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  1. joshhb

    Ko Samet

    We are staying in Ao Prao resort hotel. 3 mid - up scale hotels share the in-effect private beach. Very quiet but only 5 minutes scooter ride from Silver Sands. I'm not sure I'd enjoy it on my own though.
  2. joshhb

    Ko Samet

    Reporting back live from Samed... Beautiful island, with all buildings below tree height. Some busy beaches i.e. Sai Kaew, packed with Chinese and many boating trips. Some private upscale ones i.e. Ao Prao where Japanese families predominate. Silver Sands bar is 10% gay - good music, fire shows and cheap drinks. Good nearby restaurants. If I was on my own I think I would stay at a little quiet beach with simple rooms and restaurants. Luang Wang for example. Its definitely not a place to meet new boys.
  3. Me too. I am not laughing at the lovely Thai people. As an ex-linguist I am fascinated how totally different Thai is from European languages. It must be extremely difficult to learn English. "Open internet" he said yesterday, meaning "Switch on hot spot" To me this is clear communication. Thank you to Anddy. The 'ng' in Singing is the right way to get the ng sound in Thai for snake, money etc. BF says I've nailed it now.
  4. joshhb

    Ko Samet

    We are going there from Bangkok on Sunday for 4 nights. From what I have read, take your guy there, rather than expect to find someone there. My Thai BF says it is discretely very gay, but not Silom soi 4 or Patpong 2. If you want party time, go at the weekend, when lots of locals come down from Bangkok. Week days are quieter. Just 2300 Baht from Bangkok with The Limo Pattaya.
  5. Yesterday got my BF to say "Cucumber" - no problems. Today he was having a customary afternoon nap. The Aircon was running, set at 24C. Complaining he was too hot he said "Open air". So "open' seems to be used not just to switch on, but also turn up.
  6. Exactly right, Spoon. Sokot taip is Scotch tape a.k.a Cellotape for British readers. I mimed using Cellotape in a 7-11, and was told the Tinglish word. I've thought long and hard about Gogobel, but still no idea. One Sunday my BF and I were staying in a village near Chiang Rai, and he announced what I heard as "lets go see shirts". I got into the scooter expecting to drive the 10km into Chiang Rai, but we stopped after 1 km to visit one of 4 churches in this Christian village.
  7. One of my favourite Tinglish words is Sokot Taip. Lets see who can figure it out! Hint: Complex consonants get vowels inserted between the consonants.
  8. Robert and Bom are very busy trying to get a new place in the same area. They have exciting plans for a new Oasis. But, sadly, the old one is closed because the landlord - the Christian Hospital - refused to renew the lease. So, Vinapu, a heart murmur rather than a full blown heart attack
  9. Me too. Please could ShamelessMac2 add a tab on body types.
  10. Its now called Tapas cafe, managed by friendly Argentinian Carlos. They did a great job hosting a birthday party on the 3rd floor for 25 a couple of weeks ago. Total bill including beer and wine was $550. Guests were given a choice of ordering from the Spanish menu, or from G's Thai and German menu. The paella was very popular. Cheese and ham-based tapas less popular with the Thai guests. They are opening up the roof space as a BBQ area. It would suit a party up to 15.
  11. Well, by BF can't say Box, but he nails Squirrel, which was the wartime test for German spies, as Germans can't say Squirrel. I can't get my tongue around the Thai word for Snake - Ngu.
  12. What are forum members favourite Tinglish expressions and words? To me they seem to fall into 4 categories. 1. Words i.e. Same same, motorcy, check bill, tee wee. 2. Compound English consonants i.e. tch, ks are difficult for Thai, so box and sex becomes bok and sek 3. Brand names rather than generic words i.e. bleach is Haiter, washing up liquid is Sunlight 4. Stress (') on the final syllable i.e. Compu'ter. Or, after many requests to a taxi driver to take me to the 'Sheraton, he says "Ah, you go Shera'ton"
  13. I like Monte Carlo tailors right by Chong Nonsi. 8000 Baht gets a really good jacket in a couple of days. They have a cotton material with a touch of lycra so it hangs out without any creases after one night. I've bought 2 jackets so far, but this time I'm not bothering. But I may be tempted tomorrow!
  14. Tried it once, in my quest to try out ones not listed on DM's masterwork. I realise now why he does not list it. Its in Central Bangkok - that's all it has going for it. Masseur was changed twice, and I ended up with someone with a silicon dick. Poor massage as well.
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