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  1. It's going to seem like a new area opened up to us. If it becomes popular, more bars in Patpong may go gay!
  2. I hope this soi twilight breakup ushers in true bar competition
  3. I'm excited about the change. I'll be in bkk early April after being in Pattaya. I can't wait to see the seeds of change taking root. No need to walk through the old soi kicking cans and looking sad. The soi lost my money a while ago with their expensive drinks and this is a chance for them to try and reinvent their bars.
  4. I will admit that after sleeping on it, I'm thinking about helping him, he tells me he will pay the $400 for a Note 8 phone found on eBay. I'm thinking i may be willing to chip in enough to get him a note 9. But I'm asking why I should do that? I never spend that type of money on people that are not related to me, or friends that i think of as family. I'm also thinking if i do this, he won't get it on day 1, but later on day 2, if he has his $400 USD portion as promised.
  5. Yeah, I can't see myself spending that type of money on an orgasm.
  6. This last trip, i met an Asian guy on vacation from a nearby country and we hit it off pretty good. I even felt truly attracted to him differently then i feel with guys i just want to have sex with. When it comes to guys i meet on vacation, I'm of the philosophy to kiss them, squeeze them, screw them and leave them. There are a precious few i will see again and even fewer can get me to remember their name. There is one guy in Pattaya I remember and will see again from BBB, one from Bangkok and one guy in Phuket. I don't know their names and i doubt they know mine. So last trip I met this guy on grinder, hot and masculine. He asked for nothing and was good company as we made our way around the city malls. We met again for street food and kept in touch through the line app once we were back in our own countries. We exchanged pictures and talked a bit. I purchased my tickets for April, he mentioned he wish he could come and before the day was done I purchased tickets for him to meet me in Bangkok in May. He is a student and mentioned he won't have much money and I told him I'll cover his expenses... Now he is asking for me to find a Samsung note 8 phone. He asked for it as a gift and I told him no, he asked to go half and I told him no. He asked for a 1/3 contribution from me and again I told him I would not put a single dollar to his phone. Too harsh? He will be sharing my Bangkok hotel with me for 3 days. Would it be rude to spend 1 night with him and then put him up in his own room for the remaining 2 nights he is in town? I only think about all the guys i could have coming in and out my door... Too selfish? Would i be cons8dered an old style Cad? Him... When i met him he had long thick hair cut into a bob, lean hard body and his clothes could not hide his muscle form. He reminded me of a dark haired Justin Bieber. No, i don't have a thing for Justin but i would not kick him off me... He told me he just came from the gym but everytime I saw him, his body signified strength. But still.... I want variety.... Have any of you done something so silly as to put a guy on layaway only to have 2nd thoughts and want a return/refund?
  7. Some of you may be excited to know that the guy that appears in BravoFucker videos is in Bangkok and ready for hire
  8. Try this https://www.google.com/search?q=international+prepaid+cards&oq=international+orepaid&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l3.14583j0j4&client=ms-android-hms-tmobile-us&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 Or https://www.altra.org/personal/checking/visa-prepaid-cards/visa-international-prepaid-card-faq
  9. It's an evolution. We lost gay.com chat and gained grind, jacked and others. Tech is moving at a fast pace and few are looking back. I miss dreaded neds, thailandout.com, dragoncastle.com and I miss the forum that Babylon use to have on its website but I love today's options that cell phone technology brings. Even now, someone is thinking up the next great way for us to find sex. So raise a glass in celebration of yesteryear's hookup sources. Toast again for today and tomorrows. I can't wait to see what the horny bastards come up with next.
  10. It's still on CL, you just have to put more effort into your search https://bangkok.craigslist.org/crs/d/gay-in-bkk-and-massage-boy/6815895951.html
  11. Coming to a message board for me is like being in a friendly town, sitting on the porch of a store listening to the group of friends hold a chat. Some talk about the day they had, some of the sex they had or wish to have, but the favorite of the group is the guy that can spin a yarn of captivation and drama. Did it happen? Maybe. Is it all true? Who's to say. One thing for sure, we enjoy his stories.
  12. I had a few of the books and the information is provided is still useful for new visitors.
  13. Keep in mind that many vacationers are hopping from city to city to jam in as much fun and memories that they can. They are not just coming to Pattaya and putting down roots. They may only be in the city for a few days before heading to Bangkok or some such place. If Sunee is not drawing customers, it's their own fault for not trying to get the attention of new visitors. The area needs another Howard hotel to bring people to the area. When towards left it slowed down a lot of their first-time visitors to the area. This is just my opinion.
  14. Wonder if they will keep their name or use a new one like the other bars that opened new locations?
  15. I've often wondered why gay establishments in Thailand don't promote themselves much. They will promote a new opening or a birthday but planes are landing every day with new first time visitors who know nothing about the gay scene and don't know where to go to have fun. I remember when I landed in Puerto Rico. I checked into a gay hotel. It was a dump and I had to stand in line with other guests that wanted a refund and to check out. The hotel told us all that we had committed to a 3-night stay and after night 3 we checked out! How did we end up staying at that dump? Promotion! They posted in the gay newspapers and were promoting themselves in the gay forums and on America Online. Every day, on the beach in Puerto Rico, sexy and hot men and women would hand out fliers for gay bars and restaurants as well as tours and taxi services. In the hotel rooms, bars had reference cards and discount coupons. I can't remember how often we passed other bars to head to a bar that promoted themselves to us. As it turned out the bars were often holes in the wall, but they drew a crowd from their flyers. In Thailand, the 2 bars with name recognition are Jupiter and Moonlight. It is not happening by luck, they are promoting their bars and people are interested in finding them for a visit. I was reading the Gray Lady (Sawatdee) and read that a gay bar in a hard to find area of Pattaya on a dark street quietly blew out the candle and bowed out. Why don't the owners or managers go out fighting? Is it possible to turn a handicap into an asset? Is there a way to promote to visitors that there is a gay area away from the lights, away from the straight couples gawking and giggling? A place where underwear is the standard dress attire? Is there a way to promote Sunee as the place for secrets and privacy? A place where Kissing and Telling is not allowed? I think it is a damn shame that a bar whose name I can't remember, closed up without me ever giving it a look or a try. It just kept quiet until it faded away... If I was in the bar business and I knew my bar was in its final days, I think I would go out either fighting or with a bang! I would try Snuggle Nights. Maybe a game night of musical chairs but with guys sitting on the laps of customers. Maybe I would try Gay Playboy Bunny Night and tell the guys to flirt their asses off with the customers and make them all feel like they are old sex friends! If my bar was an open/outside bar, I would do what I could get away with. Maybe I would have my staff dress in traditional period clothing much like they do in the formal photographs. I'd tell my staff that their friends can drink at 1/2 price or at a reduced rate and see if a full bar will attract guys with deeper pockets. I would even try bringing back the LeCafe Royale tight short shorts. If you are going to close your doors, why not try something new before the last night? Why not invite visitors to find your establishment? But I am just a customer looking for a fun place to spend my money and I've never owned a bar. I just spend my money on them.
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