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  1. Why Twitter suspend your account? Why do they suspend accounts? There are a couple of African channels suspended too.
  2. I'm looking for him too. A guy that introduced us years ago refuse to give me his number.
  3. I kinda like this phrasing.🤣🤣🤣 There are guys I love fucking. But cant stand them. Sometimes, I pillow their faces. Especially, this guy that's less than 2 miles from my home. But thats amother subject.
  4. Since you asked. I suggest you STEP your game up. That is, if you trying to make money and gain viewers. You make island porn, 'niche porn.' What you posted was bitch boy getting stuck by a long black 'weak dick.' Hardly enticing. Current twitter and onlyfans porn in is Going balls to wall scenes. Your 2 minute promos should be intense. I should envy and want to be that bottom. Use masculine guys and rock hard dicks only. Get dick enhancers and fuck the Dogshit out those bottoms.
  5. I have always pat down 'corts.' This shocks some of them. I dont care. Better safe than sorry.
  6. Slvkguy, they Barebacking more than they are using Condoms. This includes the so-called "straight" guys. This is happening everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE.
  7. Sounds more like an advertisement than an encounter. Thanks for the info.
  8. You speak Spanish? You too can pay those prices. The Puerto Ricans do. Broke thieving skanks with drug problems shouldnt worry about Foreigners hoe bills. 😾
  9. People who post only the Fun Stuff cannot be trusted. Even good sex gets old and tiring (can't believe I said that). Stay vigilant and enjoy this big beautiful world.
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