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  1. Yes and they sing their Vietnamese love songs so well!
  2. After Baan Tewa, I walked back to hotel. The moment I got back into my hotel room, I received separate Line messages from Y and Z asking if I would like to meet tonight. Yes, of course! I told them drinks in my room and even asked if they wanted to be together. Y said he preferred seeing me alone so I said ok. I ended up seeing Y from 8.30pm to 10pm then I saw Z from 10pm to midnight. The timings suited everyone. Z had just come back from overnight visa run and he didn’t sleep much on the minibus so he slept back at his room until time to meet me. We just lounged in the hotel room, chatting, listening to Vietnamese songs on my Ipad and Bluetooth speaker and drinking (I still had that bottle of Johnnie Walker from previous night at Jupiter and of course I bought some beer from Family Mart before 6pm). Quite interesting to get to know both of them better. There was news of a road accident on Saturday morning where 10 people going on visa run were killed - 5 Laos and 5 Vietnamese. No mention in the news of their occupations. Both Y and Z were sad. They have long term plans. Once they have earned and saved up enough money, they will return permanently to Vietnam. I consider it my pleasure to have known them, especially for Y whom I have known for 3 years now. I hope to see them again sooner rather than later but due to my busy work schedule, it looks like I must wait till December.
  3. Day 5 woke up, had breakfast then back to hotel room to rest. weather outside is hot. In afternoon, went to Baan Tewa for massage with regular guy. Same excellent service. Showered together after massage. When I came down to reception, there were 2 young Chinese customers. Both of them were there for first time. The main guy was asking questions in English, “Pay now or pay after massage? Minimum tip give now or give to boy?” Then the massage boys lined up (6 of them including my guy who just finished with me). China guy told his friend in Chinese, “Point to who you like”. They chose two boys - not my regular guy though. After I finished wearing my shoes, I cut across and passed him my customary 2,000 baht tip but folded. Thinking back, I should have given my tip openly just to see the reactions of the Chinese customers. Anyway, I am happy for Baan Tewa that they have Chinese customers. It means that they have been receiving good word of mouth in the Chinese forums. More business for them and their boys. Baan Tewa is my favourite niche massage shop and it’s thanks to Divine Madman’s recommendation years ago.
  4. I am at airport now. No sale of alcohol at eating places but of course tourists can buy all the duty free alcohol they are allowed to take back to their home countries!
  5. Andy, I didn’t read forum last night otherwise I would have met you! I was in nearby Raya but then, I was occupied with boy in room. Haha!
  6. How did my trip report end up becoming another Jupiter thread? Lol!
  7. An amusing anecdote to share. I went for massage and came back walking along Patpong an hour ago (4pm). Two more hours before all alcohol sales is prohibited. I was looking for a pub or bar just to get a beer. Zilch. All bars closed. Then as I reached Surawong Road, heaven! One small pub open. Two farang were drinking. Three Thai aunties in their 40s were working. “One Heineken please”. One of them got one for me then she pointed to herself and asked ,”Buy me a drink?” I nodded. After that, the other two Thai aunties asked me as well! I said yes. And lo and behold, another Thai auntie appeared from the bar toilet! “Buy me one drink too?” ”ok but only 4. No more!” I replied. I felt like Macbeth encountering the witches. But they were so friendly and funny. Two of them came out and gave me back and hand massages and we chatted - the usual “how long you in Thailand? Where you stay?” It was an enjoyable half hour encounter on a hot afternoon. Bar tab was 750 baht for my Heineken and 4 drinks for them. how is this related to us? This particular bar is directly facing the new Dreamboys bar! Will this be the new Maxis? The four Thai aunties have not realised it yet but they have just hit jackpot come April!
  8. I think we probably have to tell mamasan if we want to present a money garland. I shall know in December!
  9. Thanks, Hank. I just somehow managed to click with some of the boys better than others and I am happy to help these “godsons”. Love it when I see them happy. But of course, sometimes they do try their luck. I have a pretty powerful JBL Bluetooth speaker to play music in room. Y, Z and P all asked about it and whether I could give them one so that they have music in their own rooms as well. They even offered to buy it from me (using the money i’m giving them!) “Let me think about it,” I said. Got it in Singapore at equivalent of 2400 baht at a sale. I just saw it at Siam Paragon for 3990 baht!
  10. I think you will be truly sad when Golden Cock closes! But I doubt anyone wants to develop that Soi!
  11. Well, he does shower show at X-Boys so i doubt he will have any problem with the slow numbers. I foresee myself placing a 1000 baht garland on him when I am in Bangkok again in December. That’s provided he’s able to stay on in Jupiter. I hope when I am there, I don’t have to compete against female customers for him! Other nights they can have him but I want him when I am in Bangkok!
  12. Yes. Still in Bangkok for one more day and night. Sunday I leave
  13. No I didn’t see him. He looks gorgeous in his picture on Ganymede Line but in my experience, good looking doesn’t equate great service. That’s why I rather go for Ken.
  14. Day 4 woke up, had breakfast and off to Siam Paragon for movie (Captain Marvel) followed by shopping for friends back home. At about 3pm; went to Ganymeade for massage. The Viet guy who serviced me twice in December no longer worked there. I didn’t have any preference so I just chose the first guy who came out to greet me. Lucky for me because he turned out to be gay! His massage strokes were pretty good and he gave me a great blowjob without hesitation. We did a 69 and it was my best cum in a while. He speaks English well and is Cambodian. Name is Ken and I am writing it here because he asked me “if you like, please recommend me to your friends”. after massage, it was back to hotel for some aircon respite from the 38 degrees weather. How I wish Raya Hotel has a pool! at 8pm, I walked down to Twilight. Hot male tout saw me and took my hand upstairs to Hot Male. I discovered later from Paulsf that DivineMadman was at Maxis at 8pm. So sorry I didn’t get to meet and talk to you. Was busy at Hot Male! When I went inside Hot male, I remembered the old days when every bar had dancers to welcome customers. Hot Male had 5 coyote dancers (in white briefs) dancing energetically while the other boys (in blue briefs) were on rotation. I was the only customer but I wasn’t bothered at all. I was so Glad to see dancing boys once again. The guys at Hot Male are just slightly more muscular than those at Freshboys. I saw a twinkish boy who was my type and asked him over. Thai boy. 22 years old. Name starts with W. “Short time, 2000 baht ok?” I asked. He said ok and I asked him to get dressed while I continued enjoying the dancing boys. When W came back, I tipped all 5 coyote dancers 100 baht each. I hope to see them again when they move to new location at Patpong. Back at hotel, W proved to be even cuter undressed. He’s shy as he has only been working since last year and his English is hesitant but I thoroughly enjoyed my session with him. I would have loved to sleep overnight in bed with him but I had prior arrangements for the night. After our session, W and I went down. W went to Family Mart while I turned into Twilight. Hot male tout saw me and asked “happy with boy?” I smiled broadly and hugged him then went to Maxis. Most of the tables were taken including the best seats. But it didn’t matter because Freshboys closed their curtain. Paulsf had only just arrived because he had been trapped in terrible traffic jam. We chatted about our plans for Saturday when all bars would be closed. I was feeling a bit sad as it would be my last time in Twilight. I will miss the people watching. Z comes out from X-Boys and asked me if I would like to be with him on Saturday night. He’s going on a visa run at midnight and would be back at noon on Saturday. I told him to Line me when he’s back and we shall see. P also comes out from X-Boys. He says no customer at X-Boys so unlikely to have show for him to perform. He asks if we can go to Jupiter now. It was 10:30pm. Yeah sure. I said my goodbye to Paulsf. I don’t know where I will see him again end of the year with Twilight and Maxis being gone but for sure we will meet again. P and I walked past Thaniya to Jupiter. 500 baht entry so I paid 1k for both P and me. Show had already started. Place was packed. Since I knew we were staying until 2am, I ordered a bottle of Johnnie Walker. 3500 baht. Definitely overpriced but ultimately worth it because the mamasans left us alone and the waiters provided good service by topping up our glasses. After the show ended, the Jupiter boys came up. One boy had a 1000 baht garland placed on him by a Chinese lady customer. Applause from audience. P was taking in the whole experience. He was going to apply to join Jupiter and work after X-Boys closes next week. We go outside for smoke break. P speaks to owner and mamasan. Seems like he got the job due to his handsome face. But mamasan said he must work out to get body in shape. P smiles sheepishly. A Jupiter waiter goes up to introduce himself to P and shakes hand. P and I go back in to watch the second show. After second show ends at midnight, Poppy and backup singers come on stage for singing and karaoke night. PJ didn’t come as he’s away in Chiangmai. Wide repertoire of songs from Poppy - English pop hits, Chinese classics, some Thai oldies and even a Japanese song. I saw the regular Jupiter ladies getting up from their seats (surrounded by their Jupiter boys) to go on stage to sing. I tell P that next time they will be his favourite customers and not me. “No, no, I always like you. You good customer. Thank you bring me to Jupiter tonight,” he says. Such a sweet reply. I give him a kiss. P and I couldn’t finish our bottle of Johnnie Walker and I can’t keep it at Jupiter because bars are closed on Saturday so I decided to take it back to Singapore when I fly back on Sunday. As we left Jupiter at 2am, I tipped the waiters who had refilled our drinks the whole night. Two of them are really cute. P walked me back to entrance of Raya, even holding my hand as we crossed Surawong Road. He thanks and hugs me. “See you next time in Jupiter,” I said and that was the end of one of my most memorable nights in Bangkok.
  15. JackR, I am Glad to find someone who likes X-Boys as well! And I agree about the good-looking Vietnamese waiters!
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