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  1. Completely agree, paborn. I am always filled with gratitude to the beautiful young men who are willing to be with me. Yes, it's for money. But I don't look down on people who sell their bodies for money, anybody who works for a living is basically doing the same thing, and are often forced to do things they don't like. There is so much hypocrisy and double standards. I've met straight guys on vacations who boast about finding women who will share their accommodation rent free with them in return for sex with the guy. Nobody looks down on them.
  2. Ha, ha, google translated it as the hill of the six squares, but I get the impression it has a more nuanced meaning in this reference. For a future trip, is this a hike it's okay for a tourist to do alone on Sundays when it's busy. I'm asking because I was going to do a similar hike in Cali, but I read tourists shouldn't do it alone...I'm assuming for safety reasons.
  3. Ferchos Masajes, it's a place you can send a Whatsapp message asking for photos of guys who are available that day. The two days I asked it was the same about 30 or 40 guys. You can message back with your choice and time and they confirm with the guy and message you back. You can meet the guy at a place that rents rooms for sex. I can't remember if having the guy meet you somewhere else is an option, I think it is. I can't remember the price. It wasn't much. Both times I think they tried to get me to transfer the money to a bank account, but I don't speak Spanish, so I'm not certain. I said that was impossible with my foreign bank account and went at the appointed time and the guy was there so I guess it's not a deal breaker. (Do you remember the, "that's a deal breaker" sketches on SNL. My favourite was, "if he says his brother's name during sex, that's a deal breaker."} Anyway, the guys in the photos are not male models. But blue collar guys are my favourite and the two guys I booked with great. I asked for tops so I don't know if you would get different photos if you asked for something else.
  4. Well, I didn't make up the quote. It came from a comment you were responding to. I didn't realize doing that would attribute the comment to you. So you didn't make the statement, and I didn't make it up.
  5. I met up with a guy from Chaturbate in Medellin and had a great time. But it took several paid sessions with him on Chaturbate and a lot more money than is typical in Colombia. I didn't resent it at all, he's in business and he did the best he could to get the most money he could. In the end, we met up and he more than lived up to what he agreed so no complaints. My impression is none of the web guys will commit to a meeting until you are in Medellin or at least Colombia. Probably because they've heard it a lot before from fakers, plus they want you to keep buying time with them online. Mostly because of all the effort involved with the one guy, I didn't follow up with any of the others I had hoped to meet. The blue collar type guys at Ferchos are perfect for me.
  6. Interesting, I was at a friend's place and we saw two young guys walking by. I mentioned one of them was a new police officer in town, ( he was hot) and she replied they must be a couple. I asked why and she said, they look identical... ie haircuts, clothes, builds. I hadn't ever heard that before or since until here.
  7. I am at the low end of expertise on this site when it comes to saunas, but the saunas I went to in Colombia are not like the saunas I've been to in Brazil. The Brazil saunas in the big cities had many young men looking for customers while the few saunas I went to Colombia had a masseur you could pay for extras or had one or two tops on call. The ones on call I spent time with all arrived in a relatively short period of time from when they got the call. So almost no choice, but they were all wonderful.
  8. The Chaturbate guy I hooked up with definitely tried to get me to pay for as many sessions on his site as possible before settling on details after I arrived in Medellin. Then he convinced me to give him a bonus at the end of our meeting. Even still, for a two hour meeting it was a better deal than I'd get at home, and he was, for me, about as hot as a guy can be.
  9. The two cities I was talking about were Pereira and Manizales. In Pereira I met a Venezuelan guy from the mileroticos escort site. I saw him twice. In Manizales, the Thermas sauna had two Venezuelan tops on call, to me both were fantastic. One was a big jock looking type of guy, the other was a lot more of a blue collar looking guy. The Pilatos sauna in Manizales had one Venezuelan top on call. Also very attractive and very eager to fuck, I had to keep fending him off because his dick was way too thick for me to accommodate. The saunas are the most convenient and had a room with a bed that was bigger than the regular cabins with a narrow massage type table. I also noticed in Colombia that the locker areas were also visible from the front counters... I assume to prevent thefts. As you can see, there wasn't a lot of choice at the saunas, but all of the men were really hot to me. Both cities are jumping off points for tourist activities. I stayed at a coffee farm outside Manizales for two nights. It was a wonderful place. Mileroticos escort site has lots of guys including Venezuelans. Others in this group can provide more information about Medellin, but I expect there are a lot of Venezuelans there.
  10. Agree. An apology that's not sincere is worthless to me. But I would love a big pile of U.S. dollars.
  11. In the early 2000s I'd watch the web cam shows from the William Higgins place in Prague. I chatted a lot with the guy who worked behind the scenes operating the gear and moderating. He invited me to come by when I visited Prague once, it was pretty cool. Most of the Czech guys were so hot. Although as the moderator pointed out, everybody's ass looks the same in isolation from the rest of their body.
  12. I did hook up with a guy in Medellin from Chaturbate in January. It took a lot of arranging and was more expensive and he pushed for every dollar he could get. But he lived up to his end of the arrangement... and more. It was certainly a good time for me. And there were no messages afterwards trying to get more money for which I was grateful. A party with a group of guys like him would indeed be a lot of fun.
  13. There were all kinds of dire predictions about what would happen in Canada when pot was legalized. They were all ridiculous as many people had been smoking since the 1970s and charging for possession of small amounts was rare in many parts of the country. Nevertheless, a criminal record is a criminal record, legalization was long overdue.
  14. I was amazed, I met a series of Venezuelan guys in the coffee region of Colombia that were incredibly attractive, much more so than what I'm used to in Canada. It wasn't about looks. But the combination of their masculinity, their big dicks and most importantly their personalities was what impressed me so much.
  15. Nice reporting Connordrick. Enjoyed your accounts. I met a number of super hot Venezuelan guys in Colombia this winter. All with big dicks and I had several personal bests in how far those dicks went down. The most beautiful escort I was ever with was a Venezuelan guy in Toronto. Not to put the Colombian guys down. I love them too and they're a lot of fun.
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