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  1. spoon

    Baht rallies on

    It hits almost every other currencies. Thai baht realy outperforms most countries in currency exchange. Malaysian ringgit used to be worth more than baht few years ago, when oil price is at its highest. Now its 10 baht = 13.2 MYR, before 10 baht = 0.9 MYR. More than 30% increase.
  2. Good to hear being on prep doesnt equate to ok to bareback on some people. Yes, prep is a great defend against HIV. I dont see anyone says otherwise. Condom did better, not just against hiv but against most std. Granted other std might hold the same fear as hiv does. Also a great point on Prep usage and frequent kidney check.
  3. Yes, avoiding flying is very similar to avoiding wearing condom ...........
  4. Yup, u dont know. The same way u wouldnt know if hiv positive guys says he got test and negative. Without showing the result, or actually go get tested together (as results can be faked too) u wont know. Similar case with the study too. For me, the only way to really ensure unprotected sex is safe is for both partner to get tested after window period and confirmed free from all stds, and from then on in a monogomous relationship. As long as you and your partner have multiple sexual partner, stick with condoms
  5. The 3 people still have the drug deteced in their system when they were tested positive. Of course there is some issues regarding their intake whether it is as prescribed or not since the subject records stuff themselves. And the drug can still be detected two weeks after u stop taking it. I thi k for that reason, they recommend to take the drug atleast 7 days daily before claiming it to be effective. Eitherway, it is still not foolproof.
  6. spoon

    Screw Boy

    Its just through social media, following thai who are hot lol
  7. PREP is a preventative measure that is recommended on top of other measures taken to orevent contracting HIV. Condom is still the most effective measures by far, if it is used properly. In the case where condom werent used properly (either breaking, or slip, or stealthing etc), PREP can be a second layer of defense. It is not meant to be use solely as HIV prevention, especially 3 person in the study who have taken the drugs still contracted HIV. And yes, it wont help with other std
  8. spoon

    Screw Boy

    Wow, nut is someone ive been following lol i guess he will be one of the model for show and not for offing?
  9. I think what can actually help is a window (1month for the test to be effectivr?) not depending on the donor of when they had sex, but rather the hospital before they are allowed to use the blood. Itll take away the donor lying about their timeline issue, and i think itll be wise to test the blood again before using it.
  10. Do report back your finding here!
  11. Would the use of prep which leads to people not using condom a factor of increasing in other std? Maybe, but i think i read somewhere hiv case is on the rise too. I guess its the case of more and more people are having unprotected sex, either fully informed or not.
  12. Thanks! Looking at the map, its funny to see the ommision of arena massage while silom plaza is in the map, while myheromassage which isnt on the map is still there
  13. Haha, i was also nervous the first time i go there, not used to 30+ hunks giving me flirty looks haha. Instead of going to the restroom, i focus on the card and manager instead lol
  14. Agreed, which is why its always better value to go more than just hj in full service gay shop. Minimum tip is to discourage customer who just come for massage and nothing else. A high tip just for hj also to discourage customer to just go for hj, since like u said, a normal massage place can give hj for just 500, though u proba ly cant choose your masseur, and mostlikely the masseur there isnt a looker with nice body.
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