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  1. I wish him every success, but does he really believe that the Generals will simply roll-over and allow him to take charge?
  2. Think part of the problem is that the boys sitting with customers complain that the AC makes them feel too cold (they certainly have to me in the past), so my guess would be that it has been deliberately turned down rather than failed.
  3. Posted on Winner Boys FaceBook page today. Looks like they are doing better than ok That's a great line-up!
  4. Is there any free and open democracy in SEA?
  5. That should read 'and cum and go frequently at Nice Boys' 🤣
  6. I still harbour this secret fantasy (well perhaps not so secret now), to be sat on a chair on the stage at Nice Boys for a bukkake session from all the boys. 😂 It would have been possible in the old Good Boys, in fact I witnessed it being done there (also reports from the boys about a customer who wanted a gang bang there one night - I believe they closed early to enable that). But back to my fantasy - I guess Nice Boys is the only possibility left for a bukkake session left in Pattaya now I bet Dui or Mark could organise it for me next trip if I had the courage to ask them? 😇
  7. Buy them a drink and they join you on the seating where you can play with their cocks - I tip 100-200 for that dpeneding on how long I do it and whether I suck them or not as well. They will usually ask 'you want me to cum?' If you nod or say yes then they will either wank themselves off or you wank (and suck) them off and when they cum they expect 300 baht. The chuck-wow contests on stage are 300 baht in the pot for the winner. But I have seen guys load the pot with a lot more than that sometimes. Last holiday I was there one night when two younger amerian guys had opened a whisky and were smoking weed, and put a 1k note in the pot for the first one on stage to cum, and again for the second lad to finish, and thereafter 500 for each boy to finish (one twice haha). But the going rate is normally 300 baht for a cum. I have never been in the booth myself, but its sides do offer more privacy. So if I wanted to get my cock out as well, that would be the place I would go 😇
  8. Interesting thread and a sure sign that I am getting older in that I had absolutely no idea what all these descriptors or labelling means; not that I am a fan of labels or categorising people at the best of times 🤣 For all practical purposes 'working' boys I meet in their various 'work-places' in Pattaya, are either gay or straight, and if they are straight just how 'gay for pay' are they? More practical still, do they top, bottom or are they versatile? So when the hung young guy banging your ass in your room at night says that he can only stay short-time as he has to get back to his wife and children, it suggests price tags might be more appropriate than sexual labels 😂 So much easier to try and live and let live without judgement 😊
  9. I remember Chet, lovely boy, claimed by the army lottery before Goodboys closed, and resurfaced in A-Bomb for a while just pre-Covid, but I haven't seem him in the last couple of years. Nice Boys remains one of my favourite bars and I too contribute heavily to tips, chuck-wows and offs while I am there, although drink prices at 200 baht are not cheap, but for cock-play there is no other bar left in Pattaya quite like it. It is no place for the shy, either boy or customer; shy boys dont last long and shy customers flee to the safer havens of boyztown. There are certainly a variety of cocks and cock sizes on offer in Nice Boys, some dissapointingly small, one or two eye-wateringly big. Some just drop their jeans and pants to chuck-wow, while one or two just get fully naked and dance around the bar. If you have never been it is certainly an experience 🤣
  10. In the past, a horny customer, a willing boy, and the boss/mamasans have always found a room somewhere in and around the Complex to do the deed! It's just not something they can openly advertise for obvious reasons. Its a shame its not like the Soi 6 (Pattaya) Girl Bars that almost all have three or four short-time rooms above each bar where there is regular footfall up and down the stairs.
  11. These days, as I get older, I am happy to spilt my time in Thailand between partners where I am wearing the condom, or where my partners are wearing the condom. Occasionally I can find a versatile partner where we can both switch/switch as the session progresses. I would say, that a boy with great smile melts me like nothing else.
  12. My oh my, used condoms all over the place! What a den of iniquity! haha My few visits to this club suggested something far tamer, a successor to G Star on the same site, and before that Nab. Basically dance clubs with customers sitting at small metal tables drinking overpriced whisky or whatever. The only condoms in view were the usual ones on the cocks of the 'big cock boys' performers as they danced on stage. If you were seated, or could get up, close to the stage and be offering sufficient whisky shots and tips to one of the dancers he might just allow you to cop a feel of his condomed cock for a few seconds, but that was about as debauched as it ever got. Audiences were mainly Thai, and mainly, but far from exclusively, male, so I guess some drugs would likely be found, Sounds like a typical 'tea money' raid to me?
  13. Sadly Nab has closed, but Dragon Club on the old GStar site near Hollywood is mostly gay. Sinlapin Isan is huge and welcomes everyone and very popular with my gay friends. The list of karaoke bars is almost endless - all the gay boys you meet in Pattaya or Jomtien will have their favourite and will happily let you take them there haha. So no need for research really, let the boys do it for you. Best to go as a small group, you, your boy and at least one friend. Karaoke bars, certainly the larger ones, are more clubs than true karaoke bars, and they can get expensive if there is a group of you all drinking whisky and calling down boys from the line-ups to party with you. But they are huge fun!
  14. Pattaya is full of clubs and karaoke bars; not many that are exclusively gay, but many that usually have a substantial gay customer base, that only come alive from about 1am and then until about 4am or 5am.
  15. Really useful thanks, I have been to Koh Larn a few times now but clearly I missed out on so much that I could have seen or visited, In terms of any night-life, especially our side of the fence, I guess we need to bring our 'entertainment' with us as you did?
  16. Me too, although Harrison Ford is now 80! (I didn't believe it until I just googled him), so I suspect his 'stand-ins' are going to be kept busy. 😅
  17. That's not great, but at least they were inside on stage rather than sitting out in the dark outside. I just hope things imrove
  18. Two observations if I may please, I think we can get far too hung-up about the term 'boy', it is universally used in Pattaya to describe the young males who work in bars, clubs etc., in just the same way that 'girl' is universally used to describe female staff/workers. Even though some of my 'boys' are now approaching 30 years old. At home in England I go out to the pub at night for a 'drink with the boys', I would never say going for a 'drink with the men' - just sounds weird even though most of us are pensioners now haha. Second is that occasionally a bar or club will have one or perhaps two boys on their staff in the 16-18 age range. They rarely admit that but instead simply insist that they don't 'go' with customers; instead they serve as eye-candy for drinkers in the bar. Caveat Emptor! Any boy agreeing to go back to your room should have an ID Card or passport that clearly shows their ages. My hotel checks those IDs on arrival. Its relatively easy to ensure that you play safe in order to stay safe. 😇
  19. Yet another relaunch of Winner Boys 1st November which I hope will prove a more enduring success. In September the bar was ready inside but the few boys stilling outside again - very disappointing. Usual 'chicken/egg' problem. No boys so no customers: no customers so no boys. January before I am back again. I just hope that this time it will work better as I believe some boys will be on salaries/retainers this time?
  20. My TV watching now goes back 60 years and there are lot of programmes that I have enjoyed, but the ones I remember with particular fondness are the ones that made me laugh, some have already been mentioned, Dad's Army, Yes Minister/Prime Minister, Blackadder, but I would add, Men Behaving Badly, Last of the Summer Wine, It Aint Half Hot Mum, and The Carry On Films. But also as others have said, I very rarely sit and watch TV now. I might put the news headlines on for a few minutes each day. Otherwise I tend to watch DVDs or something off NetFlix depending on my mood and how much time I have.
  21. I have had girls on Soi 6 offer to rim me in the past, but no boy has ever offered, and I have never asked. I do try and trim/shave my body hair before each trip, but even so I can't image that my old ass is an inviting prospect for any boy. On the other hand I love to rim the boys, especially when they are almost hairless, and the gay boys often ensure that their asses are smooth. And indeed a gay boy arriving to be shagged has usually scrupulously cleaned his ass already and is freshly showered. I love it, and quite often feel the boy grinding down onto my face as I do so suggesting that my efforts are being appreciated. The straight boys usually (but not always) present quite hairy asses and that puts me off.
  22. Always a mix at X-Boys; most of the big cock show boys are straight, but also plenty of gay twinks amongst the basic dancers. Someone for everyone perhaps? 😅
  23. I have used Issan Flowers several times in the past to have roses delivered to the bar in Soi 6 were my then sweetie worked. They take a nice big picture on delivery, which she then had plastered all over her FB for days. Anything that makes her co-workers a little bit envious. https://www.isanflowers.com/component/page,shop.browse/category_id,15/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,2/ Think the gay boys in particular would love the packages with flowers, chocolates and a Teddy. The more gaudy and oppulent looking the better! 😂
  24. Seems to me to be a 'holding-position' to keep the court happy. I would not be surprised if we had not heard the last of Gen Prayut yet.
  25. Our confidence and comfortableness with social interaction is a complex area and people make a profession out of trying to sort it all out for us. In my simple world there are two types of people and if both go to a crowded party, one will be the life and soul of the party, whilst the other will be found 'in the kitchen'. For the most part you would find me in the kitchen at a party, an observer rather than a participant. Living alone doesn't help much with all this, especially post-retirement. Now decades of work have built up my social confidence, my ability to make conversations with people; but my default position is to be the one sitting quietly in the corner of the bar, but nevertheless enjoying the atmosphere and/or having a drink with a boy. So on my holidays I have been fortunate to be able to surround myself with farang and Thai friends who are much more socially gregarious than me, who encourage me join in, talk, get up and dance etc. And I love it!; in fact I look forward to the social interaction of my holidays almost as much as I look forward to the sex.
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