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  1. I don't know what makes you so sure he is Bad Boy Billy. Monty's kitchen was common knowledge, so that doesn't prove anything. I'm not really interested in proving who a troll really is. Maybe he's Bad Boy Billy and maybe not. The point is a troll is a troll no matter who he is and if the board gets rid of him, that's good riddance. Bad Boy Billy or not, I did like some of his earlier topics and posts. But when it became as obvious as this that we're dealing with a troll, the Rubicon had been crossed.
  2. Until yesterday I really had not yet read through all of his topics and posts. That is what finally convinced me. I tried to give the benefit of the doubt, but unfortunately now I can see there is no doubt. The best way to deal with it is for everybody to refuse to respond or reply to any of his posts, no matter what he writes, and no matter how tempting it might be to write some sort of response. Trolls want to see responses to their posts. Deprive them of that and eventually they go away.
  3. I hate to say it, folks, but someone known to us only by screen name comes to a gay Thailand message board to seek medical advice from people he has never met and wouldn't know even they were sitting next to him? Sorry, but I'm not buying it anymore. You have a medical problem? Go to a doctor. Unless I miss my guess, none of us on this board are medical doctors. And if any of us were, we would know better than to dole out medical advice on a message board to some guy who has not even gone for a proper diagnosis to a medical doctor. Besides, all these diseases? I'm no longer buying any of that either. If you really do have these problems, what you need is a doctor, not us. And if you really don't have these problems or are grossly exaggerating them, then you're a board troll and people would need to stop responding to any of your posts in any way, shape, or form. That's the best way to get rid of trolls - when whatever psychological need being a troll provides is suddenly no longer available. Trolls post because they want responses. When they stop getting any responses they eventually go away.
  4. I agree. Again, I have no problem about attacking the content of posts. I too think those posts are inappropriate considering people who have had to deal with cancer - and that includes me. My suggestion to Olddaddy - don't try to defend those posts. Just stop it and move on to something else.
  5. Gents, even if you are convinced Olddaddy is a troll, I hope posts on this board will not digress into personal attacks. I have always been opposed to personal attacks. Let Trump be the personal attacker - I hope nobody here wants to take a lesson from him. Your decision of course, but in my opinion personal attacks demean a board. There are many ways to get rid of trolls without resorting to those tactics.
  6. I'm not ready to classify him as a troll just yet. Even if he is a troll, at least he brings up interesting issues (at least I find them interesting) - most of the time. I'll grant, though, that he does seem like the type who likes to post for no reason other than just to "hear himself talk".
  7. Whatever it turns out to be, let's hope it is not something serious and that you caught it in time. If I were you I would not go to a GP. I hope you have sense enough to see a good nephrologist at a good hospital. I would not play around with something that might be serious.
  8. I forgot. Usually that is my first stop. I meant after that . . .
  9. I doubt anyone who ever met me would classify me as an introvert, but when I go out to the bars (which is very rare these days) sorry, but I ain't there to socialize with farang - unless I went with friends. I've had had nice conversations with farang in the bars when the moment was right, but it just happened. I wasn't looking for that. I'll let you gents guess for yourselves what I was looking for . . .
  10. I doubt that, although there is still no shortage of corruption. But even if that is true, apparently they're not paying enough to the right people because these raids are happening and people, including farang, are getting arrested. That is in Pattaya. I don't know about elsewhere in Thailand. As for extending the opening hours, that is still in the proposal stage. As of the time of this post, nothing has been decided. In any case, if a bar is open during illegal hours, the customers - even farang customers - get arrested too. The police have been going around checking farang passports too. Make sure you have a good copy of the main page and latest visa page with you or good photos of those on your smartphone. I don't know the consequences if farang get caught up in any of these raids or passport checks. My guess is that's at the whim of whoever is in charge. I, for one, do not intend to find out the answer the hard way. I don't want to end up on a police or immigration shit list, no matter how minor it may be. I think the safest thing to do is, if you want to continue a good time beyond legal closing hours, take off a boy or two - or three - and continue in your hotel room or a short time room somewhere. Neither of those have closing hours - and no restrictions on what they're wearing either. Come to think of it, while it may be more expensive, that might beat hell out of sitting around in a bar in the first place . . .
  11. Also a photocopy of your passport's main page and visa page is almost always acceptable. Of course you can carry your actual passport, but most people don't want to do that. Still, technically by law you must always have your passport on your person. I would say the risk of being checked at all as long as you are in whatever venue during legal operating hours, the odds are you won't be checked. It is your responsibility to know the legal opening and closing hours. Keep yourself within legal limits and you should be fine.
  12. I agree. Find some other way to express your displeasure about something - and be careful how you do that too. It will especially be frowned upon if a farang says it, and any Thai who overhears it also won't appreciate it. And there have been many incidents when the "unappreciation" directed at a farang lands the farang in a hospital. In Thailand one of the worst mistakes a farang can make is getting angry and/or arguing. Neither will get you anywhere and the only outcome will be negative - for the farang. If it is something serious, call the police. They don't want any trouble harming the "good image" of Pattaya or anywhere else in Thailand. But whatever it is, get yourself out of the situation as gracefully as possible. You may not like it, but that's the way it is. Believe me, once you lose self control, now you've lost all control.
  13. E hah! - Be very careful how you use it and who it is directed at. The recipient is unlikely to take it lightly or think it's funny. Don't confuse that with Yee haw. Yee haw means brand name Just out of curiosity, why did you want to know that one?
  14. Do you want to know the best way to learn Thai? Listen - and listen very carefully. Forget about phrase books. And make sure to get the tones right. Often if you don't say the word with the correct tone, they don't understand what you are trying to say. The tone is just as important as the word itself.
  15. The proposal has been withdrawn, but unless you are independently wealthy you wouldn't have been eligible anyway. The one issue that remains, and I think has a good chance of approval, is increasing the maximum time for rental contract validity from 30 years to 50 years. I think many of us who are getting on in years would prefer to rent rather than buy at this stage of the game. I know renting is my preference.
  16. I don't think it is "officially", but more like "usually". Early February usually is, but as February wears on the number of high season tourists wears off. Just what kind of high season there will be this year remains to be seen, but for several years even before anyone ever heard of Covid, the tourist numbers dropped off to the point that I could no longer tell much difference between high season and low season. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I believe this upcoming high season is crucial to what will become of the Thailand gay scene, especially in Pattaya. If it is a really good high season, I think we will see more go-go bars opening and reopening and more boys working in them. If the high season is a bust, then I believe the best we can hope for any time soon will be status quo. So gents, if you wish to help save Thailand's gay bar scene, during high season pack your bags and get thee to Thailand - and bring plenty of money . . .
  17. I'd say that depends. Have you got something better to do?
  18. I am always delighted when a first timer's holiday goes well and he is thoroughly enjoying his time in Thailand. I am truly very happy for you and I certainly hope your first trip to Thailand won't be your last one. Thank you for your posts and please keep in touch with us once you return home. Returning home - that's the hard part . . .
  19. I don't know about farang, but in my area along with everywhere else I've been, nearly all the Thais are still wearing masks. So am I, especially since now this new BQ.1 Omicron variant has made its way into Thailand. Only a couple cases so far, but we've all seen how that goes. Don't be surprised if a new mask mandate is imposed if it starts spreading. I don't have a problem about wearing the mask, so I'm going to wear it until the vast majority of Thais stop wearing it. Until that day comes, my mask stays on.
  20. Anything wrong with trying to minimize the risk? Do you want to know who is most at risk? That's easy - the people who think they're least at risk. I've seen it happen much too often - people thinking with their crotch rather than their brain . . .
  21. Gaybutton


    I have never been able to confirm this, so it is nothing more than rumor, but I heard he died several years ago. Again, I have no way to confirm that. I can only hope what I heard is not true,
  22. As kind of an aside, those of you who have been around long enough might remember the Pattaya Gay board, owned by Allen Briggs, and the Dreaded Ned board. In those days my board and their boards constituted the "Big Three". The three of us used to meet regularly, usually at my house, and discuss the board goings on, how we each like to run our boards, what we want to see on our boards, how to handle trolls and other problem posters, etc. My boyfriend at the time always made lunch for us. Now I believe the only board owner actually living in Thailand is me, so such meetings are no longer possible. I miss that. One goal I had, and actually still do, was hoping to get good participation from all the major gay venue areas in Thailand - Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Samui, and Phuket. That has been a failure and instead my board became "Pattayacentic", mainly because Pattaya is where I live and I rely on those living elsewhere to help provide information about their areas. I get good participation from Bangkok, once in a while from Chiang Mai, but to this day I don't think I've ever had even one post from anyone living in Phuket or Samui. Even now the board owners cooperate with each other and try to help each other when a need arises.
  23. I appreciate that very much. Each of the "Big 3" gay Thailand forums offer their own unique themes and approaches - which is good. If all the forums were doing the same thing, then it would all quickly become boring. By the way, I should have said the menu I posted is the entire menu. There are no additional pages.
  24. I'm with you on that. I do like a high end expensive restaurant once in a while if I like the food. For me the priority is how well I like the food. It doesn't matter to me how well appointed the place might be. For example, I have a favorite restaurant for lunch - and it is open only for lunch. If you get there around 2:00pm don't be surprised if it's already closed. It's rickety old bench seating with rickety tables and flatware of the quality you might find in a Dollar Store. Nevertheless the place is almost always packed with Thais, even in heavy rains. The menu is entirely in Thai - no English at all. But the menu does have pictures. If your smartphone has a translator app such as LENS, no problem knowing what you're ordering. It's probably best to go with a Thai friend, at least the first time. Why do I like it so much? Because he specializes in crab dishes and every one of them are fantastic - better than I have ever had in the best of restaurants. And he doesn't skimp on the portions. Even better, the most expensive item on the menu is about 200 baht. The name of the restaurant is Gao Krapao Poo GPS coordinates: 12.96002, 100.91052 [img]https://i.imgur.com/roJi65v.jpg[/img]
  25. You guessed right. It is perfectly safe. People without their own transportation, including the boys, use Bolt regularly. I have neither seen nor heard about any problems. Watch the video:
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