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  1. You are right, @PeterRS, if you don’t have a home in HK, you need to go to a non-quarantine hotel, a friend’s house, an Airbnb, or a similar location for your 4-day self-isolation period. It can still be expensive, sure, but quite more affordable than the quarantine hotel. What I don’t know is if you can leave HK before the end of that period.
  2. Happy to report that a few months after my previous post ☝️, the light at the end of the tunnel is now shining brighter: the HK Government has further relaxed the quarantine rules. The length of mandatory confinement in a designated hotel has been shortened to three days (from the previous seven), followed by four days of “self-isolation” at home, during which your movements are still restricted -no restaurants, for example-, but you can move around the city, visit private homes, go to the office…You also have to take several mandatory covid tests in that time.
  3. I live in HK, @PeterRS, and I agree that the quarantine ruled are a major deterrent for tourism and are hurting the city’s economy. However, mandatory quarantine is no longer 14 days. It was shortened to 7 days a few months ago, but you CANNOT quarantine at home. You have to go to one of the designated hotels (sometimes expensive), and you need a confirmed booking before boarding your flight to HK. To add insult to injury, it is difficult to get a room, since the availability is limited, and it seems that travel agencies block quite a number of them for their clients.
  4. It is in the European Men and Destinations Members Only forum. You have to register on this site to view it, @hotbyu.
  5. The Bel Ami Bratislava studio was and still is very active. Let’s not forget that “George Duroy”, the creator and owner of the company, is Slovak. Many of their models, including legendary Lukas Ridgeston, come from that country. @msclelovr is right: from the very beginning, Bel Ami prohibited the distribution and sale of their videos in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary, to protect the privacy of the models. Even now, you cannot access their website from those countries: I lived in Prague and needed a VPN to do it.
  6. I live in HK, and that’s encouraging news, some light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, as far as I understand, the rules for compulsory hotel quarantine for arriving travelers have not been relaxed and, according to Government statements, they will not be in the near future. That is still a powerful deterrent.
  7. I live in Hong Kong and I agree with @PeterRS The rules are very strict, and they are often updated. At the moment, flights from countries considered high-risk, including the US, the UK, Canada, many European countries, and some Asian and African, are banned. Non-residents cannot enter HK -vaccinated or not- except in very special cases, and residents returning from almost everywhere are subjected to a 3-week quarantine in a designated hotel -its length will be fortunately reduced to “only” two weeks after February 5-. Wearing a mask in public is compulsory, and you can only remove it to eat or drink. Further restrictions have been imposed lately to -unsuccessfully- try to contain the rise of omicron: restaurants close at 6 pm, there is no night life, gyms and similar venues are closed, etc. People expect those to be lifted next week, after Chinese New Year. Life feels nevertheless normal in the city. The problem is that you cannot leave because of the entry restrictions. It is a gilded cage, gilded and pleasant, but still a cage.
  8. I have the same question: I just uploaded a duplicate post and I can’t seem to find the way to delete it. Help, please!
  9. A drunk Neanderthal, that’s what Zeman is. His position, though, is basically decorative: the real power belongs to the Prime Minister. It is nevertheless a shame that a country full of so many sexually-liberated beautiful boys is represented by such a clown.
  10. Well, I now live around 7500 mi away from home, and I will soon be moving to almost 9000 mi
  11. Sorry this happened to you, @BiBottomBoy. Je souhaite que tu t’en remettes très vite. Mes meilleurs vœux.
  12. Thank you, @BiBottomBoy That first experience is engraved deep in my mind, to the extent that I have a wild attraction to smells, especially sweaty balls, taint, between the legs, a musky ass, armpits, and even feet. I get over the top smelling my own crotch and ass juices while jerking off. All those scents make me go back to my first boy sex: I always ask my escorts to not wear any perfume or deodorant and to not shower before our meeting, so I can smell their natural odor and run my tongue all over their body to taste their salty skin.
  13. When I was around 15-16 and had an avid teenage sexual appetite, I had a serious infatuation with my best friend, a very cute blond blue-eyed boy, my age. A real crush. One day, we playfully started to wrestle. Don’t ask me how I found the courage to kiss him and to start undressing him. His smooth chest was glistening with fresh sweat, and a pungent aroma emanated from his pits. I instinctively licked his salty sweat off, sniffed and licked his pits, and slowly, very timidly, I went down his abs until I peeled his underwear off and buried my nose in his very fragrant pubes. I found the scent of his crotch, his groin, his sweaty balls, and his musky ass wildly intoxicating: I just couldn’t get enough of it. His uncut dick was hard as a rock and, even if at the beginning I didn’t particularly like the cheesy smell of his foreskin, it contributed to my horniness. I learned to appreciate that cock scent later on. That was the first cock I sucked, the first boy I kissed, the first sweet cum I tasted. I still vividly remember the fragrances and the excitement. The rest is history.
  14. Very sad news indeed. He was a well-respected member of this forum, and he will be missed. RIP.
  15. I started out as straight, but I always had a gay vibe in the back of my head. I had sex with girls not really understanding the fascination: to me, it was grossly overrated. I did a little fooling around with my best friend when we were both 15-16 (it did get to the cock-sucking stage once), and I finally had sex with a guy in my late twenties. Boy, that was a discovery, a great Epiphany I’ve never come back. If I were to rate myself now, I would say 99% gay, and probably even 100%. I am no longer attracted to women at all, and I am sure I wouldn’t be able to get hard with one.
  16. I got both Pfizer shots. Except for a very, very minor pain in the injected arm that disappeared within 24 hours, no discomfort, no adverse reaction whatsoever. I am very happy.
  17. I’ve never been a Christmas person myself, and neither is my partner, so it will be another ordinary day. Not much to do with the restrictions anyway...
  18. Another good reason for you to learn Spanish, dear @TotallyOz.
  19. Not mine: I store porn in the cloud and back it up in an external hard disk.
  20. It is excellent and keeps you hooked to your seat. I am looking forward to the release of the last season(s) next year.
  21. If you liked it, @TotallyOz, watch the previous movie on this same story, featuring Simone Signoret, from the late 1970s (La vie devant soi). I found it much, much better, Loren notwithstanding.
  22. It is a great series, I enjoyed every bit of it. And, yes, the eye candy is spectacular.
  23. I am a passionate kisser, and I cannot go without very wet kisses, very, very wet. In fact, no kissing, no hard on. So, I guess sex with a mask is not for me.
  24. Thanks for your recommendation, @TotallyOz. I placed The Queen’s Gambit on my bucket’s list yesterday, and I was planning to start watching it tonight.
  25. My most memorable lap dance was at the now defunct Show Palace in New York back in the early 90s, when I was shy, young, and cute. None other than gorgeous Joey Stefano sat practically naked on my lap, let me stroke him all over, and relentlessly rubbed his ass against my very hard 20-something year-old dick. It was a first for me and I was really nervous, but Joey was an expert, seemed very much into it, and visibly enjoyed driving me wild, and making me moan like crazy —like I said, I was young and cute—. He didn’t quit until I shot a big load in my jeans. Patrons gathered around us, and enjoyed the show. It was hot, hot, hot. I kept my stained briefs unwashed for quite some time after that. Oh, the memories!
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