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  1. I'm sure all the responses are accurate, but if it were me, I would be asking the boy of interest. Don't you think the boys know where to go? And I would go with his recommendation because it would be a room he is probably familiar with, likes, and feels comfortable there.
  2. Welcome "home". Don't say you're not good with trip reports. Yes you are. In all the years I've lived here, it has never occurred to me ask for a sample of the massage. I wish I had thought of that. So your first report this trip has already helped me and probably many more than only me.
  3. They are. Do a Google search for "pawn shop Bangkok". I just tried it and dozens come up.
  4. There has been many news articles about scams on Facebook. If you want to buy one from an ad you see on Facebook, do not send money in advance and wait for delivery. I would order from Facebook only COD. The person selling on Facebook is probably perfectly honest, but there has been enough reports to convince me not to trust paying in advance or sending a deposit. If it were me, instead of trying to find secondhand notebooks and pads on Facebook or other online sales such as Craigslist, I would check pawn shops instead. You can see what you are getting and can try it out. At least you would be going home with notebook or pad in hand and you would know where you got it from if anything goes wrong. You might also check Lazada and Shopee. You won't find secondhand, but you might find some within your price range. Lazada and Shopee are reliable and honest. I have been buying from both for years and have never been disappointed.
  5. When I go somewhere to eat, there is this crazy thing I do if I am dissatisfied. Next time I just go to eat somewhere else. I'm not a food snob by any means and I hope I'm not offending anyone, but if I were deciding where want to eat, on my list of places to go, eating at a Foodland would be way down at the bottom of my list.
  6. I am delighted that it worked out that way. That's what it's all about. The money you spent was well worth it and probably will not break the bank . It will come back. But nights and memories like that cannot be replaced.
  7. When these boys are caught over-staying, nothing much happens to them the same as happens to farang over-stayers. Most of the time, if anything happens at all, they are merely sent back to their home country. And it won't be long before they're right back, whether they entered legally or not.
  8. No matter what reasons to take a boy off from a bar, whether sex is involved or not, you are still obligated to give him the same full tip amount that you would for taking him off for sex. Don't cheapskate him on his tip. The tip is the primary reason he agrees to go off with you. Don't forget that. The only exception, in my opinion, would be if he knows what to expect and why you are taking him and agrees to take a lesser tip or forfeit his tip entirely. Make certain it is clear to him, fully understood, and agreed before you take him off. Communicating with him should not be a problem these days. There are several good apps out there in which you can type in and/or speak English into the app and it will translate for him into Thai - and vice versa. He can speak into the app and what he says will translate into English. What comes out is not always perfectly accurate, but close enough. My personal favorite translator app is Voice Tra, but again, there are plenty of others. Give them a try.
  9. But many western countries, including the USA, are allowed to enter Thailand under the visa exempt rules. No visa at all for that. There is no reciprocity that I am aware of. Meanwhile, the USA makes it next to impossible for Thais to get a visa to enter the USA.
  10. Good question. It makes no sense. Meanwhile Thailand is offering all kinds of incentives trying to get Chinese tourists to come back, and so far it is failing miserably. The Chinese tourist numbers are way down. Farang expats living in Thailand have similar questions. Here we are, living here, spending virtually all of our money here, and yet every time we turn around they're coming up with things that make it more difficult for us. In Pattaya, now it's the requirement to have a TM-30 receipt in our passports in order to get service from immigration. That is not always so easy to obtain and in all these years has never been a requirement. Now suddenly it is. No explanation as to why. No advance notice. Nothing about who came up with this. But without that receipt Pattaya immigration will refuse expats any service, including extending our retirement visas. Changing the rules without notice is nothing new with immigration. They've done that several times before and sooner or later they'll do it again. Unless you are on 1 year or more visas, such as the retirement visa, as it stands now, no matter how you do it the maximum number of days you can stay in Thailand per year is 180.
  11. I clicked the link in the OP post. I tried to watch it, mainly to see how old it is, but I get a message saying "Video Unavailable. This video is private"
  12. They are back online and posted the following: ________________________________________________ Dear Members, The forum has been down for approx 6 days due to a cyber attack on the datacenter in USA where we were hosting parts of the forum, which is now mitigated. We have since migrated to another datacenter. No content or user data has been lost or compromised. We apologize for this downtime inconvenience. We are unable to explain the tech details due to security policy, and we are unable to answer questions about it. KNOWN ISSUES: You may find the forum slow loading the first days, especially after you have posted. If you get a 504 error, just refresh the page and you will see your post! This will resolve later as we are using a cache software that updates later. Also we have temporarily limited the amount of outgoing forum notifications emails temporarily. QUESTIONS? We are aware of some issues, but feel free to send a PM to Support if needed. Welcome back to ASEAN NOW!
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