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    Mezzaninu Sauna

    Thanks for the update. IIRC, Sunday at Mezzaninu was dead beyond dead, so you didn't miss anything by heading off to Rio. POA and Curitiba used to be almost great but now the best guys have gone to work in Rio and SP.
  2. Turkish guys can be very hot and very sweet. Language is an issue outside the tourist areas. (And overbearing rug merchants are an issue IN the tourist areas.) Aquarius is okay if you aren't expecting a Brazil-level establishment and if you like Middle-Eastern, light skinned, somewhat hirsute guys. They readily accepted ~50-60EUR from me (this was last year, before the Turkish economy cratered even further). Many years ago, two probably underaged guys approached me on the street in a random, non-touristy area, making their purpose very obvious, and I moved away as fast as possible. Beware. But Istanbul is fantastic in so, so many other ways.
  3. The Kosmopolit hotel appears to be mostly a working-class family hotel. Lots of East European and Middle Eastern groups with kids. And they happen to be, at least formerly, next door to a porno theater of the same name. Lots of hookers around the theater and lots of guys in track suits (you know that look) in front of the hotel who, frustratingly, aren't hookers.
  4. This has happened to me numerous times and I'm as bewildered as anybody. Most recently this year in Rio, a god of a bodybuilder (easily the hottest guy on the low-attendance nights) completely ignored me, even brazenly walking away or pushing me away. And then one night I bagged him. I wanted to worship his bod and was expecting a disappointing interaction, but he turned out to be pretty good. He said he had 6 other dates that night. That made me feel real special, but I didn't ask why he was so aloof before. Another guy, also from this year's trip, seemed bound to another garoto and a client and would not reciprocate my obvious interest. Perhaps he was a newbie being trained by a veteran (a not uncommon scenario). I guess my answer is that it's nothing personal and just random logistical issues. However, the next time, I will ask whether he is in recovery mode. I actually like huge cocks that are flaccid, which rentboys find to be weird.
  5. Any alternatives within the 100 km radius?
  6. You mean he's a daddy now? yum! He said he has several brothers, all of them just as hung. One was briefly in the business.
  7. That would not be Reinaldo because I don't think he ever goes to Rio. But now I'm very curious about Rey.
  8. Whenever I start feeling nervous about gay sex tourism, I'm reminded that the straight version is 10-20 times as big.
  9. I was at the two saunas in Medellin about 4 years ago. One definitely had rent guys (all 3 of them!) and about 3 customers. I think it was the already-fading Tobi. The other must have been 55 and had the hottest collection of men I've ever seen in a regular sauna. More movie-star quality than the old Hollywood Spa in downtown Hollywood, which was the very distant runner-up. It was a little confusing, but I think pay service was available at 55. Two cute guys started getting frisky with me in the steam room and said something about a massage. I later understood that they were house masseurs. Based on their interaction in the steam, I think a very deep and probing, full service massage was on the menu list, but I didn't do it for some reason.
  10. LOL. Once one gets to a sufficiently large sample set, one can start making informed calls about the biggEST/fattEST. I have a very scientific mindset. I can use my wrapped hand to get pretty accurate measurements of a specimen. There might have been 1 or 2 who were longer than Reynaldo, but in combination of long and thick, I think he's no. 1. Not that anyone minds at all continuing a search for bigger/longer/fatter/harder.
  11. That means he's ready and so am I. Cutie!
  12. I've been to Ecuador. I've done research. Middle of the pack, far as I can tell.
  13. I first met Reinaldo in 2009 when he was in his early 20s. So I'd say early to mid 30s now. He still looks fine and that dick doesn't get worn down. I would not doubt the wife part.
  14. The boarding pass looks Canadian but the street scene doesn't. I assume you're in SP and will be reporting soon about Thermas Mikonos.
  15. Whaaa? You see that scenario in porn all the time. How can it be sleazy? LOL
  16. This is mostly true, but I think there's a difference in attitude between the classes. The higher up in social class, the more you might see the typical Western/Northern sexual hangups. I had a Brazilian language instructor who sniffed about the sex tourism in her country. She was referring to the straight sex industry, which is probably 20 times bigger than the gay one, but still. During an overnight, my garoto had a long phone call with a sister who was clearly not happy with the "work" he said he was in the middle of. It's all quite fascinating to me.
  17. This is so very interesting. Had I known about it, I might have done the same. Street/bus station trade are not necessarily the prettiest, but I can imagine the frisson of danger. Sometimes I wish I had discovered the Brazilian saunas in my 20s. Would I have "gotten it out of my system" by my 30s or 40s? If any of us had discovered it during our peak hormonal late adolescence (which, for some, was apparently quite adventurous), would the universe have survived?! LOL
  18. I have an issue telling anybody that I pay for sex. Which must mean I have issues paying for sex.
  19. This is a most sobering realpolitik post yet. I've been to only 1-2 non-garoto saunas in Brazil. Other slight differences are that, in Brazil, you might find some "very few" really attractive men, whereas in the US, you won't find one at all (at least since the Hollywood Spa closed down, LOL). And the guys in Brazil are a little more friendly and less stand-offish because they are still Brazilians after all.
  20. Salvador was the one time in Brazil where I got mugged (about 10 years ago). The historic center is like an island surrounded by very sketchy neighborhoods. This was the one city I should have heeded all the warnings about, but I was cocky from my good experiences in SP and Rio. It looked like such a short walk from my hotel in the colonial center to the sauna ...
  21. How would one find a trainer one can take back to a motel? My dream would be to find a real training session, followed by joint shower/jacuzzi, massage, and whatever.
  22. That must have been the one I went to but I had fun! I think it's called Olimpo. I considered it a smaller version of Lagoa or 117, with just as beautiful and well-built guys, just fewer of them than in the big cities. Whereas 117, 202, and Lagoa might have 5 to 10 star-quality guys (I'm talking pre-covid comparison), Olimpo would have 2-5, Mezzaninu in Pto Alegre would have 1-3, and Curitiba or Recife would struggle for 1 though they might still have perfectly enjoyable companionship.
  23. If you have his number maybe you can pre-arrange something with him. I never could understand why he only came into SP on Thursdays. Given Reinaldo's size, I have told him that I had to start with a more reasonable dick first and work my way up to him later in the night, but he'd be gone by then.
  24. Reinaldo. Wow. *sigh* That one needs to be in a museum of natural history. I first saw him 13 years ago and had several repeats. He disappeared for a long time - word was he was taken in by a "cliente particular" - but the bloom must have come off that rose because he's back. (And I did see him last May.) I would not necessarily disbelieve his reason for rushing out. He always comes only on a Thursday and ALWAYS rushes out to catch a bus, no matter how much business you promise him. Did you pull the tape measure out on him? I too have a clinical mind and would like scientific confirmation of his size. Fun fact: He told me he was 1/4 Japanese.
  25. The Koreans run the garment industry throughout South America. There's a great, very hip Korean restaurant in Bom Retiro called Komah.
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