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  1. I’m with you on this. I look carefully at aircraft type and flying experience on A350 and A380 is so much better than anything from Boeing or the A330 which is cramped. #Imnotgoingboeing is becoming a real issue for the Seattle behemoth which has been left behind in terms of design, comfort and more recently safety.
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    DM Spa

    G: Gay M: Man T: Top B: Bottom
  3. The reason for these islands having less rain in June is their geographic location in the south east of Thailand just to the east of the hilly land running south to Malaysia. This results in the islands being more exposed to the north east monsoon season (weather coming from Pacific) rather than the south west monsoon season (from Indian Ocean) which affects most of Thailand.
  4. captainmick


    Most but not all airlines arrange for ground staff to hand out a pass to arriving first and business class passengers as they leave the aircraft which enables the dedicated Priority Lane to be used which has its own dedicated entrance mid way between the two main immigration halls. Thai International (TG) does not permit its business class passengers to use this channel. Instead TG business class passengers should position to the main immigration hall opposite Gate D4 where the left hand lane is dedicated for TG business class passengers who are strictly required to show their boarding pass. Last time I was there, Police were enforcing the no mobile phone rule in the immigration hall which meant passengers could only use this channel if they had paper boarding passes and those with only mobile boarding passes were being turned away and having to join the main economy pass queue which was causing much irritation.
  5. I suggest you go to Ko Chang.....beautiful island and your friend can drive and you then take the ferry. Lots of good 4* hotels including Gajapuri and AWA
  6. The best strategy for avoiding jetlag is to carefully investigate the aircraft type prior to booking flights. The Airbus 350 and to a slightly lesser extent Boeing 787 are built in part from carbon fibre and as a result can be pressurised to a higher pressure which is the equivalent to a lower altitude. This has substantial benefits in reducing dehydration whilst flying and minimising effects of jet lag. Makes a huge difference. If flying from Europe, Finnair operate A350s (not all flights so check) on Helsinki leg into both Bangkok and Phuket and normally offers good value too.
  7. I think it is meant to be spelt MUK and it is a pea size glass bead which is inserted beneath the skin of the pains to increase the pleasure of the partner when engaging in penetrative sex. This article explains more and includes a photo https://www.sjonhauser.nl/penile-inserts-a-piercing-tradition-in-southeast-asia.html
  8. ......more likely he has an emergency once a week and 51 other Farang also each contribute a months rent each year.......
  9. Wank / toss / jerk off / masturbate / beat the meat etc.......
  10. Aussie_ - it’s damn kind of you to post such a comprehensive and well written report of your activities in Phnom Penh. I have visited before and look forward to my next visit. A rapidly expanding City with wonderful restaurants and bars and uncommonly friendly, interesting and attractive Khmer people.
  11. Please tell us more about the Fitness Camp and hotel. I need to lose a few stone and get fitter. Thanks for sharing your experiences Alex.
  12. Very interesting post Mr Numazu. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Look forward to learning more about your exploits outside as well as in the Land of Smiles.
  13. Another gripping instalment Mr Numazu.......and yet again......you leave us in suspense........awaiting the next chapter of the I Get Really Greedy Edition. Can’t wait
  14. Hope Mr Numazu is OK? Two and and are half weeks since he last posted and I am sure many, like me, are keenly awaiting the next instalment. Perhaps he is away and getting his rocks off several times a day in LOS or Latin America. That would be a worthy excuse for his disappearance.....and I’m sure we could forgive him if he subsequently writes about his sexpolits. We miss you Mr Numazu.
  15. This very sad news indeed. The quality of the articles and photos made AsiaGuys.net stand out from the other sites. Perhaps the problem has been that a) it didn’t have a forum element enabling readers to comment on the articles and pictures, and b) it was not updated daily. Daily updates might not have been necessary if the forum had existed, but readers do need to know that there will be updated articles or comments on a daily basis. As I say, this is a sad day. Thanks to Buckbee for all his input - sorry it hasn’t worked for you.
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