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  1. On a related topic why oh why don’t more Bangkok taxi drivers use Google maps? Traffic congestion changes all the time. I missed a local flight because the taxi driver insisted on using his own routing which lost us 45 mins vs. Google maps.
  2. Didn’t get that far. We dropped down off the mountain ridge to go to Mae Fah Luang gardens. Anyway the point is that having a car gives the freedom to explore some amazing countryside
  3. Renting and driving a car outside of central Bangkok is a doddle. Just back from a 3 day road tour of Chiang Rai province. I had wanted to visit Thom Luang "cave rescue" cave, but unfortunately it was still closed (opens October 1). So we carried on a bit and headed North up the mountains and a road running along the Myanmar boarder. Through 3 army checkpoints, stopping for a coffee looking down through the clouds down to the flat plain. Then wound our way back down. Renting a car gives great freedom to do what you want to do. Rental prices are very reasonable.
  4. Just returned from Thailand. I preferred to respect their fondness for mask wearing where it makes sense - indoors, transportation, crowded soi. But not elsewhere. Saw some Thai people climbing Phu Chi Fah in a mask at dawn! Seeing ferang on the BTS maskless seemed so disrespectful.
  5. Despite the relaxation of the rules Thailand is still the Land of Masks. Near 100% wearing outside. Even on beaches.
  6. I've booked my first appointment with Universal Tailors. So far they have been efficient.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try them out next month. I’ve had a couple of jackets made by the tailor shop near Trinity Complex/Chong Nonsi. Despite instructions they were too padded and structured
  8. Please may I have recommendations for a good tailor to make a suit. I'll be staying in Silom but happy to travel to Sukhamvit if that's the best location. Thanks.
  9. EVA seems to have lots of award availability. Call your local office first, and they will tell you if there is a Premium Economy to Business Class upgrade on your chosen dates. If yes, immediately book PE on line, then call back with the booking reference. They will then do the upgrade with an email confirmation in minutes. LHR - BKK rtn "costs" 75k miles, and you travel in one of the world's best business class products.
  10. Hang out on Silom 4 for the mixed gay-centic bars and restaurants. "Full service" massage places will do less if you want. Arena and Sabaidee Spa would give you hunky masseurs. Arena is probably easier for a newcomer to find.
  11. joshhb

    Thai Pass

    56 Surawong. It’s the budget sister hotel of Montien. Not bad and a great location. I was happy to pay the 2500B for the 3 hour express service which actually only took 1.75 hours
  12. joshhb

    Thai Pass

    I arrived at a busy time at the end of March. Although the mass of desks and logos was initially confusing, all I had to do is to state by hotel name to the nearest desk staff, and I was pointed to the right desk. All in all a 5 minute process from exiting customs to being in a car. 2500B extra got me a test result in under 2 hours. The only clunky element to the Thai Pass process was the website which would not allow .pdf file unloads. If you want to see chaos, visit a UK airport immigration hall.
  13. joshhb

    Thai Pass

    I've just completed Thai Pass PCR test. Just 1.75 hours from test to result. The premium was a reasonable 2500 B. All arranged by mid-priced 56 Surawong Hotel. Now I can enjoy dinner at Somtam Der with my BF
  14. Oh I see. I land about 15:30, so would probably get to a test by 17:00. Do any hotels away from Silom offer express testing? Maybe in the Sukhumvit area?
  15. Any recommendations please? Day 1 and 5 tests may be gone by the end of March, but if not.....
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