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  1. Grindr, Jackd and hornet are more or less the same, but some guys prefer using one over the others.. they would be the top 3 Blued is busy in East Asia, if you want to meet a tourist from China, HK, Taiwan, etc you can probably find them on Blued. I haven't used it in Thailand in a long time, so others will probably have recent experiences. Instagram, twitter + Onlyfans takes a bit of effort. on instagram if you take the time to start a conversation you can meet guys. twitter is basically the search engine for onlyfans, OF guys have inboxes full of messages from horny guys so you're only really likely to get your wallet drained.
  2. I have just come back from my Taiwan trip, it was amazing. I don't really have the time to write a big trip report but here's some info for newbies (like myself). Grindr was quite easy to find guys on, but I didn't see any profiles offering massage or MB. I had the most luck picking up guys on the same night rather than trying to schedule ahead, 6-9pm there's lots of guys active every night. I didn't end up needing to try Blued or any other apps. Taipei Ximending area was full of attractive guys, it's a good area to stay. Soi13 sauna was very busy and worth going to on a Saturday night, easily 100 guys most aged 20-35, a lot are fairly shy but the dark rooms can be very intense. It was busy 6:30 until about 9:30 then it started to get quieter, i left so i'm not sure if it picks up again after guys have been out clubbing. Foreigners pay NTD800 entry. https://goo.gl/maps/pVhZfGqMkhNM11cz9 The day I planned to go to Emporor hotspring the plans didn't work out, so I still need to go back to experience that. http://www.emperorspa.com.tw/about.html https://goo.gl/maps/VYM47sdBspm1e6xXA I went to Mars sauna in Taichung, Mars was harder to find, mostly because i went in the wrong entrance and tried to use the service elevator instead of the staircase entrance in the next door building. there are stickers on both doors saying mars, but if you find yourself looking at elevators with no staircase to the right, go next door. NTD350 entry, the front desk will need to help you with the ticket machine if you don't read mandarin. https://goo.gl/maps/sYVDEcouGoGBHF5Q6 Mars had good facilities, hot and cold plunge pools, steam room (wasn't working when i was there), cabins, a dark room, cinema playing chinese movies, chill out area. I didn't pick the best nights to go Friday (before an event on Saturday) and on the Sunday. On Friday there were 35-40 guys, most in mid20s-30s. The guys at mars were less shy than the guys at Soi13 for me, I met a great guy and ended up going for drinks and back to my hotel with him. Sunday was rough, maybe 10 guys most >35. I was in Kaohsiung as well, but i didn't try the sauna there. I found Kaohsiung the most difficult to find guys, I had one catfish dud from Grindr and met one cute guy that said he works at a KTV in Taipei but translate wasn't doing the best with my questions so we didn't communicate much and just had fun. Kaohsiung is worth visiting but I didn't stay long. Overall the language barrier is manageable, in Taipei it's easier than Taichung and Kaohsiung but that's to be expected. The saunas don't need any language because people don't really talk except in the cabins or chill out areas, glances and hand touches were the signs of interest. Mars sell colored wrist bands to show your position which i liked, in Soi13 i just put keys on left wrist to show i'm top (idk if that's universal everywhere). Next time I plan to try the hotsprings and I want to figure out the KTVs because it seems like there are gay KTVs around but it might need more than google translate to find what i'm looking for there. People are friendly, food is great, the country is beautiful. I'll be back for sure. My next trip will be Bangkok or HK, so i doubt i'll be back for Taipei Pride but maybe next year.
  3. Taiwain in April then HK I'm considering early August, but HK will depend on work and if my friend in HK is at home or away. Sure, I'll post some notes when I get back from Taiwan and if i get to HK I'll report on there as well.
  4. I went to Koh Lipe recently and loved it, but you and @Londonerare right, it's a journey to get there. BKK > HatYai (1 hour flight), HatYai to Pak Bara Pier 1.5 hours (road), then Pak Bara pier to Pattaya Beach Pier (1.5 hours speedboat). Timing the flights was my biggest mistake, I almost missed check-in on the way back because I didn't consider needing to be there 45 mins before my flight departs. I bought a package for me and my travel companion that had pickup from HatYai in a minivan and included the speedboat ticket, that saved having to get a driver at the airport. Beautiful island, lots of great food, inexpensive day trips to quiet(er) beaches and islands, amazing crystal clear water all the way from sunset beach to sunrise beach. If I wanted a hassle free island resort I would probably go to Samui for luxury or Koh Lanta for a more relaxed location
  5. Blued was #1 in HK and Shanghai on my last trip 5 years ago, but it's been so long things could have changed by now. I'm considering a HK trip later this year after Taiwain, so i'll play app roulette to see. I think Blued was one of the first to introduce in-app translation, i really liked it.
  6. https://www.namstaxiladydrivers.com/services My preferred option, email a day or two ahead of time with pickup and dropoff. You could probably call or line and ask for anyone available at the time, but i've always pre-booked my trips. The driver has always been on time, in a decent car and they don't drive like maniacs.
  7. I do haha, my brain just decided to mix two cities names together. Those photos are spectacular @PeterRS I'm really looking forward to my first experience relaxing in hot springs.
  8. Update My original plan to arrive in the afternoon and spend the evening at Soi13 was unfortunately lost, flight delays pushed my arrival back to within 6 hours of my morning departing flight and I was exhausted by the time I got into the city after 1am. As you guys mentioned, Taiwan deserves a much longer stay.. So that's exactly what I'm planning to do in the coming months, I'm spending 3 weeks from Taipei to Kaochung and back stopping in major cities in between. As much as I love Thailand I need a break from that scene, December/January was not the best trip for me. Time to explore something new, thanks again for all of the great info in this thread, it's helping my plans a lot.
  9. If you have access to your DNS records (DNS zone), write down then change or delete the www and gaybuttonthai.com A records. This will prevent people getting to the compromised host until Moses returns and can be quickly reversed when the host server has been restored. It's up to you, but doing something to prevent people that frequent your board from being infected with malware should be a pretty high priority, waiting a full week could see your domain registrar take action on your domain and hurt the reputation of your site.
  10. Great report, thanks for sharing. Samae beach was my favourite spot the last time I went over, but I might need to check out Tien Beach next time.
  11. I have stayed at the W a few times, I never have problems with guests at any of the Marriott properties. W is nice, has a really good cocktail lounge, restaurant next to it is great, guest friendly, nice rooms but the standard rooms are smaller than average. My main problem with W is the location, it's not a major problem but I think there are better options around. /SO Bangkok has rooms with baths, Le Meridien also has rooms and suites with baths, Crowne Plaza is another good option in the area.
  12. Thanks for the report, only a few more weeks until I will be following your footsteps and the excitement is building. Suggestion to get out of the confrontation, just tell him you're meeting someone who you already agreed will stay with you.
  13. In August, Singapore Airlines required me to show proof of vaccination, not sure if that's still the case now. but be mindful of your layovers as well because the airline might still ask prior to boarding for your transit stops.
  14. not to be rude, but how exactly have you pinpointed that as the cause of your latest ailment, as opposed to maybe any other cause? full disclosure: I smoke occasionally, never indoors but if there's an ashtray at an outdoor table and i'm not shoulder-to-shoulder in a very crowded space It's legal and fair game.
  15. Yeah it is, I will say it's a good idea to get to know a guy with an overnight or two before you decide to ask them to stay with you for multiple days though, and pay one day at a time and not all upfront so if you change your mind on day two it can be settled with fewer hassles.
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