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  1. Another interesting thread Olddaddy, especially as I am even older at 68 and I am preparing for a 4 week trip in September, my longest ever. I usually do between 2 and 3 weeks, but now, almost fully retired, I have the opportunity to stay longer and wanted to see how I would cope with a longer stay both financially and physically. I am overweight, but not obese, physically active but no gym slave. I live a celibate life alone at home and drink moderately maybe once a week. Yet get me over to Thailand and I am trying to pretend I am a 20year old again, drinking and partying most nights and shagging at least two or three times a day. And when I first came here over ten years ago I could, and I did. But age is slowly catching up on me and, if I am being honest, I am slowing down. And that manifests itself in my sexual activities; let me explain. I do more threesomes, no seriously! . I am usually one of two 'tops', and although I participate, these days I am personally more of the warm-up act rather than the 'main event', and end up watching as the other top pounds the ass off the hapless twink of the night (usually my boyfriend - he loves it!). I love oil massages and their happy endings, but now it is mostly HJs and BJs (although not always ) and not always to orgasm, but I still love the teasing massage experience, and I love making the boys cum. I can still fit in at least one or two short-times a day, but increasingly I am happy to bottom. The pornstar sessions of yore when I am pounding the ass of a beautiful twink in various positions to a mutually happy conclusion are becoming less and less common each trip. In fact if I can actually cum once a day I am more than happy. But I still absolutely love being with naked, horny, young Thai guys less than half my age even if they don't have to work quite as hard to earn their money as they did a few years ago. And of course it is not just the sex, I am having to learn to moderate my drinking and partying. I try not to start drinking alcohol until after 10pm at night, although I am often still fairly drunk by the time my boyfriend and I make it back to the room, but now its often a case of shower and sleep rather than shower, sex and sleep. But although, as I get older, my holiday activities are slowly evolving, I still have an absolute blast! and look forward to my forthcoming trips with much the same excitement as I did ten years ago.
  2. Throughout all this thread it seems to me three areas of delusion are emerging. First, - 'wouldn't it be nice if everyone else took the same approach to money boys in Pattaya/Bangkok as I do'. Second - 'wouldn't it be nice if everyone else paid and tipped the money boys the way I do'. And the third - and this is the real killer - is the delusion that a handful of active BMs on a small internet forum could materially alter the complex, and at times delicate, economy of the money boys and bars across the two cities. Even if we all agreed - which clearly we don't. I have the money I have, I am as generous as I can be with the money I have, and am realistic about what I can do with the money I have. I have less money than some (clearly!), and perhaps more money than others. Any yet the boys and bars of Pattaya continue to welcome us all; which is why we love the place and keep coming back
  3. THere is a certain etiquette to this, or at least I would like to think there is; probably naively. I too have occasionally had the 'alpha males' deliberately trying to muscle-in on boys I was sitting with; it is annoying but also a test on the boy. If the boy is clearly distracted by the said alpha male, then he probably wasn't the right boy for me anyhow. Does dent the ego, but I am usually surrounded by alternatives. It has also worked the other way for me. I have gone into a bar to meet-up and off one of my regulars to find that he is already sitting with a customer. This has happened to me several times with one of the more popular boys in Winner Boys, Dah. Disappointed I will sit with my drink and look for an opportunity to make eye contact with him if he hasn't spotted me first. He will usually make an excuse to go to the toilet, and either make eye contact again as he does so and either smile or give a discrete little wave, or else he will swing by me on his way back and very quickly say if he thinks his current customer is just there for a drink, or maybe a possible off. So I either stay and wait my turn, or move-on accordingly, as Dah usually calls it correctly. But I echo the advice that the boy isn't yours for the night until you have offed-him and his off-fee is sitting in your bin. On the other hand I often go into a bar and just want a boy to sit and drink with, and I usually tell the boy/mamasan (so that the boy understands), that this will just be a drink or two and if he sees a potential customer come into the bar, he is entirely free to say goodbye to me and go and try and get an off elsewhere. Doesn't happen very often, but I would feel guilty if my drink and usual 100 baht tip spoiled a boy's chances for a short-time.
  4. If they were not too busy in Eros Bar, and by special arrangement in Good Boys, you could get fucked in the bar. Not done so myself, but witnessed it several times in Eros Bar, and had it reported to me in Good Boys. Both bars are closed now, and, as far as I know, that is no longer possible in any of the current Sunee Bars.
  5. This thread is getting toxic - which is a shame. A couple of observations if I may please: Lets keep with my experiences in Nice Boys in Sunee Plaza and take one boy in particular, Dui, who I have been seeing a few years now on my regular holidays to Pattaya. If I off him and take him back to my room, I pay him 2k baht. An exPat friend who visits the bar a couple of times a week, only pays him 1,000 baht to go back to his apartment. And if my long, long time feels horny at any time and wants this lad to come and fuck him in his room, he pays him 200 or 300 baht. Different rates from different folk to the same boy for essentially the same service, but Dui is happy with all his 'customers'. Secondly, how much you pay a lad for a Chuck Wow, or a short time, or whatever sexual service, is, for me at least, only part of the equation. It's also about how you treat the lad while he is with you, the respect you show him, the little kindnesses you show him. Taking him out to eat, to drink, or to party in a karaoke bar, or whatever?; showing him a good time while he is with you. I have a small gang of 'regulars now' from various bars, some gay, some straight, but lads I have known for up to six or seven years now and we frequently go out of an evening together. I believe I pay them reasonably, perhaps a little too reasonably sometimes, but although I remain their 'customer', I like to think we are also friends. But, if we are friends, it is as much to do with how I treat them as how much I pay them
  6. I can only comment on the suck and tug bars of Sunee Plaza. Nice Boys will serve as an examplar, For Chuck Wows to finish, assisted or otherwise, 300 baht is expected. General handling of the goods, even the odd taste, 100-200 is expected. Anything in excess would no doubt be appreciated, but certainly not expected. Nice Boys Bar still has plenty of boys and no shortage of customers. (The old Goodboys and Eros Bar was also 300 baht for a Chuck Wow - rising to maybe 500 if they reciprocated for you; or 1k plus if they fucked you in the bar as well.) Winner Boys is less hands-on, but the occasional Chuck Wows merit the same level of tips. I am not aware of any Chuck Wow bars in Jomtien, or even Boyztown now?
  7. Although the Observer is primarily a champion of the left, so I find their views unsurprising. The current system has two advantages: First it usually provides a clear 'winning party' that is able to form a reasonably stable government for its term of office (although dependant on the size of its parliamentary majority). Secondly each constituency elects its own member of parliament who is accountable to those people living in that constituency - some MPs are better at that than others. But generally they make themselves available to their electorate to advise on their problems. Labour and the other smaller parties are keen to change the system, largely, I suspect, because, historically, they 'win' far less often than they believe they deserve to. No system is perfect, but when I look across the pond at the political system there, I am glad that I live this side of it.
  8. I am looking forward to this and to comparing experiences as I was also able to get to Thailand and Pattaya in April.
  9. Bravo @vinapu an epic trip report and I enjoyed every day's account, I was particularly impressed that you never dwelt on any minor setbacks and disappointments and instead got on with the business of enjoying the next day to the full; that should be a lesson for us all on how to get the most out of our holidays.
  10. Wow that customer was nervous. My own personal rule is not to try and touch their cock until they are touching mine, but why, at least, did he not ask the boy to remove his towel?
  11. Did someone mention cute twinks? Feel free to send any my way - but only if they are cute though 🤣 But tell them they will probably have to wait until September
  12. In the straightforward, no extras (normally) massage shops, either staffed by ladies, or more often by a gender mixture, the staff do get a % of the cost of the massage. I used to go to one of the bigger ones on Second Road opposite Alcazar (now closed-up) to see a Cambodian boy who I took a shine to. Oil massages there were 300 baht, of which he got 100 baht. He said most farang customers would leave a personal tip after a massage, however he said that was far from the case with some other groups of visitors, some leaving perhaps 20 baht, or nothing at all, especially after foot or head massages. He and I gradually developed a scale of bigger tips for extras (he was straight and with a GF working in the same shop), culminating in 'full service' visits to my hotel room (sadly he is now back in Cambodia). But, like I said, that was for the basic - no extras - massage shops. I can understand in those gay massage shops where extras are regularly offered, even expected, that the boys survive mostly on their tips alone. Although that said, it wouldn't surprise me if many/most boys got a basic hand-out for turning up to work. My regular boy at Scandic got 100 baht a day providing here was here by 8pm and stayed until closing - although that was pre-Covid, but I would also be surprised if such an arrangement wasn't back in place to encourage boys to turn-up?
  13. Actually I disagree with that for the simple reason that Sunee is exactly a dark and out-of-the-way sort of place. In Winner Boys it is still possible to have discrete, but 'very intimate' conversations with the boys; dark corners for dark deeds, so to speak, and even occasionally with 'happy' conclusions to those conversations. Not as 'in-your-face' as the more openly 'hands-on' that you get in Nice Boys, but still a level of customer/boy 'intimacy' that you never see in Jomtien Complex, or in Boyztown now for that matter. They can get away with it in dark, forgotten little Sunee Plaza, but I just can't see that model being allowed anywhere else in the gay areas of Pattaya - I would love to be wrong on that but .... Sunee Plaza and Winner Boys (& Nice Boys) is still worth regular pilgrimage. Winner Boys might not be as packed-out with customers as it could be, but free of Covid restrictions, it can still be a nice modest little 'earner' for its boss and its boys with its current level of traffic.
  14. I am 68 and far too old for these sort of places, but my long long time drags me off to them notwithstanding, but the saving grace is that by the time I am heading there, usually post midnight, I am getting happily drunk, and when they close (about 2am, Hollywood is usually even earlier), and I am being dragged to a karaoke bar (smaller rooms, even louder music), I am usually sufficiently inebriated to just stand there with a happy smile on my face taking in the boys and the atmosphere 😅 until I am led back to our room to sleep for what's left of the night. 14.68 vid 02.43.mp4 (Friendly Club Karaoke - about 3am haha)
  15. At Scandic Massage near the Second Road entrance into Boyztown, you choose your boy from outside, you go inside the shop with him to the cashier at the far end where you are told '1,500 baht for massage and sex with boy' and you pay that up-front - an 'all in' payment so to speak for massage and a shag 😅 I found out later that the boy himself got half that, so I would usually give my regular lad an extra tip in the room - but that certainly wasn't expected. Royal House Massage, I was told that, aside from the massage payment, that the boy would expect 1,000 baht tip and I recall noticing that as the massage commenced there was a condom and lube put ready and my lad (no English), just completed the massage, and without a word, put on the condom, lubed-up and got to work! 🤣 I have had a lad at a massage shop behind Tukom seemingly delighted that I gave him 300 baht after a successful hand-job - he assumed at first that that was me just paying the 300 massage fee. At Soda Massage in Jomtien Complex, I give 1,000 for mutual blow-jobs and happy endings, and up to 2,000 if penetrative sex took place. In Foxy Massage, just up from Soda, a gay boy there specifically negotiated 2k for me to shag him at the end of the massage. But in most cases, I have usually negotiated with the boy as to what he would do and how much. For me negotiation time is when the back massage is complete and I have turned over and my little flag-pole is waving happily at him.
  16. A couple of updated pics from their FB page: (boys dancing in their pants - wonderful!) (Nam, the bar's little superstar; just the perfect twink and a happy and fun-loving boy) Bars like these desperately need professional or semi-professional pictures to promote themselves. The girlie bars fill their FaceBooks with enticing pictures that are regularly updated. Why are boy bars so reticent?
  17. Soda Massage always been good to me; variously had HJ/BJ finishes and 'full service' finishes. Mostly gay boys there. Same Foxy massage around the corner, had several 'full service' massages there which were excellent. Even had one of the Foxy lads back to my room in April for a more relaxed 'full service' massage. Gay and straight boys there. Both places know exactly why you have chosen them to visit for your massage 😂 Always had the full hour in both places and usually a well managed hour to ensure you get both a decent massage, and also ensuring that when you 'turn over' you are visibly good and ready for the extras to follow! 😅
  18. Dragon Man Club seems typical of these sort of late night clubs of which there seems to be a few in Pattaya reopening now.. I have been a couple of times in April, once when it had a small audience and just a DJ, the second time when there were the soda water shows and guys in translucent pants (when wet). I remember the old Nab Club best as that was between Soi 5 and Soi 6 and easy walking/staggering distance of my hotel. It seems to me they are mostly aimed at a Thai audience, although farang buying bottles of whisky to share out always seem welcome haha. The are mostly places where you go with friends to continue the party when the main bars have closed for the night. Where you go to chat (despite the volume of the music), dance and admire the dancers on stage. The boys in the audience often circulate between tables, garnering whisky shots as they do so. You are far more likely to meet and off a boy from the audience than you are from the stage, as the stage dancers are mostly eye-candy. So going with friends, getting drunk with friends, dancing with friends and admiring the big cock boys on stage; it makes for a great 'end of evening' (unless you go to the karaoke bars even later). I am a fan of them, 'Dragon' included.
  19. Several; some mostly gay boys, others, like Royal House Massage, mostly straight boys.
  20. Not my pics - I only wish they were, just borrowed from the bar's FB posts.
  21. Looks likely to be one hell of a party planned, just wish I was there Tonight (17th and tomorrow 18th I believe) Would love to hear any reports if any of you drop by? https://www.facebook.com/Athomebarjomtien https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=3101524343398308&set=pcb.3101526123398130 It would seem that other bars in the complex are joining, these are from JQK Bar,
  22. Plenty to choose from as vinapu says, but some are staffed mainly by straight boys (Scandic for example) and others by gay boys (Soda for example) which will usually dictate the nature of the 'extras' on offer.
  23. That is good news reader, Face masks seem increasingly pointless, although if it is only 'advisory' .....
  24. Inside their pants when I can, although one diminutive twink on stage in Cupidol in Boyztown seemed a little hesitant, and when I pulled open his pants to stuff the note inside, and take a quick peek inside of course, the poor lad had a ball of scrunched-up toilet-roll down there to 'enhance' his allure on stage 😂 (didn't put me off offing him on future occasions)
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