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  1. I told you so. That's why, for sex, I only go to Brazil in all central/south America, and only to GP saunas there.
  2. The difference between Instagram and OnlyFan: IG is free, OF is subscription only. I just don't see the point of paying OF subscription to guys just to be able to follow them and keep telling them they are gorgeous, without knowing if you can hire them.
  3. I have only been to the one near Paulista, and I have never made reservations. I usually go there before 7:30pm and the place is still quite empty then. Brazilians (and Argentines, Spaniards) have dinner really late, restaurants only start filling up after 8.
  4. About Taxi in Bangkok, I almost got killed a few years ago, in a Taxi speeding in a heavy rain and slippery highway, on my way to BKK airport. Since that incident, I have been always hiring hotel limos, these limo drivers get paid by salary and are never in a hurry to get the next customers.
  5. I like to know how to say "fuck you" in Thai.
  6. Do not question my ability to enjoy myself at a party.
  7. Wealthy whites are treated better than wealthy coloreds.
  8. I would definitely buy a fast track package if I were in the picture above.
  9. It's a roller bag, full of kinky clothes.
  10. This is my dish in October. Grilled trout filet with chopped almond topping. Wild rice, garbanzo beans, mixed veggies on the side. I tried to eat healthy to keep my slim figure. The dish tasted ok. I had to ask for pepper to add more flavor to it. The place is quite dark.
  11. 1. Most people have difficulty getting erection while they are heavy on drugs, unless also using Viagra etc. 2. Most asians are shy and do not have public sex. Europe is a better place for circuit parties where public sex is welcome and encouraged.
  12. SPOT have cute waiters that speak fluent English.
  13. Just go as a drag queen like I do, nobody would dare to complain about an old lady in the party.
  14. I think this is the key for your 100 euros price. I bet none of them would cum for this price. That's my experience at the therma in Barcelona, they just lay there with semi-erected cocks, let you fondle them for 20-30 minutes, and they do accept any price offer for that, yes, even 50 euros with those not so attractive guys.
  15. I am cursed. I live a hard life. 🤣
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