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  1. Can't verify ThaiFriendly. Never used it. Grindr is well used in BKK and Pattaya. 10k is way, way too high. Avoid these, clearly trying to rip you off. If anyone asks, this isn't your first time in Bangkok Some folk are very trusting and don't think of this: Keep your valuables in the room safe when you invite someone to join you at your hotel, don't leave your phone and wallet on the side when you go to shower with them in the room - especially so if they're from Grindr, TF. Enjoy and have fun!
  2. The Police are free to organise and march in their own parade. They have no right to insist on marching in someone elses event. That's literally the opposite of freedom. The organisers of Pride are free to choose which organisations are or are not invited to join in their event. Given the police were the front line in persecuting gay men in many "free countries", that this persecution is still well within living memory, that even since legalization their institutional homophobia has resulted in crimes not being properly investigated, its easy to see why there is a complicated relationship between the police and the LGBTQ+ community.
  3. That's good. I always stuggle to find a 7/11 when I'm in Thailand. /joke
  4. I think its just bad law making. They were focused on fixing the wrongs and didn't give enough thought to unintended outcomes. It's not surprising that organisations prefer to err on the side of caution when it comes to legal requirements, especially when it may cost them money. The Trumps, Orbans, LePens will always find receptive auditoriums because they know how to exploit peoples prejudices and fears. There will always be something that they will dress up as being an overwhelming threat to their audience. In this case, how many people *actually* care that the Museum has removed these pieces from display? The objects are still safely stored, and I would imagine are still accessible to historians who request access. The display spaces will be used to show a different exhibition.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cn0nndepe1do Tourist paralysed after Thailand motorbike crash
  6. When a society moves from seeing children as free labour and instead sees them as a costly 20 year project, its inevitable that the birth rate drops. People go from having 4 or 5 children, to having 1 or 2.
  7. AI voice vocalising a script written by anonymous person/persons. Not interested in that opinion.
  8. I didn't realise it was gay friendly rather than gay exclusive. When I was there, and it was only for a few hours each on a couple of days, there were only gay men there. Only women were the massage/pedicure ladies.
  9. Yes. I was there over Christmas. There is a couple of sections of beach loungers/chairs/Umbrellas with Rainbow flags flying. Just walk along towards the Rabbit Resort, and you should see them
  10. And I suspect, given whats in the article, that no-one complained, and simply one or more of the Cabin crew took issue. If it was a customer complaint, the cabin crew probabaly would have not have called it "offensive attire". They probabaly would also have asked her in her seat to cover up, instead of summoning her to the front of the plane. But lets ignore the double standards. A guy can walk around in a tight t shirt with his pecs (or man boobs) and nipples clearly visible through the fabric and no-one wants us to think of the poor children.
  11. There is a picture of what she was wearing in the article from what she had taken in the airport. It doesn't look particularly revealing. It doesn't look like her boobs were on show for "children to admire". At best it looks like her nipples might have been showing through the fabric because she wasn't wearing a bra. It's weird that men with well defined pecs, or well defined man-boobs, can wander around with their breasts and nipples on full show through their t-shirts, but if a woman does it... "oh please won't someone think of the children!". There is no mention that other customers had an issue with her. Just the flight crew. Who rather than being discrete and asking her politely to put something on, decided to publicly shame her.
  12. The Land of the Free (to do as you're told) What a joke. Delta Employees are not the fashion police, nor are they morality police. Utterly wrong.
  13. Absolutely inappropriate then. Yeah, I'd be making complaints.
  14. If your fiance genuinely looks like he might be underage to someone who has just met him, then I would suggest that you take the sour with the sweet. In all other ways you've got the best of both worlds, and it is important that those who would traffick children are stopped. If your fiance in no way looks like he might be underage, then I would share with your indignation and insult, and make an appropriate complaint about how their policy has been misused to humilate you.
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