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  1. In Jomtien beach Zing and Agate are not luxurious hotels but have luxurious rooms besides their standard room in very reasonable price , they have pool , gay freindly and located at the gay complex in Jomtien. Traveling in soroundings near Pattaya is very limited but you can take a short sailing to the beutiful island Kho Larn and plenty activities you can choose from in Pattaya. Pattaya can be a nice place to enjoy your 4 days vacation.
  2. Good luck Michael ! Sorry but in the new format I can not find the option to send private massages and where is the private massages box too.
  3. The new boyz music show is located in the previous Le Cafe Royal ?
  4. ChristisnPFC since you are a long term living in Thailand I understand your practice but for short time travellers whom don't have the time for chasing boys in the internet and the apps it's very convenience to off boys from the bars .
  5. I do the same practice and never faced any problem ,I find it very uncomfortable to negotiate prices unless the boy raise this issue in advance but even so I rarely pay more than the on going rate unless the boy is a 'star' than I will consider to pay more if I really want him.
  6. I have had some boys for long term including long trips with them and I really can't remember any offensive incident, and to tell the truth I really don't give a dam what other people think and concentrate enjoying myself with my boy .
  7. Same for me. Bangkok is currently too expensive for me ,In my past trips went straight to Pattaya.
  8. Yes I agree Negotiating prior to the event was not a common practice in the past , nowadays it seems that boys become more materialistic and greedy .
  9. Asking money by money boys is a part of their job it's a hit and miss for them they are asking money from all the falangs they know eventually they found some stupid ones who send them money.
  10. Boy69

    Just the tip

    BKK hotels become very epensive especially the up market ones,Outside of BKK at last years the prices have risen up Substantially but are still competitive I agree.
  11. Boy69


    There is no doubt that property in Pattaya is very attractive in terms of value for money renting or buying.Pattaya has a lot of advantages:gay freindly city,short distance to BKK and the airport,beaches,low living costs and excellent night life. If I would consider moving to the LOS Pattaya is definitely at the top my list.
  12. Yes exactly it depends on the mood of the officer ,some of them will insist to see original passport .
  13. Yes you better do , don't waste your time in this forum.
  14. That's the magic in Thailand unexpected adventures are behind the corner.
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