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  1. Thanks for the website suggestion. It seems that patpong are also experiencing a demise, with many bars closes. The upside is those closed bars are now occuppied by soi twilight bars. Also noted the new location of bangkok massage, occupying new screw boy disco which ive never been to. It seems the straight sex tourist are concerned over the take over of gay bars at patpong lol.
  2. U should go there and see what you have missed by not going.
  3. All 3 is offable in my book based on body alone. Thanks to OP for the report!
  4. I never saw or didnt recall seeing the first two, but third ive seen in tawan during my last visit focusing his attention to girls, and everyone here should know the 4th one hehe.
  5. Haha, i cant afford to go there everyweek, wallet wise and time wise and energy wise hahaha. But there are also options in my place with much smaller varieties of indo, thai, myanmar, vietnamese, nepalese and filipino boys working as masseur here too to keep me busy lol maybe it is one of the reason that i kept delaying my return to LOS. That and the ever increasing thai baht value and prices
  6. Haha, i cant afford to go there everyweek, wallet wise and time wise and energy wise hahaha. But there are also options in my place with much smaller varieties of indo, thai, myanmar, vietnamese, nepalese and filipino boys working as masseur here too to keep me busy lol maybe it is one of the reason that i kept delaying my return to LOS.
  7. It is one of the main reason i visited this forum many times daily lol. U have done most of the thing i do to cope except for one, bring your thai boy to you lol. I guess for US, itll be not so easy, since its quite far, and visa etc will be complicated. Lucky for me, thai doesnt need visa to go to my country, which happened to be just 2 hour flight away.
  8. I think you are posting in the wrong forum altogether. Hehehe but thanks for the review of robin. I have been contemplating whether to try him or not lol
  9. To present an alternate view of things, here is another article about the guy who is on prep daily for 2 years infected by rare strain of hiv that is resistant to many HIV meds. Link
  10. Interesting qualitative study regarding prep and stigma surrounding it and why it becomes a hindrance for people to use it. Two new qualitative studies from Toronto shed light on how stigma affects the uptake of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and the experience of taking it. In the first, young gay men acknowledged that they did not always use condoms but did not see themselves as the kind of ‘barebacker’ for whom they thought PrEP was intended. “PrEP embodies the notion of bareback sex, which traditionally has been associated with negative elements, and it is quite clear that the young gay men in this research do not want to be associated as a barebacking subject,” writes Julien Brisson in Anthropology & Medicine. “This is one reason why they did not want to use PrEP.” In the second study, early adopters described concealing their PrEP use because of what it might suggest to others about their sexual behaviour. Nonetheless, most had an overwhelmingly positive experience of taking PrEP. “Paradoxically, some men said that PrEP use both led them to experience stigmatizing reactions within their social and sexual networks, while also helping to remove stigma, shame, and fear related to HIV, sexuality, and sex with gay men living with HIV,” comments Daniel Grace in AIDS Patient Care and STDs. Young gay men’s feelings about barebacking and PrEP Julien Brisson of the University of Montreal conducted ethnographic fieldwork with young gay men in a gay neighbourhood of Toronto. As well as in-depth interviews with ten men, he reports on informal interactions at gyms, social events, an LGBT film festival and meetings about HIV prevention. Most of his informants were in their twenties and well-educated, although his interview sample was ethnically diverse. The research was conducted in 2014, before PrEP was approved by Canadian regulators in February 2016. This was also before PrEP was added to Ontario’s provincial drug programme in September 2017, a move that has facilitated access to PrEP in Toronto, especially for people on low incomes. The men taking part in the research were generally well-informed about HIV prevention. Having had their first sexual relations in the 2000s, they were highly aware of HIV prevention messages about condoms. They were also knowledgeable about the biomedical science relating to HIV prevention, often using pragmatic techniques such as ‘serosorting’ and ‘strategic positioning’ to diminish the risk of HIV transmission when they did not use condoms. Of note, on the first occasions that the researcher met his respondents, they all reported that they did not have bareback sex. They tended to express the idea that it was a bad and reckless practice. In line with the way in which medical and psychological researchers have represented men who bareback, the young gay men often described barebackers as people who had problems with depression, self-esteem or drug use. For example, Brisson describes meeting a 25 year old at a party and explaining that his research was on bareback sex. The young man said with a tone of pride that he was a responsible person who always used condoms, while other men attending the party nodded in approval or said that they did the same. Link
  11. spoon


    Thats babe, nothing new except his hair lol
  12. spoon

    Power Boys

    I dont think prosthetic eyes is something u can just purchase through ebay. Its a medical procedure to first remove the natural eye before attaching the artifical eyes. That is most of the cost goes to.
  13. Thanks a lot for highlighting these two places, which was not in my radar at all. I feel like i can easily cover nyc, fire island, boston and province town to fill the week lol. Thanks for highlighting all the shows in vegas. Ive been to vegas 2-3 times and ventured to grand canyon and hoover dam as well before. But i was never much of a show guy before since those visits were during my univerisity years hehe, and most interesting shows for me at that time were more of shows like blue man's group and chippendales lol
  14. Hi all. Turns out ill have a business trip to US soon, and will be extending my stay for a week to explore. Already decided to spend at least 2 days in NYC but have 4-5 days left and im am lookibg for options. I have stayed in the states before and have travelled to most places that is basically where most people will go as a tourist there. Ive narrowed down to few places that ive never been to, florida keys, or boston (or any of the new england cities). Anyone can pitch in which of these will be good for a solo traveller? Or have other suggestions?
  15. I think coach Sue Sylvester did it first on glee, so the japanese girl is just a copycat hehe.
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