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  1. jason1975


    Leo is so cute!
  2. Very happy to read of your experiences this trip, Asn. I remember vividly our time together last year at Screwboys and Foodland Patpong. Always interesting to eat at Foodland with boy. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!
  3. I am truly intrigued by Lucky Boys. How did it get 60 boys considering it was a merger of X-Boys and Classic, which just one month ago were on the decline (“bar no customer” their staff always said). but good for us twink lovers! I can’t wait to visit!
  4. It warms my heart to read ASN’s trip reports. From a newbie just last December to a veteran now! Bravo! Enjoy the rest of your holiday!
  5. I actually don’t mind ogling at them in baggy white briefs. Shall definitely patronise these two bars the next time I am in Bangkok!
  6. Thank you for the updates and photos, hank!
  7. I shall make fun of my regular guy on Line and call him Banana Boy! But it’s true!
  8. Yes and they sing their Vietnamese love songs so well!
  9. After Baan Tewa, I walked back to hotel. The moment I got back into my hotel room, I received separate Line messages from Y and Z asking if I would like to meet tonight. Yes, of course! I told them drinks in my room and even asked if they wanted to be together. Y said he preferred seeing me alone so I said ok. I ended up seeing Y from 8.30pm to 10pm then I saw Z from 10pm to midnight. The timings suited everyone. Z had just come back from overnight visa run and he didn’t sleep much on the minibus so he slept back at his room until time to meet me. We just lounged in the hotel room, chatting, listening to Vietnamese songs on my Ipad and Bluetooth speaker and drinking (I still had that bottle of Johnnie Walker from previous night at Jupiter and of course I bought some beer from Family Mart before 6pm). Quite interesting to get to know both of them better. There was news of a road accident on Saturday morning where 10 people going on visa run were killed - 5 Laos and 5 Vietnamese. No mention in the news of their occupations. Both Y and Z were sad. They have long term plans. Once they have earned and saved up enough money, they will return permanently to Vietnam. I consider it my pleasure to have known them, especially for Y whom I have known for 3 years now. I hope to see them again sooner rather than later but due to my busy work schedule, it looks like I must wait till December.
  10. Day 5 woke up, had breakfast then back to hotel room to rest. weather outside is hot. In afternoon, went to Baan Tewa for massage with regular guy. Same excellent service. Showered together after massage. When I came down to reception, there were 2 young Chinese customers. Both of them were there for first time. The main guy was asking questions in English, “Pay now or pay after massage? Minimum tip give now or give to boy?” Then the massage boys lined up (6 of them including my guy who just finished with me). China guy told his friend in Chinese, “Point to who you like”. They chose two boys - not my regular guy though. After I finished wearing my shoes, I cut across and passed him my customary 2,000 baht tip but folded. Thinking back, I should have given my tip openly just to see the reactions of the Chinese customers. Anyway, I am happy for Baan Tewa that they have Chinese customers. It means that they have been receiving good word of mouth in the Chinese forums. More business for them and their boys. Baan Tewa is my favourite niche massage shop and it’s thanks to Divine Madman’s recommendation years ago.
  11. I am at airport now. No sale of alcohol at eating places but of course tourists can buy all the duty free alcohol they are allowed to take back to their home countries!
  12. Andy, I didn’t read forum last night otherwise I would have met you! I was in nearby Raya but then, I was occupied with boy in room. Haha!
  13. How did my trip report end up becoming another Jupiter thread? Lol!
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