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  1. It appears the Night Market is open tonight.
  2. And if you had made this post first instead of telling me I’m wrong we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I mostly agree with your second post.
  3. And I just live down the street from Patpong and know what I see. (And hear) So absolutely true.
  4. They may technically close at 2, but if customers still there they will keep going till they leave or police come along and say time to go home.
  5. Why are you only reading stories from people that don’t get what they want. Go back and read many of the stories here in the forums of all the fun times that most of us have. Most of the boys speak enough English to get your point across. If you start your trip with negative thoughts that’s what will happen. Most of us get on the plane with happy thoughts of all the fun we’ll have. You will have a negative experience, just don’t dwell on it., just move on. Lots of boys waiting for your arrival and to show you a fun time.
  6. For what it’s worth, it’s Thursday morning and the sun is shining. ☀️ as I head to the pool.
  7. If your basing a trip to Thailand on the price of a drink, now is the time to go…. The US Dollar exchange rate is so good, everything will be much cheaper for you and you’ll feel like your drinking for free.
  8. It was open when I was at Hot Male last night. They closed just after midnight.
  9. I’m flying Miami Bangkok tomorrow in Business. Fare is lower than I paid back in March. There are some good fares if you spend some time looking.
  10. Appears so. Opening next month .
  11. For Vinapu. Sign in door saying “We’re Shut” has been replaced with new sign saying “Opening August 8”
  12. I start out in Miami so I understand long east coast trips. Delta has been the worst. ANA and Japan Airlines have been having decent fares this summer and now showing signs of coming down for fall. My last two trips I booked Japan thru American code shares for really good fares. Fares change constantly. Most people have more important things to do than check airfares all day long, but if you do for several days you can come across some deals.
  13. September 15 is traditionally the date airlines use to start to drop fares for fall and winter from summer fares. I noticed a couple of good price drops this weekend for late September, October and November. They will come down a bit, but maybe not as much as we’re used to till fuel prices drop.
  14. I’ve been using Airbnb for the past 10 years. My trips are more than a month. Stays over 30 days are legal. Stays less than 30 days tolerated. Some places won’t accept less than 30 days. It’s up to management. Police don’t get involved. Most rentals include utilities and now more and more places are getting smart tv’s which is a nice touch. I like having separate bedroom..putting clothes into the washer in my kitchen isn’t much of a chore. Cleaning can be an issue. Most condo owners have a cleaning person. Every 2-3 weeks I’ll have someone come in and do a heavy clean. I pay $15. Place I usually stay has security guy and he could care less who you bring back. I get swimming pool to myself during work hours as most residents are at work. If I was only staying a week or two, I’d probably stay in a hotel. For me Airbnb works best, I only stay in a hotel on my arrival night , which is usually around midnight.
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