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  1. My self-respect always trumps emotion and ignored my heart ...
  2. Rid Rude behaviour! asked 5k , didn't show up and didn't bother to update you .I would never consider to contact him again after such irreverence behaviour.
  3. Obviously you are paying premium to have a massage with young beutiful twinks there and not necessarily for their massage skills ,it's place for niche clientele market whom are willing to pay more for being with these boys and I don't see anything wrong with that. I am not a massage parlors person but if I do consider to go I certainly prefer this venue than the standard massage places with rough older guys .
  4. I was at Theatron in December didn’t see any strippers neither gogo dancers I was told only on Saturday's . I hardly can say it's mixed company it was more straight crowded very few gays. I was impressed from the size of the place and the variety of different dancing sections, the drinks are reasonably priced but my Colombian friend and I found the music very monotonous so we left after an hour.
  5. I was there there in December with a Colombian friend very nice Museum we really liked it.
  6. Boy69


    Are non-money Vietnamese boys willing to meet olders falangs ?
  7. So it's 3000 BHT for standard massage it's certainly not cheap.
  8. The thing I don't understand if the mamasan forbid him to be off with the first customer why he did allow you to off him afterwards. Very strange indeed.
  9. It's the best to travel my last trip 2 months ago in Colombia I booked the hotels and domestic flights only for the first week and the further booking for hotels and domestic flights done on spot everything went smoothly and it allowed me to be flexible the rest of the trip. All my further trips will be like that.
  10. You can ask their line the ones who give it to you are probably open for suggestions.
  11. Yes 5,226 is very poor exchange rate. I just came back from Colombia. The best rates are withdraw money from ATM's which located inside bank branches ,shopping malls or dedicate stores and have opening time limits, there is a max limit 300 to 600k but at the airport up to 1500K. Cash isn't good idea because mony exchangers are not so common there and their rates usually very poor, if you are bringing cash US Dollars are most preferable.
  12. Amazing beautiful twinks certainly certainly justified the premium prices.
  13. It's not, I referred to @iendo comment to prefer the term mature man .
  14. It's not only in Asia also in South America. I developed serious relationship with 20 y.o. beutiful Colombian guy , I am always teasing him that he can find young beautiful local boy and will dump me eventually, he doesn't find it funny at all he thinks young guys are unfaithful, unpredictable and irresponsible. They can be good in bed but useless for serious long term relationship thus he prefer older person like me who can give him security and peace.
  15. It's poor Google translate, I believe he didn't mean to offend.
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