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  3. On the last night of this trip, I decided it would just be drinking and enjoying the company of boys. No offs. I did my preparations inside my hotel room and after dinner, I walked into Lucky Boys at 10pm. Damn. It was crowded. Then I realised it was a Saturday night. I wanted the comfy semi circle booth sofa seats with the round table in front. They had all been taken. Mamasan L sat me down at front row table and promised to move me once the seats were available. I looked at the menu and ordered a bottle of Jack Daniels (4000 baht) and a bottle of 100 Pipers (2200 baht). It’s gonna be whisky night! L gave instructions to waiter and they both went off to get the bottles. Bottles arrive and this time, both bottles were placed in front of me in plain sight. A few nights ago, the bottle was placed out of sight and I had commented that it emptied out quicker than I had expected. I suspected some of the older mamasans and even waiters had helped themselves to it. L confirmed my suspicions. “Sorry, they shouldn’t do it. Tonight put bottle in front. Only you and boy drink.” I smiled and pointed at him, “And you drink with me also!” I signalled to waiter to prepare L a glass of Jack Daniel with Coke, his choice of mixer. After that, waiter comes back with 5 whisky glasses. “For you to tip boy,” L said. “No, tonight, I am not doing that. Tonight we play game. Loser drink shots. We wait till table ready.” It was thankfully not a long wait, perhaps 20 minutes. During that time, I looked at the boys on stage. Many boys smiling at me, especially those I had offed or tipped. This was my fourth night in a row at Lucky Boys. I am pretty sure I had attained a reputation among the staff after my stunts with the 1000 baht garland and 100 baht whisky shots tips. I signalled to the boys to be patient and wait. I had invited Anddy again for my last night in Bangkok. He messaged me that he would be late but he would definitely come. Some customers at a booth sofa seat leave. Yippee! The night can finally begin. L arranges for my drinks to be moved and I settle into the sofa seat. I signal to the two boys whom I had offed the previous two nights - Cambodia boy and Viet boy. Big smiles and warm hugs as I seat them to my right and left and as I wrap my hands closely around their waists. “Tonight no off. Tonight we drink. Tonight happy happy. I give tip,” I explain to both boys. Waiter prepares drinks for them. I pull them closer and my hands start groping freely under the table. We toast drinks. P my favourite Thai boy is not to be seen. “He no work today,” I am told. Darn. I know P loves to drink and he would be the perfect drinking companion. No matter. There were four of us at the booth sofa seat - mamasan, two gogo boys and me. I took out a deck of playing cards, shuffled them and explained the first game Up or down. A card is drawn and you have to guess whether the next card is bigger (Up) or smaller (Down). If wrong, must drink a half-filled shot of whisky neat. We play and there’s lots of laughs. The show begins but we are busy playing that we don’t watch it. Anddy arrives and I update him on our game. “You want to invite your boy over?” I ask Anddy. He looks around the bar. Easy to spot by his broad smile. He comes and join us. 6 of us now playing the game. We stop momentarily because of an interesting solo performance by a ladyboy. He is attired in tights and his face in painted like a mask. instead of singing, he does the most exquisite ballet-like dance. It would not be uncommon to see such artistic performances at a proper arts theatre but here he was doing it in a gogoboy bar in Patpong. His face was emotionless and he had a fixed gaze throughout his routine which adds to the mystery. Appreciative applause from the audience. He then exits quickly in the same mysterious manner that he had appeared. A singing ladyboy comes on stage. we continue our game. Cambodia boy is tipsy. He says he doesn’t want to play. Time to change the game. I take out 100 baht notes and place them under each of the 5 whisky glasses. New game called in-between. Two cards. Guess the next card. If it is within the two cards, you win 100 baht. If not, must drink. There is choice to pass if the two cards are not in your favour e.g. 3 and 6. Not as easy as it looks. Viet boy gets a 2 and 9. “You want to open card?” I ask. “Yes! Open!” Third card is a 9. Loud uproar. He has to drink. We play for a good half an hour. I keep refilling - both the whisky glasses and the 100 baht notes. Other waiters and mamasans come over to have a look. They want a piece of the action but I ignore them. I lose track of time. I look at stage. 11.45pm. Show has ended and gogo boys start going up on stage. Anddy decides to off his boy and boy goes off to change. Wise to stop him as his luck tonight hasn’t been good. If he continues losing and drinking forfeits, he will be definitely be dead drunk. I look at the bottles. Left half a bottle. I decide to expediate the game. I fill the whisky glasses to the brim. The boys are undeterred and willing to bet. Delight and ecstasy when they win. Sighs and a forced gulp to down the whisky when they lose but determination to play the next round. Anddy was kind enough to contribute some 100 baht notes when I ran out. I had to ask waiter to swap 1000 baht note to 100 baht notes. By the time all the whisky had finished, i had given away 3000 baht. Cambodian boy was drunk but very happy. He flashes his 100 baht notes at me. “Money. Money. Happy. Happy.” He kisses and hugs me. Anddy leaves with his boy who has managed to win some rounds despite starting off disastrously. I say goodbye to Anddy. “See you in December.” i tip Cambodia and Viet boys in addition to what they have won. They say they have never been so happy before. I get up to leave. I tell young mamasan L, “I tip you outside.” We all go out to the entrance of the bar where the stairs and balcony is. I surprise L by taking out a 1000 baht garland and placing it on his neck. He looks dumbfounded and in a state of shock. After recovering from the pleasant surprise, he hugs me tightly. Everyone there and then was smiling broadly. We take some photos together - L, the waiter who had served our table and the two Cambodia and Viet boys. I shall look at the photos happily from now until December when I return to Bangkok.
  4. Day 5 - woke up at 9, had breakfast and off for shopping. In afternoon, went to Baan Tewa for massage. My usual twinkish massage boy was not working today. Four massage boys to choose from. I chose a chubby but cute dark-skinned dude because of his sweet smile. And no regrets! One of best massage ever. His massage skills were superb and the extras were uninhibited and awesome. Intense climax. He even continued giving a terrific Thai back massage on me after that. And it wasn’t over. “I shower with you now,” he proclaimed. Definitely deserve my personal maximum tip of 2000 baht. One and half hour aromatherapy massage 900 baht. I doubt any sex tonight can beat that. So looks like I’m just going to chill out at the gogoboy bars and watching the shows. Of course, things can change last minute. All it needs is the right smile..
  5. I sat there looking at all the gogoboys for about 20 minutes uninterrupted. At about 10:15pm, I decided on a twinkish gogoboy for short time. His erection in his briefs and his smile were the deciding factors. Vietnamese lad with little English. It’s alright. There’s Google Translate. I am allowed to immediately pay off fee without buying any boy drink. We went out the exit just as Luckyboys show was about to start. “Not staying to watch show?” mamasan L asked. “I see two times.” “But every day no same same.” Wow. I am impressed. But tonight I would give it a miss. Cute Viet boy awaits. We made our way back to hotel. Unfortunately, this time round, I was called out by the night guard. As Viet boy followed me to the lift, the night guard called out to him in Thai. I quickly stepped in and said "Friend. Friend. Drink." Night guard reluctantly let Viet boy go without having to register. After our short time lasting an hour plus, I intentionally walked Viet boy down. We passed by the guard and i greeted him. "Friend finish drink". Viet boy went off while i headed off to the bars to continue the night. I believe i got caught out because Viet boy looked young enough to be my son. i next spent half an hour at at Patpong listening to live band. At 12.30am, I entered Jupiter. The Singers PJ and Poppy had already started singing. Scattered groups of female customers with Jupiter boys around the bar. I enjoy the singing until the last song at 2am. To be honest, I think I am infatuated with PJ and Poppy. I asked them for photo and they obliged. I was a happy fanboy as I went back to hotel.
  6. L squeezed in and sat next to me. He placed an ashtray and drew out his lighter. Top marks for remembering your customers' habits! I took out a cigarette and L asked as he lighted it, "How was H last night?" I smiled. A few seconds later, I spotted H going up on stage. I waved hi to him. He flashed his irresistable smile. Should I long time him again? I had intention to go to Jupiter for their midnight singing performances tonight. Images of H's perfect ass and his awesome cum shot came back to my mind. Time to order my drink. Nah, I decided not to off H. I ordered a beer for myself and 5 shots of whisky. A few minutes later, the beer and shots arrived. I motioned H to come to the side of the stage then i stood up to offer him the shot of whisky and a 100 baht note. I toasted my bottle of beer to his shot of whisky and he drank up gratefully. It was very overt and everyone in the bar could see me. I did it 4 more times to 4 other gogo boys - P, my Thai regular boy (who got 1000 baht garland the previous night), no.54 (Anddy's boy), the dancer no.60 and a boy wearing a cap who was smiling at me throughout. It was, like the 1000 baht garland, something unexpected and really out of character. It wasn't planned and i only decided on it when sat on the sofa. I believe subconsciously I was sending a message to the mamasans. Boy the Vietnamese waiter came over and said, "Why you buy shots? You should buy bottle!" He was right of course. No wonder he got promoted from waiter to mamasan to cashier!
  7. L held my hand and led me up the stairs and into Lucky Boys. It was 9.45pm. Only a handful of customers. L asked me if I wanted front or back row seats. I pointed to the left side of the stage. There were seats nudged against the wall. Those seats could seat around 4 people. There was a farang customer with a gogo boy in his black Luckyboy briefs on the outer seats. I wanted the innermost seat. Only one way to get in. I said excuse me to the couple and squeezed my way in. From that seat, i was facing upwards and having a very close up view of the boys. As it was a side view, i could see clearly the erections of those boys who were getting it hard to attract customers! But most importantly of all, no uninvited mamasan could just plonk himself next to me!
  8. Day 4 - woke up, had breakfast then off to Siam Paragon cinema to watch the Elton John movie "Rocketman". Much better than "Bohemian Rhapsody" in my personal opinion. After movie, walking and shopping and then back to hotel to rest. Was pretty undecided about which gogoboy bar to visit at night. As I entered "Patpong Twilight" (my unofficial name for the stretch of gogoboy bar), i was invited to visit Dreamboys and Freshboys. From afar, I spotted young mamasan L outside Lucky Boys smoking. He saw me and smiled and that was the clincher. Sorry, Freshboys and Dreamboys!
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    Great report! You should post it as part of a full trip report!
  10. There's a 900 baht joiner fee charged by the hotel hence my unwillingness to register the boys. I rather that money go directly to the boys.
  11. I believe the mamasans and big cock boys weren't as aggressive that night because their attention was focused on the Japanese!
  12. I am so sorry to report that it depends. Tonight, i was called out by the night guard. As boy followed me to the lift, the night guard called out to him in Thai. I quickly stepped in and said "Friend. Friend. Drink." Night guard reluctantly let boy go without having to register. After our short time, i intentionally walked boy down. We passed by the guard and i greeted him. "Friend finish drink". Boy went off while i headed off to the bars to continue the night. I believe i got caught out because boy looked very young. Young enough to be my son!
  13. Replyin to colmx. I was at Lucky Boys again tonight. Johnnie Walker Red Label is 4000 baht. Black label is 3500 baht
  14. I think I was more disturbed by the possibility of doing something disrespectful by giving the older mamasan the same amount as the much younger waiter. Rank and seniority are important in Thailand society. I didn’t want to be disrespectful to their culture. Perhaps I should have given the waiter 10 baht and 20 baht to the older mamasan!
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