as we departed , exactly 2 hours after scheduled time and  were advised to see agents  who will inform as about further connection. This being Japan , was organized very well. Indeed lady was holding placard with Bangkok and my flight number, told me where to go and there another agent  gave me boarding pass for tomorrow morning , advised to pick up my luggage , pass immigration and go to the parking spot nr 16 where shuttle bus to hotel  will be waiting. It was all in print on small piece of paper. Impressive enough. Japan I thought. Then somehow things get a bit less smooth as I was waiting exactly 2 hours for my luggage to emerge entertaining myself with Whatsapping, e-mailing  and Lineing.
    After that we were back to Japan. Bus arrived and was filled to capacity with people sharing my misfortune, from  what I heard  not only Bangkok bound but also Bejjing and Saigon but somebody said Manilla passengers were lucky to be placed on next flight departing tonight.
    At the hotel   they knew exactly why we are there, there was special counter arranged and we got our keys and coupon for supper tonight and breakfast tomorrow as well as information about bus to the airport departing in the morning. In short all my questions at Narita were answered before I even asked them.
    It was too late to go to the city 1hr train trip away  so I settled in the room and did not even bother with evening meal. Just made my tea and went asleep.
     As for breakfast ‘opulent’ is understatement. All tasted soooo good and I feel sorry for myself that days I was eating more than I need  are over.
     I was placed on Thai flight and again had luck of nobody seating beside – it’s after all still 7 hrs flight. I already commented in another thread, meal they served was probably best airplane meal I ever had and no, after that breakfast I was not starving or something , it was just  extremely tasty, just pork with rice but made for kings and CEO’s .
    This way instead of landing at 22.30 , I arrived at 17.40 next day and day 1 of my trip started.
    still Christmas time in Japan

    Scat Airlines ? I wonder what this is all about

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    BL8gPt reacted to bkkmfj2648 in Trip report - Koh Chang - 15Jan2024 - 18Jan2024   
    Trip Report – Koh Chang – 15 Jan 2024 – 18 Jan 2024
    I am behind on my trip reports.  I present this one from Koh Chang (which was easier to prepare) and then I will have a bigger one from Christmas/New Years - 17 day trip report for Songkhla.  Sorry for the delays.
    Up to now, my favorite island in proximity of Pattaya has been Koh Samet.
    Hanging out with my volleyball friends at the Dongtan beach (Sea Rescue area), we were chatting about a new island place to go to and we decided to make a 4 day / 3 night visit to Koh Chang.

    Aerial shot of the Trat island archipelago
    One of them has a car, so that made the transportation modality easy. Note that a quick search in Google - notes that there are many busses that also go there – primarily from Bangkok but I believe that I saw one from Pattaya as well.
        -> Please note that their facial photos are included in this trip report with their permission given as well as their contact details in case any of you would like to use their services. <-
    We departed Jomtien around 9:45am and we arrived at the Ao Thammachat pier in Trat at around 14:30pm, almost 5 hours – leisurely driving with breaks for the bathroom, iced coffee, and gas.
    We were able to get onto the 15:30pm car ferry at a cost of 120 baht for the car and then 80 baht for the each of us for a total of 360 baht. The ferry crossing is about 30 minutes.  Ferry info can be found here at:  Koh Chang Ferries price list 2023 / 2024 

    Map of Koh Chang and surrounding islands.  As you can see there are many ferry options to arrive onto the island from the mainland.

    Above places highlighted with a red circle are the places that we visited
    We booked our 3 night stay at the Klong Prao Resort    Klong Prao Beach Resort webpage 
    We booked 2 rooms and paid 1,840 baht per night for a total of 11,040 baht for 3 nights.

    This resort is lovely and very big with a beautiful sandy beach and lush tropical plants everywhere.  As we booked kind of at the last minute we were assigned to 2 older rooms.  There are 3 distinct zones around a large pond, where the zone we stayed in is the oldest and the other 2 zones are more modern.  My only complaint about our rooms were there were hardly any electrical outlets for all of our devices (electric razor, tooth brush, boom box, mobile phones, etc.).  Other than this inconvenience the rooms were perfect – air con worked very well, shower had hot water, and unlike my stay in Koh Samet and also in Songkhla (I still need to write this trip report) there were NO noisy geckos

    to wake us up in the early morning with their annoying chirping sounds.  However, they are very handy for eating any annoying mosquitos, bugs and spiders.
    Note that the 2 newer zones have many electrical outlets as they were probably built after the advent of the popularity of mobile phones and all of our electrical gadgets.
    The highlights of this resort for us were:
    The pool and their pool bar with early evening 2 for 1 sunset happy hours – as evidenced in the below photos, The white sandy beaches and blue turquoise water.  Note that the Koh Chang municipality has strict rules that keep the noisy speed boats and jet skis away – thus rendering the beaches to be more in their wonderful natural state.
    Day 1 (15 Jan 2024) itinerary
    Arrive onto the island, check in unpack, enjoy the resort grounds, pool, beach, happy hour, fantastic sunset and eat at the resort dining facility = RimHad Restaurant.  Watched a great fire show performed by some hunky macho guys (similar to the familiar B-Boys, who perform all over Pattaya, Boyztown, Jomtien) on the beach in front of our resort restaurant.  Like when I visited Koh Samet, these fire show guys can be found traveling up and down the beach performing in front of the many resorts and beach restaurants.  It lasted about 10 minutes and was very entertaining.

    I realized that I did not take any still photos so the above photo is from a movie clip that I made.
    Then before going to sleep I received my customary massage – as both of these volleyball friends are also masseurs.
    Day 2 (16 Jan 2024) itinerary
    After the great resort buffet breakfast (an enormous selection of Western and Thai foods were available) we headed off to the Khlong Phlu Waterfall in the National Park.  It was nearby, and perhaps after 30 minutes by car we were already at the trailhead for our hike.  The hike took about 30 minutes and was rather easy. 
    Explore Koh Chang - description of Koh Chang waterfalls  

    As it was not rainy season, the waterfall was a little bit subdued, but it was still cool and refreshing to take a dip and to swim with the millions of fish that were in the water.  You need to resist their lite nibbles at your skin – kind of like those tourist places that you see all over Thailand where the tourists put their feet into a fish tank to get their dead skin nibbled off.

    There were about 20 to 25 people there when we visited with about half of them brave enough to enter the chilly refreshing water.  There is a lifeguard off to the left up on the rocks to prevent that tourists climb up onto the waterfall, as it can be quite dangerous as it is very slippery.

    And there I am trying to acclimate myself to the lite nibbles by the fish before I dove in and swam
    over to where the water was cascading down – as that end is very deep.
    Entrance fee to the waterfall (which is part of the national park system) was 40 baht for each of my 2 Thai friends and 200 baht for me for a total cost of 280 baht.
    Afterwards, back to our resort to relax, swim in the pool, take advantage of the 2-for-1 drink specials at the pool bar, and to watch the sunset.
    For that night’s dinner we drove over to the popular White Sands Beach area – full of restaurants, hotels, resorts, markets, etc. to eat at the Beach Tango restaurant 
         Beach Tango restaurant Facebook page  
    which became our favorite go-to place to eat.
    The food and drinks were good.  There was interesting eye candy – one of the wait staff had our constant attention.  Plus, there were many interesting people walking up and down the beach – as there are many, many, bars and restaurants in this area.  Beach Tango is smack in the middle of all of the fun and is an entertaining place to be situated.

    Then after dinner back to the room to relax for my nightly massage.  Life is good.
    Day 3 (17 Jan 2024) itinerary
    Enjoy the buffet breakfast and then head down to the extreme southern part of Koh Chang (on the opposite side of the island) to visit the very famous Koh Ngam beach.  It was a very long drive as we needed to cross the island to the other side (mainland facing), and this part of the island is not built up like the other side, so consequently, the main road became narrower and narrower up into the mountains to the point where there was only room for 1 car to pass one way with very steep curvy roads.  Scary, but well worth the reward to arrive at the tiny boat station to take the 10 minute boat to cross over to the breath taking Koh Ngam.

    You can choose your mode of transportation – by kayak or by motorboat.  We chose by motorboat as we were too excited to already be on Koh Ngam.  I believe that we paid 80 baht for each Thai person, and I as a farang had to pay 200 baht, which included the boat ride over to the island.  Fee is paid to a ranger on Koh Ngam – as it is now part of the Thailand National Park system.

    Here is a good short video with some drone footage of Koh Ngam:  Youtube video with drone footage of Koh Ngam 
    And here is what awaits you on Koh Ngam – truly amazing.

    After enjoying Koh Ngam (swimming, relaxing, and enjoying the view and the nature) – back on the boat to Koh Chang and then back in the car for the 1 hour trip back to our resort for those 2-for-1 pool bar cocktails and amazing sunsets.

    Rinse and repeat the previous night at Beach Tango for dinner and drinks and then back to the resort for my nightly good-night massage.
    Day 4 (18 Jan 2024) itinerary
    Enjoy the last breakfast buffet and check-out of the resort for the long 5 hour drive back to Pattaya (Jomtien).
    Phong says to me – do you want to see one more exciting place before we head back?  I say, sure, why not.  So, we drive over to the Kai Bae Viewpoint, which is famous for its spectacular view of 4 of the Koh Chang archipelago islands, Koh Yuak, Koh Man Noi, Koh Pli and Koh Man Nok.
    Note that there is excellent coffee available at this Kai Bae viewpoint.

    Before almost reaching Pattaya, my 2 tour guides noticed that we were all sad that our 4 day trip was coming to a quick end, so they said do you want to eat at a fun place that is near Pattaya (about 1 hour away) before we call it a day?  I said sure – as I really like to see and experience new places.
    So, we stopped off at the Tamnanpar Resort & Restaurant – one of these many nearby Pattaya / Rayong restaurants that are tucked away in a jungle theme – various Thai friends have taken me to different ones as each Thai person swears that his/her’s is the best.
    Tamnanpar resort and restaurant Facebook page 

    This place is famous for their unique game cuisine where you can eat ostrich, crocodile, snake, and deer. All was good and our random waiter was someone that my 2 tour guides already knew and were teasing him about his in-the-bed attributes – he was quite shy but willing to tease back my 2 Thai friends.  I truly enjoy when the Thais do this to each other as it is very entertaining.
    Then they dropped me off at my condo room in Jomtien and our trip concluded.
    Trip summary:
    Would I go back to Koh Chang?  Most certainly – it is a large island and there is still more to see. Especially to visit many of the many off-shore islands in the archipelago. Maybe stay for one more additional day to take some time to do kayaking.
    Any regrets?  Yes, we did not have time to see the famous abandoned boat “ghost” hotel.   Nation Thailand article on the famous "ghost" ship on Koh Chang
    Contact details (HORNET and Line) for my 2 Thai tour guides from the Dongtan volleyball field in Jomtien.  They can be available to be a tour guide, companion, or masseur. 
     permission was granted to me by the both of them to publish their details for all of you Also, come and visit them at volleyball (nightly from about 5:30 pm until 8pm to 9pm daily) – right next to the Sea Rescue in front of the Pattaya Park Tower on the beach road of our Dongtan beach. 
    Phong Hornet ID is:  @m-thailand
    Boat Hornet ID is:  @13hq91


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    BL8gPt reacted to reader in ‘Pattaya Heat’ Action Thriller Debuts in Movie Theatres   
    I wonder if any scenes were filmed at the JC Complex. 🥴

    From Pattaya News
    The big budget highly anticipated Thai action thriller, “Pattaya Heat: All Men Are Brothers,” is set to ignite the silver screen as it makes its debut on Thursday, February 8th, 2024.
    The red carpet was rolled out on February 6th for a star-studded lineup of top Thai actors, artists, and renowned influencers, as they gathered to celebrate the launch of this groundbreaking movie at the ‘Gala Premiere’ event at Siam Paragon.
    Pattaya Heat is a gripping action thriller that delves into the so-called dark underbelly of the world-famous resort city. The movie follows a deadly game of cat and mouse between the main character “Tot” and a menacing mafia gang.
    The blockbuster film featuring an A list of Thai actors was shot on location across Pattaya and will feature popular locations such as Walking Street and Pattaya Beach.
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    BL8gPt reacted to reader in Over 5,000 “Muay Thai” boxers gathering to set world record   
    I find these guys incredibly sexy. 
    From Thai PBS World

    More than 5,000 Muay Thai boxers from Thailand and 60 other countries took part in a ceremony to pay respects to Muay Thai teachers during the Amazing Muay Thai World Festival 2024, held on Tuesday at the Rajabhakti Park in Hua Hin to commemorate world Muay Thai Day.
    The event was presided over by Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and was attended by Interior Minister Anutin Charnvirakul, Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang, Culture Minister Sermsak Pongpanich, Tourism and Sports Minister Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol and Army Commander-in-Chief General Charoenchai Hinthao.
    The event featured a card stunt by more than 700 drones and a fireworks display. It was also intended to set a new Guinness world record for the largest single gathering of Muay Thai boxers.

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    BL8gPt reacted to Moses in Happy Lunar New Year!   
    The New Lunar Year is coming soon.
    On behalf of Siamroads.com, SGT and myself personally, I wish everyone happiness and success in the coming lunar year.












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    BL8gPt reacted to siriusBE in Malaysia Hotel   
    Good old days. I really miss the Babylon (the old one at the beginning of the road, now an apartment house and of course the new Babylon). The Pinnacle had a quite high gay factor during those days. From time to time I still book Pinnacle the have a confirmed homebase from where I do some trips around BKK and Hua Hin because it's so cheap. Pinnacle is a bit ran down nowadays, but still ok for that purpose.
    I had never the impression of a hippy ghetto though.
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    BL8gPt reacted to Lucky in Bangkok Hotel close to all the action   
    I stayed 8 nights at Le Meridien beginning with NY Eve.  I started referring to it as Gay Meridien since it was overwhelmingly gay for the New Year. As an elite Marriott Bonvoy member, I was comped dinner for NY Eve and also given access to the Executive Lounge where they put out food at lunch and dinnertime. Referred to as "snacks" and "hors d'oeuvres' you could make a meal out of them and we did- several times!
    I stayed the last three nights at the Sukhothai for comparison and Gay Meridien wins out. Not to say that the latter hotel is bad, the staff were great and the room very nice. The buffet almost comparable to Gay Meridien. But the location is not friendly, or so I thought.
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    BL8gPt reacted to reader in Pattaya celebrates completion of Jomtien beach restoration   
    From Pattaya Mail

    A panoramic view captures the widened and revitalized Jomtien Beach, now stretching to an average width of 50 meters and a length of 3,575 meters, providing an enhanced recreational space for locals and tourists.
    The Marine Department of the Ministry of Transport marked the successful completion of the Beach Nourishment Project at Jomtien Beach with an event on January 26, titled “Transportation Brings Smiles: Marine Department Creates Happiness – Beautiful Sandy Beaches for the People.” The initiative aligns with the “Transportation for the People’s Well-Being” policy of Minister of Transport, Suriya Jungrungreangkij.
    Highlighting the success of the beach restoration initiative from Pattaya Beach to Jomtien Beach, Taweesak Anankaphan, Advisor to the Minister of Transport emphasized its positive impact on mental well-being and economic growth. The THB 521,924,392.40 Beach Nourishment Project utilized approximately 640,000 cubic meters of sand sourced from Koh Rangkwian Island.
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    BL8gPt reacted to Travellerdave in Beaches w/gay scene other than Pattaya & Phuket   
    Of course if you like  the combination of a boy plus sand and sea there is sometimes the option of taking your off or boyfriend to the beach. Whilst staying in the Complex I’ve taken suitable boys for a late morning breakfast and then for an hour or two at what’s left of the gay beach. Once last year I had a boy accompany me into the calm sea where we had some fun swimming and  splashing in the warm water. Lovely memory which deserved the promised enhanced tip.
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    BL8gPt reacted to floridarob in Another OK corral fight in Jomtien complex   
    In Foodland Patpong last week a fight broke out while I was there.....rumor has it that it was about no cashews in the cashew chicken....

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    BL8gPt reacted to reader in Massage shops on Sutthian Winitchai Rd.   
    For muscled twink admirers, Home spa has added a new masseur to its roster.

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    BL8gPt reacted to reader in Keep those boarding passes   
    Recently noticed I hadn't received mileage credit for my last trip to bkk so called airline customer service. Since I was crediting miles to a partner account, they told me to contact that airline to initiate the process. Thought it was unusual work around but I followed through. The partner (AA) took my flights numbers and ticket number and said they would submit form to carrier (CX). Five days later received email from AA customer support, requesting copies of ticket receipt and boarding  passes.
    I hadn't retained boarding passes for outbound flights but did manage to find my return boarding passes still in my carry on backpack. Sent those along today.
    Lesson learned: Don't dispose of those boarding passes until you've seen the miles on your account, especially when itinerary involves partner carriers.
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    BL8gPt reacted to floridarob in Just got in today-Pattaya   
    I use my forearm and tricep to judge the technique....if they have chairs outside, I'd ask for a sample of a neck massage.

    You can tell pretty quickly of they have the strength and proper motions to go to the next step....it also gives me a moment to chat and scope out the other workers without being too awkward staring at them from the street, lol
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    BL8gPt reacted to floridarob in Just got in today-Pattaya   
    Flew Singapore airlines flight from New York- Singapore, used miles for Business class- was a bucket list item- Longest flight in the world, solid 19hrs.

    I liked it better than dividing the trip in Tokyo, got way more sleep and then a 1:45 flight from Singapore to BKK instead of a 6-7 hr flight from Narita.

    Went to VIP immigration section upon arrival, was kind of full,  I followed a Thai guy that just snaked his way in between everyone with kids, they were too busy taking care of the kids, that we went unnoticed.

    My bag was 1st one out and found Mike Taxi right away and off to Pattaya we went.

    Staying at the Ambiance, booked this a few months ago and got 5 nights in a king superior room for $97 usd....comfortable beds, nice towels and sheets, convenient to everything and the receptionists all know me....

    Took awhile to defrost the frozen mini fridge, so lost whatever time gained in BKK, ADD about certain things 🙄
    Walked around,  stopped by Paradise massage and a few of the guys caught my attention....the one that spoke English, wasn't the best looking, but had something about him that attracted me to him, I asked him for a sample of his massage and it was really good....I told him maybe tomorrow, and went to Dreamboys to see a few guys I know to check on them.

    With the price quoted at Paradise, all in...seemed like a better deal than the go-go bars, so I asked the guy that since it was almost closing time, if he'd come to my hotel, obviously he said yes, he hadn't had a client in 2 days....( he's not THAT ugly).

    Did EVERYTHING that I asked, only didn't give me the full hr massage that he promised, so I explained to him that's how to lose repeat business, over stupid shit. He promised to make it up to me if we go again, let's see...I'd go with him again.

    Grindr is very active...it's 5 am, I'm ready to sleep....tomorrow my plan is Jomtien about 2pm for manicure/massage on the beach then try Sansuk about 5-6pm and maybe another round with the Paradise sauna guy, or someone else from there.

    Since I'm not very good with trip reports, I'm going to try to report a little every day....see how that goes.

    Pic is of the Singapore seat made into a bed, other than Gulf Airlines first class....I think this is the best bed for flights to Asia.


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    BL8gPt reacted to floridarob in Pattaya Day 2 Jan 2024   
    I'm ready to go to sleep, so I better write this while I still remember what I did today, wasn't much, but details can get lost during sleep.

    Woke up about noon today, early for me. Ordered Thai food from a little hole in the wall, near Ambiance on Grab. $2usd delivered and I'd put the food against ANY thai restaurant I've been to.

    Went to Jomtien beach about 3pm, with the sole reason to get a manicure/pedicure.....a mamasan that used to work at Cupidol does amazing work and I get my change when I pay.

    Then she recommended a massage guy for a foor/leg massage...300 baht for 1 hr, he was decent and a good conversationalist.

    After the beach I headed to Sansuk sauna, was Sunday about 530pm and was quite busy. This is only my 2nd time there, my 1st time wasn't busy, however was mostly Asian guys,  had fun. Last night, almost all foreigners, blah.....I did hook up with a Canadian Chinese guy, with a tiny dick....I knew how this was going to end....was like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.
    He couldn't stay hard, I didn't feel a thing,  we both made excuses, I told him I lived in Brasil, he didn't get it, lmao.

    Headed to Nice Boys after there, with not that much cash. I had more in my room, but don't like going out with too much, in case it gets lost.

    The drunk guy that's usually obnoxious about asking to buy him drinks was either on the wagon or it was too early, but he's just as obnoxious sober.

    There were 3 guys I was interested in and could have gone with just about any of them, was interesting.

    One 20 yr old short guy, was def my type. He sat with a Japanese customer, they messed around a little and then customer left, without giving a tip, I was told 🙄

    The lady mamasan advised against trying to go with him, she said he was new and too shy..... but did I listen, no!!!

    Since I was short on cash, they said I could pay the boy his off and his fee all at once, when I got to my hotel.....we never made it that far. Once we lft the bar, the kid wanted to take a moto taxi to Ambiance. I told him it's closeby and we could walk. His face looked like I just asked him to donate a kidney, lol

    He REFUSED to walk....good thing I hadn't paid the off yet. I went back in and explained what happened, none of the other boys could believe it and a few said "I'll walk with you".

    I was annoyed by this point, so I walked to my hotel for more cash. Went to Dreamboys to talk to a few people outside, they are always so friendly. Nothing was too intersting for me, so I walked by the same massage shop as last night. The more we got into details about where to do it in the shop or my room, seemed to be getting too complicated and I left, telling the guy from last night, we'll talk later.

    Then I went to the massage place on South Pattaya road, I think it's called Paradise? A couple of guys were outside and I acted like it was my 1st time in a place like that. Massage sample from 2 guys that I was choosing from...then I made my choice. Half way thru the massage, came the "do you want me to suck you?" question. He was super cute, for me, but I only wanted a chuck wow and he agrees. He pulled his pants down, great ass and a child sized penis, oh well....he was impressed with the size of my dick, which isn't saying much coming from him 😁

    Finished and paid him 700 baht, which is what we agreed on, even though he asked for 1000, the Canadian Chinese guy was huge compared to him. I'll give him credit though, he followed instructions perfectly.

    I think I'll become more like @reader, at least if the sex isn't good, you have the chance of something of a massage.

    I'm sure I left a bunch of crap out, If I remember , I'll write about it, if it's worth it.

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    BL8gPt reacted to reader in The 13   
    From ABC News (Australia)
    Dr Richard Harris appointed South Australia's Lieutenant Governor
    The heroic doctor involved in the infamous Thai cave rescue has been named as South Australia's next Lieutenant Governor.
    South Australian anaesthetist Dr Richard Harris, who rose to fame after his involvement in the rescue of 12 children trapped in a cave in Thailand, will be sworn into the role next month.
    The former Australian of the Year will replace Dr James Muecke, who has served in the role since 2022.
    Dr Harris was described as an integral part of the rescue of a team of soccer players and their 25-year-old coach from a flooded cave in northern Thailand in 2018.
    Dr Harris conducted initial medical assessments on the boys and advised authorities on the safest extraction methods.
    On the day of evacuation, he gave the medical all-clear for each boy and administered anaesthesia before they left the cave.
    Dr Harris was about to leave on a cave diving adventure when he was called by expert divers from the UK to assist in the rescue mission using his unique dual skills of medical knowledge and cave diving.
    He was the last person out of the cave.
    Dr Harris received the prestigious Star of Courage bravery award for his efforts, and was named joint Australian of the Year in 2019.
    In his new role, Dr Harris will serve as deputy to South Australia's Governor, Frances Adamson.
    The Lieutenant Governor acts as the state's Vice Regal representative in the absence of the Governor.
    In a statement, Dr Harris said he was "truly honoured" to be appointed to the role and thanked Dr Muecke for his service.
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    So very common.....this business they're in, that everyone feels so sorry for them and throws money at them....imagine the people working for Thai normal wages, like at McDonalds......how long it takes for them to earn what some of these guys make in an hr. (I know people will say it's completely different, but it's my perspective)
    If it was reversed and they found a new sugar daddy and you were still into him, they wouldn't have a problem.....so you shouldn't either.
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    BL8gPt reacted to a-447 in Don't be stingy   
    I had a similar problem in Pattaya on my last visit.
    For a numbet of years I would have a massage by the same guy every day of my holiday. When Covid struck he returned home and I thought I'd never see him again.
    Then on my first night, as I walked through Boyztown, I heard my name being called. I turned around to see him rushing up to me.
    I was really happy to connect with him, and he was happy because his walking atm had arrived.
    He gave me a long sob-story - some of which was no doubt true- and told me he was desperately in need of money. So I said I'd be back around midnight and he could come back to my hotel. When I went to pick him up, he was sitting drinking with his friends at the massage place. He told me he was to drunk to do anything.
    But.,.but...I told you I would come and pick you up tonight! Never mind. I'll see you tomorrow night.
    Same,same. Sorry, I'm drinking with my friends.
    Next day I get a request for 3000 baht.
    When I explained that I wasn't a charity and that he'd have to earn it- I had already given him 2 chances to make some money  - he got very angry and stormed off. 
    We never spoke again.
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    I follow fairly simple tipping formula.
    For bar or other "offs", I tip the agreed amount. If guy asks for more, I'll give him taxi fare. I'll  always ask him if he wants to get something to eat before or after and never factor that cost into tip.
    For massage shops with minimum tip, I tip 200 extra if he showers with me so that's usually 1200 for an hour.
    For shops without minimum tip, I tip in the same range for a satisfactory service.
    There are, of course, exceptions for "exceptional" service. We all define exceptional by different standards but we know it when we experience it.
    In both cases, the best extra I can offer a guy is my repeat business. I'm usually in town for a month or two and have ample opportunity to do so.
    In the past when I agreed to an off's request for an extra 500 or 1000 (and the service was not out of the ordinary), it quickly became known to others who worked that bar that I could be manipulated.
    I'm not suggesting this is the way others should tip; it's just the way I do. Tipping is and always should be an individual matter.
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    The cost of sanuk in Thailand? Here's my take.
    I learnt all about Pattaya and the gay scene from a rent-boy in Amsterdam's Blue Boy.Yes, a brothel. 
    Those who recall the scene will remember that clients paid for an hour and, when the time was up, the front desk would phone....and that was it, even if you were in the middle of a happy moment.
    On the occasion I'm recalling, we'd finished early (please avoid any sarcasm!) and my partner, a painfully-cute British Black guy, to fill up the hour talked to me about the scene in Pattaya. I booked my first visit on my return home.  And so yes, the last thirty years of my life has been the consequence of that encounter.
    Ex-punters will also  remember that, back in the late 90s, the cost of an hour at Blue Boy, and the other similar establishments,  was £100 plus. Six months in Pattaya later I was paying the equivalent of £20. 
    I've just checked a couple agencies in London on-line. The cost of an hour here? between £150 and £200.
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    NOTE -- Take extra care in entering the given name and family name in correct places. Be extra careful if you are buy a ticket for a traveling companion.
    From Tourism Authority of Thailand
    The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) would like to advise non-Thai passengers travelling on domestic flights in Thailand that they must adhere to the rules on boarding pass and identity verification process announced by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), effective from 16 January 2024.
    CAAT has heightened the rules which require the passenger’s name on the boarding pass to exactly match the passenger’s government-issued identification documents.
    The boarding pass can be in a form of:
    A paper boarding pass issued either at an airline’s check-in counter, self-service kiosks, or via the airline’s check-in website. A PDF file issued and sent to passengers by the airline and can be shown via a mobile phone or other electronic devices. An e-boarding pass that can be shown via the airline’s mobile application or application wallet, or an e-mail sent by the airline. A boarding pass that is screen-captured from a mobile phone or other electronic devices is not applicable. This is except for when a passenger validation system or a boarding pass barcode reader, or a boarding pass scanner is applied at the airport.
    Along with the boarding pass, non-Thai passengers travelling on domestic flights are required to present a government-issued identification document.
    In normal circumstances, non-Thai passengers must present their boarding pass along with one of the following documents:
    • Original passport issued by the state of the nationality of passport holder.
    • Original UN Laissez-Passer.
    • Original travel document for refugees and people seeking asylum issued by the United Nations or by the government of issuing countries.
    In case of lost passport or identification documents, non-Thai passengers must provide one of the following documents:
    • Original emergency passport or emergency travel certificate.
    • Original non-Thai ID Card issued by Department of Provincial Administration of Thailand.
    • Original driving license issued by Department of Land Transport of Thailand.
    TAT wishes all visitors a safe journey and a relaxing holiday in Thailand.
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    From MSN

    Art is in the air at Bangkok’s townsquare for three days, as Colorful Bangkok Expo 2024 is here for all the artsy people of the city.
    Famous for being fenced off for political protestors, the Lan Khon Mueang Townsquare in front of Bangkok City Hall is about to get a very vibrant makeover for three days: 18-21 January, 2024.
    In this expo, you’ll get to walk through an art market with more than 90 stalls featuring Bangkok artists and designers. It’s a great way to support local talents as they showcase their works and put up their art up for sale.
    Colorful Bangkok Expo 2024 is created to transform Lan Khon Mueng Townsquare into more of an artspace and potentially exposing people of Bangkok to art. This time, we’re really up close and personal. Entry is free of charge.
    Link to event schedule of activities
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    I agree with this. I had a boy ask for an extra 500 even though the tip was agreed beforehand and i already spent a few hundred getting some stuff he wanted from the 7-11. It isn't much to me but at least I made him happy.
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