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  1. 30 to 40 guys at Dreamboys? That's a lot! Glad you managed to find gay guys willing to bottom. Looks like you have to be more patient for a 3some.
  2. Thank you for sharing the boy's account of his life. Poor fella. 8k a month but with free accomodation seems paltry. From what I know, a barista at coffee cafe earns 15k a month in Bangkok but without free accomodation of course. I like Banana Bar because the guys wear white underwear on stage. Interesting to note that there is a disco at midnight.
  3. But to elaborate further, I don't give to guys that I see for the first time. I only give garlands to guys whom I have offed before and towards the end of my trip.
  4. I am one of those customers who give 1000-baht garlands to my favourite guys on stage. I ask waiter to put them on or I will put garland on guy myself. But i make them myself with string and wooden clothes pegs. Once guy basks in attention from his peers for that one minute or so, he will sit with me and we will unfasten the 100 baht notes and he will tuck into his shorts / underwear. I will then keep the wooden clothes pegs and string in my bag.
  5. jason1975


    I won't be surprised if some of these jockstraps can be opened from the front!
  6. I recommend Freshboys or Hotmale. New Twilight has few guys - not more than 10. Or if you want, go to New Twilight at 10pm first and look at the guys on stage. If no one takes your fancy, proceed to Freshboys and Hotmale.
  7. He's an all-right guy. Great conversationalist. I won't mind taking photo with him and the other Hotmale beer bar guys. But only if they agree to go to karaoke bar with me!
  8. My suitable bed companion is the twink waiter! Haha! New Twilight is full on Saturdays because of the mixed groups who come just to have a good time of watching the show. On weekdays, it's dreadfully quiet. Location is stumbling block and quality of guys is average. If only the guys are willing to reveal more during their rotation on stage (currently is topless in jeans) then there will be more customers, more drinks ordered and more offs.
  9. How I wish I was there! Such a charming polite and cheerful young man. I hope to bring him to karaoke one day!
  10. Thank you so much for your latest trip report @vinapu Really enjoyed reading your adventures daily and I also learned a lot about Thailand through your experiences. Do let us know the exact dates of your next trip this year in 2022 and next year in 2023 and I am sure those of us who are in Thailand at the same time as you would love to meet you for drinks or meals. Some of us might even look at your dates and specially book a trip just to see you (and the current guy with you for the day). I did not stay for dinner with you and your guy when I met you three Sundays ago as it was your last night in Thailand and I wanted you to enjoy it with him. Anyway, there wasn't enough space to squeeze in a seat as your muscle guy was so big!
  11. But good news is that its only two hour flight. If you can go over a weekend, let me know and I will go too!
  12. Wow. Phnom Penh gay places seem interesting!
  13. I am intrigued by dancer guy L! How was it that you saw 4 dancers? I only saw 2 dancers accompanying the ladyboy singing during the 4 times I was at New Twilight!
  14. Did you manage to visit all the bars and see the guys on stage?
  15. I think @vinapu definition of twinks will still be at least 10kg heavier than your definition @z909 and mine!
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