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  1. I think the influence of the gay bars may spread deep into patpong. It seems stick an readers are not happy they have to share the street with gay bars with names like screwboy. Some straight bars may move or close or go gay?
  2. The stickman website as mentioned the gay bar area in Patpong a few times. This latest post suggests that some are becoming angered over patpong becoming more and more gay with gay bars being next door to straight bars. I'm wondering if the gay bars will have an influence on the older bars in patpong that are struggling to survive and watching as gay bars open and attract a crowd while charging premium prices? I can't help but think some straight bar owners will go gay for the pink baht.
  3. Thanks to grab the motorbike taxi prices have gone down. But there will always be those that will be okay with inflated costs, I'm not one of them. Maybe people will flock to the gay bars as the prices skyrocket.
  4. It's not goodbye, I'm sure I'll be back to Pattaya. I'm planning a trip to Mexico city. $380 round trip and 3 hour flight time. I'll spend a weekend there and see what's going on. I still wonder when bar prices will hit 600, 700 and 800 baht? If they rocketed up from 200 baht to 500 baht then what not keep going? Why not 1000 baht?
  5. I just refuse to pay the 500 baht entry. Doing that would only put pressure on other bars to inflated their prices. Sure it would not be a lot for the USA, and going out 2 nights a week it would be easy to blow $30 USD for a visit to 2 bars. But on Thailand we go to the bars almost every night and the money adds up. Yeah, the bars have to make a profit but I can look at their golden goose and see that it's missing 2 legs and a wing. It won't be long before they price themselves out of existence. Maybe that will happen with 600 baht or 700 baht bar entry? Even telephone pub has high drink prices. It's cheaper to drink at dj station than telephone pub. I miss the old Thailand that's never coming back. Time to explore Mexico, Brasil, Cambodia and a few other places after doing a Google, YouTube and pornhub search on the popular locations. I still can't believe I was in bkk for over a week and only visited 3 bars without any repeat visits.
  6. I would hate to be last in the pecking order of that group
  7. The bars don't get it for me anymore. In pattaya, I visited bbb only once and once was enough. I use to love going there but now with the guys in jeans, why bother? They show more skin on the apps. Bangkok, I went to tawan but not by choice. Jupiter was charging 500 baht entry and as it turns out I didn't enter any of the gogo bars after tawan. And the show at tawan... It was like watching a veteran tuktuk driver have sex with his fat older cousin.
  8. Nice boys had customers coming and going during my visit. One Chinese guy was crowded with guys, calling them from the stage and buying drinks till he settled on one and left with him. There seem to be over 30 guys on the stage. Dream boys was filled with customers on one side of the bar during the show. The bar had 2 guys in there that I would not turn down if I saw them in a sauna. The bar didnt have the energy xboys gave it years ago when they has the apace. Good boys, saw 4 guys on the sofa outside. More were upstairs. They now have a 2nd floor as reported and a private room. Im sure some shenanigans happen there but I can't put my finger on it right now. Panorama had a handfull of customers, boyztown has a felling of being in dress rehearsals. Xboys had 8 customers when I arrived and a few more staggered in and a Chinese group of 4 trickled in during the show. The drink prices are 280 for beer and 300 for staff drink. For me, if staff drink prices are more than 250 I won't buy them any drinks. One note, after bar hopping and walking around, guys working in the bars messaged me on grindr, Romeo, hornet and jacked thanking me for visiting their bar, and the expected stuff.
  9. So I'm in Pattaya and all is fine. Much better than Phuket. My first night I made it to dreamboys and saw the show. Seems they took acts from other bars to build their presentation and with some practice, the show will become good. Made it to nice boys. Good selection of guys. I think most are the guy next door type. Fun night in the bar. Xboys was different. A few guys I could see myself offing but I don't see the need to pay the 300 for a staff drink, tip to guy and waiter and pay the bar an off if it goes that far. If I want a hot guy without all the bar baggage and costs I go to the apps. The show there was nothing special but then there was the special show. It's the one where they screw and then go into the audience for this.. Last night, Mr. Tries-too-hard came onto the stage during the sex, pulled a heavy Chinese guy from his group, pulled his pants down and proceed to give him the full sex treatment on stage to the delight of his friends. Now I've seen everything. Pattaya you can turn off the lights when I leave.
  10. Im friends with a Thai guide I met when I first visited Thailand. He asked my opinion of Thailand's gay scene. I told him it seems the gogo end of it seems to be shrinking. He told me there are many more job options for guys now and it's hard to find guys to work the bars. Now if they want quick money they can use the apps to meet paying guys. I told him about Phuket and he talked about Bangkok and he thinks that gay gogo bars in Thailand will be close to gone.
  11. If you want to see guys in underwear on stage you will have to settle for passport pub. 6 guys, 3 fem and 3 boyish masculine. The stage is about the size of a spare tire. I'm so over Phuket, get me out of here. Ok yeah, they have gogo at tangmo too... Yawn.
  12. Are 3 days too long 8n Phuket? Maybe..
  13. I visited my friend at Linly Massage, he is showing his younger brother's the job and today is their first night touting for customers after only being in Phuket for a couple of days after leaving Issan. The guys, 3 brothers are all handsome and shy at the moment. If they are hung like their brother they will be stars in Phuket.
  14. I'll try, i have till Sunday here then i fly to pattaya.
  15. I arrived in Phuket on Friday and immigration was a breeze. The luggage was already on the belt when i got to baggage claim and i was out of the airport lickety-split. The bar scene is a bit smaller than last year. My Way and Zag show bar have merged and the broke down the walls separating them. I don't know if they still offer gogo guys to off. Last night they put on a show outside with all the tables and chairs surrounding a small stage where drag queens performed and hot guys flexed and posed. The show moved inside and it seemed to be more drag performances and guys dancing so I left there and went to tangmo bar. Tangmo bar had about 7 or 8 guys on stage a few maybe 2 were masculine and the rest were Twink or slightly feminine. Beer prices at zag my way bar was 150 baht and beer at Tangmo was 250 baht. I don't plan to go back to Tangmo but I will give zag one more look to be sure we are not doing go go anymore.
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