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  1. Can you quote that thread here? I am curious what you found.
  2. For me, this statement applies to the majority of the massage boys in Thailand.
  3. You stated "it can be cheaper". You can spin your words anyway you want, but your word is "cheap", "cheaper". You associated yourself with "cheap".
  4. You are correct, I don't know if you expected a 5 star experience or 6 star or 4 star. But you knew you were paying a cheap business class with an airline known for cheap fare across Atlantic, and low quality service (if you didn't know this, it's your own fault too). But you expected something more than what you paid for.
  5. I never claim to be "boy", unlike someone. @Boy69 ?
  6. I never claim to be "boy", unlike someone. @Boy69?
  7. Oil is easier for massuers to apply and maneuver. I usually bring my own massage oil. I like the smell of coconut oil and many types of essential oils. They are not expensive. In fact, I would not go to those sex massage places and expect a professional massage there. Their selling point is happy ending, not massage itself. There are plenty of well known legit massage places in Bangkok, and no happy ending given.
  8. Meaning Bulgaria now has as many prostitutes as Albania.
  9. I was in Warsaw for a week in December as a side trip from Berlin. There were some offerings(for hire) on my Grindr apps, but not good quality enough for me. I think the A-list ones have all gone to western Europe, and probably the whole eastern Europe is about the same: a lot of offers, but lousy quality.
  10. I have seen this term written by farangs on other forums.
  11. You paid the well known cheapest business class airline, you should have just expected the lowest quality business class experience. They know they are cheap, you know they are cheap, they know you are cheap.
  12. I helped you find your kindest friend Google. You are welcome.
  13. So you paid the cheapest business class airline but expect a five star experience? TP know they are cheap, they know you are cheap, you know they are cheap. But you don't know you are cheap.
  14. Years ago when I got my CPF in Sao Paulo, the application indeed required a local address. They sent a physical CPF card to the address. BTW, it is very common for Brazilians to complain about the government: crime, inflation, traffic, inferstructure, broken sidewalk pavement...etc, every Brazilian I know complains.
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