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  1. I guess I was supposed to be able to read your mind?
  2. The Nomadic Boys get around quite a bit https://nomadicboys.com/destinations/asia/south-asia/gay-nepal/
  3. if you are looking for something extremely lightweight...
  4. I've seen captions in many programs. But not all of them
  5. I haven't had a lot of time to keep up with the current shows, but here's some things coming from GMM
  6. And if you like Kpop these guys have really been pushing boundaries in a very gay-positive way despite Korean conservatism
  7. I love lots of Asian bands. Lots of Thai indie/rock bands and Korean indie groups especially. These guys are amazing but they are sort of on hiatus right now One of the members called Ha Hyunsang is my favorite. His solo music is also really great. I recently saw The Rose here in Washington These Thai guys are quite popular these days and so are these guys
  8. I'd imagine there isn't really a surplus of baggage service providers waiting to step in and take over, so firing this company is likely to make things even worse. I guess maybe the minister has a brother waiting for a big government contract. This seems like it would be a good job unless of course the company isn't paying the workers a living wage in which case the shortage of workers would not be a surprise.
  9. Pretty much total introvert here. I like to watch and observe. I often say I don't like people but I'm not sure that's entirely true. I am able to hold a conversation if necessary, but tend to be fairly guarded with strangers.
  10. no. Laws against consensual sodomy were nullified by the Supreme Court (Lawrence v Texas). Of course they might end up re-instating those laws at some point.
  11. I've long thought that the most virulent homophobia is internalized. It's so completely irrational otherwise. The boycott issue has always been thorny. Much like the old Burma boycott I eventually came to believe that supporting the people on the ground was valuable and exposure to the outside world was a good idea.
  12. They seem to update Line daily
  13. I've never found that to be the case. Essentially you get the rate that the banks charge each other. Get an account with a bank that rebates ATM fees and that is covered as well
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