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Patpong comings and goings

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10 hours ago, reader said:

Also making an exit—if forecasters are to believed—will be the excessive heat with decreasing temperatures and welcome rain predicted to kick off monsoon season.

Great news for lucky enough to arrive soon.

Can,t say how I wish it would be me

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Toilet at Moonlight renovated and now, as sign of mixed clientele, there are mens and ladies rooms, e carefully, men's are to the left and ladies to the right where toilets were before. 

Pizza at Madrid at new location maintains usual high standard. 

Screboys opened indeed but only peeked inside, did not seem to be crowded at midnight , Mamasan the same and so is type of boys on the stage. 

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Visited Screboys yesterday with another member right after they opened for a night. At least 16 boys on duty already. All twinky but some bit better built. At least 3  offable for me, #26 looked the best and was subject of  vinapu tuck of 100 baht note. Did not show, any resistance. Boys in boxers, most bareceted, drink 350

Then went upstairs to Freshboys, right in time for show to begin. At least 20 boys on duty, best looking shockingly also #26. At least 6 acceptable for possible off. Show progressive, simulated sex but cock certainly not simulated, stimulated, possibly by machine, for sure though. 

Big cock show with parade of solicitors of feel for a tip. 8 participants. Sexy shower number. 

At least 20 spectators in the beginning with more arriving later. One spectator, nice chested and seriously drunk tried to imitate vinapu tuck after seeing how it, s done distributed at least 12 red notes, some using mouth to mouth technique. It was fun. 

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Forgot to add, drinks at Freshboys 400.

Yesterday visited Dreamboys, drink 500, boy drink 400. 3 rotation of boys about 12 per rotation but unfotrunstely it ,s just a number.when comes to selection I,d not be sure I entertain option of offing 3 if that much, in fact only attractive to me tired eyes was #11.

Rest it,s choice between out of shape, obese, bad teeth or ready to retire. I,m exagerrating.but not really that much

And extremely loud music to add to experience. Half an hour here was enough.


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While eating at Shenanigans on Surawong (corner Patpong One), waitress who remembered us from now closed Paddy Field (next to Foodland) stopped by table to say hello. Paddy. Field was run by same manager of popular Shenanigans.

One of the classic lady bars of Patpong Two, Black Pagoda, appears to have closed. It was the only venue with a bridge that spanned the soi.

Passed Screw Boy at 11:12 last night and it seemed that the entire stable (sans those serving customers inside or those who’d been already offed) were lounging around outside after show. It was an impressive and lively group.

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Friday evening Tawan  bar packed for the show at 10.30.had few, Ok, four, boys sitting with me and one of them noticed that i'm only one of three farangs in audience.

Show included ,ahem, special show ,passive was one of their  twinks  of whom I counted six including original one ,Mas. Again I think it's friendliest bar of them all, BananaClub ,surprisingly perhaps considering fearsome Lucy is mamasaning there  being second.

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