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  1. spoon


    Weird thing to put it up only half hour ago when he is not coming back. But hey, TIT.
  2. spoon


    Is mr sunny back to moonlight? The ig says so i think, but they call him mr sun. I am doubting myself as im bad with name/face lol
  3. Yes, ive met those who are very forward thinking, usually the older guys though. They started to see the reality when money doesnt come as easy as before, or they get married and have children to support if they are straight. They start to have day job or second job to ensure income stability. But very rarely this is the case.
  4. Or u can bring them away from thailand, and they get a free visa run as a bonus.
  5. I wouldnt reject that offer especially if i dont have to give garland of money lol but i probably will be too embarressed as well lol
  6. spoon

    Bars Report 2019

    I agree totally with your observation of BBB, and frankly, it is still one of the bars that makes me want to go back to pattaya. I probably will enjoy BBB better in low season when the crowd is thinner, so i will be more comfortable to call a guy down and sit next to me. My last visit, there isnt any room for boys to sit with you at all, so they go and sit outside during shows. I wish tawan had that airport security show when i was there lol and hopefully more new faces too. The selection they had when i was there was not the best ive seen them had before. I also find dreamboys shows funny, and its best enjoyed with friends or boy sitting next to you. Eager to see the new dreamboy after the move, as the old one does seems to have lost its charm based on the number of customers.
  7. There is some positives too, for example cheaper entrance and drinks at the new dreamboys. Lets hope itll bring more boys to the bars too
  8. Another point that is worth to mention. Influx of female customers seems to be mostly asian (china, taiwan, hong kong, and even japanese, south korean) in gogo bars. I very rarely see farang female, with the exception of one or two when i go to gogobars. Though one boy said many people not many customer to me once, meaning they come for shows and drinks in bar and not to off them.
  9. spoon


    His fantasies may very well be a fantasies for some customers too lol. Feels like its moving towards those crappy porn that do parody of movies and role playing lol. I dont mind that actually lol
  10. Lol u need to remember the kind of customers you'd be dealing with, and your hand will definitely starts to feel tired for a while. And those who can get that much are probably 1-2 masseurs who has worked in the field for a while and a steady stream of regular customers. It is also the reason why its harder to get overnight from massage guys, especially those who provide good massages and popular. They might be very tired and need a good sleep since they need to start working again the next day. And i believe massage centers dont have strict policy regarding needing the boys to work all the time, and no penalty if u take off day. Might be wrong but the guy i took from copa says this is at least true for copa
  11. Depends on how popular the boys are. Popular ones can get up to 5 customers and they dont have to cum for each customer, unless customer wants or they can cum each time.
  12. If u want to avoid paying boys drink or off fee, stay away from mamasan and get in contact with boys directly. If he likes u enough, and gives u his contact, thr next off might be done without the knowledge of bar, if it happens outside his work schedule.
  13. This is my own opinion, but a guy who is alone, regardless farang or asian, are more likely going there to look for an off? So if u are alone, chances are mamasan would prefer to get u the boy. Might be wrong but i believe this also play some part
  14. If the westerners customers called the boy without using mamasan, probably the mamasan was angry at them as well, coz they cut off the mamasan from getting a cut from the boy if they buy drinks or off the boy. But yeah, i do see boys and mamasan loves the influx of chinese tourists, especially the famous ones like jupiter in bangkok and bbb in pattaya. And i saw lots of them tips generously too.
  15. In a way, i feel blessed not knowing how soi twilight or bangkok used to be. I dont have to mopped around thinking of what it was and what itll never be again and just enjoying the current scene. Ive read few articles that the main culprit of the downfall of gay gogobars was the advancement of apps, and the increasing popularity of live cam website and of course, free porn are so easy to get nowadays. It will not replace what gogobars can offer but there are other benefits that also gogobars cant offer. Its cheaper, u can chat with boys without middle man, and nothing beats free, porn or sex.One of the more significant advantage of apps is its 24/7. I still prefer bars, seeing and touching the boys are definitely better than online assessment, but the cost adds up pretty quick as ive experienced during my last trip. Gogobars will still be a unique experiences for the tourist but less so for the local, and i believe local support to a business are more important for a business to keep running compared to the seasonal tourists. Thus explained why some bars like jupiter and bbb are enjoying a rather great stream of locals and tourists alike, with more of the hot guys sticking around the bars. As a tourist, i dont have time to wade through bunch of profiles in multiple apps to find the one boy who might not look the same in person. Massage places are almost similar with what i have back home, so that leaves gogobars and overnight, the two main reason id still go to thailand. All i need is one bars full of hot guys and for one night, i just need 1 boy, and thats all it takes to keep me happy
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