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Found 21 results

  1. I watched, the very anticipated, "Call Me by Your Name". I read the book this summer and liked it a lot. There has been a lot of hype about the release of the movie and I was counting the minutes until it was released. I was worried it would be a let down, but, it wasn't thanks to Timothee Chalamet's performance. What an amazing young actor he is. He is practically in every scene and he never drops the ball. He brought memories back of my own first love experiences and the agony that involved. Armie Hammar is the perfect foil. He's the unobtainable American beauty. Tall, blonde, masculine, confident, and extraordinarily handsome. Decades ago, I had an experience with a very handsome guy who was way beyond my league. However, one crazy New Year's Eve, we consummated our friendship. It's an experience I'll never forget. For an art house film, it never becomes too "literary" or "artsy". A beautiful summer in Northern Italy, which is the perfect setting to have your first heartbreaking romance. If Chalamet doesn't receive an Oscar nomination it will be a travesty!
  2. who is going at Maspalomas Fetish Week (Gran Canaria- Spain) October 5-13th ??? i will go there october 10-13th and sllep at Basement Studios. Bob HSLUT french gay sexperformer exhib fetish bottom versa (defined 170cm 62k) hslut@hotmail.com
  3. Have you ever visited Thermas 1087 (formerly Thermas Senador) in São Vicente, adjacent to the city of Santos, on the coast of São Paulo State, about a 1.5-2 hour drive from São Paulo city? Being verão (summer) right now, I figured that the "Baixada Santista" coast of São Paulo might attract a sizeable number of gay guys looking to escape the sometimes oppressive heat of São Paulo city, particularly on weekends. Do they have garotos de programa at Thermas 1087? Or is this strictly a "client-client" gay sauna? I did a search on BoyToy.com and was unable to find any references to this termas. Additionally, I did a Google search and not much came up other than Thermas 1087's website and FB page. FWIW, here is a link to the Thermas 1087 website. And here is a photo of one of their gogo boy dancers from the Thermas 1087 webpage:
  4. Love, Simon is a charming movie where a straight actor pretends to be gay in high school. He struggles with coming out, and when it does happen, it is nothing like he expected. This is a feel good movie about a gay leading character by a major studio. The gay character does not die in the end. I liked the movie, but cute Nick Robinson does not have a gay vibe about him. I suppose that if they made the same movie starring a dorky gay guy it wouldn't sell, so I should be thankful that Nick took the role. The audience over the weekend was 58% female, according to Variety. Response to Love, Simon has been quite positive.
  5. Hi, everyone, I am an Asian-American guy in my 50's. I am interested to know more about all aspects of life as a gay mature expat in Thailand as information that could help me with my plans to retire in Thailand, most likely in Bangkok. All information is needed and so appreciated. Eg, what is a good area so live at (Silom, Sukhumvit, Sathorn, Chidlom?), how do I meet like-minded people as platonic buddies that I can chitchat, hangout, hunk hunting together with (Tawan being my favorite place)? How-to and pros and cons of finding a hunk guy for a boy-friend? Things to watch out for, etc. I am well educated, friendly, sensible, sincere, down-to-earth, financially independent, "presentable", and would like to know people of similar qualities for non-sexual, sincere friendship, and nothing more (including no physical, legal or financial relationship/involvement). I will be in Thailand in February and would like to know if there is any gatherings for people like myself? Thanks a lot! G
  6. Decided it was time for me to post about some of my experiences in the Philippines. But as this is a first post I will keep it an overview... I have been visiting the Philippines for over 12 years. And in that time I have fallen in "love" with the Country and the Guys!! My first trips where for exploring, and I generally flew to Manila. Visited Manila, Baguio, Mindoro, Boracay, and Kalibo. All interesting and beautiful places. Particularly Klibo, where my Pinoy friend took me to see the Ati-Atihin Festival. Then I met a wonderful guy who lived in Cagayan de Oro, on the big island of Mindanao. So off to there!! We were good friends for many years. But then he got sort of weird. I think he actually has Bi-Pol-er Disorder. Sad to say I invested money in some of his future schemes and they never came to fruition. But I always enjoyed CDO. Great seafood, great river rafting, not so good beaches, and other great guys there!!! If you go be sure to take in the Night Market on the weekends!! From Mindanao I enjoyed adventures to Iligan City (where I met a handsome young man who was actually in love with a Ladyboy. I also met her), and to Gingoog, and Camiguin Island (a must do if you are on Mindanao). Oh, and Malaybalay, up in the mountains. The home of another friend. Next on my travels was Davao City. Back then it was very safe. The then Mayor Duterte ruled the City with an Iron Fist and his Death Squads!! I fell in love with several nice guys there. And ended up putting three through College. All are now working overseas. Also went to Gen San, in the far South. Very nice!! One of my guys from Davao Family had a problem and they had to move to Surigao City, in the North of Mindanao. He and I have been friends for 9 years. So I have made several trips there and across the water to Siargao Island (the surfing capitol of the Philippines). HAHAHA not much to do there except surf. but we did find a wonderful small Thai Restaurant. Too spicy for my friend but heaven for me!!! Now, for the past several years I go to Cebu City on the Island of Cebu, also in the South. It is much better than going to Manila. Many things to do. Only sort of bad traffic. Beaches are close. And a good jumping off location for other places on the Island. Try Panglao Island and Bohol, Bantayan Island (unspoiled new Boracay), the Camotes (very very QUIET), Moalboal with its stunning White Beach, and Oslob to swim with the giant Whale Sharks. I have also gone from Cebu City down to Puerto Princess City and to Sabang Beach to tour the Underground River. Sorry have not gotten to El Nido. So I can say I have had many wonderful adventures in the Islands of the Philippines. Still a long "bucket list" of places to visit. If you have any questions, just ask!! As they say "Ingat and Paalam"!!
  7. Details of some of the Massage places I’ve tried, or plan to try, during my current trip. Classic House Massage ——————————— Address: Tha Pea Road, Soi 4. Phone: 053 904 582 Web site: www.classichousemassage.net Directions: Easiest way to get there is likely to be Uber. Otherwise take Tha Pea Gate from Old City and head down Tha Pea Road to Soi 4 on right. It’s a couple of hundred yards down on left and fairly well signed. Although you can get to it walking North from Loi Khro Road, it’s a pain in the ass unless you have GPS on your phone and even then the splits in the alleys can lead you astray. Common Massage ————————- Address: 27/4 Hussadhisawee Road, Tambon Changpuak, Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai 50300 Phone: 062 252 2562 Web site: www.commonspa.com Directions: Easiest way to get there is likely to be Uber. Set destination for Hussadhisawee Soi 3. The Massage house is on the left side of Hussadhisawee Road about 20 yards past the junction with Soi 3 heading away from the Old City. Diamond House Massage ———————————- Address: The address on Facebook doesn’t appear current and the web site isn’t up yet. I will update if I find it. Phone: 053 272 437 Web site: www.diamondhousemassage.com (currently not working) Directions: if I find it I will update it. Marn Mai Massage ————————- Address: Chang Phuak Soi 2, Chang Phuak Rd., Chiang Mai Phone: 053 358 187 , 0897788385 Web site: www.marnmai-massage.com. (WARNING - The map on this web site has South at the top which makes it somewhat confusing to follow.) Directions: Easiest way is going to be Uber. If walking then take Hussadhisawee Road and walk up right hand side. A short way after passing Spicy Thai Backpackers take Changphuak Soi 2 on right hand side. Follow it until it curves and splits. Don’t take the immediate split down the back of the houses, walk the few yards to the front. Marn Mai Massage is 50 yards or so on your left. Mar Spa ———— Address: Sirimangklajarn Road Soi 3. Phone: 053 221 121 Web site: Supposedly www.marspa.net but this does not work. Directions: Easiest way is Uber but if you are walking, take the Huay Kaew Road (NW corner of Old City). Walk for about 600 yards, past Central Plaza Kad Suan Kaew until you hit Sirimangklajam Road. Walk down to Soi 3 on left hand side and then walk down Soi. Marspa is on the right and is signed as Mars (and not very well at that. If you get to House of Male (gay spa/sauna) you’ve gone too far. Of the other massage places, Sanctuary Spa appears to still be open (053 280 349) but no other details. 69 Club and Paradise Massage would appear to have closed recently. There may be others around but I haven’t found them yet and I think, as everywhere, they pop up and close down regularly.
  8. Guest

    Trip report Bali

    Was back to Bali for the first time in around ten years. I have to be honest i didn't really enjoy the gay scene the first time and felt it was the same or worse this trip. The couple of bars are over run by drag shows and there are only a couple of places to go. The selection of guys for me wasn't great but if you like more macho types or hunky it might be for you. I am a twink lover and find it pretty lacking in that regard compared to Thailand. There are one or two diamonds in the rough but few and far between. I don't mean to sound like a downer Bali is a beautiful place to visit and has a lot to offer but as far as the gay scene if this is one of the higher priorities on your to do list you may be disappointed. I also found the boys sort of pester you in the bars even if you do your best to not make eye contact or show any interest. One night looking at the bars was enough for me. The gay beach was pretty dead as well and not much to report there. In that area is a small gay guesthouse called zenformen. The owners were really friendly and they have a small pool and the rooms are small but looked nice enough. They are a good source of information should you happen to be in the area. The pool is in a courtyard and has paintings of naked men with big cocks on the walls around the seating area. i am guessing if you had some company with you that the pool could probably become a very worthwhile way of having some small private parties. I already had a pool villa in Seminyak that was very lovely so my partner and I just had a staycation as we aren't really big into the beach. There are some fantastic restaurants around and I recommend the Slippery Stone in particular for a small spurge. The settings inside are like a Greek palace the place is pretty incredible. It isn't cheap but it isn't over the top expensive either. It is Greek food they serve and i would get the mixed grill and let the owner recommend things. He knows he to do the real deal and all of his stuff is pretty good. So as you can see my rant about a restaurant is about as long as my thoughts about the entire gay scene. Lovely place and worthwhile destination but bring a Thai boy in speedos and rent a pool villa. The architecture of some of the villas i stayed in is some of the best you will find in the world and good value for the price. The Balinese are very hospitable and I was pampered very well in my week in Bali. Most of the villas will actually have a cook prepare breakfast in your room made to order and I really enjoyed that touch. The eating scene in Seminyak is quite good as well. Not much else to add we just stayed in the villa, lounged in the pool ordered Japanese snacks from the restaurant to our room and picked a new place each night for dinner. Sounds boring on paper but it was a hell of a good time. I like Bali much more than many parts of Thailand gay scene aside. I spent one night in a villa near Ubud which was lovely but a tad too isolated. Again if you bring your own company maybe it would be great but if you aren't driving staying in an isolated place however how beautiful it is may get costly ordering all your food and drinks from your hotel. I found the price of car with drivers to be relatively expensive for distances travelled. i think Bali is a place to go with a decent budget i wouldn't want to slum it. Alcohol and wine is rather pricey as well, beer is still cheap. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any.
  9. For my next trip to LOS, in October/November, I'm thinking of wandering a bit further than my usual haunts of Pattaya and Bangkok. I'm currently thinking of spending a couple of weeks in Chiang Mai. Anyone with experience there, can you recommend gay friendly hotels or resorts? Also, is two weeks too much? Would appreciate any recent experiences. Thanks.
  10. Guest

    Prince Sauna

    With difficulty, we found Prince Sauna last night. It's a nice enough place with a glass window to keep the masseurs from lunging at you. There were plenty of them, and they were plenty masculine. Minimum tip on an hour massage is 1000 baht. Oil or cream ran almost as much for the room. I chose Bee, who took me to the room and left me there while I showered. He then came in, showered, and my one hour cream massage began. The legs got the most attention, but soon there was massage in between them. Bee seemed to want me to show the goods fast, and I guess I did, since when we were finished only 35 minutes had gone by. He is nice looking, and got hard, but I am not sure why.
  11. Greetings!! The name's Daz! I'm a noob on here, so apologies if this is not the right place to post this message in the first place! So, I'm an Indian chubby bear, going to be in Pattaya from 20th Dec till the 3rd! I'm into chubby bears myself but at the end of the day its all down to chemistry. I'm coming with a straight friend! so he won't be joining me for any of the shows/cabaret events and such. Soo simply put, I'm looking for a friend, a companion, whatever, someone who could join me for an evening of drinks and such. Secondly! Which are the good bars to go to? i'm more into the just sitting down, watching the telly and people watching kinda guy lol. Haven't gone clubbing in years!(feel more old when i go in one and see the 20 year old odd younglings lol) Anyways! Hope to hear from someone! Y'all take care and have a good day!
  12. I'm thinking of making a trip to Thailand (probably BKK, maybe also Phuket) later this year and in preparation, would love to hear about the wildest things other members have done or fantasized about doing in Thailand. I am recently single and want to take advantage of my single status with a real blow-out trip. About me - I do love massage and have experienced a few 4 hand massages that usually ends up disappointing. I really get a thrill out of trying/doing things I have never done before. I did read about one spa in Silom that provides a lingam massage - sounds like it is almost therapeutic, but that is definitely a spot I'm interested in trying.
  13. The Dave Man Club Pattaya enjoys nurturing a unique meeting point for Pattaya visitors and residents to have fun. A fun Disco with all that you would expect and yes don't arrive too early or you might be very lonely. Please tell us about your experience and do not forget to post some photos. Information Address: 356/4 M.10, Pattaya, Thailand 20150 Phone: Mr.chain. 0836937763 Opening Hour: Mon – Sun 10pm to 6am Website: http://www.thedaveclub.com/portal.php Picture of The Dave Man Club
  14. Guest

    Phuket "escort" ?

    Does anyone know this guy, he used to work in Phuket ? i had sex with him in July '15 and he's a great bottom, looking to fuck him again but seems not be in Phuket anymore, any guys knows his where about ?
  15. Guest

    Nudism in Thailand

    How about nudism in Thailand? Are there nude beaches? Are there people living nude at home? Where in Bangkok or close are some nude resorts or nude community, if any? How much Thai people are interested in naturism and nudity?
  16. Hi - In May, I'lll be in Pattaya for two weeks conducting research. I've never been to Thailand, so any pointers on where to stay would be helpful (cheap and close to activity is always good). I'd like to find some other gay foreigners to hang out with. My research involves the ladyboy scene. I'm not attracted to ladyboys per se, but if you are, that's cool (I might ask you a bunch of questions and acknowledge you in my book if you want); if you're not, all the better, since I'd also like to find other gay/bi men to explore with.
  17. Hey everyone! Hope y'all doing good. Been a long time since i posted here (even though i'm lurking almost daily.) For the first time in almost 2 years, i will have around a 10 days of vacation next month and i'm planning on going to Pattaya/Bangkok (living in Chiang Mai right now but the gay scene here is at the moment 70% dead.... really boring.) The last month have been a very difficult one for me (my friend died at full moon party because she got stung by jellyfish, uncle died, boyfriend left, etc) so i'm basically looking to meet new people, change place and try to have some fun. The last time i been in Pattaya was in 2013 so i guess alot of things changed since then. I have a budget of around 25-35k baht (hotel/transportation paid.) Basically, what i would like to do is: - Meet with other people and make new friends around a good beer or a good meal (preferably foreigners since it's more easy to talk about a variety of things and our love for thai guys). - Organize a party somewhere - Meet twinks fem thai type boys (not too feminine though...) Ya that's basically that. I mainly would love to meet new friends and socialize and meet twinks thai boys. So if anyone of you in either Bangkok - Pattaya - Phuket have any suggestions (go-go, bars, spa, whatever) please let me know. Thanks!
  18. Hi Admin Please List our new male massage establishment WaterNest Spa in Gay Bangkok listing. " May we invite you to explore a plethora of services including signature massages & revitalizing body scrubs dedicated to awaken your senses & lift your spirits higher. Choose from any of 13 private rooms found in our 6-level building. " Visit us at : WaterNest 20/11 Sukhumvit 39 Klongton nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand Call us to Book O: +66 88507 7074 M: +66 02259 4374 Our website is www.waternest-thai.com and facebook account is www.facebook.com/waternestspa
  19. Guest

    International students

    Hay guys I'm 20 years old from Indonesia, Arrived in bangkok last week, still have few friends and not easy to explore bangkok Any International students here ? whos up for drinks and friends I live in ramkhamhaeng, nasa vegas apartment,
  20. Guest

    Pattaya Hook-ups

    Ok folks I have been in Thailand for 13 years now and Pattaya for 8. I can speak Thai and despite being a bit of a sperm pig I am a very nice, chilled easy going guy. I am into hooking up for a beer and helping you with information about Pattaya or anything else you need. I'm not really into the bar scene etc so I don't go out that much but also get bored so that is why I am willing to meet guys for a beer and conversation etc. I am hoping that this thread can be used for guys wo want to meet other guys here in Pattaya and not just for my personal gain. Maybe someone doesn't like me but still wants to post here to hook up with other guys, that is cool as well. If you just want information you can also ask it here and if I can help in any way, I will.
  21. Happy holidays, everyone [media=560*315] [/media]
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