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  1. Not so sure about that! Some may have wealth but not health; others have health but no wealth; and many are in the middle. They are financially ok but not in the best of health.
  2. I am a twin and gay, but my twin is straight; and a twin friend is gay but his twin in straight. Likely because we are not identical twins which means we do not share the same DNA unlike identical twins.
  3. For go-go bars, Boyztown area. For other bars (no go-go), massage and boys, Jomtien Complex.
  4. I do have a boyfriend(s) and do go to the gym but have no interests or hobbies. I like to socialize with some friends and do enjoy the bar scene, but only at night. I have been coming here for 20 years and now made Pattaya my home. Just another old farang who enjoys sex whenever I can.
  5. I know many retirees, including myself, who live in Pattaya and have no problems. No one I know wishes to return to their home country except, maybe, in an urn.
  6. It wasn't until about 1925 that Edwin Hubble (Hubble Telescope) published his findings that other galaxies existed beyond our Milky Way Galaxy. Who would have believed there were billions of other galaxies!! And unlikely that anyone will ever travel to any of them much less travel to the nearest star.
  7. Dr. Tapasit at AdenZa Dental in Pattaya is highly recommended. He does have another dentist who is an expert at root canals. Dr. Tappasit spent many years in the USA and speaks like an American. http://www.adenzadental.com/
  8. For me their is a great difference between Sawatdee and Gayguides so best to read both forums.
  9. I doubt that the deceased young man gave any thought or care to the height of the balcony railing; those who practice parkour know the dangers they face and do all kinds of crazy moves in their pursuit of the game.
  10. It has been reported that the young man was practicing a type of "parkour" (look it up) which ended in his death.
  11. ANA also offers flights from JFK to Bangkok via Tokyo ranging from $1200 Economy to about $2000 Prem.Economy.
  12. Singapore Air offers flights from NYC/Newark with only PE and Biz Class seating; no Economy except on the leg from Singapore to Bangkok. I don't recall that @tm-nyc specified only Economy. That said, there are some flights with multiple stops, via Europe, which include Economy seating. @tm-nyc does not provide enough info to give any good estimates as to costs, such as one way, round trip, departing date/return date. Round trip prices in PE can be quite reasonable at $1500 all depending on the dates. Economy about $1100. Hope this helps.
  13. You may wish to try Singapore Air with flights in Premium Economy and Business from JFK and Newark to Bangkok.
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