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  1. I read Bangkok Days yesterday and didn't like it very much. He writes about places that are off the beaten path, where they deserve to be because they are not interesting. He meanders all over the place. When he actually focuses, as in his trip to Hua Hin, he is interesting. So I went to Amazon to write my review and found that I had already reviewed the book 12 years ago! My opinion was almost exactly the same. Interesting that in reading it this week I remembered nothing from the first read. So, a forgettable book!
  2. For someone who turns 58 today to refer to himself as "old" makes me wonder what he will think when he hits 70. Happy birthday @Olddaddy
  3. Thanks for the recommendations on brunch, and thanks to @PeterRSfor reminding some that high tea is not brunch,
  4. The Bangkok Tourism authority should be deeply grateful to @numazufor his efforts here which encourage people like me to return to Thailand.
  5. I liked the buffet at Le Meridien and the W hotel.
  6. My first trip to Thailand was in 1987. The baht was 22 to the dollar. A short time adventure was 400 baht. Even in 1998 the cost of a short time did not exceed $30. At least as I remember it.
  7. If a guy is unwilling, I move on. I don't see an alternative.
  8. I would enjoy hanging out with @floridarob.
  9. Especially when one is coming from the desert in SOCAL. Today 113, tomorrow 115. I always liked to go to Brazil in July or August.
  10. This thread shows how far behind I am as I remember that there were no good places to stay in Jomtiem. It was for the gay beach only. When did it all change?
  11. So if the parade was in fact a sex workers parade, would guys here flock to see it?
  12. Not attracted to Thais? Not one of the 70 million people? Amazing!
  13. The offered trip was very reasonably priced with a combo of miles and money. But, it was R/T to GRU. There was no option to return from GIG. There was a stop in BOG, but short, maybe too short. Someone at FlyerTalk posted a pic of a Business Class that was dark and narrow- not appealing at all. The comments I have received there are quite discouraging, not only for Avianca, but for the Lifemiles program.
  14. I can get tix r/t to GRU but not sure I want to fly Avianca. Seems like it can be subpar. Any experience here?
  15. I think it was a set up to get publicity for both. Would anyone outside of the far-right have paid attention otherwise?
  16. The site says that "It looks like you are in the UK." Huh? My VPN is in the United States and so am I. Anyone recommend this subscription?
  17. Lucky


    Your hotel room would be one place...
  18. Hell, I'd be excited to see @numazu!!!
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