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  1. For me, arrival time decides if I would start in Bangkok or Pattaya. Arrival before noon : I would prefer to start in Pattaya Arrival in the afternoon : I start in Bangkok
  2. Some very nice twinks. Have you been to Hi Club Karaoke? What prices and services?
  3. The Twitter account @2Ogasms belongs to KK Massage, so I suppose this answers the question about why Ogasms namesign has disappeared. Never been to Intramara, but planning to visit it next time I'll be in Bangkok, as there seems to be a nice choice of massage places.
  4. They close the main entrance because there is nobody at ground level (you have to take the elevator to reception at level 5) and they want to avoid non-guest in the entrance. The elevator in the car park is a really easy alternative during the night.
  5. My favorite in Bangkok is the Raya hotel on Surawong road. My favorite in the Jomtien Complex is Agate. Consider having dinner in Poseidon, as the chef is great.
  6. Some cute masseurs. Almost all seem to be top.
  7. Sansuk Sauna in Pattaya reopened on 15 September, according to their Facebook page. Anyone in Pattaya right now who could confirm?
  8. What was wrong with Poseidon? I always liked it there, even if it was a more expensive then Zing.
  9. In 2017, I visited Angkor Wat (Siem Reap) with Sareth from Siam Roads. He hired a driver for me for all the visits. If you would like his help, send me a PM for his contact details.
  10. I used business class with Emirates a fe months ago and I had no-one within 1 meter distance from my seat.
  11. For my last trip before covid, in January 2020, I paid 515 euro with Finnair for the round trip Brussels-Helsinki-Bangkok-Helsinki-Brussels. The flight Helsinki-Bangkok was overbooked, so I voluntary denied boarding and changed to a flight with an extra connection, making me arrive only 2 hours later in Bangkok. I got a 500 euro voucher for my help Call me very naive, but I was hoping to have a free round trip a few months later. For my next trip with Finnair, in order to be able to use my voucher, I was looking at current prices in 2022. I now pay 520 euro for the one way trip Brussels-Helsinki-Bangkok. The returning flight in economy would have costed about 1.000 euro, so I'm flying home with another airline.
  12. I was very satisfied with the massage. My masseur originated from the Pattaya region and knew how to please a customer. If I remember correctly, we went up 2 floors to the massage room.
  13. When giving 100, I don't tuck it in their pants. I just give it to them.
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