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  1. For Vinapu. Sign in door saying “We’re Shut” has been replaced with new sign saying “Opening August 8”
  2. I start out in Miami so I understand long east coast trips. Delta has been the worst. ANA and Japan Airlines have been having decent fares this summer and now showing signs of coming down for fall. My last two trips I booked Japan thru American code shares for really good fares. Fares change constantly. Most people have more important things to do than check airfares all day long, but if you do for several days you can come across some deals.
  3. September 15 is traditionally the date airlines use to start to drop fares for fall and winter from summer fares. I noticed a couple of good price drops this weekend for late September, October and November. They will come down a bit, but maybe not as much as we’re used to till fuel prices drop.
  4. I’ve been using Airbnb for the past 10 years. My trips are more than a month. Stays over 30 days are legal. Stays less than 30 days tolerated. Some places won’t accept less than 30 days. It’s up to management. Police don’t get involved. Most rentals include utilities and now more and more places are getting smart tv’s which is a nice touch. I like having separate bedroom..putting clothes into the washer in my kitchen isn’t much of a chore. Cleaning can be an issue. Most condo owners have a cleaning person. Every 2-3 weeks I’ll have someone come in and do a heavy clean. I pay $15. Place I usually stay has security guy and he could care less who you bring back. I get swimming pool to myself during work hours as most residents are at work. If I was only staying a week or two, I’d probably stay in a hotel. For me Airbnb works best, I only stay in a hotel on my arrival night , which is usually around midnight.
  5. There is something in the air with KMan Spa. That staff is very sexually charged.
  6. Its unfortunate they built a people mover between terminals because you like to walk ?? I find that quite selfish. Not everyone is a world class jogger. Elderly, disabled, family’s with small children. Just an example of some that might find train a big help.
  7. paulsf


    When he says No and you keep pursuing, when does it turn into harassment?
  8. Hot Male has two bars. Upstairs right outside where the stage is. Downstairs to the left of the stairs as you go up. Directly opposite Dreamboys. Ask any of the doormen at the bottom of the stairs, they will point you in right direction.
  9. It’s the bar street level across from Dreamboys. Also the bar next to it. If your walking up the stairs to FreshBoys, it’s to the right. Is Vietnamese owned. It’s the one that has single pool table. Great street views from there.
  10. A reason why many of us spend months instead of weeks in Thailand.
  11. I live in a city with 3 strip clubs. It would take 10,000 baht to take someone home from here. If I could get them for 2500 I’d spend less time in Bangkok.
  12. I have a couple of friends that went and also had a good time.
  13. I only stay at Airbnb’s. Your correct they don’t give exact address until you book, but I’ve never had an issue where the pre booking location wasn’t correct. My experiences the map location has always been in the correct neighborhood within a couple of blocks. If you see something you like you can contact the owners and they will usually give you the street name.
  14. I went to Kman several times in the last couple of months. If you go and want the VIP room it’s best to call ahead to have them hold it for you. It was always on use when I was there.
  15. You just missed me. I was in Bangkok for the last couple of months. Holding court at Hot Male with several other forum members. I just got back home in the US last week. Hope to be back in September for a few months. A little follow up to those that like the Vietnamese guys. When I arrived there were only a couple that stayed in Bangkok during the Covid break. About a month ago several started showing up, Thai Pass and all. Now it seems a few more are arriving weekly. As Min mentioned most of them are from the same area in Vietnam. The boys here get word to those back home that it’s getting easier to come thru Laos now . Most of the arrivals worked in Bangkok before the shutdown. But there are a few new arrivals. Also it appears the bar downstairs in Patpong between FreshBoys and Hot Male is Vietnamese owned.
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