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  1. It’s interesting to see your pics and to learn of the current FX rates to the $ @Latbear4blk But I’d like to know the current prices locally for meals in Palermo and Recoleta. As a frequent middle-class visitor, I’ve rarely done self-catering. What interests me is having a decent lunch in a good cafe, and a steak dinner with a bottle of Malbec in a good restaurant. Please would you indicate the likely costs of say lunch for 1 and dinner for 2 people. Incidentally, locals always warned me against taking the Subte. They said pickpocketing was rife on crowded trains.
  2. I had this situation happen once. Short answer: speak up, say what you want and enjoy (are paying for). Long answer: see below. Some years back, I met a very handsome guy (Italian/Latin mix) with a beautifully muscled body. On our first date he was a passionate lover and he did everything I enjoy in bed. I quickly hired him for a regular, overnight date: we’d have full sex before eating, I’d take him out to dinner and I’d top him again before sleeping; on waking, he’d suck me off to completion and he’d take me out to breakfast. After 8-9 dates, I noticed that he wasn’t always swallowing my load in the morning. Then he became less keen to suck me off in the mornings (excuses were we’d slept late, he had to get to the gym etc). So I raised this with him. I told him I enjoyed his company and I loved having sex with him, but the fee we’d agreed was for us having sex 3x a night, not 2x a night. I said I didn’t want to renegotiate what we did but… He said he didn’t always feel like it in the morning… I checked around and found his fee for an overnight was very reasonable (about half what other less handsome guys charged) and so we settled into a routine of 2x a night. He made love to me with renewed passion and vigour the next several times.
  3. I think that has always been the case - the fee is for the work in processing the application and is not a “success” fee.
  4. That is the most relevant comment. I’ve travelled extensively in Latin America and in Africa: large populations with rapid growth in numbers means high unemployment and no or very little social security. So many people have very little, not even “a few hundred USDs per month”.
  5. msclelovr

    RIP Kadu

    It is very sad. It happens too often to gay men. It’s why I stay only in places in Latin America that have strict security and check the ID of visitors. That’s not enough @pirocafan in my view. If you plan to invite a new guy back home with you, I strongly urge you to tell the man beforehand that your hotel (or AirBnB building) has strict security - he will only be allowed to enter or leave when you are with him to vouch for him.
  6. I’m so sorry @young11 that this reading forced itself upon you. Information like that should be restricted 😎 Both Montjuic and Hyde Park cover a huge area. While it’s entirely possible that a horny guy in either city might visit the park in the hope of meeting a like-minded man, there’s no regular cruising in either place (AFAIK). Even decades ago, when society was less liberal, Hyde Park had only occasional cruising outdoors. Those who wanted to meet off-duty horny soldiers preferred to visit a couple of pubs nearby. You may have better luck in the Summer months, but you’d have to exercise a good deal of caution. And with your expressed desire for “straight, inexperienced Arabs”, you may have to be extra-careful that you don’t attract a homophobic attack.
  7. May I just ask you to clarify @Riobard. Is the above related to your stay in São Paulo (not Rio)? And the space referred to is Lagoa?
  8. Look up on social media the guys who interest you greatly. Send a polite DM stating your ‘generous’ desire to meet IRL. Many will respond if you’re polite and friendly. Then make your dates. Remember that BelAmi men have not only heard it all before (so don’t promise what you can’t deliver) but also they know their worth (so don’t try to be cheap). Genuine BA men very rarely advertise in their own country or home town. So if you spot such an advert, be wary of a fake.
  9. The short answer must be “It depends on the person you find attractive”. A rapid solution would be to ask the guy you like how much he needs to earn that evening, and offer to pay him that for his exclusive attention. A new guy may be very happy to hang out with you all evening with you paying for all drinks etc as well as the fee you agreed with him beforehand. An experienced guy, who has regular clients, may not want to spend much of the evening with you. He may not want to risk disappointing his regulars by being exclusively with you. Maybe you should ask this question of a guy you really like and want to spend extended time with. Just decide what you’re willing to pay and how long you’d like to be there, so you can ask something like ‘How much will it cost if we have 2 programs and spend 2 hours extra just talking, drinking etc?’
  10. Enjoy your vacation @Gaz69 and please report back on what you find and the men that you encounter.
  11. Will you please expand on this and say why? Brazil has many fit-bodied young men who, at least in my experience, enjoy meeting older men. How does Germany compare on that front?
  12. I agree with @Latbear4blk I had lots of fun in Buenos Aires on regular month-long visits, but it was difficult to get to know people. Chronic lateness can be rather irritating when you have dates. Crime is also a problem and I always preferred hotels for their good security. I paid 2 visits to Chile but to me, it seemed a much more conservative society.
  13. What were the asking prices, please?
  14. Thirty years ago, Key West introduced a “locals card“. I had a vacation home there so I obtained one. The KW “locals card” was accepted in a large number of stores, cafes and restaurants. The discount varied from place to place, but was generally 15% or 20%. Servers might quietly ask “you’re a resident, right?” and I’d show the card and get the discount. The ‘unwritten rule’ was to be discreet when using the card. Discretion was to avoid antagonizing tourists who were paying the full price.
  15. In many countries in Africa and in some in Europe, ‘locals’ pay one price to access Government-maintained facilities (National Parks, museums, theaters etc) while foreigners pay a higher price.
  16. I must take you to task @BlkSuperman for the title of this thread. Reading what you have written, I discern that you have some interest in “big dicks”. So I say this with love and respect… It may seem a technicality but since you will be paying for male company, you are NOT a “WHORE”. Given how excited your utterances by text are, I’m fairly sure that you are indeed a “SLUT”
  17. This sort of crime (drugging and robbing the male victim) has been happening for several years in Brazil and other cities in Latin America. It also happens in other parts of the world. I’m aware of it happening in Cape Town and other cities in Africa. A few years ago, I was surprised to find that it happens fairly often in cities in the US. Then, it was most prevalent in Chicago. If you’re meeting strangers, it’s always sensible to take precautions. Meet first in a public place. If you’re going clubbing, try to go with friends and look out for each other. In bars, watch your drink at all times. Trust your instincts and don’t take undue risks.
  18. If you post a link to one of his adverts @Terralingual you may find that others have some useful knowledge.
  19. I’m very particular. The nice guys I hired all had ‘model good looks’ (handsome faces and athletic, muscled bodies) and were skilled lovers (cocksuckers and good bottoms). This was in 1999-2005. The rate then (in major cities in Western Europe) was commonly €130-150 but a few asked €180-200 per hour. Yes, the nice guys I hired offered discounts for multiple hours. For overnight dates, the common rate then was €450.
  20. Agreed. Exactly the same for me. That explains your budget. I only ever had longer sessions: initially a date of 2-3 hours with a hot, muscled young man, before having him stay for an overnight.
  21. Good for you @young11 but I’m surprised. Unless you’re talking about street cruising or guys off an app and offering ‘amateurs’ that for a quickie? I do believe that you can be successful and pay so little if you yourself are handsome, muscled and young? I definitely am not now. Years ago I was considered handsome and attractive, and then I had lots of fun with handsome, muscled young Slovaks…but the smart ones all moved to London to gain the high rates of pay. Rates may still be low in certain parts of Eastern Europe. That scenario is very different to what prevails in major European cities. And I feel that somehow the best looking men from poor countries end up working in high-paying areas.
  22. I salute your optimism @young11 but I feel you will have to increase your budget. An attractive, fit young man, such as you desire, may well charge 2-3x your suggested rate.
  23. You don’t say if you’ve visited other parts of Africa before @pieter, so some of this post may seem elementary. What I know is from a planned trip for myself, but also local info from a friend who has lived there for some years. Nairobi is a big city with very large slums that are now close into the city. Street crime is rife and carjacking happens often. You should be prudent and stay alert at all times on the street. If you are concerned, get your hotel to send a car to pick you up. The countryside is regarded as generally safe but there have been armed incursions affecting tourists in Laikipia (a beautiful area) and on the beaches towards the northern border. Also, have you had the yellow fever vaccination? That is essential.
  24. Is it possible for you to describe and name the guys you meet in the saunas @Heba as-sa3udeya? Those of us NOT in Rio enjoy knowing who is working currently. And I for one always like learning who did what to whom and who performed well in private 😎
  25. I’m no prude - I’m glad male brothels and hotels that rent rooms by the hour exist - but if you’re right @scott456, it seems the Axel has really declined. Maybe you should speak to management and get your room rate discounted…
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