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  1. An interesting question...
  2. To quote Wikipedia: "Luk khrueng (Thai: ลูกครึ่ง, literally "half-child") is a colloquial Thai term referring to a person whose parents are of different nationalities". In the specific example above, I thought the guy in question looked like he had a European father and a Thai mother, or vice versa.
  3. I see that Moonlight posted a video from Saturday night https://www.facebook.com/MoonlightBangkok/videos/976617829654662 You get a very clear view of the models physiques in it. (It may only be viewable if you are logged in to Facebook) Two things that struck me. -the first guy that appears in it- he really looks like a "luk krung" to me in that video. Turned out to be a handsome combination in his case anyway, if that is the case. -as you watch the video, you can see there is a guy standing at the front of the stage putting garlands of ten 1000 (or is it 500?) baht notes on most of the dancers. Not all, however. I wonder if he is staff or a customer. Seems like too much a an assembly line operation for a customer to do so...
  4. Thanks for the explanation
  5. As I said in my post, the fact that the boxing ring was situated about 200 metres from a gay sex district meant that it was probably a bit unique in Thailand as regards the awareness and receptivity of the guys to approaches...
  6. I would be interested to know a bit more about how the difference between floor guys and models plays out in the bar. Do the floor guys never get on stage at all? And what is the difference between a floor guy and a waiter?
  7. Probably the biggest problem is the language barrier. How to make your intentions clear if you can’t understand each other? Places like Pattaya or Bangkok will probably be your best chance, where waiters and bellboys in establishments frequented by gay customers probably know the score. I have read in the past about guys who even managed to hire str8 Muay Thai boxers. However, this was from a place just outside Walking Street in Pattaya. Until a few years ago there was a bar, located on the left as you exit from Walking St onto Beach Road, which had on the premises a Thai boxing ring. This was intended as an attraction to punters; they had exhibition matches of Thai boxing. The bouts were pretty fake from all accounts. After the bouts, the guys would go around soliciting tips. If you gave them a few 100 baht tips, it would get their attention. I remember reading about a guy who started buying them drinks, and eventually after much compliments on how muscular they were, and telling them what a fine "puu chai" man they were, etc, he was successful in enticing them to his hotel hotel for some compensated fun. Not sure if all the guys were up for that option, but that uncertainty was what made it more exciting for those that partook in the chase. However, I believe that bar is now closed, and your chances of success in this might be somewhat different in the rest of Thailand, most of which wouldn’t happen to have a gay sex district within 200 metres, as that boxing ring had.
  8. Please provide a report back if you do.
  9. It does not come up in a Google search. However, if you do a Google maps search for a business in Pattaya called "The Clubhouse, Home of ANMC & MDMC", you will get the business right next to it. You will have to search for the full name of the Clubhouse as given above however, as there are several other places in Pattaya witth "The clubhouse" as part of the name. This is what the Friendly Club looks like in streetview:
  10. I am afraid you have to be logged in to Facebook on another tab for it to work. Otherwise you will just get the Facebook log-in page.
  11. If you are interested in karaoke bars with male hosts , there are several in Pattaya which are a good bit cheaper. In a recent review elsewhere of Friendly Club,in Soi Korpai the poster stated "there are line-ups every hour or so and you have to call the boys down to join you for a ‘drink’ – about 200 baht a boy, and the boys are yours to talk to, dance with or flirt with until the next line-up". Mostly Thai for Thai, but as it is Pattaya there are a few tourists a well. Might be a cheaper way to experience it. You can see the FB page of Friendly Club here: https://www.facebook.com/Friendlyclubpattaya/
  12. A Russian man’s view of Putin's propaganda. For several years I have been watching a YouTuber called NFKRZ. It is run by a young Russian guy called Roman, who used to post videos about daily life in Russia, including politics culture etc. With the outbreak of the war he, like a lot of other liberal minded Russians, has fled the country, in his case to Georgia. This week, he posted an interesting video looking at some of the left-wing propaganda outlets to Russia controls, and is using to spread its line about the Ukraine war. It is quite commonly known that Russia pumps out a lot of propaganda on Facebook and the RT News channel, usually praising Putin as a proper conservative and aimed at FOX News watching types. But they also control other, left-leaning websites, and that churn out propaganda that is meant to appeal to left wingers, usually focusing on perceived or real western hypocrisy. I kind of knew this already, but it was interesting to see it from the perspective of an anti-Putin Russian person. Watch below:
  13. Éire Abú! (Not really into team sports so I put up a pic of Rhys McClenaghan, one of our hopefuls for Paris 2024)
  14. I am looking forward to reading your trip report Taikonaut. Thanks for making the effort, in my opinion trip reports are the best part of this site. I’ll be particularly interested to see how you get on in your trip to Ilha Grande. That is a side trip that I’ve been considering for my future travels to Rio. Taking a guy there is something I’ve gotten very tempted to do also, although, like you, I had a feeling maybe it was not the best idea for a newbie. However if you take somebody I’ll be fascinated see how it goes.
  15. Yep, It will almost certainly end badly, in that Ukraine will be either physically destroyed or will be forced into a humiliating surrender. Extending to WWW III and ending up with the use of nuclear weapons is less likely, thankfully. By the way, I think the Taiwanese are very well aware that the USA is not going to physically intervene in any invasion from the mainland, and probably has a greater understanding of this than the Ukrainians had. But, like Russia, I think China may be surprised surprised at the strength and depth of the sanctions that take place. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chinese government took pause from what a strong defense of their country Ukrainians are putting up, beside despite being hugely outnumbered by Russia.
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