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  1. Money is always an issue. I hate to waste one single penny. I can't change my spots but the advice is sound.
  2. Thanks, everyone. I am going to only post when there is something happens that is worthy of your reading time. I'm still trying to find reasonable airline tickets. The average cost for flights with no more than 1 connecting flight is $1390 USD. I can buy 2 tickets to Thailand for that amount flying on Qatar. I could use the $700 saved flying to Thailand to spend on social fun. I could so easily say screw it and just return to Thailand but I've do e it to death. I know to move about Thailand knight life than that of the area I live in. It's time to try something new. But I have to wait and find the right price for a ticket. I'm giving myself 1 more week to look and if I can't find the ticket for the price I want ill just pay the average price and just try to put it out of my mind, otherwise it will eat at me thinking of what I could have done with that $700 USD. Like a new laptop, a new cell phone, some new tools or buy some cryptocurrency. I don't know where I will stay, I have not booked a room, I'll do that once I buy my ticket. Since this is my first time in Brazil, I only plan to stay 9 days. It's not enough time to hop from city to city, but it's enough time to get a feel for the flow of the place and decide if it's a place I want to return to with regularity. For now, I'm just viewing the guys on offer https://garotocomlocal.com.br/rj-rio-de-janeiro/
  3. I don't know if there's any interest for this type of post on this forum. I understand how some are very defensive when it comes to Thailand and take offence to anyone comparing Thailand to another destination. This post is not a Thailand bashing post, its a post about a long time Thailand tourist giving Brazil a try. After many years of visiting Thailand and reading travel reports of people who not only visited Thailand but other exotic destinations, I felt it was time for me to try another place. I could not decide right away if I was going to visit Mexico or Brazil but after reading newspapers, TripAdvisor reports, and trip reports on boytoy.com. I decided on Brazil. At the time of this post 100 Brazilian reals equaled $24.70 USD. That weighed a lot with my decision since the moneyboys of Brazil seem to ask around that amount for an hour's worth of fun. Ihttps://www.vivalocal.com/acompanhantes-gays/rio-de-janeiro-capital/t+5 i also found some very nice Airbnb rentals near the beach for less than $40 a night with excellent reviews. For a few weeks I have been chatting with some Brazilian guys on PlanetRomeo. I'd say seven of the ten guys I am talking to are money boys. Two of the 10 guys I am talking to can speak English the remaining eight requires my use of a translator. Unlike the tie guys I talk to I take for granted not needing a translation app. The bodies and the bulges of the guys in Brazil speak for themselves. That is another reason why I decided on Brazil rather than Mexico. I'm all set to buy my ticket and I'm kicking myself for not buying it last week when I came across the irate for $900 with only one stop in Miami. Now that same flight is $1,300. For the fun of it I changed my airport destination to Bangkok and quickly came back with a ticket cost I'll $700 on Qatar airways. I am so tempted to say the hell with it and go to Thailand but I'm determined to see what else is out there. If there is any interest I'll continue this thread as I move forward with my planning and travel to Brazil and post the good and the bad as well as the stupid mistakes I make along the way.
  4. Are you in Phuket? Do you have line? If the answer is yes I can put you in contact with a friend of mine that works massage in the complex
  5. It's not so great, I hate waking up define people eating snacks I missed out on while I was sleep. Sometimes it can be a curse like that.
  6. I've never had any trouble sleeping in boyztown. But then I never have trouble sleeping on the plane or in a taxi or on a bus.
  7. I'm going to enjoy it all. Yeah the good old days were fun but they were not always good. Who knows what this change will bring? It will get me out of my rut of doing the same thing each time I visit. When I first arrived I was a happy camper in Chiang Mai when the only bar I knew of was Adams apple. In Pattaya I only knew of throbb and bbb. And I was content and then I learned of the rest of boyztown and later sunee... In Bangkok, I only knew of dreamboys in it's old location in it's basement location, then later I found all the rest. So all I can say is that right now, these are the good times and will be remembered as the good old days.
  8. It was about the sign hanging over it saying the Sou is not closing. She didn't want them lying to her. That is the link....
  9. Still kicking, she recently came out with an anti Trump CD of new music
  10. https://youtu.be/MWoQW-bMWoQW-b6Ph8
  11. If you would like to see more of his archived information check the link below and give thanks to Christian https://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2013/10/shameless-mack-fragment-found.html
  12. There is also a park that has the same name
  13. I think the influence of the gay bars may spread deep into patpong. It seems stick an readers are not happy they have to share the street with gay bars with names like screwboy. Some straight bars may move or close or go gay?
  14. The stickman website as mentioned the gay bar area in Patpong a few times. This latest post suggests that some are becoming angered over patpong becoming more and more gay with gay bars being next door to straight bars. I'm wondering if the gay bars will have an influence on the older bars in patpong that are struggling to survive and watching as gay bars open and attract a crowd while charging premium prices? I can't help but think some straight bar owners will go gay for the pink baht.
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