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  1. you can subscribe in the USA. Do you have a US credit card? https://www.britbox.com/us/ It looks like it's also available in Scandinavia, Australia, Canada and South Africa. I guess to content may differ by region but once you have an account you might be able to use a VPN to select a different region.
  2. Bangkok's public transport network has been expanding very quickly. Whether it is of more use to the average tourist could be debated, I suppose. But it's quite extensive now and there are MRT stops in the Chinatown and Grand Palace areas that are useful for tourists. And of course there are the river boats and canal boats to help you get around as well. I haven't been to Rio, so I can't compare them.
  3. maybe the sewage problem is the reason Dreamboys is moving upstairs?
  4. Jupiter posted a couple of videos of their boy parade on Twitter today. Including a nautical theme if you're into that sort of thing
  5. at 3 AM. It's rather astounding how much is happening at that hour. The city that never sleeps
  6. Right. It is now. But as the dinosaurs die off and the current generation takes charge will they care about this sort of thing? It seems fair enough for employers to monitor their employees on company time. But not on their own time.
  7. The show shower looks like it might be fun...and big enough for a party
  8. given the way every young person in the world seems to be posting nude photos of themselves these days, I wonder if this sort of thing will not be an issue in the future
  9. Yes, Taiwan has tons of visitors for Pride. Last time I went the airport was full of gays from around Asia. The immigration line took a long time. I think it's a great place to visit any time, but their Pride is the biggest in Asia. The parade is quite long.
  10. I think they're both really hot. And they have great chemistry. I am fascinated by the way all of these BL couples are required by their companies to carry on in real life like they are actual couples. I suppose some of them might be, but probably not very many. I follow some of them on social media and almost every post is of them at some event or other together. Some are more outwardly affectionate but most are just doing their jobs. I wonder at what point they are released to do something else or couple up with another.
  11. this is such an odd show. There has to be a tragedy coming, right? https://www.bilibili.tv/en/video/2042170839
  12. In the USA, near Washington DC. I expect to keep my home base here. All of my closest friends are here now. But my expectation is that I will travel a good bit. I think I'd like to spend a couple of months out of the year in Thailand. We've discussed this a bit in a number of other threads. Without being fluent in the language I think it would be difficult to expect to stay there full time. And without a support network it could be especially difficult. My mother and other family are in Florida. But I hate Florida so I don't plan to move there. If my mom is still alive when I retire I will likely spend more time there though. A lot might depend on political and economic situations. There are lots of gloomy projections for the next decade or so out there right now.
  13. Forbes has an article about how Korean BL (especially Semantic Error) is changing attitudes https://www.forbes.com/sites/joanmacdonald/2022/09/18/how-one-producer-promotes-change-with-boys-love-drama-semantic-error/?sh=22fbacbc4dbd
  14. hmmm. I never really considered Phuket, but you might be changing my mind
  15. I agree that if your time is short and you really find him attractive then I think an extra US$27 is a small price to pay.
  16. I think the issue is that more countries are opening over there but the flight numbers haven't caught up to the demand yet. And of course we keep hearing about pilot and staff shortages, fuel expenses, etc. So it all adds up. A friend of mine was looking at flights to Japan from SFO in November and it was over $2k in economy. But she did note that there are just not many flight options at this point because the country has been closed so long. They're supposed to be opening back up soon, so I expect more flights will get added. And more flights through Japan will probably mean more connections available to SE Asia.
  17. endoscopy is a piece of cake. They knock you out. Just a little sore throat for a day or two after
  18. I will most certainly not be hustling. Not that anyone would probably want to hire me anyway
  19. Wow. That was not made for Thai schoolgirls. That boy has some perky nipples
  20. https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/2389555/troubled-waters
  21. I'm always happy to hear about tourist things as well as boy things.
  22. I saw the same news in the BKK Post last night. Obviously all of the building projects aren't helping, but I suppose the low-lying terrain is the biggest problem. Isn't the new governor some sort of civil engineer? I guess at least they did clear out the storm drains and canals which should help a bit. But these problems are going to keep getting worse due to the geography
  23. Try Rainbow Railroad. They help GLBT people in danger escape to safer countries https://www.rainbowrailroad.org/request-help It's a great organization that I've been donating to monthly for several years
  24. I'm glad they finally got out of their clothes. Looking forward to it. I noticed that there are several people posting episodes of this show on that site.
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