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  1. You can order food from a food cart in Boyztown (near Panorama) and, I believe, from another source that will bring food to your table, but this would not be considered a "dinner" as it once was. There are a few restaurants in nearby sois such as Sue's Mexican and Lewinsky's plus a few Indian restaurants.
  2. My experience is that the motorcy traffic getting to Sunee is no worse than any major road in Pattaya. In the Plaza itself, where Winner Bar, One Bar, Rainbow Bar are located, there are gates which prevent traffic from cruising through that area. There is however, traffic on the soi where Nice Boys is located.
  3. As usual, Nice Boys was open however I rarely go there and it is not in the soi where the other bars are located.
  4. Sunee Plaza was busy tonight with 4 bars open (Winner, Rainbow, One, Green) with patrons in all the bars. New overhead lighting helped to brighten up the area. A pleasant surprise! But no go-go boys in "uniform" at Winner.
  5. Now there is much more traffic on Soi VC Hotel as compared to the height of the pandemic.
  6. No, not at all scary to visit Sunee Plaza although somewhat depressing compared to the good old days.
  7. I have a gay friend who has many straight acquaintances and friends who aren't aware of his gayness. He maintains a separate room where he meets gay guys via the apps and no one is the wiser.
  8. I love good wine as do many of my friends, but not sweet wines!
  9. Many of the gays don't patronize gay venues thus the smaller numbers.
  10. Can't answer your question as I died last year when I reached 82, at least according to your estimate above.
  11. 12is12, Difficult to give answers to your questions. People I know are all gay and older and retired. Some have plenty of money and others are not as fortunate! Many have younger companions or associate via apps with young guys on a regular basis. Is such relocation a constant trend? That I don't know! Covid had put a stop to the usual tourist traffic although it is now reviving. Obviously it is the older crowd that are retiring here as expats.
  12. Perhaps one's view of living in Thailand has to do with perspective? Most of the friends and people I know are expats and lived (and died) in Thailand; but if you are a more casual visitor you may not know this group and associate with other occasional (frequent flyer) visitors?
  13. Ralph and Jack are in heaven; they are living a happy life in Pattaya!
  14. Most of my farang friends in Pattaya have relocated here successfully so it is both possible and practical.
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