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  1. 20k to 100k Baht is not cheap at all for Thai businesses...
  2. Boy69

    July in BKK

    In my last visit on August I had many rainy days , outdoor activities were almost impossible. I learnt my l lesson future trips to the LOS will be between February to April at this period the weather is good and the prices although more expensive than the low season but cheaper than the pick season December / January.
  3. Boy69

    July in BKK

    There are seasonal´╗┐ ´╗┐differences : less boys and clients , prices are lower and the weather is unstable.
  4. I understood the owners of BBB now are Chinese so they probably have no difficulty to bring large chinese bus tour group companies to their bar. If they have large groups on regular basis why should the boys bother they can be fully dressed and don't have to make any efforts for the customers... Once BBB was the best bar in Thailand for me, Now there's no point to visit there anymore.
  5. From other threads in the past the most repeated report is that all of the boys there are straight gay for pay type so I did never bother to go there.
  6. Great report one of the best I ever read. hilarious, Witty and informative. The administrator should put this thread at Timeless info Thailand and the World forum .
  7. Very Very sad news same as BBB , What's the point going to a bar and see fully dressed boys God knows...
  8. It will probably jump back to 500 baht on the high season.
  9. So the bar is not operated yet ?
  10. The boys will gladly find you ST room because they get a small commission from the hotel after booking so it's not a problem at all to find one.
  11. Boy69


    5000 Baht plus drinks and off fee about 7000 in total for ST very limited action from the so called 'model' seems outrageous price to me.
  12. Men with tattoos are a turn off for me either.Rough manly appearance in general is not my cup of tea I prefer delicate smooth boyish twinks . Most of the shows at the bars this days are mechanical and I don't find it enjoyable at all . The only shows I used to like were operated many years ago at bar called The boys Bangkok and My Way at Phuket which use to be tasteful and very attractive.
  13. In all my visits at Pattaya I concentrated in Sunee Plaza and Boyz Town , Sorry but I don't understand the model operation at Jomtien Complex are the boys offebale from the bars ? Are the boys more hosts and aren't willing to go with clients ?
  14. Yes at the beach I prefer foot massage too and thai or oil massage I used to book the masseur come to my room for 100 baht more than the rate at the beach . @ggobkk Didn't you take any boys from Jomtien area ?
  15. Nice report! Why didn't you visit the bars at Jomtien complex ?
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