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  1. Le Meridien has a big bathtub, at least in the Aventec Suite, and a double shower!
  2. I suggest you read my post more carefully.
  3. To be fair, over the months, and years, there have been a lot of messages about Vietnamese boys in BKK, mostly critical. Personally I don't take any notice if generalised criticisms, but they have often been voiced in this and other fora.
  4. Sorry, which establishment is that? Not clear to me!
  5. What is the position with Grab or Uber from Suvarnabhumi? Does anyone use them? I use hotel limo, normally, but it is very expensive!
  6. I agree. I think the problem was that the first two people spoke little English.
  7. I always stay at Le Meridien. Pricey but good, no problems with bringing back boys either, and 200 yards from Patpong.
  8. I arrived twice, mid and end September. On first occasion no queue. On second occasion, fast lane had about 12 people, and it took about 10 mins. As reported, on second arrival only one fast lane open. PS. On your departure from Swampy, you have to fight a bit to use fast track to get through the much shorter security queue. If you are over 70, as I am. I had to appeal to the supervisor, before I got through!
  9. I believe they are mostly Chinese owned. My recent guide hates the Chinese, as he says that the locals get nothing from them. They arrive on Chinese airlines, stay in Chinese owned hotels, eat in Chinese owned restaurants, and travel on Chinese buses.
  10. I see from pics on the media that there were huge queues again at Swampy recently. Not sure if this isolated or not? The article also mentioned that one fast track queue had been closed which I noticed last month. I am due back on 27th Dec for New Year, so I hope things are sorted out.
  11. This recalls an experience I had pre mobile phones, and before I used the subway. Each subway station has large maps in English setting out all the nearby buildings. Anyway I went by taxi to a law firm. Hotel instructed the taxi. We got there, or so I thought. Driver indicated the building and drove off. It was not the building, he was lost. Luckily I had been trying to follow the route on the map I had bought and remembered we had just passed a sports stadium. I also, luckily, had the right change for a payphone. Once I told the law firm about the sports stadium, they worked out where I was, and collected me! Not good for blood pressure!
  12. Sorry, not sure. It's a while since I went there. I just went in, the boys, shirtless stood up, and I asked the mama san who kissed and bottomed. Usually about a third were bottom.
  13. In Tokyo there are mostly no street names, except in the centre. Business addresses often just refer to the office block name, ie NYK, Yusen Building. The hotels have huge detailed maps to help. Addresses are district, ie Chiyoda Ku, then sub district, Chome, the block number, say 4, then number on block 8-4. These are not in order! Great fun
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