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  1. Locals would sign a contract at a different rate, hence not 50/60 dollars per month.
  2. @endlessdream, so you got 2-2 seat instead of the standard 3-3 economy seat with an economy ticket. Do you have any status with AV or Star Alliance?
  3. So far I haven't seen anything "glorious" from you.
  4. I suppose you didn't invest much in stock market during the last 2 years.
  5. I am seeing an interesting phenomenon on my recent flights (asia-europe, U.S.-europe), business class all sold out(even with the high prices), premium economy class nearly sold out, but plenty of availability in economy class. This is a total reverse of preCovid market.
  6. @tm_nycdidn't say he was looking into premium economy or business.
  7. Look at the dark side, you are not getting younger.
  8. Why? Fear of Covid or airfares too high?
  9. scott456


    I plan to cross-dress and be a woman next time in Tawan bar.
  10. It's too bad that Hillary Clinton didn't win.
  11. Or you can call the police and report a rude and ungretul prostitute. 😆
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