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  1. Gee, no North American airlines in the top 20, that's a big surprise, NOT.
  2. Canada is also ending the vaccination requirement on Oct 1. And people don't have to fill out the pre-entry form if they don't want to. Government still mulling over whether to keep masking on planes and trains.
  3. I may have gone there about 15 years ago. Was it a fancy looking multi-level place?
  4. I thought it was a marvel of engineering and ingenuity when I saw the one in Australia. It works well.
  5. Wow, still there? There was a lot of activity the couple times I went.
  6. There was a cruising place there with an interesting set-up. They had a wall with glory holes. The guys standing there were about three or four feet higher than the guys standing on a sunken floor on the other side so their heads (mouths) were at about the same height as the dicks sticking out through the holes. I quite liked it.
  7. Holy shit, I had a co-worker who did that all time. And it worked, their victim always ended up having to apologize to the provoker.
  8. The first time I visited some friends in Perth, I fell in love with it and wanted to move there. It seemed like a paradise (I live in Canada). On my second visit I developed a more realistic view. But I still believe it would probably be one of the best places in the world to live for me. I really liked the Australian cities. Except Adelaide. I don't know why it didn't appeal to me.
  9. I recently came across a term edgelord and when I looked it up, it's a person who is exactly what you describe, who goes online with an exaggerated personality meant to provoke or shock others. Maybe it's a thing with a younger people now, although it's certainly not a new thing. They've always existed.
  10. My first experience with Vietnam was making the mistake of getting in an illegal taxi at the Hanoi airport. There were two guys and on the highway into the city they pulled over at a rest stop and demanded that I pay the tourist tax. I would have just paid what they wanted, but I thought they were asking for more money than I had. I realized later it was much less than I thought at the time. So I kept saying I didn't have the money and it got to the point one of them was screaming at me. I was almost shaking with fear. Then the driver pulled back out onto the highway, forced another taxi onto the shoulder, spoke to the driver and told me to get in that taxi and even got my bag out of the trunk. The second taxi was fine until in heavy traffic in Hanoi two girls on a motorbike trying to make a left turn got stuck right in front of us, the driver waited a couple of minutes then drove slowly forward and pushed their motorbike over with his car, they were crying and standing on the street while the driver got out, pushed their bike to the side and took me to my hotel. After that horrible start, my two weeks in Vietnam went smoothly and I had a great visit. Never tried to find a guy, but there were certainly lots of pimps asking if I wanted to go boom-boom with a woman.
  11. A guy I know married a Thai woman about ten years ago and has lived there ever since. He loves it and hardly ever returns to Canada for visits. On Facebook they appear to have a good life, fantastic meals, lots of travelling around the country to resorts and such. During the pandemic they posted photos of staying in beautiful resorts with almost no other guests. He has a Canadian government employee pension and she seemed pretty well set up before they got married. A small business and nice middle class (I guess) house in the country. I've never had a chance to ask him about adjusting to life in a foreign country, but they seem to be very happy together. It's not the older western guy, young Asian woman stereotype. They're about the same age and he's not the domineering husband type, but maybe a little juvenile. I think she's probably a benevolent ruler in the household.
  12. Live in western Canada. I'm retired now and no plans to live elsewhere. Where I am is a nice place to live. I can travel when I want to. Some Americans in a nearby community across the border joke about the "joyous mediocrity" of my town, nothing too polished, nothing too worn out, a sort of triumph of the middle class. In other words, good enough is good enough, it's almost a motto in Canada.
  13. I checked out Prague in Hunqz and saw straight porn actor Luca was listed for Prague. I got quite excited, but checked the reviews and yep it's a fake. I don't know if Romeo would follow up on that if it was alerted.
  14. Actually, I was kind of shocked. I had never seen anything remotely like that. It was only a year earlier and a trip to Costa Rica's Caribbean coast that I learned there was such a thing as sex tourism..... why did that nice middle aged man from Montreal in the next bungalow get a young local man to stay with him? In Koh Samui there were elderly overweight European men in skimpy bathing suits on the beach with two or three Thai girls of indeterminate ages, the ramshackle bars were packed in the evenings with drunk westerners and the local sex workers trying to get their attention and I was with a straight couple from home who had no interest in that scene.
  15. Gosh, I was there once about 30 years ago, it was like Sodom and Gomorrah. Some hot straight Thai male sex workers hitting mainly on foreign women, but gay for pay too.
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