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  1. I just looked at their web site and menu. Is it in the Lotus Hotel? I am definitely going to give it a try next time I'm in Bangkok. Thank you for posting about it.
  2. Why not? Go for it and have a fabulous time.
  3. Yes, I do. If someone on my board is causing problems I don't play games, give second chances, ask them to stop that kind of behavior, put them on moderated mode, or anything else. It doesn't work. I learned a long time ago to just solve the problem the easy way. I don't feel good or bad about it. How I feel about it is not even a factor when I decide somebody needs to go. I do it because I think it's best for the board and quite frankly I don't give a damn whether they like it or not. Since you ask it, I dumped bkkguy off my board a long time ago. All he ever does is submit these adversarial posts that he tries to couch in pseudo-politeness. I have yet to ever see a post from him that indicates he has ever so much as set foot in Thailand and not a single post actually helpful about a thing. Not exactly a major loss for the board if he, or anyone else causing problems, no longer has access to the board to continue doing that.
  4. It's really not a problem at all. I'm much more interested in the content of the posts rather than the software used to contain them. Since the software responds the way it does, it takes a couple more clicks to get to the forum. Not a crisis. I'm already used to it. I'm sure my own board has its share of things that annoy the users - especially the board's owner . . .
  5. Yes, really. That is the URL I use and when I am still logged in I get directly to the forums page. But if I have to log in first, that's when I'm sent to the profiles page first after logging in. Obviously that's not a major catastrophe, but it is annoying.
  6. I guess we'll all get used to logging in all the time. Is there a way, after logging in, to be sent directly to the forum rather than the profiles page?
  7. Here's something strange. I was on your board very early this morning. I checked in again just now - 12:00pm. And I was still logged in. As for big bills for Emails, that has never happened to me. If it ever did and it was because of something that was no fault of mine, I would tell them what they can do with their big bill and move on to another hosting company - one that doesn't try to charge for Emails or anything else beyond the standard hosting fee. My board has a setting so that Emails can be sent only by board members. Doesn't this one have such a setting? And if even that becomes a problem, with one click of a button I can set my board so that no Emails can be sent from it at all.
  8. Ok, if that is set by the hosting company, then it's beyond your control unless you go to a different hosting company. Can you be a little more specific? What sites have had issues, and what kinds of issues did they have, due to unlimited log in time? I've never had any problems and I don't know of any sites that have had any problems due to unlimited log in time. It's not a major inconvenience, but it definitely is annoying, especially when logging in takes you to the profiles page rather than the forum. Lots of profiles, but none even say where the person is located and for most, the last time they logged in was months or even years ago. I don't see the point
  9. Thank you for that. At the time the board was Gaybutton.com. Now it's Gaybuttonthai.com I'm curious as to why this board doesn't have some sort of stay logged in feature, to avoid having to log in every time.
  10. I'm having the same problem. I don't log out, do have Java enabled, and don't do anything with the cookies, but I do have to log in again whenever I come back to this board. Also, when I log in, instead of bringing me to this forum, it always takes me to the gallery page.
  11. A Thailand flat advertised with WiFi and it either doesn't work well or doesn't work at all? Why, what a shocking surprise!
  12. Do a Google search for 'wireless internet pattaya' Several sites that may be able to take care of your problem will come up.
  13. There are several "love" hotels situated throughout Pattaya - actually situated throughout Thailand. These are primarily for Thais who want to have a place to go, but can't do what they want to do at home. But farang are perfectly welcome and nobody gives a damn whether the couple checking in are gay or not. They'll only want to check to make sure the boy is at least 18 years old. Many of them have the option of renting by the hour or for the entire night. They are usually quite inexpensive, but many are very nice, and I mean very nice- some nicer than many popular hotel rooms. I stayed in one a few years ago during a trip to the boondocks. The room was beautiful - immaculately clean, with a fantastic bed, fully furnished, air conditioning, big screen TV with DVD player, refrigerator, full scale bathroom, and even an in-room Jacuzzi. The fee was 600 baht per night. If you search around, you'll find many similar places throughout Thailand. To find the ones in Pattaya, do a Google search for: love hotels pattaya
  14. That brings to mind my next question. Given that the most people who go to Saranrom are not farang, but older Thais looking for boys, then if Saranrom is declining available boy numbers, where now do the older Thais go to look for boys?
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