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  1. Toyboys itself is also currently full of Chinese customers, male and female; something they have deliberately encouraged over the last few years. Its signage is part Chinese/part English, and, importantly, they have at least one Chinese speaking junior mamasans to welcome them inside and keep an eye on them inside in terms of drinks and choosing boy companions off the stage, etc. The consequence is that they are usually busy and bustling most nights, whereas elsewhere in BoyzTown the boys are reporting a dearth of customers. My boyfriend is based at Pikky Bar and frequently video calls me from his 'welcome' table out in the soi and showing me scenes of an empty soi. BoyzBoyzBoyz opposite him is busy he reports, 'but all Chinese', he says. His bar and others around him seem all but empty. My spy in Classic Boy Bar says they are also hurting inside through lack of customers. Toyboys seems to have achieved critical mass at the moment. A steady flow of customers encourages a stage-full of near naked boys who get drinks and offs, which in turn encourages the customers to come in, etc. etc. My little spies in the bar say that there is also a steady flow of 'new' boys to bolster and refresh the numbers on stage each night. And, ironically, drink prices at Toyboys and BoyzBoyzBoyz are eye-wateringly high compared to their neighbours.
  2. A new bar opened yesterday in the Jomtien Complex on the main arm of the complex in part of what was Dolce Vita restaurant, and adjacent to the snicket there that leads towards the Zing Hotel. A young Thai boy boss, Golf pictured below. The map is not mine of course, but Golf annotated it for me to show where his new bar is located. New Boss, the young 'Golf'; a lovely lad who used to work in JoJo Bar. I got to know him quite well on my last holiday and I wish him every success! 😍
  3. You tease 😂
  4. My recollection in January was that it was 800 baht if you offed boy from outside, but only 500 baht inside if you bought a drink, although they were over 200 baht so not much in it! hahaha. My problem was that I had fallen totally in lust with one of the new lads and was offing him several nights at a time over several weeks, and that got expensive even without his 2k a night LT fees. 🤑
  5. A date for your diaries, for those of you lucky enough to be in town (wish I was )
  6. Those side tables have their advantages! The boys often line up on stage naked, but holding a large sheet in font of them to provide a teasing show when you face them as their erect cocks push out the sheet . But from the side you can usually see very clearly those same cocks in the gap between sheet and boys! Worked for me several times hahaha. Toy Boys is, for me at least, the No 1 agogo in BoyzTown and a happy mix of twinks and hunks. Usually a happy atmosphere in there with everyone having fun, customers and boys. The boys also like the bar as there is usually a steady stream of boys being borrowed for the night. I have had more offs from that bar than any other in Pattaya, including several that have become much loved 'regulars'. Just a shame that the drinks are so expensive haha. Also in BoyzTown, Classic Boy Bar (used to be Cupidol) is a twink heaven. Pikky Bar is a quieter open bar, several well know faces seem to 'retire' here from the other bars, but a great place to relax with (a much cheaper) drink and watch the world go by. Good to see you making it to Nice Boys in Sunee, it remains the last 'hands-on' bar for mutual HJs and BJs in Pattaya, and the boys are far from shy! hahaha.
  7. Excellent, a welcome break from all the American politics threads! So the the first one is kinda appropriate from my side of the 'pond' haha.
  8. A long standing fantasy of mine and a thread that surely screams for pictures!
  9. This has to be excellent news, and there must be a percentage of visitors who are gay or gay curious. Yet so many of our boy bars complain about lack of customers. My boyfriend in BoyzTown often video calls me from a seemingly empty BoyzTown. Elsewhere, Soi Bukhao, Soi 6, Walking Street, etc., are booming. I saw for myself last month how busy they were most nights. There could be many reasons for the lack of gay tourists, but I would suggest that one of those reasons is that most gay establishments are utterly hopeless at self-promotion on social media or elsewhere. On the other hand you cant keep some of the Soi 6 Bar managers off social media - they are promoting their bar and their girls every day. I would suggest a second reason, in BoyzTown at least, is the horrendous beer prices in the bars, Toy Boys for example now wants 300 baht for a small San Miguel Light. The sadness is that Gay Pattaya has so much to offer, and so many stunning, willing boys to entertain us.
  10. Trouble was that I was so busy checking-out the boys that I wasn't really listening to the music haha
  11. Vessey

    Nice Boys

    One or two are unfortunately endowed, but a few have real whoppers including several of the new boys
  12. Vessey

    Nice Boys

    Racking my brains, I think all the examples I have seen (and indeed participated in) are customers sucking the boys. Being mostly straight boys, most of them would be reluctant to reciprocate - at least in public, they have their image to maintain amongst their peers! haha. Usually just the boy wanking, with your assistance of course, but mutual wanking certainly available, and usually to completion.
  13. Vessey

    Nice Boys

    I have been going to Nice Boys for a number of years now. I have also offed a number of boys over those same years, some for extended periods. This bar is no place for the shy; boy or customer! Its arguably not quite as raunchy as it was pre-Covid, but it remains the only gay bar left in Pattaya that routinely offers the same levels of 'hands-on' (indeed even 'mouth-on') activity in the bar between customer and boy. Not as cheap as it was in terms of drink prices, but still great value. I love the place; long may it thrive! 😍
  14. I echo that, Dicks Cafe was excellent, good food well presented. It is very popular and sometimes we struggled to get a seat. Think it is closed on a Monday. My only gripe, and it is a small one, is that you can order, starters and mains, but they often bring them out almost randomly when they are ready, especially when the place is very busy.
  15. I do a lot of threesomes. Some boys I already know work happily together. But generally my MO is to pick the boy that I want as second, and we discuss and then invite the third. Sometimes in a bar there are a number of boys around the table and I might just jokingly point at two of them and count 1-2-3 on my fingers and see what their reaction is. Sometimes it is just laughed off, sometimes it is met with enthusiastic nodding, then it is 'game-on'. I also find it helpful to have discussed with the boys who might do what to whom? The first time in the room for a new threesome might be a bit slow as the boys are often shy of one another. But with the lights lowered, and a little gentle direction from me and it usually works out ok, although obviously some better than others. Once a threesome has been established it usually just gets better and better. Perhaps with food offered afterwards as they chat and get to know one another. Winner Boys should be excellent for threesomes, established boys like Nam and Bank are usually totally at ease with them, Nam in particular is usually very proactive in getting the 'party' started!
  16. The last two holidays I have stayed at the Zing for a number of days. Good clean, basic hotel with a nice pool. Guest friendly and ideal for 'boy shopping'!
  17. I don't think any of the bars in the Jomtien Complex have official short-time rooms, But if you are feeling the need haha, then a conversation with the boss might just find you a corner upstairs to do the deed? Can't promise that every bar could/would be helpful, but a lot would be
  18. Latest batch of pics from the Winner Boys FaceBook page. Having visited the bar several times last month I can confirm a number of new boys and overall a more lively and positive vibe about the bar than I remember for a number of years.
  19. Reviving this thread as Winner Boys' recovery continues, and my spies tell me that they are holding a New Year's Eve event on the 31st. Sadly I shall miss it by about 5 days
  20. At a quick glance they seem to loose their virginities earliest in the colder countries?
  21. Somehow boss Beer still manages to get a steady flow of handsome young new recruits to her bar. Although not all can handle the in-bar service requirements 😂 My boyfriend and I were completely smitten by one new lad called Chon last September and we offed-him long-time for about 12 days straight until the end of my holiday. Just hope he is still there in January 😍
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