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  1. I have plans to spend a few days in HK in the autumn after Taipei Pride. So I'm keeping a close eye on what's going on. The US State Dept just raised their warning level. I might just stay in Taiwan and fly out the morning of my flight from HKG to make the connection
  2. exactly. and of course these rich countries that have low birthrates are also intent on blocking all migration. the entire world is an extremely fucked up place these days
  3. did your driver enjoy the show?
  4. The only time I spent more than a few hours in Japan was about 4 years ago when I had about 3 days there and I am pretty sure I was able to get cash with my ATM card although I believe I did use a credit card for most things.
  5. I've never had an issue using my ATM card as long as I contact the bank in advance of my trip
  6. I agree that these days everyone is naked on the internet so when it's time for them to take over no one will bat an eye.
  7. it's kind of crazy how many guys those clubs advertise. I wonder if they're all really available. Most of the time your luggage will be checked through to your final destination (unless you're on separate tickets and airlines without an interline agreement). So you only have to deal with a carry on bag. When I overnight in HK though I always pick up my main bag there and recheck it the next day. But I get a hotel so it's not a problem.
  8. I kind of refuse to go to mainland China. Hong Kong is a place where I've transited several times. I've also managed a layover of about 24 hours there which is enough time to see a couple of things and/or get a massage. The train from the airport is fast. I like Seoul, but ICN is a long way from the city. Even on the "express" train it takes at least an hour. I don't mind connecting at NRT but I've never had more than a couple of hours there. As noted it's a long way from the airport to Tokyo. Some airlines will allow you a free stopover of a more worthwhile length. I think Korean Airlines has restricted or curtailed the practice but I've used their free stopover a couple of times. First time for a week. And on my trip over this fall it will be 10 days. I'd check to see if Cathay or EVA or China Airlines (Taiwan) allows it. I think Qatar Airways allows a stopover too if you're dying to see Doha.
  9. the only time I stayed there the bed was hard as a rock. And I agree the internet sucked. And the bathroom was a mess. I also found the breakfast time to be very sad...all of those Thai boys and their older friends dining in total silence because they couldn't communicate.
  10. I guess nothing lasts forever. Glad I was able to spend some time there over the last decade or so. Same for Sunnee during its heyday.
  11. yeah, I think the DIY travel market these days was probably the biggest problem for them. Paying for insurance that covers operator bankruptcy is probably a good idea too. The guides were essentially freelancers for the most part rather than employees of PD since it's not like they had enough business to keep them all busy all the time. Especially in some of the less popular locations. I would guess it's likely that the website hosting was paid up for a certain amount of time so it lives on. Douglas probably didn't have much incentive or interest in taking it all down. He's moved to Siem Reap and I think he's still running the Bhutan agency (I believe things work quite a bit differently there - when I went many years ago I was told that the government basically holds the money for your trip in escrow and then pays the tour company at the completion of your trip) and may be helping some old customers organize some trips. He's in a rather large house/compound and plans to rent out the extra bedrooms to long-term guests.
  12. I think I need a body type system refresher course.
  13. this all got a little off topic, but I've never found any gogo bar fuck show to be in any way erotic
  14. Fair enough. I didn't really understand why they had the referendum since the court had already ordered that they had to legalize it. That seemed to be just asking for trouble.
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