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  1. Hey, I look on here for ideas of where to go and looked up Goiania. In addition to great sex, I love exploring interesting places. I googled "What to do in Goiania and this was the result from lonelyplanet: 1. Botequim Mercatto: a traditional Brazilian bar-restaurant with a focus on upmarket food 2. Celsin & Cia: Goianienses of all ilks drink in droves at this traditional boteco 3. Chão Nativo: Break out the calculator to help you choose between pay-by-weight or all-you-can-eat 4. Mönch Bier: Look for the eagle sign to find this worthwhile bar with an unparalleled domestic craft beer list 5. Truckland Foodpark; They've circled the food trucks here, which surround a casual patio of plastic seating Literally this was at the top of the page... So that better be some hot damn sex after you get back from the Truckland Foodpark! (https://www.lonelyplanet.com/brazil/goiania/top-things-to-do)
  2. That was what happened while I was trying to log on - I kept getting error messages. I eventually was able to by trying the different links on the navigation bar. I posted it as an example of the behavior of what I'm at least seeing sometimes.
  3. So, in the Hooboy General Pub Forum (link below), there was a discussion of major site changes taking place which might explain the erratic behavior. I think it might be helpful to read.
  4. So, I've found the site to be buggy in an consistent way - I don't always get the same result even if I do the same thing twice in a row. Like attached below was the response I got when I tried to log on. I had to play around clicking on the different navigation links and eventually I can get it to accept my id and password - and then sometimes I still don't have access to the whole site. It's really wierd.
  5. Hey, not to take away from the excitement of cheap fares to hot guys...but "la isla bonita" is about San Pedro, Belize...
  6. Are these meant for tourist to attend or just brasilians?
  7. Hi all, I ran across the man4porn site which seems to be a copy (maybe old one) of the rentmen.com site. Does anyone know what it is? Thanks,
  8. Hi rtu123, Thanks so much for the trip report - I think you did an excellent job. Everytime you quoted the cost/price for something - I enter it into a currency converter and and outloud would say "OH MY GOD"! Everything seems so reasonably priced. I also liked that you included some of the not so fun stuff. Your report really helped me imagine what kind of fun and expectations I would have there. So thanks again! Excellent report!
  9. Ok, as much as we all love dogs and stuff, where is the pic of the 22cm Cancun Dick? Send the pic then I promise I'll gush about your dog!!!
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