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    After a few texts back and forth, the guy confirmed that he would come to meet me on the next day Tuesday. Then he sent me some of his pictures saying that those were his most recent ones and he wanted to make sure I was aware of what i was going to get. I had to admit that there were some noticeable changes to his physical appearance even in the pictures but my excitement blurred my vision.
    Before all of this, my friend (my neighbor to the North) and I had made plans to go to Mahanakhon on the next day with his guest. Now that my man of dreams was coming, I had to ask my friend to make some changes to our original itinerary. 
    Fourth day - Tuesday ❤️
    To my surprise, when i woke up on Tuesday early morning, a Line message was already waiting for me. The guy was already on his way from Pattaya to BKK. This was the guy whom i was having to wait for years to meet. This was the guy for whom i had to keep harassing mamasan on my every single trip. Now he is on his way to me. I could feel my heart beats in my throat. I took one of the longest showers of my life in anticipation of arrival of my extraordinary guest.  He kept me posted along his trip.  
    Finally the wait was over! He is finally under my eyes in my room. He took a quick shower. after his shower, before we headed out to meet my friend and his guest, I made sure to study the anatomy of his body - the body that i was so curious about for years. we had a couple of hours to ourselves before we met my friend and his guest for lunch. Finally my curiosity was quenched. We had plans to spend the rest of the day with my friend and his guest.  After meeting my friend and his guest downstairs on the first floor, four of us headed out happily for lunch. 
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    keep up with us, they moved, I think I told you that one night, but you were probably drunk 😱
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    splinter1949 reacted to macaroni21 in Which massage place has the most handsome (masculine) guys? (In august 2022)   
    You're kind of confirming what I thought you meant. The trouble is that both your "outright gay" and "normal" definitions contain two conditions each. What if one condition applies and the other does not apply?
    Let me describe the scenarios and you try to work them out:
    Senso and Arena might be your first ("oh, please God, no!") type. The boys line up in front of you and you choose one of them. I think they will have a minimum tip though I haven't been to either since Covid. However the outside of the shop is quite discrete, and no boys are hanging out front (though in Arena's case, they might be one or two outside on the balcony taking a smoke). But in Senso's case - as I recall, though other posters may update us - there s a rainbow flag out front. So, are these two "outright gay" places, by your definition?
    KK Massage and Sawatdee Massage do not have boys sitting out front. Nor do they even have boys lining up in front of you, or behind one-way mirrors, inside the shop. Nonetheless, you're expected to choose your masseur (from photos) and there is a minimum tip. Does this make them "outright gay"?
    Green Massage on Surawong and Paradis on Silom both have boys (and almost always boys) sitting out front. They may hail you as you walk past ("You want massage, sir?"). They kind of self-select rather than you choose the masseur and the price board does not indicate any minimum tip. However, both are on busy streets with lots of passers-by, and anyone seeing a male customer go into a shop with a male service provider will easily draw the conclusion that the customer is gay. (heterosexual customers generally choose shops with women masseuses out front).Not just passers-by, they usually would have other customers getting a foot massage in the downstairs lounge who have nothing better to do than to eye and judge every other customer walking in. In other words, the sexual orientation of the customer is actually much more visible to the public in such a shop as opposed to, say, Arena or Senso. The masseur may or may not do anything erotic inside the massage room. If they do choose to provide extra services, they may enter into a price negotiation with you inside the room halfway through the massage since no minimum tip was indicated by management. Some of us dislike such interruption. In any case, because of the constraints of three-quarter height partitions in some establishments, leading to loss of auditory privacy, they may not want to do insertive sex. Would Green and Pradis be "outright gay" places or "normal" places by your reckoning? (also, they almost never have in-room showers).
    Olivia Massage on both Surawong and Silom have a mix of men and women sitting out front. They therefore do not look like exclusively gay male establishments. However, it becomes even more starkly obvious that even when women are available out front, the customer is still walking in with a male service provider. "Aha, that's a gay bloke". Both are on busy streets with foot massage lounges on the ground floor. All the other issues I mentioned above (negotiation in situ, lack of auditory privacy, no in-room showers) also apply here. So - "outright gay" or "normal"?
    In short, why not use an app, and make sure the hotel does not have a joiner fee policy. But wait, the people in the lobby will see you having a male visitor....
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    splinter1949 reacted to vinapu in Which massage place has the most handsome (masculine) guys? (In august 2022)   
    no place is clearly selling sex, all posture as legit massage , emploees are often called therapists etc.
    Only when door are closed , massage starts at one point extras are coming into picture. Sometimes subtly , sometimes explicit. They may give signal by brushing your jewels or ass crack or you may by scratching their knee or whatever part of their body comes close you your hands. Than both parties are going from there.
    It 's the game and quite exciting at that 
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    splinter1949 reacted to reader in Which massage place has the most handsome (masculine) guys? (In august 2022)   
    While returning from KK massage came across a shop I hadn’t noticed before, BT House Massage. I stopped in and got their LINE ID: @btmassage.
    It’s located on Sutthisan Winichai Rd., a block or so before KK (in vicinity of KFC on opposite side)

    These are photos posted on site:

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    splinter1949 reacted to pong2 in Has anyone gone to the cloud massage?   
    Just a day ago or so I saw a note about that on quite another Thai/Chinese forum/infoboard (gbsiam-used to be Thai, G--.boy Siam, but is apparently taken over by some Chinese tycoon) which then stated it had announced to open around late November, so that could be next week. In the Onnut area, which is even further out of centre BKK as ThongLor is. Claims to have many real Thai celebrities in its staff and a shop-price per hr of 1.500 THB-or about double what even the highest priced other such shops ask for. This indicates its mostly aimed to the hi-so Thai market and it may even very well be to fob these stinky farang off. But really-no such a Thai would even think 1 second to go sitting in such a shop.
    For fear of officials and/or police no such a shop will ever admit to state to allow more to strangers.
    If one does a simple google then loads of massageshops named Cloud-or the like, appear, so there is no guarantee at all we talk about the same venue.
    (BTW-now that we talk Onnut-which is a BTS stop linked to a (Tesco)LOtus and via a walking street to a BigC-old Carrefour: this walking street used to have rows of massageshops at low Thai prices on both sides of which some were said to also offer more by some of their staff-also at low Thai prices for that.
    Also along the main rd Sukhumvit-that side, walking back to town, you will pass many more such shops and the more remote ones tended to have pretty cute male staff too-which as such is rather uncommon for normal msg shops as such.
    But that is all from so long ago it might by now all be history. Perhaps someone lives in the area and knows more or is going out for a walk anyway and enough command of Thai?
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    splinter1949 reacted to TotallyOz in College Lads on Hornet   
    Not living in the Silom area affords me different people to be close to on the apps. Most are office workers and college students. Most will never respond to me. I'm patient and and also don't mind repeating a "you are sexy" many times. I saw a lad 2 years back that I thought was adorable. He was cute and sexy. I messaged him. No response. 5 other times over the last 2 years, the same. Never even responding.
    Today! Today was different. It was rainy and he was stuck in my area (just feet away) and did not want to go out in the rain so he responded. We chatted and I asked him what he was looking for an he said 1000 baht. I said OK. I know he was not a regular money boy as that rate was not regular. But, when he got to me he was very nervous. He chilled a bit with my BF and relaxed. Great sex. Afterwards many thank you's for a good time and he was off. Now, he has me on his friend list in multiple places and this cute junior accounting major has a new benefactor. He asked me to take him to a movie next week and I agreed. He said, "I'll buy your ticket if you buy dinner."  Agreed. 2 fucking years later. Damn!
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    splinter1949 reacted to pong2 in Loving the Boys at G-Beat Spa in Gay Bangkok   
    From all the shops in Sapan kwai I´ve done till now this is by far the best equipped and best looking. And not even the most expensive.(which as such does not hold for any). They do not give out those stampcards, but you can prepay a multiride cd for pay 10-get 11.
    Now that I see the pix again they do share quite a lot of guys with K-man (which sits just across the main rd-go over by BTS-stairs. Most guys are from Laos-the real country. So at least around half of the above pix are still working there.
    Have to rectify some note far above:  location is also explained and is in fact in a house that long ago also used to hold a m2m msg at far lower standard, named the Bridge.
    One of the managers/captains speaks /en / very well and is also very helpful-though he always tries to put you in the VIP-room, the other not.
    Go weekdays-it is very busy weekends. I think they even have an old lady cleaning out the rooms after use then-very unusual.
    Sometimes they present a line-up, subdivided in what they call ´real men´ and ´gay´ (which only means he will also bottom), or its as usual now from a notebook/tablet, which shows the same pix as above-but with the figures for all guys.
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    splinter1949 reacted to 12is12 in Report: Sexcapades at Arthur and Paul hotel in PP   
    Forgot to add photos

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    splinter1949 reacted to vinapu in Guys and ruins, ruins and boys -trip to Cambodia in Oct 2022   
    This is second part of my trip to SE Asia. First part was very short visit to Thailand reported already here :
    First thing I did in the airport was to collect my luggage which arrived only day later and I instructed them to keep it there as I will be able to collect it on departure. Process went very smoothly and only when I was reunited with my goods clouds appeared on horizon : my 10.30 am  flight to Phnom Penh did not appear anywhere on the screen.
    Upon visiting ThaiViet Jet counter I learned that it’s postponed till 17.30 so after brief consultation with myself  I decided to toss that ticket and but new one for next available flight which was with Bangkok Airways at twice the price. Within hour I was on the plane though and landed in PP shortly after 1 so that splurge gave me an additional half day of time there.
     I had electronic visa so all went smoothly, exchanged 20 $ for 80 000 riels to have some change , collected my luggage , purchased SIM card for 8$ for 16 days and went to the taxi counter to splurge 9$ on tuk-tuk to the hotel. There are cheaper options like bus or catching tuk-tuk- outside of airport but I decided NOT to play Scrooge as amounts involved are very minor (to keep things in perspective where I live taxi from airport is 32 $ and I live walking distance from the airport).
     I was in PP three days staying in Saravoan Royal Palace hotel  in close vicinity of National Museum. Street 178, right beside Blu Chili bar which I did not visit by the way. Talk about wasted opportunities.
    Can recommend that hotel  and will return as they say. I like to stay close to main attractions of place I’m visiting. They close gates at night but there was night guard so poor guy was waked up by me at 2 am every night, tipped him 2 $ or 10000 riels each time for his troubles.
     Went around the city by foot or tuk-tuk 1-2 $ each time . As before riels and dollars are fully interchangeable at rate 4000 to 1$ and you can pay in either. Changing money is easy and rates vary very little. Make sure your dollars notes , if any are not torn nor have ant writings on them. They seem to be vary particular about that and I got returned  1 $ bill with 1 mm tear.
     I reported my arrival to Christian PFC who happened to be there , by coincidence living in hotel on the same street and shortly he visited me  to shake hands and then we went for  a dinner to restaurant he recommended.
     In the evening I went alone to search for  Space Hair , barber turning into host bar at night
     They  don’t have go-go bars ,  Space Hair is a host bar.
     Bar is located on 136 str , famous for girl bars , right beside Sun and Moon hotel. I had problems finding it as for some reason I though is opposite hotel but no, is right beside. Gay flag is proudly displayed. There are several hosts there who are willing to have a drink or few drinks  with you but are not offable in Thai sense. Yes you can tactfully arrange to meet at least some of them  after hours. There are also three cute dogs who were not inclined to extract any drinks.
    They open  at 8pm and close at 2 am.
    I spent all 3 evenings there having two permanent drinking companions plus occasional  one from time to time . Nothing rough but I had bit of discreet but fruitful survey under the table at their invitation / encouragement. Drinks are from 3.50 / beer /   to 6 / red wine / , worth it as one of my boys admitted it makes him horny and not after long I could see and feel the proof, again discretely.
     Unfortunately that guy  was not available to go with customer , God is my witness I tried daily or rather nightly. Still he was a ton of pleasant fun and I think I liked him the most from all guys I met on that  trip. Another of my hosts turned more amendable , on my last night  with a bit of drama I managed to convince to visit me in my room. Drama because we left separately and only then I got Line message from him asking about my hotel and instructing me to wait for him in front of it.
    This gives you an idea how discrete whole thing is.
    I spent 50-70 $ on drinks for boys nightly and don’t regret it at all which is surprising myself as I’m not bar person. They are not nagging you for drinks and when treated with one are not in rush to gulp it and leave but when they finish one they may leave your table unless you treat them with next one.
     What I liked about that bar is that guys were keeping track of what we had and on one of nights actually noticed that I was charged for some drinks they did not had, impressive and about 8 $ savings.
     As for massage places three I visited were HECO and two Hatha Khmer locations. HECO is right behind royal palace so walking distance from my hotel , hey had only 2 boys on duty when I was there  but that was enough , I was happy with one I picked up. Massage is costly at 20$ but I liked experience ,  tipped boy also 20  $
    When you google for Hatha Khmer you may  receive 3 locations. 330 street, 350 and 368. Visited all three but  at 368 was nothing at address indicated , asked locals and they told me that shop moved to 330 street which I visited as well.
    Both 330 and 350 streets are in vicinity of infamous Tuol Sleng Genocide prison museum so easy to get to  as every driver knows the place.
     330 is short street and Hatha Khmer is located at opposite end from prison , on your left going toward it. There’s sign but it’s bit discreet so watch out , entry is like a bit of garden. Inside behind the glass were several hunks, massage was 15 $ , I tipped guy whole 40 $  which probably was well above going rate but I was happy with experience.
    Location on 350 street is sauna and massage. That is street bordering prison from south and is much longer , Hatha Khmer is on stretch between prison and main street on your left going from prison .
    There’s no sign but is quite prominent poster showing handsome hunk, entry looks loke covered parking lot or garage with sauna entry deep inside. I just asked attendant and he pointed me toward staircase. It was mid day and no boy was on duty but they told me they can bring one in 5 minutes and that was exactly what happened. Massage 12 $ , I tipped 30 $ , session was good but bit rushed toward end, it’s why lower tip.
    In PP massages they expect you to be showered already and in none shower was offered after massage even if they had facilities. They simply wiped all oil clean with the towels . Facilities were clean and boys smelling immaculate so nothing to be apprehensive about .
    I liked 330 location the best out those 3 even if presence of that infamous prison nearby was for me a bit chilling.
     I was in Phnom Penh in 2001 and change to the urban landscape was positive and monumental.
    I was surprised by number of high rises built in meantime , streets were much cleaner , parks spruced up, Central Market and railway station renovated.
    It appeared also to be much safer than expected , at least twice I left Space Hair at 2 am and walked to my hotel from 136th street to 178th undisturbed at all.
     I visited National Museum, very pleasant affair few steps from my hotel but sadly Royal Palace with it’s Silver Pagoda was still closed  for a Covid apparently. Climbed Wat Phnom hill , visited several temples and Wat Ounalom and Russian Market as a tourist program and three days in Phnom Penh went fast.
    Then I went for a week to Siem Reap which will be reported separately.
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    splinter1949 reacted to pong2 in Suvarnabhumi; the latest   
    Myself arrived MON-2 days ago by now, and as a tiger-senior was now able to use the priority lane anyway-with an utmost polite and efficient immi-veteran. I did see a fair Q at the normal gates and loads of signs for this APAC meeting to come up. And yes-then the wait for the luggage also took some 20 mins-it was an AB380 from EK-so the biggest plane there is.
    All over the airport and also in the luggage hall are dozens of stalls offering various SIMs.
    Took RailLInk into town and was in it just <60 mins after deplaning.
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    splinter1949 reacted to Londoner in Suvarnabhumi; the latest   
    Just arrived! I thought that travellers may welcome the latest news on what's happening at Suvarnabhumi, particularly in the light of the taxi situation and the impact of the conference taking place.
    My EVA flight was on time and,walking towards immigration, I was surprised how quiet the airport was. As for Immigration itself, my intention had been to head for the Fast Track but no need; there were no queues and I waltzed through. A charming young woman welcomed me warmly. It made a change from  the usual Officer Grumpy I encounter!
    A good start but the luggage was very slow. As slow as it was when the airport was brand new and suffering teething problems. However, a SIM station is  newly open directly next to the luggage  belt and so I was able to buy one as I waited for perhaps thirty minutes.
    Now the taxis. As forecast , a huge queue.  i walked further along- that's left from the exit- and to my surprise there was another taxi station I've never noticed before. And with no queue. So future travellers should ignore the queue directly in front of the exit. It's only fifty metres or so extra to walk.
    Feeling smug about this, i enjoyed thirty minutes of the journey ....until we arrived at Rama 4, Silom and Surawong. A frustrating crawl. The driver pointed out the Army on stand-by but I can't say that security was the issue. It was, of course, rush- hour.
    Back in dear old Tarntawan eventually, after three years away. 
    Sixty visits? not sure. i recognised not one of the staff. Pleased to see that those old carpets had gone, at last. The rooms are much the same but the beds and linen are first class, better than at more expensive hotels I've stayed in here.  And Tarntawan is certainly well-priced.
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    splinter1949 reacted to xpaulo in Why not retire to Thailand?   
    I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Olympics. I was sitting next to a gay couple, and one of the two men carried on a hilarious commentary throughout the ceremony. We were also sitting in the midst of a group of couples, the husbands all being the managers of tire shops in small town B.C. and Alberta. The wives were laughing at all the jokes, but the husbands were probably all thinking this is what happens when you come to the Sodom and Gomorrah that is Vancouver.
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    splinter1949 reacted to floridarob in Summary report- Pattaya Oct 2022   
    As I've said before, I'm not a good trip report writer...thoughts run around in my head and I'm not as detailed as others to remember boys numbers etc.... So I'll give a rundown on what my trip was like...... I'll break it into a Pattaya - a BKK- and a Bali thread

    I flew from JFK-TPE-BKK on EVA Air, business class using UA miles. EVA left JFK an hour late which only resulted in a shorter connection time in TPE. Their service was flawless, as usual, one of my favorite airlines.

    Arrived on time Sat Oct 8th @11am  ...made my way to the Fast track lane, regular immigration didn't look too bad either and was through in about 8 mins. Luggage was already coming out and mine was one of the 1st bags out.

    Off to look for Mike Taxi, they had someone there with my name and only waited about 5 mins for the car to arrive....no big conversation since the driver spoke zero English. Only traffic was arriving in Pattaya, 1.5 hrs from the time I left the airport, not bad.

    I would be staying 10 nights in Classroom hotel with various food discounts and credits since I booked directly with them.....no issues at all during the stay, had a 4th floor room with a standing room only balcony. I unpacked and took a nap since it was still early, so I'd be well rested for the night.

    When I finally went out, I was surprised at how depressing it was with so many businesses closed up....not just bars, but restaurants, clothing stores, straight places (I'd feel the same way on Suriwong in BKK) Many places that I used to go to , weren't there anymore.
    My friend from NYC wouldn't arrive until the next day, so I was on my own....walked Boyztown and had a drink at Panorama, was really quiet there and went to Nice Boys, the chubby guy mamasan was drunk and annoying, so I left to walk around Sunnee. More depressing, lol....So I went back to Nice Boys and told the mamasan outside that I'll go back in if she keeps the fat guy away from me...she called him outside and yelled at him in Thai, obviously being scolded. She told him to apologize and he just looked down at the ground....what a relief, he didn't even look in my direction the rest of the night. I can usually find one guy in any bar and make a selection, the choices were pretty limited, about 5 guys, so I took one that had a tattoo on his face and I was laughing thinking how many here hate tattoos and what they'd think of this 😝 Stopped at the metal table restaurant (Pakboong loy Fah), which I'll refer to as prison table restaurant for a drink and Back to my room, was fun but not a repeat off in the future.

    I was well rested and not satisfied, so I went to Jomtien Super Complex (has a ring)....met with gayinpattaya had some drinks, no one was grabbing my attention and when the bars were closing the waiter at Cocka2 said he was going to the beach and drink with friends, if I wanted to go. I was wide awake and hadn't done that in a long time so I said sure. Was fun, nice how his group of friends watched out for me, making sure I was having fun and not left out....we stayed until about 5am and decided to go to my room, he needed to make money after all. We stopped on the way at a 7/11 and an old lady was cooking on her food cart, so we ordered 2 dishes and went back to my room. Was maybe the worst tasting Thai food I've had anywhere, disappointing. Sex with the waiter was ok, would work as a backup/emergency but not 1st choice...plus was older than my liking, but very nice guy.

    The 2nd day, my friend arrived, was staying at the Hilton so we went for lunch at Jasmin's Cafe only a few blocks from his hotel and a favorite place for me to eat. Then off to Jomtien beach, via Bolt taxi, prices so cheap and very comfortable cars. Went to the "gay" part of the beach near the toilets in the road and Chit saw me and thanked us for coming. Manicure/pedicure (those old ladies do a better job than most spas). Went to FRA Pattaya on S. Pattaya Beach road, as recommended here, was awful. Two bad meals in 2 days...couldn't believe it. Then for a foot massage at Relax massage, I got a cute/fun Cambodian and my friend ended up with a no  personality older Thai guy. We hung around in Boystown and my friend wanted to see EVERY bar and show there was, because unlike me, he wants to look for the greener grass somewhere else thinking it might be better. I like a waiter from Classic boys and felt like drinking some more, so we went to Jomtien had some drinks, he seemed to enjoy it because he had never been there. One thing I make sure of is that the guy knows how to do a massage, because if the sex is mediocre, at least I can enjoy a massage for the money I am paying 😏 He ended up being a emergency backup in case I didn't find anything some night.

    The rest of the nights were the same, almost every bar In BT, he wanted to see if anyone new showed up although only BBB 1 time, that was enough my friend likes good restaurants, we ate at Cafe des Amis for his B'day, was nice (my steak on the EVA flight was better) the service was top notch, May's Pattaya was very nice, I'd recommend, VERY INEXPENSIVE lunch was Thai food good taste (Google it) , Alibaba Tandoori was very good and fun waiter, had breakfast at Hilton hotel a couple of times, great buffet but my favorite was prison tables....convenient and very tasty food.

    Dreamboys had the best, for me....I did 3 different offs from there....one was a couple of times and my best sex of the trip. Passionate, nice dick , hot sex....but the next 2 times, boring and into his phone....hate that.

    Pattaya is typically low on the sex satisfaction scale for me, has been for over 20 yrs. I still like coming to go to the beach, mani/pedi, massage, food and not spend a ton of money. I know this going in, so no high hopes for Pattaya. As someone from here pointed out, I'm more work than most because I want to drink, have fun, FULL SEX not just hand/blow jobs....

    My friend had more luck on the apps.....I still need to see the person walk and talk to see if they're a fit for me, an ongoing issue on apps is lying about age and sex role and sending fake/photoshopped pics, makes me crazy and is a waste of time.

    I'll do BKK and Bali later....
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    splinter1949 reacted to zombie in Whirlwind Trip to Pattaya: need advice!   
    Here is a photo I took at Esan when I was there last early morning Friday:

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    splinter1949 reacted to gayinpattaya in Whirlwind Trip to Pattaya: need advice!   
    That's right. 
    Please tell me how many years the United States (USA) has been at peace in the last 100 years? The most violent terrorist country on the planet. The USA is fucking disgusting. 
    Enjoy speaking Russian. 
    I surround myself with with people who speak logic and sense. 
    NATO are globalist criminals scum. Biden and the democrats are globalist criminal scum. The EU are globalist criminal SCUM. 

    I don't support war. I have a Ukrainian lady in my Thai Language class, and she is fleeing war with her young children. It's horrible seeing how people are suffering. Innocent people being killed by criminal globalist elites makes me angry as fuck. 

    I don't support Putin starting a war. I don't support any government. I am firmly anti-state. 
    But most of all, I hate Zaleski and the Ukrainian nazi military. All the innocent Ukrainian civilians caught up in this war, they have my prayers. 
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    splinter1949 reacted to zombie in Whirlwind Trip to Pattaya: need advice!   
    The trip from Bkk to Pattaya and our brief visit there was a lot of fun.
    The driver (who was paid for his work)  was a friend of one in our group and did a really good job of escorting us to the various venues when there.
    He also knew the quickest route to get to Pattaya. Once out of Bkk we had a hassle free easy journey.
    On the way to Jontiem Complex (JC) we stopped off on Beach Road for some sea air. 
    Driving around Pattaya I get the impression a lot of Indian visitors much more than previously.
    At JC we had a stroll up and down that soi. Had a drink at @homebar jontium before having a very tasty Thai meal at Diverium bar which is in the complex.
    Speaking for myself I was  impressed with JC. Mainly open air "bar beers". Comfortable seating and plenty of eye candy.
    I got good vibes from the area, cute twinky type lithe guys and apparently the JC stays open until 2.00am so I am told- though some establishment in the complex may close earlier.
    I get the impression that JC is on the whole  well run and managed, very much geared to appealing to the farang  customer who likes a certain type.

    And also:
    Whilst in Soi 4, Silom, Bkk there is a constant stream of mainly straight tourists walking up and down the soi wanting to be shocked; none of that -or a lot less --in JC.
    Next stop Boys Town (BT). Walking around  got a bit dismayed by the area as Covid really did devastate and  the surrounds with abandoned out of business places an eye sore.
    That said every individual bar we went to had some nice lookers in varying numbers.

    Actually went inside for drinks at Toy Boys, BBB, Dream Boys  and X Boys .Did not have time to get to A-bomb and walked past Pikky bar (open air bar)  though did not see many guys there.
    It was a Thursday night and  overall a distinct lack of customers.We caught the show at BBB which was not bad.The night I was there despite some women  customers they were not an irritation but maybe different on other nights.
    A lot of those on the stage in BBB trying to  give the impression they are "real men" but quite frankly the likes of Tawan , Jupiter, Dream boy Patpong, and so on in Bkk much nearer the mark on the score.
    And as to the  Dream Boys near BT  it was so lacking customers  the boys  were sitting inside and outside waiting for a customer to arrive before going on the stage.Yet some head turning cuties when they did get on the stage.
    Nevertheless to quote gayinpattaya who writes above:
    "The fact is, Jomtien Complex is where it's at now"
    Difficult to argue with that ; though of course some people find BT a more convenient location.

    Anyhow by now after midnight 30 , next stop (it was set to close at 2.00am) :
    Sinlapin Esan Third Road.
    Lively place with live music, singers and dancers on the stage. Customers a mix of straights and gays. A lot of dancing in the aisles and some nice lookers around. Better to go there in groups or with others.
    Very much Esan music style. Seems you either buy beer or a bottle of whisky. If you like neither can only go for non alcoholic.
    Nearing closing time we had just about had enough and off we go to be chaffeured back home, with many nice memories.
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    Your next trip?
    "Trips" more likely. Once bitten by the Thailand bug, you won't be able to escape its allure.  In my case, it led me to taking early retirement so that I could spend more time there. The best decision I ever made.
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    splinter1949 reacted to TMax in First Visit   
    Another one hooked on Thailand and the charms of the guys there, welcome to the club 😐
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    splinter1949 reacted to jdp103 in First Visit   
    What to say!  My trip was amazing.  One week was definitely not enough – but that means I have to come back!  I had some great meals (even tried the street food a couple times – that was a big thing for me).  Saw the Palace, took the boat ride (which I had remember seeing in the James Bond movie years ago).  I even walked out onto the glass at the top of the King Power tower.
    I made it to 4 massage places.  I kind of felt I owed it to K-Man Spa since they keep sending me messages with pictures to select.  I went to a different club each evening – DreamBoys, Moonlight, FreshBoys, Tawan, Hot Male, and Jupiter.  Oh what times I had.  Each club fun, and each provided an “off” to spend the evening with.  I even tried 2 guys at the same time (remembering to let the first pick the second – as recommended on this blog).
    I have to thank everyone on this blog.   If not for this, I don’t think I ever would have gone.  Reading the posts and trip reports gave me the courage to know I could do it.
    Thanks again.  Looking forward to my next trip!
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    splinter1949 reacted to vinapu in Shortest trip ever but still blood pressure rising-report   
    Again apologies  about pieces.
    Right after he left there was phone from airport that my luggage arrived and they plan to deliver it tonight to my hotel but I had better idea. Since I, m flying out tomorrow I, ll pick it up in the airport on my way. My laundry dried in meantime so I was set. 
    Reader siganalzed he will be in Hotmale beer bar tonight so I rushed there around 8 to find him and paulsf as well. Paul showed me new waiter there, good looking guy indeed. I took note to get acquainted with him when stars align. Than after having drink with my friends I went to complete task nr. 2 of this trip, to go to Jupiter and check if Handsome Cambodian, long time my one-sided love is there but he was not. 
    Music not as loud as before, AC also set at pleasant level. Boys, as always, shining handsome and unsmiling but one or two at least looked as trying to show interest, nice change. I don, t understand their format with boys hidding in corners  after their walkabout and time filled by listening to singer but I assume bar knows better. Watched show but before finished I left for my next destination tonight, Tawan.
    As  always I was  greeted with smiles and enthusiasm due always when new shiny ATM arrives. Dum and Mas, resident twink invited themselves to my table so I treated them with drinks. K was already in the know he will be taken tonight to took my NO for drink question with understanding. 
    I was hoping Tiger will be back but not yet, still another Lao guy Petch is back, he recognized me right away. For me he is remarkable specimen as all in, he is my second worst and the best off ever few years apart. When I advocate giving second chance I always have him in mind. If I did  not fix K for tonight he will be one to go with me probably. After about 1 HR K and I jumped on his motorbike, I noticed that being  new one and went to Happy Beer Garden for a meal and of course out of 1000 baht tab about 140 only  was mine dish. Those guys sometimes really are testing my patience, lol. 
    But in the room I got my money, s worth and in the morning woke up happy. 
    Went to UNESCO Foodland alone for breakfast, packed very little I had and went to airport. Collected my luggage without any issues being provided instructions where to go by phone yesterday only to learn  that my flight to Phnom Penh with ThaiVietAir was moved from 11 am to 17.30pm. Joy of flying with discounts I guess. So blood pressure up again and quick decision to check who  flies to PP next and for how much. Bangkok Airways it was, in 90 minutes. Quick trip to mezzanine to check price, 5500 baht, sold. Other ticket may be wasted but half day in Phnom Penh gained. If I left  at 17.30 I, d be there well after dark so no, I rather lose ticket.
    Straight to check in and shortly I was in the air, after about 36 hours there ending my 23rd trip, shortest ever but not boy deprived, leaving Thailand forever (until next time of course) 
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    splinter1949 reacted to reader in Taxi fares in Bangkok to increase in two weeks   
    From the Thaiger
    The Ministry of Transport yesterday approved a motion to increase taxi fares in Bangkok after recent protests by the capital’s cab drivers. The new fares are expected to come into operation in the next two weeks.
    The Transport Ministry announced a month ago that taxi fares in Thailand would be increased after eight years of stagnation. The department of transport made the price increase conditional – taxi drivers must improve their service and avoid refusing to serve passengers.
    More than 200 taxi drivers gathered in front of the Transport Ministry office yesterday morning to demand an answer on the fare increases as there had been no development for a month.
    Last month taxi associations asked the government to increase the standard fare rates. Drivers asked for the basic fee to start at 45 baht for 1,600 to 1,800cc taxis and 50 baht for 2,000cc taxis and above.
    At the moment, basic fares for every taxi in Thailand start at 35 baht. A journey between 2 to 10 kilometres costs 5.5 baht/kilometre, and a journey between 11 to 20 kilometres onwards costs 6.5 baht/kilometre)
    The advisor to the Minister of Transport, Wirut Pimpanit, met with four taxi associations yesterday afternoon. Wirut told the associations that the government could not increase the fares they proposed but would compromise.
    The meeting concluded in an agreement on the new rising price stated below:
    1,600 to 1,800 cc taxi cars: The basic fee starts at 35 baht | 2,000 cc taxi cars: The basic fare starts at 40 baht
    A journey from 2 to 10 kilometres costs 6.5 baht/kilometre A journey from 11 to 20 kilometres costs 7 baht/kilometre A journey from 21 to 40 kilometres costs 8 baht/kilometre A journey from 41 to 60 kilometres costs 8.5 baht/kilometre A journey from 61 to 80 kilometres costs 9 baht/kilometre A journey from 81 kilometres onwards costs 10.5 baht/kilometre In traffic jams or in case taxi cars travel less than six kilometres per hour, the cost will be 3 baht/minute, up 1 baht.
    The new fares will come into effect in two weeks.
    Wirut reported that the new fares will apply to about 80,000 taxis in Bangkok only.
    For taxis in other provinces, the ministry said it would consider fare prices according to the cost of living and the consumer price index (CPI) in each area, especially in touristy areas like Koh Samui in Surat Thani and Phuket.
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    splinter1949 reacted to unicorn in Republicans look like losing   
    Given the unpopularity of Biden, whom many Americans blame for inflation, although most of that is clearly due to (1) supply-chain problems from first COVID, then from China's "Zero-Covid" policy, (2) the war in Ukraine, with loss of food exports, and (3) OPEC throttling back production in an attempt to hurt Democrats, the failure of Republicans to do better should be a clear wake-up call for them. Elections are decided by independents, not Democrats or Republicans. And my feeling is that most independents are just as horrified by the antics of Trump and the GOP as most Democrats are. Independents may not like Biden much, but the alternatives seem to be worse.
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    splinter1949 reacted to JKane in Republicans look like losing   
    Americans are generally tired of Trump's schtick and if we never had to hear his whiny voice saying something moronic again it would be too soon.  











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