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  1. Talking to boys at Bangkok Massage last night they were closing up shop with no place to move. Today a different story. Seems they may have found a place in Patpong. Story developing.
  2. Bangkok Massage at the moment has no plans. I asked a couple of boys there the other night where will they go. They said no jobs lined up but will look when the place closes. Bangkok Massage and XBoys have same ownership. Some rumblings that they were looking at something in Patpong 2. I don’t take to much stock in this rumor just yet. Some long term XBoys staff have found new jobs, so it doesn’t sound like they were waiting around for something to happen.
  3. FreshBoys Twilight is moving upstairs over Banana Bar Soi 4 in a partnership April 4. FreshBoys Patpong will remain open.
  4. Last nights rumor is that XBoys will be closing next week with no replacement. Some boys have found new jobs at FreshBoys Patpong.
  5. Rumor I heard Monday night is there will be no more Maxi’s
  6. I use them quite a bit, but I’ll be honest, I never noticed the reviews or the option to do a review.
  7. Waiters and Mamasans are part of the staff.
  8. paulsf

    BKK newbie

    A lot of us have 1 bedroom condos. Why would a hotel suite be any different. You always need to be aware of your surroundings but I wouldn’t be concerned about a hotel suite.
  9. paulsf

    Info on X Boys

    Ignor him. He’s not going to throw you out and have you arrested.
  10. It’s definitely a pain and going to be time consuming. But it’s not much different than now needing to give passport info for SIM card, or the immigration landing card asks for phone number and email addresses. They’re going to keep track of us one way or an other.
  11. paulsf


    Many people do come for the shows. Gogo’s can be empty before and after shows. 15 minutes before show times many people arrive. One of the most asked questions from people is What Time is Show. I understand it’s different for some of you that go every night , have seen the show and don’t need to see it again. But many of the customers are tourist and come for the shows . If you don’t want to see them it’s easy to avoid that hour.
  12. Better yet. Go to Bangkok Saturday night and get hotel room near airport. Takes all the stress away.
  13. Thanks for the fun report. I missed seeing you this trip and as you know I’m good friends with many of the cast of characters in your report. Made me feel as if I was there . I’m sure we’ll meet up on your next trip. Soon.
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