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  1. Tried it once, in my quest to try out ones not listed on DM's masterwork. I realise now why he does not list it. Its in Central Bangkok - that's all it has going for it. Masseur was changed twice, and I ended up with someone with a silicon dick. Poor massage as well.
  2. Chiang Rai is a great place for a couple of days - its a cheap 1 hr flight from Bangkok. I'm not sure about the Night Market, but on Saturdays there is a walking street of about 500m. Very many food stalls selling northern food. People very friendly. We went to Black House, but never went in....At the entrance I witnessed a Thai car driver first slowly knock into a dog, and rather than reverse back, the driver proceeded to run the poor thing over. I jumped off the back of the motorcy and shouted at the driver. BF was totally mortified at me loosing my temper. I had to explain that Brits are renown for preferring animals to people. Anyway, neither of us were in the mood to go inside the Black House. Chiang Rai like Chiang Mai has terrible smog from forest and field burning. Check before you go http://aqicn.org/city/mueang-chiang-rai/
  3. Sign up on the doors tonight "Open tomorrow" Lets see if it happens! I hope so. Strangers is not universally popular with other soi 4 business owners, but for me it brings a great dollop of fun to an otherwise staid soi.
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    If you think about the climate to grow a "western salad" it need to be a temperate region. That's not Thailand. Go local - you won't regret it!
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    I don't know if it is a scientific fact, but I hold the belief that Thai personal hygiene transfers to food preparation. I regularly eat street food, which is straight off the grill, or out the saucepan. Less chance for bugs to set in. I don't drink the tap water, but then again no-one does. Its much more dangerous to eat hotel buffet food that has been sitting out for an hour or two. Throw yourself into the fantastic food culture and enjoy! If you get an upset stomach, then take an Imodium. Don't freak out at the huge rats (หนู) (Noo) that scavenge the rubbish bags at night before the garbage guys come through.
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    I arrive at BKK on 24th in the afternoon. Do the bars serve alcohol after the polling closes? If yes, any idea when bars are back to normal?
  7. Last night I took Devine's recommendation for Somtum Der. Very good - not expensive and a nice change from Southern Thai food.
  8. I've been to Bangkok 6 times in the past year (lucky me). I always eat local, and not just restaurants for dinner, but street food for lunch and backstreet soi for breakfast noodles. Never a problem as Thai people are so clean, irrespective of surroundings. I'm in India now, using antibacterial handwash all the time to try and make it through to Saturday, when I go to BKK and see my lovely fiancee again. I can't wait!
  9. We went there last Monday, and maybe because of the public holiday, it was closed. We tried again on Tuesday. Not open! Has anyone checked it out recently? Went to Fork and Cork for the first time. Great addition to our list of favourites. So, in summary my opinion of the best ones are, in order of quality 88 Eatery and Bar Oasis Fork and Cork G's After Hours They are all very good, at reasonable prices.
  10. Smoking pug was great fun. Thanks for the recommendation. Very casual and authentic US country food. Huge portions. It’s not expensive - 2500 for 2 including drinks I think however he was expecting something traditionally high end. We felt somewhat overdressed
  11. Have booked it for Wednesday - our first anniversary of first meeting. Hope it is as good as everyone says.
  12. Because there is no visa requirement for Thais to visit ASEAN counties, plus Turkey. UAE visa is simply a case of giving an agency £75 and they sort it. He wants to go to Russia - also no visa. I have put my foot down, and it is a big NO. Going to a dodgy Sukhumvit lawyer tomorrow to try and get a Schengen visa for January. We failed to get a DIY UK visa.
  13. I've tried this one. Very expensive, and not that special - its more about the venue than the food I think.
  14. It is not special in the fine dining, dress up sense but my partner when we are in Bangkok (and so do I) likes Smokin' Pug. Run by a young very friendly American couple serving good beer to go with the food https://www.smokinpugbbq.com/ We'll give this one a go when we don't want Thai. I like the fact that it is the other side of Lumphini Park. A chance to explore an area that's new to me, but only a short ride / medium walk from Silom. Thanks for the tip
  15. Exactly. Given that Thai culture does not go in for public display of affection, just carry on with the same. I am challenged by this arriving and leaving Suvarnabhumi. I always want to give him a great big kiss, and when I leave, I'm always in tears. He is not comfortable with at all.
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