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  1. I read somewhere that there was a seventh person who they found also dead from poison. Implication appeared to be that she murdered the other six and then took her own life.
  2. no, this was 15+ years ago when Purple Dragon was still in business Last time I was in LP was 2015. It didn't seem particularly gay to me. But definitely worth a visit. Back in the day there was a restaurant outside of the town that was a mixed place where the gays gathered. At least that's what I was told. It was pretty quiet the night I was there. I don't think it's still there
  3. one doesn't really go there for the sex. But it's a beautiful place. The first time I went my gay tour guide really wanted to have sex with me. I got the feeling that the poor guy was really hard up in such a small place. Nice guy but not something I was looking for. Lots of hospitality industry going on so probably more than a few gay or gay enough guys on the apps. Check out Big Brother Mouse and Big Sister Mouse. Great organization trying to provide quality education for the children of Laos.
  4. The Crowne Plaza has a very nice breakfast spread as well. Lots of western options as well as very good Thai options. Cooked to order eggs. Very friendly staff.
  5. Just saw a post on Twitter that there's a new host club in Chiang Mai called V1. Looks like lots of playful handsome boys. No idea exactly where it is located or any other details though. https://x.com/ShunJou/status/1804364133221175751
  6. I've stayed at Airbnbs in several places around the world over the years, but none recently. I'd say 90% of them were excellent. But I think some of it is luck of the draw. Using properties of "super hosts" seems to be helpful. But these days you see more and more stories about problems with them and weird extra charges. There's also the ethics of how they skew the local housing market. The building I live in has a strict no Airbnb policy. These days I am more likely to stay in a hotel or serviced apartment.
  7. I guess this whole thing ended up being a giant clusterf%^#. Now they're saying the new rules won't be in place for a while.
  8. The typical tourist doesn't need a 60 day visa. But giving visa exempt entry to many more countries might move the needle a little bit. The "digital nomads" seem to have been finding loopholes already so I don't know how many will jump through the application process hoops to get a 6 month visa. Apparently that is only extendable by a further 6 months in a 5 year period, not that you can add 6 months for up to 5 years total.
  9. I thought ASEAN citizens already had longer stays. But I guess not.
  10. 30 injuries out of 230 on board doesn't seem like that many. As noted it was during the breakfast service so many crew members would have been up and about. And it's likely people would have been using the lavs or even just accessing the overheads. As some one who uses the lavatory frequently during a flight this is one of my worst nightmares.
  11. when I went my guide brought along a giant package of candles to light the place up by candle light. Made for some great photos
  12. the "in your lifetime" construction is really weird. When else would you do it?
  13. At Mandarin Oriental Residences next to Iconsiam
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