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Found 13 results

  1. In Rio since last Saturday! I wrote a report but it is in Spanish, here it is in case you want to read it. https://ilikepinga.com/2024/04/16/lunes-en-point-202/ I am staying in a small airbnb in Copanema, with a cozy and private terrace featuring a jacuzzi and a bbq pit. The host is an American Black guy, a former NFL player, and the coolest host I ever had, communication has been great. I may disappoint you, @floridarob, as this year terrace is more private and, besides, I've learned my lesson and will not behave as an entitled asshole. The days have been great so far, fully sunny or cloudy but not a drop of rain. It is my first time in Ipanema, I have enjoyed a lot my walks around. I visited the Museu Histórico de Forte de Copacabana, probably one of the worst museums I have even been too. I did love to walk around the former fort itself. On Sunday I did my first attempt to hire from a website, as I was not in the mood to go out to a sauna after a long exploration of my neighborhood. A gorgeous man, but we had no chemistry and my dick did not get hard not even when he sucked it. Definitely, I am going through andropausia and just pictures or video are not enough to guarantee attraction. Fortunately, I went to Point last night and my unreliable dick delivered strong hard ons. The place was thriving with one of the most diverse GPs crowds I have ever seen, there even was a guy with only one leg. The ratio client/GP was very good for clients. I hooked with a BEAUTIFUL boy, he was 20 but looked like 17. We are planning a threesome at my place soon. I did not bring him to my airbnb yet. I met with my favorite boy from last trip and came to my airbnb, and also had a great time. Point's remodeling seems to be finished. They have two very nice new cabins where the smokers bar used to be, they assign me one of those. Instead of following the count up to identify the rooms, my cabin was "Siqueira Campos". I did not check the tag on the other cabin. There is still room for the washer and a couple of tables where the hopless smokers hang out. The atmosphere was amazing as usual, the reason why I prefer 202 over 117. It reminds me of those hooker houses for straight men that we see in the movies, with the hookers having fun and socializing with the clients diving in a party mood together. Very unlike 117. As I read (I think in CoM) that they are scamming clients overcharging us at check out, I was very careful to check my bill. It was spotless, and it would have been very tempting for a scammer to smuggle a false charge, as I had a lot of items. 6 caipirinhas, 1 jack Daniel, one red bull, one water, one cabin, one client ticket and one GP ticket, everything was slightly over 300 R.
  2. Hey Guys 🙂 after many years i travel to BKK. I would like to go to a gay sauna. However, I read that Babylon has permanently closed. What kind of sauna can you recommend? The saunas in BKK have no happy ending, right? Thanks for the Help :-)
  3. Someone here mentioned a couple of months ago that dicks here r cut differently. In the pic below (posted anonymously by permission), one can see skin folds below the head and several lumps. Is this really cut, and is this typical?
  4. Might bring back a few memories. Not sure is this really was from 2013/14/15. No idea if this is current location or contact information. If all is changed post COVID, feel free to delete to avoid any confusion.
  5. Hi, this week I went to Point 202 in Rio , on Wednesday - free suites night. There was a reasonable offer of garotos, and they were maybe 2 times the quantity of patrons. At some point I saw Junior (the owner) talking behind a table with a stunning guy - really like a Greek god, escultural body, blue eyes , etc... never saw such kind of guy in a sauna, not even in Lagoa. I kept observing the guy and he was not really approching any patron... I decided to talk to him, and he was in fact nice, but the surprise came during the talk - he told me that he was there to attend just a narrow “market niche” - he speaks fluent English and is an engineer, he used to work for a large oil company but lost his job this year - so after a proposal from a friend he decided to start going to the sauna - his overnight rate is 3000 BRL (!!) I didn’t want to ask how he would charge me for just an hour in the free room LOL. I mean, he is really hot, but I think that people who are paying this amount are not going to Point, they would select garotos from especial websites or agencies.... have you ever paid this amount to a Brazilian sauna boy ?? I have to admit that maximum I ever paid was 300 usd for one hour with a Russian model , but it was in NYC.
  6. Have you ever visited Thermas 1087 (formerly Thermas Senador) in São Vicente, adjacent to the city of Santos, on the coast of São Paulo State, about a 1.5-2 hour drive from São Paulo city? Being verão (summer) right now, I figured that the "Baixada Santista" coast of São Paulo might attract a sizeable number of gay guys looking to escape the sometimes oppressive heat of São Paulo city, particularly on weekends. Do they have garotos de programa at Thermas 1087? Or is this strictly a "client-client" gay sauna? I did a search on BoyToy.com and was unable to find any references to this termas. Additionally, I did a Google search and not much came up other than Thermas 1087's website and FB page. FWIW, here is a link to the Thermas 1087 website. And here is a photo of one of their gogo boy dancers from the Thermas 1087 webpage:
  7. Guest

    Newbie to Bangkok

    Hi, I'm from Tokyo and visiting Bangkok in early December for work/short vacation. In need of some advice so I can make my first visit memorable: 1) I am so-called Twink looking bottom, average hight (170cm) but super skinny. Is there any good sauna for someone extremely skinny like myself can enjoy? I'm looking to have some fun with people around my age. 2) Since this will be my first visit to Thailand, I wanna be little bit adventurous. Thinking of trying a massage place. As I've seeing threads here, it looks like the "happy endings" are not necessarily all the way service. Is there any massage place I can go all the way with a masseur? I will be staying around Silom, only visiting Bangkok. Thanks a lot in advance! Best,
  8. The Golden Banana Hotel For Men, which has been open in Siem Reap since 2003 has undergone a Management Change. The Hotel is located just five minutes walk from Pub Street. It is now under the operation of the @Home Bar in Jomtien Complex (Pattaya) and has undergone a two month renovation ahead of the upcoming High Season. The 15 Room Men's Only Hotel includes a Pool, Bar, Restaurant and Sauna (Steamroom, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Maze, Private Rooms etc.). Sauna Admission is free for guests staying at the hotel. Outside Visitors pay $5 USD. Here is a quick tour of the facilities on Youtube https://youtu.be/7NFdSZiIYcw Visit us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GoldenBanana4Men Or on The Web http://www.golden-banana-for-men.com/
  9. Im going to be in Salvador for a week and was considering a side trip to Recife. I'm wondering if anyone has and advise on that plan. I've heard nice things about Recife as a town and was wondering about opportunities for play. Is there a sauna with garotos? I assume I should fly rather than drive or take a bus. Are there not-to-be-missed sights or experiences. Thanks.
  10. So there is sauna called Sauna Copacabana, quite close to my hotel. Address is R. Dias da Rocha, 83 - Copacabana I have not gone, but if I understand well, there don’t allow working boys in, right?
  11. Guest

    Prince Sauna

    With difficulty, we found Prince Sauna last night. It's a nice enough place with a glass window to keep the masseurs from lunging at you. There were plenty of them, and they were plenty masculine. Minimum tip on an hour massage is 1000 baht. Oil or cream ran almost as much for the room. I chose Bee, who took me to the room and left me there while I showered. He then came in, showered, and my one hour cream massage began. The legs got the most attention, but soon there was massage in between them. Bee seemed to want me to show the goods fast, and I guess I did, since when we were finished only 35 minutes had gone by. He is nice looking, and got hard, but I am not sure why.
  12. Guest

    Arena Experiences

    Last night we went to Arena sauna because I have liked it in the past. There was no sign to direct us, but we knew it was on the top floor now. The newer space is okay. I picked a guy named, I think, Gaay-ow. Not especially built, but nice looking, nice smile. His massage began with the left leg. Occasionally there would be a stroke near the butt, but the leg was getting such a massage that I took his hands and placed them on the other leg. He misunderstood and thought I wanted them on my butt, which I did, but just not then. I went with the flow and he gave me a super butt massage. When I came half-way or so through the hour, I thought the massage would be over, but he kept going. A very nice boy. He did not cum or even get hard. He showered me well, then I gave him 1500 baht. He did not look at it, at least that I could see, but informed me that if I came back, he was there for me. The bill for the house was 460 baht. The husband had such a different experience. He, too, got the lengthy leg massage but with no hint of more to come, so he aborted rather than do what I did. The boy did offer to get him another boy, which was declined. I returned to the.lobby to see a frustrated hubby whilst I was all smiles. He did not tip nor was it expected. I might note that his guy was my first choice. I asked the mama san. If I should keep looking, or was this boy really good. He declined to answer, which should have been a hint. The boy was short with washboard abs and a nice smile. I wouldn't have aborted, but he did, which leaves me at My Hero writing to you. I would say that I very much did not like the mama-san, but it was neither here nor there. He is a fuctionary.
  13. The Babylon Bangkok, one of the world’s top gay resorts, is the most graceful charming artistically decorated gay hotel located in the heart of the City of Angel, Bangkok, Thailand. With the fusion-style mature garden that will bloom and flourish through the growing season, the hotel is designed to reflect a relaxing and preserved atmosphere. The Babylon Bangkok presents not only the key to splendid living but also an opportunity to share the gay culture and legacy. With over 70 rooms, world class sauna & spa, first class gym, and large swimming pool set in exotic tropical gardens. Our Thai hospitality will certainly meet all your passions and desires. It is the perfect place to sit back and reflect on the day’s adventures. Plus, only minutes away from all the gay scene action on Silom Road. All accommodations include complimentary breakfast along with two free daily sauna and spa passes. The Babylon Bangkok is a MUST visit place while in Bangkok. Babylon Sauna 34 Soi Nandha, South Sathon Road Soi 1, Bangkok 10120 Tel: + 66-(0)-2679-7984 Fax: + 66-(0)-2679-7986 http://www.babylonbangkok.com
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