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  1. They seem to be putting a huge amount of effort into improved parks. Global Travel Mate has focused many of his videos on the changes
  2. Seems like 1 Air Canada flight 4x per week isn't going to make much of a dent. Of course another problem is the current lack of pilots and crew that is wreaking havoc on summer air traffic especially in the US and Europe.
  3. I'm in trip planning mode so I started looking at accommodation options for Bangkok. I took a look at Airbnb and there are some nice condos. I preliminarily booked a place at Ashton Chula-Silom which is on Rama IV near the Samyan MRT so quite close to Patpong area. While I have stayed in several Airbnb's in various places around the world I am a bit concerned about the legal status of Airbnb in Thailand. The place I booked has great reviews which does make me a little more comfortable. And I like the idea of the 49th floor pool deck with panoramic views of the city. But I live in a condo that doesn't allow Airbnb rentals and I understand the reasons why. So I am conflicted about staying in someone else's condo building where short term rentals are likely not allowed. For around the same price I could stay at the Amara Bangkok which looks like it's new and in a good location on Surawong. The only thing I would give up is the kitchen and washing machine which is something I like to have for such a long stay (2 weeks +). Maybe I need to look at serviced apartments again...
  4. I think it's probably also the case that the current young generation has lived their whole lives taking photos of themselves and their friends all day long. So in addition to possible geographical cultural differences there are also generational ones. A tiny affection Lao boy sounds like a lot of fun.
  5. that's a completely different pot of money that I won't be touching for many years other than sticking some money into the account every paycheck. Dollar cost averaging and all of that
  6. I think for sure we've all been sitting home missing travel for the last couple years. So we've been saving the money we would have spent on travel during that time and are ready to spend it now. So splurging on a higher class, especially for long haul flights, seems like a reasonable idea. My bank account is much fuller now for not having taken the 4 or so big trips I would have taken. As for the costs related to booking with miles, it really depends on the program. My trip from Washington to Bangkok on Qatar was only $45 in taxes and fees, but it is costing me 110,000 AA miles, which admittedly is a lot for one way business class. Some airlines are more aggressive than others with the fuel surcharges. I've been looking at return flight options from Seoul for my trip and there are lots of options between $2500-3500 in business class. Again for one way that's not super cheap but it's not exorbitant. I'm still looking for mileage options.
  7. fedssocr

    The 13

    I still don't really see the point after we've already got a couple of definitive documentaries.
  8. Yes, the SQ A380 does let you get off at FRA. I actually think they require it to service the aircraft. While the summer is a mess, hopefully by autumn (after the school holidays are over) will be better at the airports. Frankly if you can afford it, it's another good reason to book in business class since you get shorter queues and more assistance if things go haywire at most airports. I just booked IAD-DOH-BKK using AA miles on Qatar Airways. But not until early next year. If you have the points though it's also a good option.
  9. Thanks for sharing your experience. Maybe you can just make up a few more days for us. I just booked my next flight to BKK. But not until March...almost exactly 4 years since my most recent visit. It will be fun to see all of the changes.
  10. I was going to say "guide" sounds like a very generous description of this guy...
  11. I've often wondered about that hotel, but its location isn't attractive to me. I am a sucker for a good view though. Did you take any photos of your room with a view?
  12. I recall visiting a Sunee bar on one of my first trips to Thailand many years ago. I really enjoyed spending time with one of the boys in the bar and his cute friend. I tipped them overly generously - I still recall how shocked he was by how much money I gave him at the end of the evening. When I went back the next day one was sporting an enormous knock off wristwatch that seemed to already be broken. His friend gave him quite a ribbing over it. I remember thinking it was a pretty dumb thing to waste his money on. But they were quite young, and as said they certainly didn't have any kind of money management skills. I think it's a society-wide issue though in many ways. Everyone trying to impress others with money and living beyond their means. These days apparently a lot of younger people in America have fallen into debt thanks to all of these online shopping apps that have "buy now, pay later" credit. Buy this t-shirt for $60 and pay it off in 6 months sort of thing.
  13. I don't think her country deserves what has happened in the last 18 months
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