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  1. Was chatting to the manager this week... They were forced to close on 28th March 2020 by the council and only reopened fully at the beginning of 2022. The one-way mirror door is back in business and as reported, it's £130 per hour. There were 8 guys behind the mirror when I visited this week. Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Italy and Britain - all represented.
  2. I'm no expert on this but yes he could just delete his profile... but most don't... I don't know why... perhaps it's difficult to get readmitted? or it takes too long? That's mainly why I uploaded a couple of his free-to-anyone photos... so no matter how often he deletes profiles... his face and your review will be linked forever (at least on this website).
  3. You could pay £10 to join Sleepyboy and leave a review which which will probably be read by more Brits. I don't think they can delete them. They can only respond to them. https://www.sleepyboy.com/uk/london/central/escort/Pietrohotboy
  4. I was passing through Security at Goiania Airport... when the xray machine found a bottle of poppers in my hand luggage! The two female security staff then had me take the bottle out. She held it up. There was a bit of chatter and it was clear they had no idea what it was. They gave me one of those plastic bags to put it in. A lucky escape I guess.
  5. I haven't been there for a couple of years but the Mezzaninu Facebook seems to say that it is open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. https://www.facebook.com/thermas.mezzaninu https://www.instagram.com/mezzaninu_/ That said, it's Instagram is showing Wednesday through to Sunday this weekend. Looking back through it's Instagram, I see that in February with an attempted reopening, there's an advert featuring the gogo dancer Luis Dias... who is, I think without doubt, the best gogo dancer I've ever seen. About 6 years ago he regularly danced at Mezzaninu and was known as "Neymar" because of his similar mohawk haircut.
  6. On your marks... It's now on Sunday! If like me, you can't get enough of Britain's 4x 100m Men's Breaststroke Team, you'll no doubt know that events in the pool are soon coming to an end. We'll just be left with Women's Shotput, Weightlifting and Dressage. But fear not! ...Brazil's latest fuckathlon is throbbing to a Zoom screen near you on Sunday night Different day, different time! This Sunday it all starts at 5pm (PDT), 8pm (EDT) and 1am Sunday (UK). So why not take a few hours out from your Olympic training regime and see if you can achieve a Personal Best... Tickets available from here... https://www.sympla.com.br/sunday-hot-barbarizou-live__1289063
  7. It's back! This Saturday night. It's the Third Wave that everyone wants... Yes, yes, I know you're knitting a blanket for Harry and Meghan's new baby... but here's something better to get wrapped up in... lots of late night Brazilian sexy fun So put those knitting needles down - Go on, Treat Yourself! This month's line up includes: ▪️ EDER MONGEROTH ▪️ GUTO RECIFE ▪️ HENRIKI DIAZ ▪️ IZAQUE SANTOS (Tarzan lookalike) ▪️ JB BISCUYT ▪️ KEVIN NURF (caught being double penetrated in the last show) ▪️ LÉO RODRIGUES ▪️ NOBRE MORENO ▪️ NOVINHO XUPETA (very naughty - fisting by the pool) ▪️ OLIVER ▪️ TONNY VINNY If you haven't joined in before... it's a great big ZOOM meeting... but you don't need to turn your camera on! It all starts at 6pm (PDT), 9pm (EDT) and 2am Sunday (UK). More information here: https://www.instagram.com/hotbarbarizou/ and here https://www.facebook.com/events/481322916474687 Tickets available from here (they work out around $6 or £5): https://www.sympla.com.br/love-hot-barbarizou-dia-dos-namorados__1242476 (I think the Portuguese instructions are easy to follow... name, surname, email... choose "ingresso No1" from the drop-down box... make sure you click to pay with an international credit card... it's all safe and secure)
  8. The organiser Rafael says he's thinking of next month... I'll let you know as soon as I find out.
  9. Sexy Saturday is Back!... It's all aboard the naughty "Boys from Sampa" tour bus this week. Join a whole load of Sao Paulo gogoboys and strippers as they peel off their clothes and get up to allsorts of mischief on a Saturday night. If you ZOOM'ed in last week, you'll know that it all ended up with live fisting session by an outdoor swimming pool. Hopefully this week it'll be far more respectable. No, hopefully it won't. So if you're missing Brazil (and let's face it - who isn't?)... If you want your Saturday night to be a bit more Pfizer and a little less Astra Zeneca... join "Sexy Boy" Rafael and "Meghan Markle look-alike" Claudinha as they persuade Izaque, Ricardo, Wellington, Hiran, Juninho, Allan, Dani, Tonny and Shark-tooth necklaced Kevin Nurff to stand and deliver. All in a ZOOM call. More information here: https://www.facebook.com/barbarizou Tickets available from here (they work out around $6 or £5): http://bit.ly/LiveBoysFromSP (Again the Portuguese instructions are easy to follow... name, surname, email... choose "ingresso No1" from the drop-down box... make sure you click to pay with an international credit card... it's all safe and secure) And there's still no need to turn your camera on!
  10. It's TONIGHT if anyone is interested! The official blurb... TRANSLATE: COME! Live @HotBarbarizou #HotOffice on May 1st, homage to the day of working with TEN BOYS for you to delight with these workers, one sledge hammer bigger than the other . Prohibited event for children under 18! What's going to happen: That tasty Sex, Stripper, PD (Hard Cock), Games with the Boys, Leitada, Masturbation, Big Cock, asses and your pleasure! Lucas "Lagoa" Alves saying something... https://www.instagram.com/p/COTECVaHOas/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link (I can persuade myself that he's telling me he loves me)
  11. I don't think it would help. I think the rates that CP advertises online (cheaper for payment in BRL, more expensive for payment in USD or EURO) appear the same wherever you log on. I signed up and purchased credits (in USD) about 3 years ago when I was in Sao Paulo. I don't think the rates shown then were any diffferent to what I can see today when I log in from outside of Brazil. The only real hurdle is the CPF number. If you decide to pay the more expensive USD or EURO options, then you pay for it like any credit card transaction... wherever you are in the world. If you want the cheaper BRL option, then you have to add a CPF number... wherever you are in the world. If anyone is considering signing up and buying credits, I think it's always worth bearing in mind what 100R$ would buy you in a sauna setting. It's very easy for interactions to cost a lot more on CP.
  12. CameraPrive https://cameraprive.com/us/guys Riobard questions payments to CameraPrive in the "Lagoa Last Night" thread... pointing out the discrepancy between payments made by Brazilians and those made by foreigners and asking in what currency appears on your bank statement... CameraPrive is indeed massively skewed against foreign users. You can only purchase "credits" in either Brazilian Reais, USD or Euros. The cost of "credits" for foreigners is something like $99 or 99€ for 300 credits... whereas it is only 300R$ ($56 or 47€) for Brazilians to purchase the same 300 credits. One solution is to register and then make your initial payments in Reais. Paying in Reais involves using a CPF generator such as https://theonegenerator.com/generators/documents/cpf-generator/ or https://www.fakeaddressgenerator.com/World/Brazil_address_generator And then paying for your "credits" using a credit card. It is wise to have a credit card that charges low currency conversion and foreign transaction fees. Transactions are smooth and safe. On my credit card statement, I am charged in my home currency and the conversion (to Reais) is shown in the description Cannily, CameraPrive does not allow you to initially purchase in USD or EURO and then switch to Reais once you realise that you're being fleeced as a foreigner. Instead you have to create a new account. Another disadvantage for foreigners, is that CameraPrive run regular time-limited discount codes on their Portuguese-only twitter account. On the plus side, they do have occasional well publicised discount weekends (normally around Brazilian public holidays, Valentines Day, Black Friday) where credits are sold with a 5-15% discount.
  13. Not wanting to derail "Lagoa Last Night"... I'll start a new thread about CameraPrive...
  14. During lockdowns, many stepped up their appearances on CameraPrive https://cameraprive.com/us/guys
  15. YOUR LOCAL BRAZILIAN GAY BAR NEEDS YOU! What will you be doing this coming May Day? Sitting at home, counting the days until lockdown is lifted? Driving your tank past the Kremlin? Whatever the answer... if you fancy some good old Brazilian sexy fun then let me direct you to Fortaleza's Barbarizou online offering... which this month is called HOT OFFICE (I think they're giving it a "workers" theme for Labour Day) It all starts at 6pm (PDT), 9pm (EDT) and 2am Sunday (UK). If you haven't joined in before... it's a great big ZOOM meeting... but instead of 3 hours with Karen from Finance... it's a live cavalcade of Brazilian gogoboys and porn stars stripping, wanking and having sex. This month features Lagoa's favourite gogoboy Lucas Alves, who will likely be stripping from his dressing-up room at his house. Pornstars Allan Carlos (aka Irmao Dotado's Jean Carlos) and Daniel Cadengue (aka Hotboys and Meninos Online Kadu Nunes) will probably be going a bit further. As the night goes on, it all gets a lot more "sexo". And eventually towards the end, you get some of the more extrovert members of the audience joining in with their own "leite" tributes. It's all a bit of a hoot... it's all a bit "organized chaos"... and it's all very Brazilian. More information here: https://www.facebook.com/barbarizou Tickets available from here (they work out around $6 or £5): https://www.sympla.com.br/live-hot-office---barbarizou__1197135 (I think the Portuguese instructions are easy to follow... name, surname, email... choose "ingresso No1" from the drop-down box... make sure you click to pay with an international credit card... it's all safe and secure) No, you don't need to turn your camera on! DISCLAIMER: I'm not involved in organising this - I've just been a viewer a few times.
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