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  1. I have booked Agate for my short September trip. Last time I stayed there I had my breakfasts at Pirate Bay Cafe, just a short walk but with sea view :). ( https://goo.gl/maps/hDJQDhaZiABN5MpG7 )
  2. 3000 st and 5000 lt seems a bit pricey :(, especially for just inspiring models
  3. I think, I will have to try that @vinapu - Are you in Pattaya on Saturday as well?
  4. am I so unlucky, arrving Saturday evening ?
  5. I am so glad I will be there already on Saturday evening
  6. I think you have to turn right where the entrance to Mango is located, not following the road to Prime. Somebody can confirm that for sure ;).
  7. Just a side question to the topic . Is there any (gay or gay-friendly) dance club/disco opened in Pattaya already? I remember NAB from long ago, but anybody got updated news maybe? Thanks. 😁
  8. I am coming with a short "visit" I will stay in Pattaya May 21-25th and in Bangkok May 25-29.
  9. Lets hope we get a nice report from there soon
  10. What about Baan Souy Resort? I have heard it is pretty nice place. Is it worth staying there?
  11. I am coming to Pattaya for few days on May 21st. What hotels would you recommend now? Thanks for advice.
  12. Mateo_37

    Thai Pass

    Where did you stay that you got your test results so fast (under 2 hours)? Thanks for a hint ;).
  13. Can anybody help me where can I find the list of hotels (Pattaya and Bangkok) that will fulfill the requirements for new Test&Go rules? Thanks a lot in advance :). Thanks to Vinapu's advise, I decided not to cancel my vacation in February :D.
  14. I still have my flight booked for February 18th, but I am wondering if I should maybe reschedule it for May or something?
  15. Last week it was opened only on Saturday and Sunday, closed working days
  16. I hope it will not happen. I really want to be in Thailand again. Dont want to reschedule my flights again
  17. Indeed, we are very thankful for all recent information and reports. You doing great job Thanks a lot and give us as many "good" information as you can .
  18. Hi all, Since my travel dates are closer and closer, I was wondering which apps are most popular now in Bangkok and Pattaya? Any suggestions and/or good experiences? Thanks a lot for all the hints. Mat
  19. I planned the visit already in November, but since nightlife remains closed, I postpone it till Feb 2022
  20. I still got my ticket for November, but I am wondering if I should postpone it till December or maybe better Feb 2022? Any advices?
  21. I still keep my tickets for November, but not so sure anymore if I will be able to use them and how the situation with bars and boys will look like.
  22. still got the option to reschedule if necesary, so in worst type scenario can postpone it till February 2022
  23. Got my flight on November 11th. I hope it will happen
  24. Hi Anybody has any news how gay scene in Phiket looks like now? Anything alive? any bars opened? Did the boys moved to Phuket as some of You expected? Thanks for any update.
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