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  1. It's a great big world out there with lots to offer in so many places. No need for any explanation really. Thailand certainly has a lot to offer beyond the bars as well. Enjoy your visit
  2. fedssocr

    My Hero

    apparently lots of redevelopment happening on Soi 11 these days
  3. Glad to see you managed to fit a trip into your schedule
  4. The Tokyo Btms have a nice video of Tokyo Pride just up today
  5. Probably those certain people will start some sort of expensive taxi service
  6. I see some reporting today that the MOU signed by all of the parties in the coalition agrees not to reform 112 or change the status of the current monarchy. That's probably not going to go over well with everyone who voted for MFP but apparently this was a red line for PT.
  7. Does PNH really need the 9th largest airport in the world? Was that also built with Chinese money?
  8. And of course what the so-called Christians are doing in Africa (with lots of help from American evangelicals) to eradicate their gay populations is just as scary.
  9. are there photos available of the actual rooms?
  10. They have to know that if they don't follow the popular will there is just going to be more people out in the streets again which will just be bad for everyone. The masses are not going to sit quietly and just go along. The genie is out of the bottle. I'm sure there is a lot of consternation about what to do in certain circles, but they don't really have many options.
  11. this looks promisingly sultry. CC on for subs
  12. I'm not sure there are any hard and fast rules. But I think as long as you're not doing constant visa runs you are probably fine
  13. Yes. He is perhaps the most charming person in the world
  14. Perth has some interesting perspectives
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