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  1. there were a handful of guys on the apps. I don't know if that qualifies. For some reason on this trip my sex drive was zero (very sadly) so I didn't find out for sure.
  2. I enjoyed my visit to Dalat even though it was much noisier and bustling than I expected it to be. Much cooler up there in the mountains. Pretty flowers all over. One awesome waterfall complex.
  3. fedssocr


    where are you all staying that it's taking an hour to get from the airport? Takes 30 mins to Silom in my experience
  4. fedssocr


    Just did this flight last week (expect to be late...all of my VN flights were late). Yes, VN gives you access to the fast track immigration line. I believe they gave me the fast track pass when I checked in at SGN.
  5. fedssocr


    I agree with the above re: checked baggage. With TG business class you will get a fast track immigration pass. You can always arrange a car service pickup (or use AOT limo service) if you don't want to deal with the taxi queue. I've used S&P Limousine many times so I get a repeat customer discount. You meet the rep by exit door 4 and she walks you out to the driver. Their Camry's are getting a little advanced in age but still a perfectly reliable service. When I departed Tuesday night I could not believe how crowded the airport was. At 10:30 on a random Tuesday night it was a total madhouse.
  6. So it sounds like an appointment wasn't necessary?
  7. given the sheer number of massage places I don't think anyone could possibly review them all.
  8. I couldn't figure out where to post this, but this thread seems like the best place. I stopped by Nakarat for a massage yesterday. It was one of the worst massages I have had. I didn't get the masseur's name, but he was probably late 20s, fairly muscular, handsome guy. His massage technique was really terrible. He started out straddling my back but was sitting basically in the middle of my back and since he was a fairly heavy guy he basically made it hard for me to breathe. It also didn't help that the table had no face well. Once I flipped to my back and he started massaging my front he did this weird thing I've never encountered before where he was basically choking me. I don't understand how he could possibly have thought that was in any way relaxing. Obviously any massage place you go to it's somewhat a luck of the draw. But they should at least provide some basic training to these guys.
  9. fwiw, when I added value to my old rabbit card yesterday I was not asked for my passport. It could be that the line was so long that the cashier didn't want to deal with it
  10. I stopped in there today. It isn't quite the same as every other mall. As the name implies it is more like a market with small stalls - sort of like that one section at Terminal 21 or certain parts of MBK. I will admit that I have never understood how retail works here. How do all of these stores and shops stay open when no one ever buys anything there? I like wandering around the malls because they are air conditioned and it's something to do. But I almost never see any customers actually buying anything. Most shops seem to mostly be empty when I am there. And so it is with this new mall. Lots of little vendors selling various clothing items and lots of different food vendors including the usual places like KFC, Pizza Company, etc. There are two stalls in close proximity selling the exact same wallets, passport covers, etc that can be personalized with your name or these little metal plates that can be attached. I saw one food counter business that had 5 or 6 employees and no customers. I get that it's brand new, but it was Sunday lunchtime which you would expect to be busy. Central World was quite busy, for example.
  11. I think they have been making plans to move everything to Europe. I like the A380 a lot. It's so quiet inside and just seems to float along. But obviously there aren't a huge number of them out there. I think I've only flown them on Singapore Airlines, THAI, and Emirates. My current favorite is the A350. I prefer it over the 787.
  12. tunnels under swamp land, what could possibly go wrong? The plan for the wooden terminal seemed very odd to me as it had so few gates and looked like it was going to be very expensive with all of that detailed woodwork. A mirror image terminal seems somewhat sensible as long as there is a way for vehicle traffic to get to it.
  13. sadly this never happened at my engineering school
  14. very nice. I think we've all experienced the discomfort of being the only patron in a bar with all of the boys staring at us hoping that we'll choose them.
  15. Depends what you want to do. I use my Chromebook most of the time since I spend time mainly surfing the web. Can use (most) Android apps too. My big desktop rig I switched over to Linux Mint with Windows 10 dual boot only for a couple of big photo editing applications that don't run on Linux. If I didn't use them I would be Linux full time. I got tired of all the problems I had with Windows and their broken updates. Linux Mint is quite easy to use for the most part. If you run into problems the user community is very helpful walking you through how to fix things. The user interface is very Windows-like so it's easy to adjust to. There are also Linux versions available that have desktops which mimic MacOS if you're more comfortable with that.
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