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  1. Songkran for me is hate-hate afair. You can't get out of the room without being water pulled , madness everywhere.not for me.
  2. When a Thai person want to avoid answering he pretends that he isn't understanding or just give you a false answer.
  3. Gay clientele shrinked dramatically over the years there's not enough gays to justify gay section.
  4. You probably didn't read my clarification comment afterwards for me it's outrageous amount to pay such excessive amounts in Thailand what others do with their money it's not my business.
  5. I meant for me it's outrageous amount to pay s8k for ST in Thailand, everybody can do with their money whatever they want if client and model agreed for 8k good for them I am not criticising it at all. Same for me model type is not my taste at all , Many twinks can he found in Grindr for reasonable prices.
  6. Not at all .If you want crystal clear beaches go to the nearby island Kho Larn .
  7. For Thailand it's outrageous amount about 80 percent of minimum month salary.
  8. Pattaya beaches are suffering from erosion because of the over development at the shore line and the monsoon storms also damaging the beaches in a couple of years the beach will shrink again.
  9. I don't mind speaking with mama sans if I am interested with a certain boy if he is top or bottom his nationality and so on but not about money issues at all .
  10. I was at Sihanoukville many years ago gay scene is very limited,it was nice beach before but freind of mine who had been there recently told me that the Chinese trashed the area and the beach with over development.
  11. My suspicion is probably right boys who get off from bars are paying commission to the mamasan and/or the bar probably the boy didn't want to pay it from the 3000 baht you gave him and mist likely the extra 1000 baht went to the mamasan. The mamasan and the boy misconduct here better to close the fee in advance straight with the boy and better not to discuss it with mamasan at all most of them are crooks.
  12. Yes but you lost an off with a guy for only 36 baht ... I learnt in Thailand not to be stubborn on my principles because I always lose so no point to confront the Thai system better to be flexible and flow. Great report!
  13. Dongtan beach in Pattaya is not exclusively gay as used to be in the past and the gay section in Pathong beach Phuket is gone . unfortunately no gay beaches anymore in Thailand though gay friendly.
  14. This rise my suspicious again that go go boys are paying commissions to the bar or mamasans once they are offed from their bar because if you offed them directly from Screw Boys bar there is no way they would agreed for less than 2000 each surprisingly when you took them after their shift they went with you for only 1000 each.
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