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  1. If the bars had similar boys, then you point would have well taken.
  2. Kokopelli is correct. There was no competition between the two Sunee Plaza gogo bars. Completely different customer base with some minor overlap due to scarcity of options.
  3. I lack that faith vinapu. USA founded as a slave nation and racist to the core. Sure different times and at least white Christian property owning men enshrined liberty etc. to other white Christian property owning men. Compared to other nations there are some positives like defeating fascist regimes but a multitude of negatives. There have been great changes but there is still great inequality.
  4. one has to juxtapose whether quantity of posts trumps quality of posts.
  5. Scrolling down to the bottom of the list of forums are the top contributors. firecat was in 5th place and vinapu held number 1 spot.
  6. Obviously you’re not a USA citizen. Be thankful for that
  7. I am fortunate to enjoy young Asian guys in their 20’s to early 30’s. I also enjoy Latinos and have decided to visit Brazil and some Spanish speaking countries as soon as feasible. I’m fortunate that facial hair doesn’t bother me in the slightest and like muscular gays way more than slim twinks. My main aversion is to feminine lady boys..hairy backs and hairy asses another aversion. I’ve viewed boytoys more often than gay Thailand/gayguides and love variety. There is a gay world beyond hairless Asian teenage boys. Kudos to Michael for encompassing the worldwide gay scene. I’m fully aware I’m in a small minority on this forum.
  8. Another former Pattaya farang also died at around the same time. He was known as Hubba Bubba Jim and died in Atlanta, Georgia of Covid. Jim didn’t post but was a well known raconteur.
  9. From another farang who offed the lad, it’s the Daddy who’s lucky. This kid is short and wears thong style undershorts with cheeky exposure.
  10. Some farang ponied up 400-500,000 baht for the renovation of JoJo beer bar in Jomtien Complex, just a few weeks ago. Same farang keeping Soda Massage going until a few days ago. I’m not sure it was same farang but one at least was an airline pilot. Hard to keep track of the scuttlebutt as my interest in these establishments wasn’t strong.
  11. I heard that the owner of the three Zings paid for six months rent for a bubblebutt boy from Winnerboysbar. He could have put the boy in one of his Zings but probably know from experience to separate work from pleasure. I’ve heard the kid doesn’t have an off switch and keeps riding your rod till the cows come home. Moderator: Delete if inappropriate , certainly a tad tacky..
  12. Hungry Panda is a treat. Only restaurant I’ve eaten in with NYC American style Chinese food. Excellent. also grill and tapas and even Thai food. We have back many times.
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