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  1. I always liked Gray's diner! Open link in new window or tab https://www.gayguides.com/forums/topic/37609-tasting-asian-meat-at-grays-diner/
  2. Read Chris Martin is ill with serious lung infection...hope he gets well soon.
  3. Maybe you could cut back to one really good video and then get back to your husband and vacation where the truly important things are. 😀
  4. Sorry a-447. I didn't realize how ugly American my response was...$8000 US like $11,750 AUD is not real money.
  5. That's $8000 US....OMG ..they are thieves...business class for you guys is a must?
  6. Thanks thaiophilus. I think I got it.😄
  7. I found this for nge...it helps a little... especially for a Thai ignoramus like me. https://www.nameslook.com/nge/
  8. Thanks reader. What would the pronunciation be?
  9. Yes of course you must have their trust...better to avoid showing their faces and leave that to the viewers imagination than make them look freaky in those masks.
  10. They are creepy...and make even the most handsome men look creepy.
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