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  1. Great report, thanks for sharing. Samae beach was my favourite spot the last time I went over, but I might need to check out Tien Beach next time.
  2. I have stayed at the W a few times, I never have problems with guests at any of the Marriott properties. W is nice, has a really good cocktail lounge, restaurant next to it is great, guest friendly, nice rooms but the standard rooms are smaller than average. My main problem with W is the location, it's not a major problem but I think there are better options around. /SO Bangkok has rooms with baths, Le Meridien also has rooms and suites with baths, Crowne Plaza is another good option in the area.
  3. Thanks for the report, only a few more weeks until I will be following your footsteps and the excitement is building. Suggestion to get out of the confrontation, just tell him you're meeting someone who you already agreed will stay with you.
  4. In August, Singapore Airlines required me to show proof of vaccination, not sure if that's still the case now. but be mindful of your layovers as well because the airline might still ask prior to boarding for your transit stops.
  5. not to be rude, but how exactly have you pinpointed that as the cause of your latest ailment, as opposed to maybe any other cause? full disclosure: I smoke occasionally, never indoors but if there's an ashtray at an outdoor table and i'm not shoulder-to-shoulder in a very crowded space It's legal and fair game.
  6. Yeah it is, I will say it's a good idea to get to know a guy with an overnight or two before you decide to ask them to stay with you for multiple days though, and pay one day at a time and not all upfront so if you change your mind on day two it can be settled with fewer hassles.
  7. i'm pretty close to 30, I don't see any difference in service than other reports here from members that are older, you get the good and the bad. I think Krubb or VCK saunas will be worth checking, the photos from social media seem to have plenty of guys in their 20s and 30s. I will post a report when I try over high season.
  8. I have had some great success with IG guys as well, a couple were freelance working guys and a few are just normal guys that didn't want any money. I will say it can be difficult to get a conversation going with some, they get hundreds of messages from guys wasting their time, so getting a conversation started and then working out if offering money will offend them or not can take some time. I find Grindr and Onlyfans can be much easier, but some of the cute guys on IG I have on my radar don't seem to be on Grindr so I just have to shoot my shot there. It's a very different game for non-working guys on IG though, you need to approach it like dating sometimes, and trying to line things up is much better if you're already in their city. Bombarding them with love messages from afar and trying to get nudes from them is 90% of their inbox, standing out from that crowd to get a connection or replies can be hard work at times.
  9. That's a smart move by them, now if only the basement currency exchange could do the same thing it would probably cut the landing to in a taxi time a lot.
  10. This is a question for your doctor Even the life expectancy question can't really be answered, IF there is cancer it depends a lot on what stage it is and if it's spread. $400 is a small price to pay for peace of mind.
  11. I can't speak for Bangkok White Party, this year is my first time. Djs playing dance music, usually with gay events its genres like hard dance, techno mixed with pop, that sort of thing. Performers and lighting/visuals, these parties usually put a lot of effort into the production. Each set usually spans into the next, so there's not a major intermission but maybe a little time to breath while the host introduces the next DJ... i'm usually at the back/bar, not in the thick of it haha. I've had sex in the dance crowd once at the Sydney Mardi Gras party, but it's not common, I wouldn't expect to see much of that on the dance floor and security will probably kick you out for it. People go back to their after-parties at hotel rooms or orgies/saunas for that. The purpose is just to dance, meet people, drink/whatever, admire some hot guys and have a good time. If you want to meet some people to hang out with for the night smoking areas are usually a good placeto start, even if you don't smoke just say hi and start a conversation. Lots of gay foreigners travel to all of the circuit parties from around the world, so it's not too hard to find someone else willing to chat in English.
  12. @Olddaddy the only age restriction is 20+, It's much like the pride parties in Sydney at Mardi Gras. The vast majority of the crowd are usually guys in their 20s-40s, but if you have the right attitude to have a good night then why not? Yes, very much the doof doof type music.
  13. I figure I might start a thread as we're getting closer to December. For those who aren't familiar, BKK White Party is (i think) the largest gay circuit party in Asia. It makes it's return this year from Decmber 29 - January 1. Anyone going? Anyone been to previous years, what did you think? I'm going for the NYE party with a +1, i might do the white party the next day but i'll play that by ear. https://whitepartybangkok.com/ 2020 after movie to give an idea of what to expect
  14. Not sure how often he posts now, but I used to subscribe to https://onlyfans.com/magicguitar (https://twitter.com/181guitar). He used to make a few appearances in the Photos thread on here so I'm probably not the only one. I don't subscribe to onlyfans anymore, but twitter has a lot of thai guys if you go through other thai guys following lists.
  15. Thank you all for the info! @PeterRS if you feel like it, I would love to see a trip report for your trip. My layover is on a Friday night so I think my main stop will need to be Soi13in.
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