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  1. Well mine hasn't gotten any bigger over the last 30 years
  2. Trick is to switch off the air con as you go to sleep (I keep the ceiling fan on). Consequence is the boys feel hot and throw off the duvet cover, a happy sight to wake up to the next morning 😂 Actually most boys seem to sleep with their pants on but still .....
  3. TikTok is full of short clips of such wrestling bouts between young men in tight leotards - very alluring! Once you start clicking 'like' on one, they keep popping up on your feed. All quite legit, but they can stir the imagination! 🤣 v09044g40000cipshmbc77u96o58qcng.MP4 v10044g50000ci18vq3c77ufps0khrl0c.MP4
  4. My next holiday is still a little over 3 weeks away, but now seeing those clips it can't come fast enough. That last boy I am in love (lust) 😂
  5. Reading all this with bewilderment! What have I learned? That 'our side' always tells the truth, 'your side' always tells lies! 🤣 We clearly have a lot to be grateful for on our side of the 'pond'! 😂
  6. I now do both, there are two advantages in being able to bottom as well as top. First, all money boys are now potentially open to you in the bars and apps. Not many straight tops will bottom, but a large number of gay bottoms will also top if requested. Second as you get older (I shall be 70 next year), I frankly haven't the energy and libido to be able to top as often as I used to be able to do. So now when in Pattaya I will probably do two short-times a day, one as top and the other as bottom. I am happy, the money boys are happy: win win! 😂
  7. Dismembered by chainsaw, bagged and stored in a working freezer unit - I am waiting for the police to declare that it was 'suicide'? 😂
  8. Me too! haha Perhaps this will help the 'what is a twink' debate? v0f044gc0000ch4og5jc77udju7hhe00.MP4
  9. Yes especially now in low season when the boys seem to vastly outnumber customers, you will be spoilt for choice, with many happy memories (and happy endings!) to be made. That said I have about 10 more weeks to wait until my next holiday!
  10. Not until mid September and then only for three weeks
  11. Good Lord have we reduced ourselves to commenting on each other rather than on the boys? 🤣 I can't really play as I have not met most of you including olddaddy, But vinapu I have met - he is the genuine article and a nice guy - although our taste in boys differs somewhat 😂
  12. Vessey

    X boys

    I have never stayed for one of their Karaoke sessions, and those were slow to return after Covid. No suggestion that they had resumed them even this last January while I was there. The DJ with the microphone I too would have found intensely annoying, But a line-up of 'twink-girlish types' would be enough to get me there - DJs notwithstanding! 🤣
  13. I wish him every success, but does he really believe that the Generals will simply roll-over and allow him to take charge?
  14. Think part of the problem is that the boys sitting with customers complain that the AC makes them feel too cold (they certainly have to me in the past), so my guess would be that it has been deliberately turned down rather than failed.
  15. Posted on Winner Boys FaceBook page today. Looks like they are doing better than ok That's a great line-up!
  16. Is there any free and open democracy in SEA?
  17. That should read 'and cum and go frequently at Nice Boys' 🤣
  18. I still harbour this secret fantasy (well perhaps not so secret now), to be sat on a chair on the stage at Nice Boys for a bukkake session from all the boys. 😂 It would have been possible in the old Good Boys, in fact I witnessed it being done there (also reports from the boys about a customer who wanted a gang bang there one night - I believe they closed early to enable that). But back to my fantasy - I guess Nice Boys is the only possibility left for a bukkake session left in Pattaya now I bet Dui or Mark could organise it for me next trip if I had the courage to ask them? 😇
  19. Buy them a drink and they join you on the seating where you can play with their cocks - I tip 100-200 for that dpeneding on how long I do it and whether I suck them or not as well. They will usually ask 'you want me to cum?' If you nod or say yes then they will either wank themselves off or you wank (and suck) them off and when they cum they expect 300 baht. The chuck-wow contests on stage are 300 baht in the pot for the winner. But I have seen guys load the pot with a lot more than that sometimes. Last holiday I was there one night when two younger amerian guys had opened a whisky and were smoking weed, and put a 1k note in the pot for the first one on stage to cum, and again for the second lad to finish, and thereafter 500 for each boy to finish (one twice haha). But the going rate is normally 300 baht for a cum. I have never been in the booth myself, but its sides do offer more privacy. So if I wanted to get my cock out as well, that would be the place I would go 😇
  20. Interesting thread and a sure sign that I am getting older in that I had absolutely no idea what all these descriptors or labelling means; not that I am a fan of labels or categorising people at the best of times 🤣 For all practical purposes 'working' boys I meet in their various 'work-places' in Pattaya, are either gay or straight, and if they are straight just how 'gay for pay' are they? More practical still, do they top, bottom or are they versatile? So when the hung young guy banging your ass in your room at night says that he can only stay short-time as he has to get back to his wife and children, it suggests price tags might be more appropriate than sexual labels 😂 So much easier to try and live and let live without judgement 😊
  21. I remember Chet, lovely boy, claimed by the army lottery before Goodboys closed, and resurfaced in A-Bomb for a while just pre-Covid, but I haven't seem him in the last couple of years. Nice Boys remains one of my favourite bars and I too contribute heavily to tips, chuck-wows and offs while I am there, although drink prices at 200 baht are not cheap, but for cock-play there is no other bar left in Pattaya quite like it. It is no place for the shy, either boy or customer; shy boys dont last long and shy customers flee to the safer havens of boyztown. There are certainly a variety of cocks and cock sizes on offer in Nice Boys, some dissapointingly small, one or two eye-wateringly big. Some just drop their jeans and pants to chuck-wow, while one or two just get fully naked and dance around the bar. If you have never been it is certainly an experience 🤣
  22. In the past, a horny customer, a willing boy, and the boss/mamasans have always found a room somewhere in and around the Complex to do the deed! It's just not something they can openly advertise for obvious reasons. Its a shame its not like the Soi 6 (Pattaya) Girl Bars that almost all have three or four short-time rooms above each bar where there is regular footfall up and down the stairs.
  23. These days, as I get older, I am happy to spilt my time in Thailand between partners where I am wearing the condom, or where my partners are wearing the condom. Occasionally I can find a versatile partner where we can both switch/switch as the session progresses. I would say, that a boy with great smile melts me like nothing else.
  24. My oh my, used condoms all over the place! What a den of iniquity! haha My few visits to this club suggested something far tamer, a successor to G Star on the same site, and before that Nab. Basically dance clubs with customers sitting at small metal tables drinking overpriced whisky or whatever. The only condoms in view were the usual ones on the cocks of the 'big cock boys' performers as they danced on stage. If you were seated, or could get up, close to the stage and be offering sufficient whisky shots and tips to one of the dancers he might just allow you to cop a feel of his condomed cock for a few seconds, but that was about as debauched as it ever got. Audiences were mainly Thai, and mainly, but far from exclusively, male, so I guess some drugs would likely be found, Sounds like a typical 'tea money' raid to me?
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