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  1. Based off your description, I'm fairly certain I was also with 1 on my recent trip. I went into the encounter not expecting much as I agree about the general vibe of Tawan, but he ended up surprising me. As I am completely unsympathetic to my neighbors, I can get really loud if I'm enjoying myself, and he was definitely into that. What surprised me is that especially toward the end, it felt like a genuine hookup because I could tell he was enjoying himself. I don't think it was anything special about me, though. I think he loves getting applause and cheers, and moaning in bed is the equivalent I guess. Since he felt like was doing a good job and his work was being appreciated, he totally let loose. We both couldn't stop smiling and laughing after. Definitely my best bottoming experience on my trip. Your point about "having a little gay in them" is so true and I have the feeling he certainly does. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Those are just the dancers. The actual boys available for offing are more next door mid-twink types.
  3. I think maybe some are, but not all. When I was at Boyz Boyz Boyz in Pattaya, I distinctly remember seeing a sign that said "Not all boys are available for prostitution" or something similar.
  4. @kjun12 Yes there are stairs you must climb once you get to the reception/lobby area at Arena.
  5. It's on the same Soi as Classroom Bar/Hotel and A Bomb. It's right before the entrance to Boyztown on that Soi. My experience was that I was taken upstairs by the first person who greeted me, though I didn't actually choose that person. Before I went upstairs, I saw a guy inside relaxing on the massage chairs downstairs and I wanted him instead. I was surprised no one asked me who I wanted and how long/what type of massage I wanted. Thankfully, I was able to go downstairs to choose the guy I liked. Actual massage experience and extras were enjoyable. More than anything, my masseur was talkative, but not too much, had good technique, and was just an overall charming and handsome guy.
  6. @MinDefinitely not in Arena. At Sabaidee, there were 6 guys and none of them met that description. However, if you book through Line, I think they have some guys they can call in.
  7. @sydneyboy1I think my most sensual and fun experience was at Sabaidee Spa. As far as the building, there had recently been a fire in the area that did have some impact on Sabaidee, but they tried their best to explain and were very apologetic. It wasn't too bad, but because of the room they put me in, I had to shower in a different room. When I first got there, they offered me a seat and a manager had all the guys line up and gave a brief spiel about each. That was perfect for a shy guy like me who is sometimes afraid to ask those questions. The masseur I chose was fun. First of all, he is one of those guys who is a bit older, but when you see his face in good lighting, you can see he's still a very manly handsome. He was talkative and flirtatious, but in the way where you can tell he's done it hundreds of times. If you prefer a quiet massage, I wouldn't suggest him. He was fair game for anything when it came to extras and everything was done with a smile and a laugh. The only downside is that despite giving a generous tip at the end, he did make one comment to try and extract more, but when I defected, he handled it like a pro. The only other experience I had was in Pattaya at Paradise Spa. I'm torn between my experience at Sabaidee vs Paradise as to which was the best. I went to Arena often because I liked the guy I chose and his HE was creative and fun without the stress of actual penetration.
  8. From a couple of weeks ago, I think the maximum amount of guys I ever saw there in early and mid afternoon was 7. I ended up liking the technique of one guy and chose him 3/4 times that I went. On the other occasion, I chose a guy who had a handsome face and wonderful technique, but he was only willing to do the bare minimum for extras, so I wouldn't choose him again. Best is to not be too shy (which I am) and ask Art, the manager, about what each guy is willing to do etc so that you get the level of service you want. I wouldn't have had my "bad" experience if I had asked Art (but it wasn't a total waste as the guy's technique was great. He should just be working in a more 'legitimate' massage place.) The place as a whole is showing its age. Good thing is that the rooms have showers inside. It's all bare bones, but I actually like that. One other thing to mention is that if you're looking for bigger muscular guys, this isn't really what Arena is anymore. Let me know if you have more specific questions.
  9. @z909You're definitely not the only one who feels this way. I saw other farang take a look in the bar and walk right back out with clear disappointment in their eyes. Paul told me that they will eventually be in shorts, but that will be too little too late I believe given the timeline you mentioned. Only thing that could possibly, though not guaranteed, save it is China miraculously letting a flood of tourists venture into Thailand. I forget who I heard this from but apparently Tawan's move to the smaller location is an attempt to cut back on costs until things pick up even more. The goal is to eventually get an upgraded space. I wouldn't be surprised, though I know you'd be disappointed, if Tawan eventually takes over the New Twilight space. The reality is they have something special that people (but I know not you) will seek out no matter the location. Then again, I actually like the more intimate Tawan location now.
  10. @MinI can tell you must be an excellent conversationalist as you always seem to get such interesting insider information. Kiwi seems like such a treasure and I'm sad to hear he has had such negative experiences. I don't think I'm a people pleaser, but in all encounters, especially paid, I constantly feel like I'm asking "Is this okay?" just to make sure that whoever I'm with feels respected. I could never do the type of work they do, not because I disrespect it, but I just could not handle the tricky and difficult situations many of them will experience. From your post, I think many people will be reaching out to contact Kiwi. He certainly sounds like someone I would love to meet. If you want to meet a similar guy who is very open and talkative, I suggest Suwit at Paradise Spa in Boyztown. @vinapuhas mentioned him several times in trip reports, and I can say that my massage with him was the best part of my Pattaya trip. He has an interesting story that I won't spoil for you.
  11. @z909New Twilight tried the model thing in the beginning, but they have now moved away from that. The captain Paul informed me of that. I would describe the boys on offer here as next door types. Other than Lucky, one of the dancers, I would hesitate to use the word muscular to describe the guys here, with the performers being more on the toned/swimmer build type rather than muscular. Upon entering before a show, boys are in street clothes. You don't see them without shirts until after the show. If you want a better understanding of what guys here look like, take a look at the pictures from Buzz Host Bar on Facebook. I would also describe the guys who work there as next door types.
  12. As much as I loved catching up with mamasan Paul at New Twilight, the show and quality of guys just weren't enough for me to want to go back, so it would be a toss up between Dreamboys, Freshboys, and HotMale if it were me. I personally would love to hear about another HotMale experience.
  13. For those of you who keep up with the history of Moonlight models, you'll be glad to know that Lucky of Moonlight model past is part of the show crew at this bar. Though he's not in circulation on stage after the show, Paul from Moonlight past has made it clear that Lucky is available to meet with clients. Tonight was my first night here and I thoroughly enjoyed the company of Paul and catching up with him. However, for a hunk lover like me, there wasn't a single guy I would consider taking home. I would describe the guys as being very new to the scene, but not having the oomph factor needed to make it at Moonlight and Jupiter. It's just me, though, and I'm sure many on this forum could find a suitable bed companion for the evening. Many mixed groups showed up tonight so it's becoming a friendly place for groups who don't like the pretention of Moonlight and Jupiter. Still, I think that if this bar wants to succeed, they need to look at Boyz Boyz Boyz in Pattaya for inspiration, including having some b boy shows and overall being more sleazy/fun like BBB does well. It's just missing... something...at this point.
  14. Just popped in around 11:30 tonight and can verify that location change hasn't impacted bar much. It was so full that I couldn't even get a seat. Overjoyed to report a few guys still sporting jockstraps which I believe leads to clientele staying long after show has finished.
  15. I'm so curious to hear your update on this. I passed by there and was close to giving it a shot, but then I reread what @jason1975wrote and decided to give it a pass, but I'm hoping he just happened to be there at a peak time. When I walked by, there were quite a few guys sitting outside.
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