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  1. Air France announced this week it is phasing out it’s A380s by 2022.
  2. I’m with you. Aircraft type is important to me. I’m doing less Business now and more Premium Economy. 777’s are good for this. Lots of room.
  3. I’m one of those “high maintenance “ Americans. Courtyard is about as low as I’ll go . I’ve never stayed at any of the hotels that are talked about in these posts, other than the Tarntawan many years ago. For the last five years I’ve been staying in condos. In the end they are cheaper than even the low end hotels mentioned here. Much quieter, much cheaper and never any issues taking people home with you.
  4. I live in Florida. Florida residents get discounts at many of the states tourist attractions that non residents don’t get. So I don’t see an issue with Thais getting discounts over us.
  5. Probably FreshBoys Patpong. Sometimes Screwboys.
  6. Welcome back. I’m sure a couple soothing massages and an off or two will make you forget any of those rants.
  7. All the gogo’s accept credit cards for off fee’s. Though Im sure you will always find the small place that won’t. There are a couple that will let you charge boy tip as a last resort to not getting a sale. Though boy will be delayed a day or two in getting his tip. Things changed a lot this past year as most places now have computerized cash registers.
  8. To answer your question, Yes, credit cards are pretty widely accepted in the bars and gogo’s . As mentioned by the responses above, most of the forum members here will use cash. But the younger generation is starting to use plastic. I had a conversation recently with a couple people in the know and they said on busy weekends and holidays when many tourists in town, credit card sales can be almost 50% . Most places have brought in computer cash registers in the last year or so. I used credit cards a couple of times in the last couple weeks. Everything posted fine. I use cash 99% of the time, but have no issue using plastic anymore.
  9. I went to Prince Wednesday about 5pm. There was a girl there with her boyfriend. She was getting lots of attention from the guys behind the glass. There were several boys that weren’t quite as interested. These were the gay boys. Made it easy to pick one. When I arrived it was quite busy . When I left no customers and a lot more guys back behind the glass.
  10. Many of the boys called their friends back home and said all the new venues will be larger. There was a bit of new hiring, lots of new faces. Now the Songkran Holiday period is over and it’s starting to slow down. We need to wait another month or two and see how it works out .
  11. I’m the other way around. I think to much planning and overthinking gets in the way of a fun evening. So many times you think all day of the guy you will off, only to find he isn’t working tonight. I’ll go out tonight and see what’s going on in FreshBoys, if nothing go over to LuckyBoys. Many times you plan on a guy then get inside bar and see a hotter guy. Nothing wrong with a little game plan, but don’t over think your evening. Your here to have fun, leave your day planner back in your office.
  12. First, thanks to Michael for giving me a call saying he would like to see some of the changes going on in Patpong now that Twilight is closing down. We usually meet up at Maxi’s and then head off. The meeting up point now being changed to ...... need a new Maxi’s. I’ve met up with a couple other forum members at Banana Boys Bar on Soi 4. It works ok . Hot Male is still open in Twilight so we decided to meet there and then walk over to Patpong. Arranging the bar hopping was quite simple. I know Michael would prefer to skip shows. Schedule works great for those of you wanting to ship shows.. FreshBoys 2. Show at 10. LuckyBoys show at 10:30. Screwboys show at 11. We went to FreshBoys at 9:30-10. LuckyBoys 10-10:30. Screwboys 10:30-11. Time to have drink , meet some boys, have some fun. Leaving Screwboys at 11 gives you an hour to go back to a favorite bar before the midnight shows start, or just take the boys you have accumulated home with you. Michael was surprised that all the new places were just steps from each other. Hot Male will be opening soon and next to FreshBoys Within 2 minutes you can be at all these new Patpong clubs. We didn’t plan on going to Dreamboys, but standing out front talking to some friends for a few minutes, it appeared to be full with customers and several shirtless boys were wandering around out front. More places should have shirtless boys out front than old Mamasans luring us in. To me these places have been somewhat show dependent. During Songkran weeks, places were overflowing with customers. Now for last couple of weeks, 15 minutes before show time very few customers and as show starts, customers arrive. Show ends and many leave . Many here on the forum don’t like the shows, but they do draw in customers. Thanks Michael and another forum member we met up with in Screwboys. It was a fun Saturday night.
  13. No, he is saying Arena in Silom and Surawong many massages places with some hunks.
  14. The new Hot Male is upstairs next to Freshboys.
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