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  1. Thanks for that, Gaz69
  2. I note an interesting mix of descriptors and minimum prices on the twitter page of 15M massage. Most of the guys are described as "straight". The minimum tip for an hour for them seems to be usually 800 baht. One guys is described as "gay" - his minimum is 800 also. Another guy is described as "top" - his minimum is 1000. Yet another is described as "man" (a gay top perhaps - then why not just top?) - his minimum is 1000 Seems being more than just str8 or gay earns you more money....
  3. Glad to see a review of a Foam Massage. In the straight Thai scene, they are called "Soapies" and are very common. That is not the situation for gay massages, not sure why. Helios seems to occupy the same premises as the old Blue Massage, which also used to specialise in them.
  4. This is very much the Russian imperialistic view of Ukraine history. I am not really read up enough on it to argue against it, but I must say it is rather strange that somebody claiming to be opposed to the war from what one might call a US leftist-pacifist point of view should trot out these arguments.
  5. When did this invasion happen? Zelensky did not regain an inch of the Donbas for Ukraine prior to February 2022, although there was occasional flare-ups of fighting and shelling at the front line during his Presidency, as there had been several times since 2014. The deaths caused by these flare-ups were much lower that the average casualties at the front between 2014 and when Zelensky was inaugurated. If you mean after February 2022, what you are talking about is Zelensky leading the fightback against the Russian invasion of that month, to call THAT an "invasion of Donbas" is self-evidently ludicrous.
  6. I presume he means Telechapereo and Morbototal and the like By the way, is this new law in operation yet? I dont recall reading that it had passed all stages in the parliament.
  7. Well, the bleublackbar is only 7 minutes walk from Sutthisan MRT station (according to Google maps) so one would not have to be THAT adventurous to hit up that one. Personally would love to hear an account from somebody who ventured outside the Silom ghetto
  8. Ever since the demise of the Politics section on the "Company of Men" board, there seems to have been a big uptick in politics discussion on this board... I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I nevertheless couldn't resist adding my tuppence to this topic. Just in regard to the amount of people in India who identify Russia as an ally, this is probably best understood in historical terms. Traditionally, India had two big enemies, China and Pakistan. In the late 1980's, America was closely allied to Pakistan, with both supporting the mujaheddin in Afghanistan, and at that time also, America infuriated India by refusing to definitively take the Indian side in the border dispute between India and China. India moved closer to Russia partly in response. Traditionally, the Indian army purchased a lot of weaponry from the Soviet Union, and later Russia. Since that time I think many of the more politically engaged Indians saw Russia was a traditional "ally" of India, in a purely hard-headed geopolitical sense. In the last 20 years as Pakistan and America became more estranged, and particularly since about 2010 as America and China became major rivals, America is a lot more supportive of the India side. However, I think the inclination of many in India to regard Russia as an "ally" remains. It is in the same way that many Americans would say that Saudi Arabia is an "ally" if I asked about it, if they are aware of the decades-long "marriage of convenience" alliance between the US and Saudi. However, I doubt that too many of those people would feel much genuine warmth for Saudi Arabia. I think for many in India, the way they view Russia is similar. Therefore asking a question about being an "ally" is a bit loaded. I would be more interested to hear a question about, say, which side the interviewees had more sympathy for in the dispute in question.
  9. Hopefully, we will get a bit of a report from Gaz69. It seems to be an area where there is not a lot of information on gay "pay for play" activities. This, despite the fact that the current "Moon Guide" to Morocco sees fit to warn its readers that "singles should be wary, as the club scene in Agadir is fertile ground for prostitutes, both female and male" It seems that the guy who writes the Moon guide knows all about it…. but nobody who posts on the various gay sex tourist boards does. I suppose that it’s not unusual for a mass-market guidebook to post a warning about prostitutes in nightclubs in various cities, but I was taken with the fact that the guidebook writer took the trouble to specify male prostitutes - makes it sound like Agadir might be quite the place to visit!
  10. I find it still works - you are often suddenly shifted back to your home country after ten minutes or so, but you have time to leave a few taps.
  11. The poster who goes by the name of Macaroni21 on this board has just put up a very handy map of gay places in Seminyak on his blog page: Map of Seminyak, Bali, January 2023 – ShamelessMack2 (travel.blog) Thought I would add it here as I know he would be too modest to publicise it himself!
  12. I would go for Boss or Scott I see that their blurb states that they welcome "customers of all genders" (as per Google translate) However, that might be managements line, what sort of reception you would get from all shirtless dudes on stage is another matter...
  13. Looks interesting. From the postings on the TikTok account, it seems to be mainly straight guys on staff. Going by where is located, out in the far north-western suburbs, I presume it is mainly a Thai for Thai place. However, with a name like "Changsha" maybe it is going for the Chinese market? Although I wouldn't imagine that many Chinese tourists would find their way out there, either. Glad to hear you can take guys off from it. Perhaps the fact that it describes a self as a "host bar" rather than a karaoke place, means it is more focused on that portion of the market? I dunno... Regarding off fees though, there is a possibility that there might be different prices for taking staff off at different times of the night. I believe that’s quite common in straight establishments, where you might have to pay an off fee (they would call it a bar fine) of 2000 baht before midnight, say, but by 2 am the price would have come down to 500. If they quote you a high off fee, you could ask is that all night, or does it come down later? Doesn’t suit if you want to turn up at 11 and quickly take a guy off, of course...
  14. Ok, in fairness some of the later games I played had a more international spread of photos
  15. Enjoyed it. Scored two bullseyes in my first game - educated guesses about a mid-20th Century Russian soldier writing graffitti in a ruined building (1945), and when basketball shorts were at their shortest (1984). The ones where you had to guess mainly based on clothing had an American bias though, but good game nonetheless.
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