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    BL8gPt reacted to Gaybutton in I'm addicted to massages   
    Gents, even if you are convinced Olddaddy is a troll, I hope posts on this board will not digress into personal attacks.  I have always been opposed to personal attacks.  Let Trump be the personal attacker - I hope nobody here wants to take a lesson from him.  Your decision of course, but in my opinion personal attacks demean a board.
    There are many ways to get rid of trolls without resorting to those tactics.
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in Patpong Night Market.   
    I can't wait to go shopping again especially sexy underwear!
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    BL8gPt reacted to Patanawet in Patpong Night Market.   
    I've just heard that Patpong Night Market (Patpong 1 -- and maybe 2?) is re-opening on Monday.
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    BL8gPt reacted to PeterRS in The Stealth Pride Festival of 2022   
    Very few Thais will appear at public gay events in the country. This has been proven time and time again. The annual Pride Parade was stopped in the early 2000s because virtually the only participants were boys from the bars, massage spas and lady boys. Good on them, but you will rarely if ever see a professional Thai take part since Thailand remains a very conservative society. In 2009 the Chiang Mai Parade had to be abandoned when those watching it hurled abuse at the marchers and it threated to become violent. I heard that the Bangkok Parade which was reinstated this year did have a better turnout, but it is still mostly organised by gay venues rather than individuals.
    Even with few tourists taking part as the easing of covid restrictions came to late, this year's Taipei Gay Pride Parade had 120,000 participants. Clearly the vast majority of these were ordinary Taiwanese men and women, far from all of them gay since traditionally parents have brought their kids to take part. Bangkok's public gay displays will never take off until the culture of the country changes. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to bkkmfj2648 in Pattaya Koh Larn island trip report November 2022   
    Pattaya Koh Larn island trip report - November 2022

    This is my trip report to Koh Larn from Pattaya. It is written for those who might want to venture over to this beautiful island for a day trip or to stay a couple of nights like we did. I travelled with 2 of my Thai friends, as it was one of their birthday’s, hence these chosen dates.
    Why Koh Larn? Because you may want to get away from the hustle & bustle of busy Pattaya to stay at some truly beautiful beaches that have transparent blue turquoise clean water with nice white sand. As we know, most of Pattaya, and lesser so, Jomtien beaches have brownish water, consequently making it sometimes difficult to enjoy a true pleasant beach experience that Thailand is known for. Note, that Koh Larn is NOT at the level of beauty of Koh Samui or Phuket – but for only being 20 to 30 minutes away from Pattaya – it is a nice quick and easy substitute for them.
    Day ONE - Monday 21 November 2022

    We took a Grab taxi from Jomtien over to the Bali Hali Pier in Pattaya. At the pier, there are many offerings for private tours via speed boat (costing thousands of Thai baht) and also transport via speed boat for ฿150 baht per person one way. We opted for the speedboat transportation modality, which takes 20 minutes. Note that if you continue towards the pier you can buy a ฿30 baht one way fare on the ferry boat, which takes 40 to 45 minutes. Note ferry schedule below – there are 2 destinations available – Naban Port which faces Pattaya, and Tawaen Beach which faces west into the Gulf of Thailand.

    The speedboat ride was quite enjoyable, as the sea was calm – consequently there were not many bumps. If you find that the sea is rough, then I would suggest that you instead take the ferry. Each of us wore a life vest – including all of the other passengers. After exiting the speedboat onto the floating pier, you will be almost immediately solicited for room rentals, taxis, and motorbike rentals. My 2 Thai friends had already reserved us a place in a 2 unit bungalow that they really liked (from previous trips) because it is isolated and private and still within the Naban village. We walked about 5 to 6 minutes south from the pier (as indicated in the below map) to where my 2 friends were greeted by a friendly Thai lady who acted as the broker for our 2 sleeping accommodations, which included 2 motorbikes (1 per unit). The price was ฿1,500 baht per unit and we always took 2 units – as I like to sleep alone.

    This is our first night accommodation. Simple – but nice and very private with a rocky beach front – when the tide is up the balcony is on top of the water and when the tide is out the balcony overlooks the rocks. Nice places to sit on each single balcony with 2 chairs each with a small table, nearby tree with tons of shade and an outdoor table if needed. From the below photo, you can see that the rooms are modest but practical. There was good air-conditioning and normal bathroom with hot water for a shower. The best part was the view of the Pattaya city and Jomtien skylines. For some months now, I can see Koh Larn from where I live in Jomtien and now I can look back to where I live. I have to say that it is very impressive – more so from Koh Larn looking towards Pattaya/Jomtien – especially at night when the entire city is illuminated. Note, there was NO breakfast included in the above mentioned price.

    View of Pattaya City and Jomtien from our Koh Larn room balcony – quite impressive.

    We unpacked our bags and then headed out to lunch at one of the many roadside cafes on our way to our first beach destination at Hat Nuan beach – which is on the southern tip of Koh Larn. Beach was pleasant and nice, but was not my favorite because when you walk into the water, it quickly gets deep – as there is a drop-off in the sea floor. I prefer a gradual drop off where you can walk out far into the water before it gets deep. At the far end of this beach – towards the rocks – are a group of monkeys. Many tourists were feeding them. I did not attempt to get too close as I saw many Youtube videos where the monkeys will steal something from you (like your mobile phone) and run away. No thanks.

    After a couple of hours at Hat Nuan beach, we then drove over to Samae Beach, which is on the western side of the island. The center of the island is dense green with large hills – so the ride from west to east and east to west are breathtaking – as the views from high up are stunning.

    Note the following - The roads on Koh Larn are narrow and there are NO cars – only the occasional baht busses that shuttle passengers back and forth between the different beaches. Each way on the baht bus is ฿30 baht for each single ride. Consequently, since there are NO cars – it makes driving on Koh Larn very pleasant, as it is just motorbikes going about – and they tended to drive slowly without any chaos. This is truly a nice experience after the crazy chaos of motorbikes in Pattaya city.

    Also, even though I have my official Thai motorbike driving license – I have not yet started to drive a motorbike in Thailand. I believe that driving one on Koh Larn will help me get over my fear to get started. Consequently, during this trip, I was the 2nd passenger on one of our 2 motorbikes. Going up some of the bigger hills puts a strain on the motorbike – so, if you plan to go 2 persons on a single bike – make sure that you get a motorbike strong enough. For sure, 2 falangs on a single motorbike might not make it up some of the steeper hills. In my case, we were always 1 falang and 1 Thai – and as we know, the Thais don’t weigh much.

    Next stop, was Samae Beach. This beach I really liked. During this trip, we visited 5 beaches in total and Samae was tied for my favorite with another beach that we visited on day 2. Samae, has the type of white beach sand that I really like with the gradual decline in the seabed, that allows you to walk out quite far before having to start swimming. The water is a beautiful transparent turquoise color.

    After almost arriving to sunset, we drove back to our room to freshen up for our Main Event – the birthday celebration of my Thai friend at the infamous Klom Klom restaurant / bar.

    The Klom Klom restaurant / bar is truly an eclectic cool hippy type of place and was an excellent choice to celebrate my friend’s birthday. This was one of my most favorite places in Thailand – something that I would expect to find up in PAI, in northern Thailand. A jazz band was playing during our visit. The food and drinks were very good. The only negative is that the food came from another affiliated place that is across the street – which made the wait for our meal somewhat longer than normal. When I thought that the bill would come, instead the waiters and band played and sang happy birthday for my Thai friend – which was a nice surprise. Even the customers joined into sing. A weird jello birthday dish was served with a lit candle in it (?? Thai tradition ??).
    To find this place – see below map – as it is about half way between Naban village and Tawaen Beach. Anybody who lives on Koh Larn knows about this place as it is super famous.

    Back home for some more drinks on our balcony to enjoy the illuminated Pattaya skyline.

    Day TWO – Tuesday 22 November 2022

    We had to switch accommodation locations because one of our 2 bungalow rooms was rented out to another party (surprise snafu). So, we moved north of the main Naban village pier to ธนัชชา รีสอร์ท (Thanatcha Resort). Note from the map below, that this place is VERY close to the main ferry pier and if you remember from the above ferry schedule, the first ferry is at 6:30am bound for Pattaya. It starts blasting its horns for departure at 6:20am. So, I would avoid this place if you do not like to wake up early. Also, it is kind of run down and you can see that it has seen better days. It has a large wooden deck that is tastefully illuminated in the evening with an excellent view of the Pattaya city skyline. Breakfast is included. Price was the same as the previous accommodation, ฿1,500 baht per unit and we took 2 units. This place includes breakfast out on the terrace, which included a Thai kind of rice / chicken soup, toast and marmalades, and eggs sunny side up + coffee.

    Our next destination was to go see the BIG giant Buddha up on Buddha hill. What is impressive about this place is that you have an incredible view of almost all of Koh Larn – especially looking down onto the tourist packed Tawaen beach. Furthermore, this is where the paragliders take off and land – it was truly breathtaking to watch all of them as there was at least a dozen of them up in the air above us.

    Have any of you tried this paragliding thing?     https://www.flykohlarn.com

    Driving down into Tawaen Beach, the scene was overwhelming, as the beach was teeming with tourists mainly from India – it was loud and super crowded. I told the guys to continue onwards, and we found a great place to have lunch just before the next beach over, where Tong Lang Beach starts. It was much more quiet and tranquil. I believe that Tawaen Beach is extremely crowded because the main ferry from Pattaya also stops here.

    Here is a photo of the tranquil and beautiful Tong Lang Beach, where we relaxed for a couple of hours. It was nice and pleasant – but was still not yet my most favorite beach spot.

    Our next stop was Tiennara (Tien Beach). As I mentioned from day one this was also my most favorite beach.

    But now after writing this report and reliving the fond memories, this beach is my number one favorite from this Koh Larn trip. Why?
    It is a very BIG (long) beach with many variations within the beach, such as lush green canopy overgrowth where there were many places to stay shaded, eat, relax, etc. There are even secluded places to lodge and stay overnight here --> I definitely need to return to sleep in one of them. Have any of you slept in any rooms that are directly at Tien Beach? If so, please share with us the relevant contact information.

    To arrive at this paradise, you first park your motorbikes and then walk on this elevated concrete pathway until you arrive onto Tiennara (Tien Beach). It feels different than the other beaches as you feel more isolated and more immersed into the nature with the white powdery beach sand.

    Note that walking north (opposite way from which you entered) you will eventually find some red chair lounges. This is where we stayed, and the older owner/manager is most likely gay and one of his sexy younger workers appears to also be gay. He was quite flirty – another reason to return to this beach. On our way into this beach over the elevated concrete walkway, my 2 Thai friends acknowledged a group of fellow gay Thai individuals who were heading back – as they only came for the day. So, perhaps this is the beach more frequented by us gays ?

    The sun was starting to set and it was time to drive back to our accommodation to freshen up and to head out to our last dinner on Koh Larn.

    The chosen Thai restaurant is, ยกยอ-เกาะล้าน (Lifted Yo - Koh Larn)

    which is located on the main road going south from the Naban village that follows the sea shoreline (see below map). It is a somtum type of Thai restaurant and the food was great. It received a 4.3 rating out of 5 maximum in Google.

    After dinner, we made a quick stop at 7-Eleven (even on Koh Larn they seem to be almost everywhere) to grab some beers to enjoy our last view of our hotel sea deck illuminated Pattaya / Jomtien city skyline.

    We had breakfast in the following morning at our 2nd day hotel and then off to return our motorbikes and join the crowd looking for speedboats back to Pattaya. Again, ฿150 baht per person one way. In about 22 minutes we were already back at the Bali Hali pier in Pattaya. We called a BOLT taxi to take us back to Jomtien.

    Would I go back to Koh Larn? MOST definitely – I was truly enchanted with this place and I see that it will take several trips to discover all of the nooks and crannies on this wonderful island – truly an oasis in nature to get away from the craziness of Pattaya city.

    What would I change?
    1.) To have better control over the accommodations that were chosen – there are tons of them and some are truly amazing.
    2.) To get over my anxiety to drive a motorbike in Thailand – as Koh Larn is definitely a tranquil place to overcome this fear.

    In closing, I hope that you enjoyed my long trip report. I hope by sharing all of this information with all of you that it will encourage some of you to take advantage of this unique place in Pattaya.
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    BL8gPt reacted to hojacat in Best Thai Guy Only Fans   
    This one has been catching my attention lately: https://mobile.twitter.com/urfilobabe
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    BL8gPt reacted to PeterRS in (Warning: a bit sad) Has this happened to you?   
    Individuals dying as a result of drugs, crashing their motorcys after driving drunk and too fast, even by suicide is very difficult for others to control. Even those who see the signs of alcohol, drug, gambling and other addictions find it all but impossible to help. The individual has to want help - and in too many cases deep down they don't. For most, there is some deep rooted mental issue. Thankfully, for those who do want treatment, there are many more facilities now than there used to be.
    At university, I knew a beautiful felllow student. Her beauty was almost luminous. She was very slim and none of us were aware at the time that she suffered from bulimia. She never talked about it. Given that this was many decades ago, few actually knew much about it, not even the medical profession. She obviously was aware there was something wrong with her. Whether she did anything to obtain treatment, none of us ever found out. Had she done so, it is highly unlikely she would have been offered any sensible and practical advice. One day, she threw herself in front of a lorry in the middle of the city. She survived and was sent to a hospital for the mentally ill. For whatever reason, she was placed in a ward on the second floor. A few weeks after being admitted, she threw herself out of the window. This time she succeeded in her desire to die.
    The lorry driver, a man in his early 50s with a wife and family, was less lucky. He suffered a heart attack after knocking the girl down.  He died a few days later. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to PeterRS in (Warning: a bit sad) Has this happened to you?   
    I lost two lovers as a result of AIDS. I had been madly in love with the first, a Japanese, and we had talked about living together. But because we were then living almost 1,800 miles apart, even though we were meeting almost every month and took holidays together, I suppose it was inevitable that he would meet someone else. In my early 30s, I could not understand how any young Japanese (he was 25) could possibly leave me for a man more than double his age - he was 52(!) I did learn later he wanted stability and eventually to start a business. His new partner gave him both. He did write to me to say what had happened and how sorry he was that he had hurt me. At the time it was no consolation.
    Although it took me many months to get over the anger and to a certain extent the betrayal I felt, I eventually realised it was as much my fault. It was the early 1980s was I still quite new to Asia and certainly to Japan. A few years later he called me and asked if we could meet again. He wanted my help re part of his little business. We had a joyful reunion dinner and became good friends. FIve years after we had split up, when having tea he told me he had been feeling well. He and his bf were leaving for a long summer in London when he would seek treatment if he did not get better. Two months later, I got a call from his partner whom I had never even spoken to before. My first lover had died of AIDS. I flew over for the funeral.
    Looking back, it seems odd that I had no worries about being infected. Perhaps I was in denial with HIV/AIDS being a death sentence. We had never used condoms, but then when we were together we knew very little about HIV. Thereafter I always used them.
    In the early 1990s I met a tall Thai student in, of all places, Babylon. Having had part of his education in Australia, he spoke fluent English with a slight Ozzie accent. Over the next year or so we were to meet frequently, each time becoming more besotted with each other. I even seriously thought of moving to Bangkok just to be with him. But he wanted to leave Bangkok as he felt too confined here after the freedom he'd enjoyed in Sydney. He was desperate to live with me in Hong Kong. I knew - and told him many times - that he and we would face many obstacles there, far more than in Thailand. He could not continue his studies, without an HK ID card he would be unable to find a decent job - and so on. But he was adamant. Stupidly I gave in.
    Although we did lots of things together and I loved having him live with me, it was obvious he was beginning to regret his decision. Just before Christmas we went to Australia for 10 days as I had a couple of days business. With frequent absences from our hotel, I knew he'd been meeting old friends and perhaps returning to some of his old gay haunts. After quite a bitter argument one evening, he told me he would not come back to Hong Kong. He planned to stay with an old flame in Sydney. And that is what he did. This time I realised I had made the wrong decision and for months I regretted it. What I should have been aware of was that the freedom he had enjoyed before I met him in Babylon had included quite a bit of unprotected sex. After he became sick, he returned to his Kanchanaburi home where died of AIDS two years later.
    But again i did not get myself tested. Finally on a trip to Phuket with friends, I went to a clinic and after three days learned I was negative. Yet despite all the bad feelings, I was later to put these totally behind me and as @Mavica pointed out earlier, just remember all the wonderful times we had enjoyed. Despite the sorrow at relationships coming to an abrupt end and of young lives being cut far too short, I am surprised that these memories do not fade.
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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in Shortest trip ever but still blood pressure rising-report   
    Again apologies  about pieces.
    Right after he left there was phone from airport that my luggage arrived and they plan to deliver it tonight to my hotel but I had better idea. Since I, m flying out tomorrow I, ll pick it up in the airport on my way. My laundry dried in meantime so I was set. 
    Reader siganalzed he will be in Hotmale beer bar tonight so I rushed there around 8 to find him and paulsf as well. Paul showed me new waiter there, good looking guy indeed. I took note to get acquainted with him when stars align. Than after having drink with my friends I went to complete task nr. 2 of this trip, to go to Jupiter and check if Handsome Cambodian, long time my one-sided love is there but he was not. 
    Music not as loud as before, AC also set at pleasant level. Boys, as always, shining handsome and unsmiling but one or two at least looked as trying to show interest, nice change. I don, t understand their format with boys hidding in corners  after their walkabout and time filled by listening to singer but I assume bar knows better. Watched show but before finished I left for my next destination tonight, Tawan.
    As  always I was  greeted with smiles and enthusiasm due always when new shiny ATM arrives. Dum and Mas, resident twink invited themselves to my table so I treated them with drinks. K was already in the know he will be taken tonight to took my NO for drink question with understanding. 
    I was hoping Tiger will be back but not yet, still another Lao guy Petch is back, he recognized me right away. For me he is remarkable specimen as all in, he is my second worst and the best off ever few years apart. When I advocate giving second chance I always have him in mind. If I did  not fix K for tonight he will be one to go with me probably. After about 1 HR K and I jumped on his motorbike, I noticed that being  new one and went to Happy Beer Garden for a meal and of course out of 1000 baht tab about 140 only  was mine dish. Those guys sometimes really are testing my patience, lol. 
    But in the room I got my money, s worth and in the morning woke up happy. 
    Went to UNESCO Foodland alone for breakfast, packed very little I had and went to airport. Collected my luggage without any issues being provided instructions where to go by phone yesterday only to learn  that my flight to Phnom Penh with ThaiVietAir was moved from 11 am to 17.30pm. Joy of flying with discounts I guess. So blood pressure up again and quick decision to check who  flies to PP next and for how much. Bangkok Airways it was, in 90 minutes. Quick trip to mezzanine to check price, 5500 baht, sold. Other ticket may be wasted but half day in Phnom Penh gained. If I left  at 17.30 I, d be there well after dark so no, I rather lose ticket.
    Straight to check in and shortly I was in the air, after about 36 hours there ending my 23rd trip, shortest ever but not boy deprived, leaving Thailand forever (until next time of course) 
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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in Shortest trip ever but still blood pressure rising-report   
    Sorry guys I kept this thread neglected for good while busy doing nothing i. e.  travelling. 
    So if you recall I had unexpected reunion with boy not seen many years. We had great time together but in the morning, after he left, not that he was in rush to do so, I was back to reality which sadly was that I, m without luggage. So after breakfast in UNESCO heritage Foodland Patpong I went straight to Silom Market in soi 1p to buy necessary toiletries, underwear and t-shirt to carry me through the day. 
    Upon returning to hotel I washed my other set and head to UNESCO again because floridarob signalized he is planning to have lunch there. No problem recognizing him this time, nice talk we have over tasty foods. Then when I told him my planned first step this short trip is Senso, not visited by me since prepandemic he decided to accompany me there. 
    Mamasan was the same but crew totally different. I hoped to see M or Jack but no, no familiar  hunky guys, those present were rather well built next door types than hunks. One face was familiar from Sabaidee spa Line feed so I decided to get him, floridarob did not find anybody suitable so he left me there. Prices unchanged 1. 5 HR massage 1490, min tip 1500.
    Guy was actually surprised Sabaidee still uses his pics when I told him so  as he left them, massage was good , guy pleasant but when I declared lack of interest in bottoming he kind of lost  his heart too so  session finished quite before 90 minutes mark. So tip was only minimum even if I was prepared to cross the mark but not when time is cut short. 
    At 4 pm my last night companion returned for short time session since we need to catch up all those 5 years. Such muscles must be utilized before they start being covered with fat reasoned  I. He was as happy with repeat as was me and again was not in rush to leave at all. Only when time to go to his bar neared we parted ways promising to see each other much sooner then in next 5 years. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to floridarob in Summary report- Pattaya Oct 2022   
    My 2nd or 3rd time staying there... @vinapu was the one that turned me onto the place. I could've stayed a few bucks cheaper at Ambiance, which was my 1st hotel stay in Pattaya many years ago when Madame Jim was running it or Venue in Jomtien, which I also like  alot.

    Their restaurant has pretty decent food, not expensive and room service. There is  a straight girlie bar downstairs and they never bothered me or anyone I was bringing back and is in the middle of BT without being in BT.....most of the guys seem to like not going to a "gay" hotel, the side hotel entrance is pretty discreet and you can go right in with your key card.

    I use to be in the hotel business...I look for a couple of things that a hotel should have, decent bed and sheets, good a/c, good wifi, black out curtains, some sort of fridge, a good price point. These rooms also have a microwave and a balcony, although nothing to really look at, but sex on the balcony is always fun.....it's not the Hilton though, nor Hilton prices, lol
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    I got both boys from Hot Male.   I picked a boy I liked and between him and the waiter, they got the message I wanted another and pointed to a couple that would be willing and I selected between them.   It was fun!
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    BL8gPt reacted to jdp103 in First Visit   
    What to say!  My trip was amazing.  One week was definitely not enough – but that means I have to come back!  I had some great meals (even tried the street food a couple times – that was a big thing for me).  Saw the Palace, took the boat ride (which I had remember seeing in the James Bond movie years ago).  I even walked out onto the glass at the top of the King Power tower.
    I made it to 4 massage places.  I kind of felt I owed it to K-Man Spa since they keep sending me messages with pictures to select.  I went to a different club each evening – DreamBoys, Moonlight, FreshBoys, Tawan, Hot Male, and Jupiter.  Oh what times I had.  Each club fun, and each provided an “off” to spend the evening with.  I even tried 2 guys at the same time (remembering to let the first pick the second – as recommended on this blog).
    I have to thank everyone on this blog.   If not for this, I don’t think I ever would have gone.  Reading the posts and trip reports gave me the courage to know I could do it.
    Thanks again.  Looking forward to my next trip!
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    BL8gPt reacted to BiggusDikkus in First Visit   
    Old? That would be me. My first trip to Bangkok came in January 1996. I well remember arriving at my hotel, La Residence on Surawong ... by taxi ... because there was no train option. I am not so old, however, to have forgotten how excited I was to be in Bangkok. It was close to midnight, and I was wide awake after my journey, anxious to get out on the town. I couldn't wait to experience Silom Soi 4, especially the legendary Rome nightclub, which I had heard so much about.
    So I showered as fast as I could and started making my way in what I figured was the direction of Soi 4.
    Culture shock? I guess. I couldn't help but make a couple pit stops along the way. All that street food! And I missed the entrance to Soi 4 on my first pass. And on my second pass. Then when I found it I was redirected by a tout to a far-away go-go bar that was populated by the kind of bronze-skinned late teenage Adonises that "old hands" like me always reminisce about, wishing those days never ended.
    Inside was a very dark bar. It was difficult to see, but one area had a beam of light. I was seated so I had a vantage point to that beam of light, which the go-go "boys" would walk through, big smiles on their faces and pulling their hard-ons out of their shorts.
    Culture shock? Hell yeh! I had to be talked into inviting one over to have a drink with me. He had a perfect body. Tight, youthful muscles, the kind of definition some guys are born with and don't have to keep up with visits to the gym. He took my right hand and placed it on the inside of his left thigh, then squeezed his legs together. I could tell this was a practiced move, but he need not have worried. I had no intention of putting my hand back on my own lap.
    There was of course a language gap. And there was pressure for me to take the Isaan beauty back to my hotel, for a fee. There were other incentives. Some French kissing. Him guiding my hand to various other parts of his fine body.
    So there were indeed culture shocks that night, but nothing monolingual oafish me couldn't navigate.
    I was in Bangkok.
    Train or taxi? Don't sweat it. You're gonna be in Bangkok!
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    BL8gPt reacted to forrestreid in Fake club the next gen   
    I see that Fake Club are celebrating the World Cup by putting their guys in the various country strips.
    Video here (you have to be logged in to FB to see it) : https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1482269022353736
    I know we should a be boycotting the World Cup and all, but they look cute all the same...
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    BL8gPt reacted to zombie in Are you sociable ?   
    I am sure it is not a mystery. From your posts on this forum you seem like a very nice person.
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    BL8gPt reacted to maump in Are you sociable ?   
    I am very sociable, I start friendly conversations with almost anyone who does not indicate distain.  I chat with clerks bellhops, concierges, 7-11 clerks, waiters, cops... if we speak the same language. ( i even bought water for a couple of thai traffic cops in BKK because I thought they were dying dressed in black in the sun directing traffic) . 
    when last in Pattaya (2016) I went out with Gaybutton (and ?) gay expat gang to the weekly (bi-weekly?) dinner at the german restaurant then went with a subset of the guys to several sleezy bars in sunee.  I had a good time. 
    I wont walk up to your table in Jomtien and introduce myself....  but if you are alone at the bar or sittting next to me at a gogo bar without a boy, i will probably try to start a conversation.  I talk to guys at the gym (here in USA)...  just wishful thinking
    I hope to see some of you guys in Jomtien area this christmas.  would be happy to go out to dinner and  chat...
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    BL8gPt reacted to gayinpattaya in Are you sociable ?   
    This whole thread is essentially, "How do differentiate expats from tourists". 

    Group of 8 farang around a table? expats
    Guy sat alone looking at boys? Tourist. 
    Sure, there are always exceptions. Just most expats go to bars to chat to friends. We don't need bar fines to get our boys.  
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    BL8gPt reacted to fedssocr in Are you sociable ?   
    Pretty much total introvert here. I like to watch and observe. I often say I don't like people but I'm not sure that's entirely true. I am able to hold a conversation if necessary, but tend to be fairly guarded with strangers.
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    BL8gPt reacted to ichigo in Are you sociable ?   
    I'm pretty shy and introverted, so likely won't start a conversation with anyone, however I will attempt conversation if someone talks to me, I'm just not very good at it lol. I prefer gogo bars as I feel there isn't so much of the social aspect there compared to a host bar. I can just happily watch the show by myself, have a drink and choose a guy, plus conversation is too hard anyway due to a combination of English skills and the deafening volume of the speakers.
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    I doubt anyone who ever met me would classify me as an introvert, but when I go out to the bars (which is very rare these days) sorry, but I ain't there to socialize with farang - unless I went with friends.  I've had had nice conversations with farang in the bars when the moment was right, but it just happened.  I wasn't looking for that.
    I'll let you gents guess for yourselves what I was looking for . . .
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    I would class myself as a shy introvert (like vinapu), whilst I most likely won't start a conversation with a farang in a bar I would join in and I certainly don't sit in the corner. I will also say my eyes aren't on the farangs but are fixed on the talent in the bar🤗
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    Just wondering how many of you are "sociable" when you travel esp to places like Pattaya where there are many like minded farang.
    Xmas is coming along and some of you I know live alone and this travel to the wonders of Thailand for company .
    Are you a extrovert or introvert?
    Can you walk into say the home bar and start a conversation up or do you take a sit in the corner and don't look at any other farangs ?
    Now leave the money boys out of this ,I just want to know if your sociable with other farangs 
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    I'm shy introvert although not necessarily one who seats in the corner and won't look at other farangs but certainly not one who strikes conversation with strangers in bar first. How I managed to meet 29 of our members is one of life great mysteries  
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    The immigration and customs officials are ready for the masses. I deplaned around 4pm on Thursday. While the airport wasn't nearly as busy as it had been in 2019 — while there weren't patterns of planes unloading passengers in the middle of the tarmac away from the terminals and then herding them onto buses — once inside, the arrivals areas were buzzing.
    After having seen an insane picture of the huge lines at customs earlier this month, I decided to book a Fast Track reservation through www.limousine.in.th so I could bypass any mess that might await me. As it turned out, I did not need this service as lines behind the plentiful customs desks were only three or so deep. What's more, the guide who was waiting for me as soon as I stepped foot into the airport, guided me past the first customs area to a second, which not only wasted several minutes but forced me to walk back almost the entire length of the baggage claim area once I zipped through customs.
    The customs and immigration procedures have been streamlined since 2019, and there is no need to even fill out customs and immigration forms during your flight. Customs only wants to see your passport. They will also record all 10 of your fingerprints and take a photo. I really hate this collecting and filing away of my biometric data for no reason other than I fly internationally.
    Anyway, if I saved anytime at all by going Fast Track, it was five minutes tops. So you might not need this service. And even if you do need the service to avoid long lines, its value is further diminished by the very long time it takes a plane's baggage to arrive at the designated carousel. By the time that happened, every singly passenger on my flight was already around the carousel. Not one bag made a second trip around, all being claimed on their first go-round.
    I regretted my purchase of this Fast Track insurance policy, especially as my suitcase was in the final batch. I didn't save anytime at all. In the future I will only book this service if I know my suitcase is going to receive a PRIORITY tag.
    Next up was immigration. Like I said, there is no form to fill out,  you  either walk through a green “nothing to declare” passage way or a red lane. In the green lane, passengers are randomly picked out and their bags given secondary scans. On this day, the randoms were all young women carrying large black bags of some kind.
    My second mission was to head to the basement floor to exchange some currency near the train entrance so I would have some spending money once I got to Silom. Super Rich has moved. It is now down a pretty good distance from the train's entrance, on the right side, along with Happy Rich and Kasikornbank. Super Rich also does not have the best exchange rates anymore. Today, Happy Rich and Kasikorn were offering 3,555 baht per $100 bill. Super Rich was offering B5 less, and the lines were equally short at each place. (I did check a small, unbranded forex booth on Surawong once I got into town, and it was offering B3,500 baht per $100. It was night, and the big forex shops were closed so maybe there will be better rates on Friday.)
    Now for my final mission at Swampy: leaving the place. I went back up a level, and the queues for the taxi were horrendous. I took a walk to the left as instructed by another poster on another thread to look for a second taxi stand with no lines, but there was none on this day. So I pulled out my phone and hailed a Grab SUV to my hotel for about B650, not bad! Grab drivers meet you on the second level (I thought the meeting place was the fourth level, so I had to hurry down two escalators, and look for my driver). The meeting place is also along the outer lanes, so you gotta cross those first lanes of traffic. They will tell you were to meet, like “Outside Exit 7.” Initially we couldn't find each other, so my driver called me and then we both started waving our hands high in the air so we could find each other. Had I been looking rather than waiting, it would have been easy to spot the SUV and license plate number. This Grab taxi option was extremely easy and receives the Biggus Diccus seal of approval. Download Grab, folks; it'll save you time.
    Now onto another matter I want to put out there. Tomorrow I'm meeting a friend of a friend to give him some cash as he's still in a tough spot. He was the best friend of Dave, who died during the pandemic. I don't owe anything to this guy, now into his 30s, but thought I would be doing right by Dave by helping out his best friend. The three of us did share some magical New Year's and Songkrans.
    I did try to transfer some money to him during the worst of the pandemic but instead TransferWise stole $500 from me. I'm still furious about that. After that experience I started saying no to requests for wiring more cash to Thailand. But now that I'm in his country I have no problem handing him what I would have given him had TransferWise not stolen it. Before I told him how much I was going to give him, he was sending me texts about how expensive it would for him be to fly down from his home in Chiang Mai and pay for a hotel. After I told him how much I was going to give him and he would be better off using a bus or train and staying with friends, he decided he'd hang around Bangkok for the weekend because he hasn't visited the city in a long while.
    He's gonna have hundreds of dollars so why not enjoy it?
    The problem is I know he's going to ask me to let him stay with me in my hotel, and to stay with me for my entire trip. He broached that subject once months ago and I brushed it off, giving him an indirect “no” that people in may Asian cultures are often adept at intuiting. Since last week, though, he has been texting me on Line, “How are you?” I reply, “I'm fine how are you?” He replies that he's fine too and I end the conversation by saying, “Well, I'll see you on Friday to give you that gift.” But that hasn't stopped him from texting me every couple days, “How are you?” I'm still fine, I say, just like two days ago when you last asked. See you sometime Friday.
    So tomorrow when he asks to join me for the rest of my vacation I'm ready with my answer: “This is why I've been ghosting you on Line. I knew you were going to ask that even though we both know what the answer is going to be, even though you know I will not change my mind no matter what you say, so let's pretend you didn't just ask that.” I'll pause for a couple beats, then change the topic of the conversation: “So how do you plan to spend your money?”
    Anyway, the thought of this possible confrontation — something that should be a happy occasion and reunion of sorts after three years — is keeping me from sleeping tonight.
    Good night, everyone.
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