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    BL8gPt reacted to Pyrrhus in Trip report Bangkok, Pattaya January 2023   
    First time trip report- please be kind. 
    Arrived Thursday night/Friday morning. Flight was uneventful and we landed at BKK at about midnight. Took about 20 mins through immigration and bags were already rolling out. Picked up my bag and went to get a cab. Stall number 46 was my guy, and away we went. The driver was hauling ass most of the ride, and then slowed down to a crawl on the mostly empty highway. I realized he didn't know how to get to The Raya- (thanks Vinapu), despite me showing him the address in Thai. I whip out google maps and then direct the ride for the final 20 mins. Upon arrival, I suggest the driver should pay me since I did the navigation. He didn't think this was quite as funny as I did, but I tipped him well so all was forgiven. Checked in, checked the apps, and passed out.
    Friday- I decided to walk around to see what had changed since the pandemic. I walked past Green Massage to see if my guy was still there. It was relatively early, but there were only 2/3 people sitting outside, and my guy was not one of them. (When in Bangkok, I like to treat myself to a foot massage almost every day, as it's so cheap. I found a guy at Green that is great. Once, he convinced me to go upstairs for a full body massage, and it got sexy! He's not really my type, but he was so nice and eager, so I enjoyed the massage and the extras with him. Let's call him U. I figured he went back home during the pandemic and I would never see him again, but I went to check anyway. Hope springs eternal they say.) So, as I walked past the dog leg near Prime Massage, I am almost at Silom Road when I hear me name being called. Turn around, and there's U! He's a at Relax Thai Massage now- on the right after the dogleg. The guys there all wear black. Anyway, we hug and chat for a minute, and I tell him I will be back in an hour and get a foot massage. AMAZING start to Day 1. But I was on a mission so I continued on my way to: Foodland! I needed to get my favorite facial soap and they sell it there. I got the soap and some other things and check out. I was tempted to drop into the Unesco World Heritage Site 5 Michelin starred restaurant, but I had a foot massage scheduled and I needed to drop off my purchases. So we will have to save it's delights for another day.
    Foot massage was great, as always, and U would stick his hands up my shorts and tickle my balls every once in a while- I would smile and he would giggle. He's very sweet and I am glad he is back in Bangkok. We chatted about the pandemic and losing work for so long (I also lost work the entire time) so I could fully empathize. Massage ended and Ieft with a promise to return the next day for another. Paid and tipped and went to lunch at Mango Tree. I have a tradition of Pad Thai at Mango for my first lunch in Bangkok. I also wanted to see the situation on that soi, so I walked down that way after lunch. Couldn't really figure out what was happening with the new place Queen or New Twilight or whatever- confusing to say the least. Will need further investigation.
    Back to hotel to relax for a minute and shower as I was heading to Arena in the late afternoon.  I walked down Silom and into the plaza were Arena is. Went up and was met outside by the boss man. He said something as he opened the door, and about 20/25 guys all hopped up. I usually just pick a guy I like the looks of and see what happens. In this case it was a muscular guy who had a really great smile and seemed eager. So up I went with Mike. We got to the room and I took another shower. Mike comes in and he showers and is just as sexy naked as I thought. He speaks decent English and is nervously chatting and laughing. He tells me it's his first day, which of course I do not believe. But when the massage starts, I think- maybe it's true... Instead of a half-assed attempt at massage, I start to get pulled and twisted and pummeled as in a traditional Thai massage. This is unexpected, but very nice. The nervous chatter and laughter continues throughout. He also places little kisses and bites on my ass every once in a while- nice touch! About 20 mins later, he starts with the requested cream massage. This feels awesome and he uses his strong arms and body all over me. He grabs my hand and puts in on his nice sized rock hard cock. He then asks to fuck me- but I am a top so I say "I fuck you!"  More nervous laughter as he apologizes, but I say it's OK- no problem. We continue the massage and he starts to jerk me off and play with my ass. It's not gonna happen, but does feel nice. The ending was strong and I was sweaty. I get in the shower and he gets in with me and soaps me up and continues to grind on me and smack my ass- like we are in the locker room. He tells me several more times that I am the one to "open" him- meaning first customer. We dry off and get dressed and he playfully changes out my shoes with his- all the while laughing and joking with me. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for sure! Was I really his first customer? Or was that just more Magic of Thailand? I suppose there's no way to know, but it was a great afternoon.
    Back to hotel, short nap, and then off to get some dinner. I stopped in Hotmale Beer Bar and had a pint. Chatted with the guys there, then on to Soi 4, as I haven't yet seen it with life. It was hopping at about 8 pm! Went to Circus and had some fried rice and another pint. Then off to Dreamboys to see how it was. I loved Lucky Boys, so I was hopeful. Well- let's just say the guys weren't great. Seated in the back and left alone by the managers, and there were probably 25 other customers inside. There were a few guys that would be fine, but as it was early, I paid the outrageous sum of 500 baht for my beer, and ventured over to Hotmale upstairs. Only 4 other customers there. But i ordered a beer and there were some cuties for sure. One guy caught my eye, number 32. Cambodian guy, super cute, gay, and speaks good English! Score! He goes and gets his clothes and I pay for our beers and the bar fine and off we go.
    As it wasn't even 10pm yet, we walked back over to Soi 4, and a tout that I knew from BC (before covid) managed to pull us into Banana Room. The show was going on, so we were seated by the infamous Lucy. I am feeling generous, so I buy Lucy a drink, for old times sake. My Cambodian (S) enjoyed the show- said he had never seen it before. I also gave him a few red notes to tip the performers which he seemed to like doing. We watch the show and it ends with big cocks on the metal pole. Pay the tab and head out. 
    We dropped back by Hotmale Beer Bar for a nightcap and talked. S was very touchy-feely and planted kisses on my cheek and lips. Very friendly and fun. Paid up there and went back to the hotel.
    As soon as we get int he door, he drops his clothes. I ask if he wants a shower. No, he says. After, with you. Alright then. So we get into bed and he lived up to his promise to do everything. And everything we did. A really passionate and fun guy! We hopped in the shower after and went to bed. Snuggled all night then woke up and had a morning session. We got each other off again, showered and he left. So that's how my morning started on Day 2. He is a definite repeat.  More later...
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    BL8gPt reacted to Latbear4blk in RIO DE JANEIRO, FUCKSGIVING 2022   
    Yesterday, I went to Point with near zero expectations. I had spent the afternoon with Gabriel, and I was exhausted and satisfied. But I was a good girl, kept the pot away (I just had it with my breakfast), and shortly after 5pm I was heading to the sauna.
    Of course, it was too early. The boys were still arriving, the A/C was off, and the heat was uncomfortable as two fans were not enough relief. I guess sauna lovers do not mind, but I do not even know where the sauna is in the Sauna. About 6, Junior turned on the A/C and spread deodorant to kill the humidity stink, and things improved quickly. 
    Bruno arrived and joined to play enamoradinho with me. He is the hottest (to me) guy I had tried so far (yes, @floridarob, I can imagine him assaulting me) and, although I did not have the intention to have a programa with him, the making out was great. The place was getting full with boys, although not many clients were there yet. When Bruno went to the counter to get a drink, a tall, dark chocolate, breath taking beautiful man introduced himself (I am not sharing names any longer beyond the ones I already shared) with a firm shake hand and sat next to me. When I was trying to explain him that I was not sozinho, he started to kiss me. Damn, the boner was instantaneous.
    I would stop for breathing and trying to explain again that we had to wait until later, and he would skillfully eat my face again. Bruno returned, and rather that annoyed, seemed entertained with the situation. Soon he was leaving, and I asked to the beauty (we could not talk while eating each other mouths) what he was into and how much for a programa. Unsurprisingly he told me he was vers, and his fee was ... 100 Rials! 
    Five seconds later I was in the reception asking for a room. His performance was out of the chart. For the first time in my saunas' history, I stayed in the room for a double turn (each turn is 40'). We actually stayed 90', but in the reception they were flexible. I am not going to share details, but he delivered premium sex, and I am not talking about the premium sex I can have now that I am old and tired, but premium sex as in my Golden Years. (not) Incidentally, he is the first GP that I hire in this trip that identifies as Gay, and not as bisexual or G4P.
    I noticed the difference since the first kiss. If you ask me, I cannot explain the difference between the talented kissing of a Brazilian G4P GP and the one of a Gay GP. However, my dick recognized the difference. I am sorry I did not meet him last week (he told me he was in 117), in retrospective I feel like I have been waisting my money (sigh!)
    When I walked out of the cabin back to reality, the place was completely different. Everyone had arrived and it was packed with clients and boys. The boys were very diverse and it was the first time that I noticed so many Black GPs. I had sex with Gabriel earlier on, and I had been just drained up to the last drop by my new favorite, so I just seated to enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the landscape. I talked to about half dozen boys, all interesting. I am trying to find some room in the time I have left to make a group gathering in my place and take some pictures, but I do not think I will be able to.
    Now it is Tuesday morning. In a couple of hours I am calling an Uber to join my porn friends in a luxurious location one hour away from Copacabana, beyond Grumari. I am still uncertain whether I am staying with them overnight or returning to my humble nest to sleep.
    But there is not uncertainty about being at Point tomorrow.
    PS: the bill last night, with the double turn, my two caipirinhas and one water, and all the drinks I invited, was 300 Rials.
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    BL8gPt reacted to Latbear4blk in RIO DE JANEIRO, FUCKSGIVING 2022   
    Quick recap, as I found out that passive aggressive bitches in this forum are harassing my friends using the info I share here.
    Last Saturday, 202 was amazing. The Cabinas Liberadas event brought tones of clients and boys. I was exhausted and watching my clock to join a diner, so I devoted the couple of hours I was their almost entirely to flirting and mutual touching with Gabriel, Davin, and Bruno. I took a quicky in a cabin with Gabriel and then headed out. Short night, the bill was something like 130 Rials.
    I ran to call my Uber to go the diner in Satyricon. For those of you into fancy restaurantes, this is a nice spot in Ipanema. I was not paying and was tipsy after two caipirinhas at 202, so I do not remember the prices. I arrived late, it was about 30 people and ended in a side table with a subgroup of 6. I di remember I had a great time and my risotto was excellent. 
    My friends were all heading to a giant party, invited to the VIP by the hostess, a local drag queen with a following of millions. Not only this grandpa did not join them, but needed to take the whole Sunday off to relax. I am a maconha guy, and so many days drinking got me in need of recovery. I stayed at my base the whole day, sleeping and writing the post I shared later on. It was not only the over drinking and over sexing. Those who know me know that I am not very social and I was in need of a chunk of solitude. It was very appreciated. 
    Today, Monday, I just kissed goodbye Gabriel. He is not the hottest GP I met so far, but he makes me believe him (😉 @floridarob). I may see him in 202 today, if I am recovered.

    He brought me maconha, it is the first time I smoke since I arrived. He left me some. It is not the quality I am used to in DC, but it does work. It worked good enough to leave me lying down instead of going to the beach or to Centro with the boy, as we were planning. Right now I cannot climb to the 17th floor anymore, because the crew moved last Saturday to a new location, so I will stay in my nest for one more hour and then, I think, will make a visit to 202.
    I am happy with the post I wrote. Because of the malware challenge I stopped publishing for a while, and I am right now having excellent feedback from the people I like, and a lot of hating from those I do not. Exactly what I intended.
    I am crossing my fingers. If I resist the temptation to smoke more pot, I will be heading to 202 soon.

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    BL8gPt reacted to Latbear4blk in RIO DE JANEIRO, FUCKSGIVING 2022   
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    BL8gPt reacted to floridarob in RIO DE JANEIRO, FUCKSGIVING 2022   
    I look at myself naked before, during or after sex and know I wouldn't be into me, why should I expect a hot 20 something to be into me,  I don't have any delusions about that, they're just doing their job and if we get along personality wise, we have fun.
    When I was 20, 25 seemed old to me....now I'm 58 and have raised the bar to accept up to 32 yrs old guys 😝
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    BL8gPt reacted to Latbear4blk in RIO DE JANEIRO, FUCKSGIVING 2022   
    I am on vacation, biotches! I had expected my teleworking experience to be less stressful than it actually was. I have mixed feelings. On one hand it feels good to know that your physical presence makes a difference to avoid and manage crisis. On the other hand, it is a disappointment to learn that my plans to travel more are not going to be so easy to materialize. Anyways, I started my vacation yesterday at 6pm.
    Of course, after shaving and taking a shower, I headed to Point. I arrived about 7pm. The place was packed with boys and not many clients, indeed a client paradise, although the GPs were not as diverse as in top days. Most of them were twinkish and slim, but all of them were competing for a very small pool of clients. 
    Knowledgeable of the new design, this time I avoided seating in the stage area with all those wall screens. Instead, I sat in front of the bar. I was ready to start the parade, but Gabriel was there. My challenge then was completely different. Instead of managing how to reject guys in a friendly way, I had to deal with how to avoid Gabriel blocking me from the guys. It was easy, though, he understood immediately and I was anyway treating him with drinks.
    Just a few minutes after sitting to drink my water, I saw Bruno. I had seen him las Wednesday. When I was still checking the offerings, he showed up that day, came straight to me to shake my hand looking at my eyes and saying "prazer", and immediately walked away leaving me all melting. The guys is so fucking hot for my taste. I spent the whole Wednesday trying to recapture his attention, unsuccessfully. He is shorter than me, athletic slightly muscular, with perfect smooth skin, a beautiful manly face, solid rounded butts, and carrying a mesmerizing masculinity. 
    This time I did not want to miss the chance. I invited him to sit with me, I learned that he is 28 y.o. and versatile. I tried his kissing skills and once I knew he was the standard Brazilian kisser, I discussed our programa. 150 Rials as a top, 200 Rs as a bottom. 
    When the day is free cabins and you have to wait, I usually give my number to the boy and send him to the counter to sign up for a cabin and wait, while I stay flirting somewhere else. Yesterday it was not cabin free, there were very few clients, and so I went to get the cabin. I love the staff at Point. A very short lady by the counter recommended room 4 because she had just cleaned it up, and in a second I was back looking for Bruno.
    He was great. I was afraid that his versatility was just advertisement, but he willingly fought to get my dick inside without any inhibitions, and we spent most of the time in the cabin riding my dick. Gorgeous guy, he was trying to cum, but it was the beginning of the night and I did not want him or me getting done so soon (yes, I always take a consideration that the guys may have a long night of work). Although he fucked me with his ass with no inhibitions, and kissed me with talent, he failed at making me believe that he was into me. There was another con.
    Shortly after we departed ways, he started texting me begging for a second programa because he needed to make 400 to pay for his rent and there were not many clients. I was firm and friendly in my rejection, and fortunately he did not insist.
    When I ordered my regular caipirinha and sat back to chill with Gabriel, Davi arrived. He is the beautiful Black boy that connected with me by the end of last Wednesday. Although I dismissed him because I thought we were not a match, he is too hot to not give him a try. We had been in contact through IG and I was expecting him. 
    We quickly discussed a programa, he quoted me 150, and there I went for another cabin. In this trip I am avoiding to bargain, I am paying little enough already. If you remember my report, I was insecure about hiring him because he would not kiss me passionately. He had alleged that he was shy, and it was true. As soon as we closed the cabin's door behind us he started to eat my face skillfully. I think I did not leave a square inch of his perfect skin without licking and sucking. I knew he would bottom for me if I wanted, but when I interrogated him he shared that he does bottom when working but without really enjoying it. So we skipped penetration and have a long and hot session of oral sex. 
    I have not yet made a decision about paying the boys to take pictures as I used to do. I have not found a way to monetize my blog's popularity and my social media, and I do not think the pleasure I get from taking pictures is enough pay back for the investment. Let's see. If I decide to do it, Davi and Bruno would be candidates for models, but I do not think I would call them to meet and have sex at my place. Their performance was good, but just one step away to make me buy that they were into it. So far, although Gabriel cannot compete with them on hotness, he has been unmatchable as a lover. 
    When I returned to the bar area after Davi, the strippers and drag queen show was started. I have never enjoyed a Brazilian stripper. So far, all the guys I have seen are too muscular, bad dancers trying to dance, and not sexy to me at all. Last night it was as usual. Additionally, the two drag queens were duh. I do like drag queens when they are smart and funny, these ones did not qualify.
    But the place atmosphere had gotten better. There was more people, and the boys seem to be in a better mood. Unfortunately, after two sessions I was tired. Definitely I am  60 years very old. I stayed chilling with Gabriel and I would have taken another boy in, but the few ones I was targeting were busy. About 10:30 I decided to go.
    I rented two cabins, ordered two waters, one caipirinha, and an order of fries for me, two caipirinhas for Gabriel, a drink for Davi, and paid for Gabriel's admission. The total bill was a weird number, 333 Rs.
    Last Wednesday and yesterday, I had noticed a very hot man. I do not say boy because I think he may be 30 y.o. Spectacular body, very masculine, with medium long dreads, and a manly face with scars. He clearly sent me vibes, but I tend to prioritize boys in the low 20s. 
    Yesterday, he was leaving as I was, and passed behind me when I was paying in the counter. He waited for me in the stairs and, when I walked out, shook my hand and introduced himself: Aldo. Very nice. We walked together for two blocks up to his bus stop. Aldo told me that today is a special party with cabinas liberadas. Rhyheim invited me and all his crew for diner today, but I think I will join afterwards.
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    BL8gPt reacted to Latbear4blk in RIO DE JANEIRO, FUCKSGIVING 2022   
    I cannot wait to finish with my teleworking, today is the last day! Yesterday, the plan was having diner with Rhyheim and friends. When I was about to head to Ipanema where the restaurante was located, Big Bro texted me to cancel.
    I was left with no plan. We connected with the friend @Xclay when he was on his Uber towards 117, but as I said before I do not think I want to visit that sauna again during this trip. Thursday is not a good day for Point, and I was not in the mood to try New Meio Mundo. So I dove into Grindr to hunt for free or paid sex, whatever. When I found a couple of interesting candidates who were asking me for 300 Rials, probably because they noted my profile in English, Gabriel texted me. He was working at Point but, of course, it was a slow night.
    This is why I wanted to rent close to Point. 15' after he texted me, he was buzzing from my building reception. We had an amazing session. Evidently, last Wednesday he was tired and drained and yesterday was fresh. Passionate, demanding, locking our eyes while he would voraciously ride my dick, the boy is a finding.
    He left about 10, and I decided to read a book before sleeping. I brought to read in this trip A Life of Lust, Memoirs of THE Porn Star, by Kevyn Mines. You probably know the author by his porn name, Venom. I may write a review for the blog, it is an OK reading if you are a fan.
    About 10:30, I got a new text message from Rhyheim. He was inviting me to witness a gang bang scene upstairs. Of course, I dropped my book, grab a beer, and headed to the elevator. Their cameraman welcomed me, got a quick chat with Rhyheim and a couple of the boys who were not in the stage area, was assigned a safe area to stay on to avoid being accidentally framed by the camera, and the scene started to rol. 10 guys fucking Brazilian bottom @blessed_xboy. It was a lot of fun being in the backstage observing the interactions and porn tricks to build the staged fantasy. 
    My twits last night went out on real time. I share one above once I was back in my nest. Here you have another one:
    Hopefully, once I am done with teleworking I will have time to report on the experience. I have not published in my blog in a while, and now I have things to share. The guys ended working soon after midnight, all of them an amazingly friendly crew. I kissed them goodbye, and at 12:30 I fainted. Let's see what happens today.
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    BL8gPt reacted to Latbear4blk in RIO DE JANEIRO, FUCKSGIVING 2022   
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    BL8gPt reacted to Latbear4blk in RIO DE JANEIRO, FUCKSGIVING 2022   
    When I'm traveling, usually it takes me three days to land, adjust my expectations, and start having fun. This time I started in day 2. After what is becoming my regular daily visit to the 17th floor, I went to Club 117. By the way, please do not hit me through PM message asking questions about what is going on there. As I was sharing in PM with the friend @Novarunner, I must be discrete. All I am going to say is that it provides me with many opportunities to be in the right place at the right time, and enjoy fun with some of the hotties, besides the pleasure of their friendship.
    After a quick stop over there, I headed to 117. I never liked the place, and my opinion is not changing this year. It was full, but I did not see one single guy that was hiring material for me. But indeed the sauna was packed with muscular guys jerking off everywhere. I know most of you love these guys talking to you while they show off their hard dicks, but that is not appealing at all to me. Rather than worshipping these guys, I enjoyed feeling worshipped and no candidates were on sight. I ordered a caipirinha that was one of the strongest drinks I ever had, I was tipsy after the first sip, and as soon as I finished my drink I left. The show had not yet started but there was no point to stay any longer, and I do not think I will return, not during this trip. 
    I called an Uber, and joined Rhyheim & crew for diner at Fresh & Good in Ipanema. The food was really good, specially because he was paying for everything. I ordered there two caipirinhas that felt like water after 117's. Then we all called Ubers to go to our nests, except Rhyheim and Elijah who are lodging over there. 
    Once at my base, I was very horny after flirting with all the porn stars, and got into Grindr. Although I am surprised at the low number of hits I have been receiving (compared to previous trips to Rio and to Buenos Aires), soon a 20 y.o. cutie connected who was only 233 m away. I did not want to bring him to my place, so I went to his. He is renting a room in a 2BR apartment, but his room mate was traveling so we could fuck with no inhibitions, Brazilian style. So I close Day 2 with my first sexual encounter, for free.
    Yesterday was Point's day, my favorite sauna, and tried to finish with my teleworking earlier. I did not visit the 17th floor but went directly to the sauna and arrived about 5. It was full of boys but very few clients. It was too early. The party started after 6:30.
    The place has been redecorated since my last visit two years ago. I only hang out in the bar and stage areas, never go to the sauna or the showers. I like that now there are more places to sit comfortably, but I do not like the wall screens they placed all around the stage. It is too much light, I had to run away from my first chosen corner.
    I loved the atmosphere, as I always do on Wednesdays. There were many, many GPs of all sizes, colors, and ages. Shortly after I arrived they started to parade, introducing themselves to me and trying to get a programa. The first ones are never the hottest ones, so I just chat with them for a few seconds, and then I thank them for their time, I offer them a drink, and apologize for not being interested in a programa with them. The first ones did not even take my offer for a drink. 
    There were at least 6 guys I was interested in. My issue is that I am shy, and almost never make the first move. Fortunately, one of the guys I was interested in did exactly what I like. Instead of sitting or standing next to me stroking his hard dick, he introduce himself, hugged me and started to kiss me. 21 y.o., twinkish, define slim body, a typical Mineiro. His GP name is Gabriel. We had to wait 30' for a cabin. He asked me for 200R and I did not bargain, I am confident I could have gotten him for less. The sex was good, he made me feel that he was into me which is what I enjoy. We exchanged numbers and will probably invite him to my place to have a better experience.
    While he was by the reception counter waiting for our room, I stayed by the bar, flirted and connected with three more of my candidates, but just quick intros as I was committed. Once we were done with Gabriel, we had a drink upstairs where our cabin was, and then I returned to the bar. A beautiful Black boy that was in my list sat with me, stroking his dick. He was not comfortable kissing in public, first told me he was ativo and, when he noticed I was losing interest, switched to versa. I did not think he was a match, and let him go. A very nice Twink who was not my type but had invested a lot of his time on chatting with me, asked me for help to go back home, I was feeling happy and generous, and gave him 50Rs. 
    The show was on, the other two boys I had connected with were busy, and I was tired. So my night at 202 ended about 10pm. I had two caipirinhas and a water, and invited boys with at least two caipirinhas and several waters and Red Bulls. My bill was 215 Rs. The night before, I had pay 107Rs in 117 for only one caipirinha and one water.
    I arrived home about and fell almost immediately asleep, happy and loving Rio.
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    BL8gPt reacted to Latbear4blk in RIO DE JANEIRO, FUCKSGIVING 2022   
    I arrived yesterday to Rio. Both flights were packed with no one single seat available. I had been flying for several years in the extra room class, but this time I did it in regular tourist class. The drop in quality service was remarkable (American). In the flight from Miami to Rio they did not even serve breakfast, and I think they did not do it not even in first class. I have a good sense of smell, and I did not smell any coffee or bakery being reheated. 
    In the hope of having a free seat next to me, I booked the 13 row. It did not work. To make it worse, apparently it did get me bad luck. My rolling bag handler broke and (before boarding in DC my flight to Miami) I ended checking the bag to move comfortably in Miami. I will buy a new bag here.
    More airport bad luck. I was planning to settle in Rio's Admirals Club to telework, as my airbnb check in was at 3pm. Well, the Admirals Club was closed until 3pm, and the other VIP lounge I found would not take my Mastercards or visas to purchase a day pass. Remember, I was carrying my backpack and my bag formerly known as rolling. The most comfortable place I found was a Starbucks. So I spent my first hours in Rio sitting in a USA chain. 
    Close to my check in time I called an Uber and was in my airbnb in Copacabana at 2:55. The place was not ready, the host was still cleaning up the mess left by the previous guests. He came down to pick me up about 3:30, and I was able to finish my teleworking in my unit while he was finishing the cleaning. The apartment is better than it looks in the website's pictures, so I am happy with that.
    Additionally, an extra surprise that made this airbnb really extraordinarily good. I chose it because of its location, just a few blocks away from Point, my favorite local GP sauna. However, is better than that. When I was in the lobby, Rhyheim Shabazz texted me and we found out that I rented my little one BR in the 13th floor, while he had rented a huge top roof apartment to host his collaborators and film while in Rio. We knew we were going to be together in Rio, but learning that we would be in the same building was a huge surprise for both of us.
    When I finish teleworking at 6pm local time (4 pm USA ET), I took the elevator to visit the crew. I arrived in the middle of this scene.
    After chatting a while, I wanted to go to Point. It started to rain, so I hurried up soon after 6:45. I made a mistake in my way to the sauna. A sin of overconfidence, I think. This is only my 4th visit to Rio, and although it is a fact that I feel at home and comfortable, it is also a fact that I do not know the city well.
    If you have walked your way to Point walking up Siquiera Campos from the beach, you know that shortly after the Atlantico Hotel, Siqueira curves towards the left, and another street starts following Siqueira previous straight trace. It was raining, I was in semi zombi status after my poor sleeping during the flight, and I took the wrong turn. Soon I realized that I was walking into a favela. I loved it. I walked up to the 700s in the hope of finding a perpendicular street cutting down back to Siquiera, but at the 800s I decided to turn around not because I was scared, but because the slop was very acute and I was sweating like a pig. I wonder what could have happened if I looked like a tourist, which I do not. Everyone seemed super friendly and greeting me with a smile.
    I turned back and I loved walking down after the demanding climbing. When I was close to the sauna the rain got worse and I could see the boys running away from the blue entrance, so I canceled my sauna plans and went back to my nest. I rejoined Rhyheim and went for a quick diner. At 8;30 I felt exhausted and tried to sleep unsuccessfully, my brain was still 2 hours earlier. Once I fell asleep, I am not sure what time, I slept with no interruptions not even for peeing until 7 am. I am confident I slept more than 8 hours. Needless to say, it was a sexless first day in town.
    I am unsure about my plans after 6 today. I am talking with an IG boy and perhaps we meet. Otherwise, I will weight what plan sounds then more appealing: hanging out with Rhyheim & friends or going to 117.
    I do know what my plan is tomorrow, I cannot miss a Wednesday at Point.
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    BL8gPt reacted to BlkSuperman in Brazil Procurer! Why am I such a WHORE?   
    Lol! Yes. I'm too excited about this trip in 2 weeks.  My bags are already packed and I've already scheduled 
    These 2 sexy hunks are coming over to the airbnB when we arrive on our first day.
    The guy on the left, I've been with before, and he has a HARD HUGE BRAZALIAN dick. 
    The guy on the right, I met through the procurer and he wants a taste of that BIG BRAZALIAN dick.
    To all the other WHORES in this forum,  Don't worry because you know my DAILY REPORTS will be detailed and have video and picture attachments.

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    BL8gPt reacted to HiThereAll in Rio Nov and Dec 2022 Observations and advice   
    Grindr and scruff have been very weird lately. Five times in 3 days just before completing arrangements for a meet up for R$, the Boy's profile disappears. Perhaps I am having worse luck than the highly rated national football teams (at FIFA, a strangely high number of top rated teams have lost matches).
    Love Hotels:
    One of the hottest possible GPs I saw was walking towards 117 from the M Gloria area. I was about to say hello. Then he crossed the street and went to the Alameda Hotel (Love Motel) across from 117. Oh well.
    There is at least 1 love hotel / motel in Cinelandia near Sexy Rose on the parallel street to the west. In mid south Copa there is the Vanity Hotel.  I think there is another in Copa near Leme, and another might be in Leblon. I have not been to any of these places this trip. Nor have I seen anyone else here post about using them. At 100 R$ or so (cost prior to COVID) seems a very safe place to romp with someone if 117 or pointe is too far away or if you do not require the social scene, etc. I have used Vanity in the past even for non GP encounters when neither of us was hosting. The rooms were clean. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to HiThereAll in Rio Nov and Dec 2022 Observations and advice   
    Well, in the great cold north we have heard of places where the ocean meets the land and has sand. Average water temps are often very cold in the North. To go to this mythical warm water place called the “beach” the Great Spirit invented Ibiza, Jamaica, Mykonos, Mexico, Sydney, and of course, Rio. To get to these places something called “Economy Class”, aka steerage was also invented. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away….
    In the Pacific NW we have heard of this thing called sunshine, but locally it is often simply a rumor. See the picture below of a nice day in Vancouver. Without high-speed film you missed the ray of sunlight. LOL. (see pic below) Remember, we do not tan, we rust !!
    In the Pacific NW (rainforest from Portland, OR, to Seattle, WA, to Vancouver BC, and up to Alaska) we have the biggest blood suckers anywhere, the fabled Moose-Quito: (see pic below)

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    BL8gPt reacted to Latbear4blk in Rio Nov and Dec 2022 Observations and advice   
    We need a whorehouse on the beachfront, so @floridarobwill learn where The Beach is.
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    BL8gPt reacted to HiThereAll in Rio Nov and Dec 2022 Observations and advice   
    Hello All:
    On another trip into Rio now, have also been a digital nomad from here part of the time. Internet seems better than pre COVID.
    When Bolsonaro lost the election in November, like Trump in the US, lots of lying and unlike the US, lots of street "issues", mostly shows of support more than any bad trouble. Tons of police followed to ensure the peace. 
    During the World Cup (FIFA) Brazil matches the town seems to close during the actual match, even supermarkets and drug stores. Perhaps true country wide. When Brazil lost to Croatia, the town seemed to deflate, at least until the Argentina match an hour later !  So, I assume things will normalize here during matches again.
    When given a chance, the locals are very nice. More than once I have miscounted my R$ bills and extra bills have always been returned. When dropping things out of torn supermarket bags, folks always let me know.
    I do speak some PT and SP – it helps a great deal. However, I am in no way conversant in PT.
    I meet several new people each day even if in a line or over a drink. Folks are very friendly here.
    To allow anonymity, I will not mention names. I met someone who I believe has posted here. From far away. Super nice and speaks more PT than me. Suggested an apt vs hotel and to try staying someplace besides Copa. Great advice. Someone else suggested Leblon, and it is indeed much nicer than Copa. En francais, plus sympa et chic. Yes, it is more expensive. But in sheer Euros, Pounds (Europe’s new “Peso”), or Dollars, not a great increase in costs. Yes, less overall to do as well, but not many people sleeping on the street or begging either. The bars are more like in Europe, so yes, less authentic Brazilian.
    On and off over the past weeks the Boys (GPs) and selection have varied greatly. I made mistakes by not asking for their contact info. That said, I do enjoy having different GPs each time. Busy times tend to be later than noted on some postings. Perhaps due to FIFA games. 1930 hrs has often been a good time. Best times I have noted: Tues at 177, Weds at 201/202, Fri at 117, usually good after FIFA matches or 1800-2100 hrs (when shows start).
    Compared to prior trips (pre COVID) fewer younger guys on Grindr, Hunqz and such. The cdn.garotocomlocal.com.br website and telechapero website can help fill needs as well. I have not used them, but the GPs are very hot.
    As for gay bars, there are several just to the west of the Arcos do Lapa.
    Rua Riachuelo, Rock Experience (or similar name) has a gay night sometimes. A bit further NW on Ave. Mem de Sa are several gay bars (obvious walking by). After MN and perhaps best at 0200 hrs. I did not enter, as many hanging out outside the clubs seemed to be groups of friends and my PT is not that good.
    In Copa to the south, is LaCueva, R Miguel Lemos 51. I had fun last Saturday night. Rumor has it there are some younger guys who like older guys there and at Rock Experience. I did not enter the latter. At La Cueva the age range was 50+ to old embalming fluid for most customers. There were a few guys perhaps 35-45 yrs old with their daddies. Not a pick up bar from my 1 night’s experience. I danced by myself to videos from the late 70s to 90s. Cover that night was 50R$ and included 2 drinks, not just crap beer. Fair price. Music was not too loud. Uber at 2am from Lapa to LaCueva was under 20 R$, and it is a long trip, 15 minutes I think. 
    The Week (party club) occurs Saturday night, Sunday at 2-5 am in centro. I did not go. I am not 25 anymore and my 6 pack is long gone. But if I spoke better PT I might have gone.
    In the daytime, there are 2 places for play. Cinelandia, in a back alley next to the RJ City Admin offices, R Alvaro Alvim, west side: one is called Sexy Rose and has cabins and some gay porn, plus dark room. Total mix of folks, young, old, BR and foreigners, etc. Trannies are rare. No pay for play that I ever noted.
    Just to the south, about 2 doors down in the alley is a cinema showing straight porn. No obvious sign that I could tell. Like an old West End Theatre or movie house from a hundred years ago, but you cannot tell this from the street. Older guys and some younger guys. Younger can be free to do. Some are pay to play, 20-50R$. Several trannies sometimes.
    I find both to be enormously fun sometimes. You never know, but I have met folks for future stuff at the Rose more than once. Multiple BJs and multiple anal encounters almost always possible, even on weekends. I start at the cine for an hour and move to the Rose to finish (Start at noon / 1300 hrs, and leave the Rose around 1600 hrs). Then eat, then 117 – which for me is a long walking distance away.
    Might not be the style for others. When I cum I still often go to the GP places to follow.
    Grindr: I seem to do better when near centro or in Gloria than in Copa these days. LOL. Not so many 20-25 yr old guys now vs pre COVID.
    Meet at their place. Yes, I know, always an element of risk.
    Security and ATM cards: I feel pretty safe. I do not drink much and with my looks I could be mistaken for a local until I speak much. I can speak a few works of PT in most situations, same as a local. My dress is well sort of crappy when I am out and about here, but I think the locals know I am not BR. If I hear footsteps behind me, I do turn and look the others in the eye, but not in a nasty way. I also keep to streets with others in them at night. No guarantee of safety though. Always have ATM issues abroad. Call your bank, etc before leaving on a trip to give a travel alert, always have more than 1 card on you and at least one left in your room. ATMs like at the M stations often have fees added. Some banks reimburse these costs. Some do not. My cards work only at some BR bank ATMs and not others. Always decline any attempt from the ATM or POS device for a currency conversion. In BR it will cost you 8-15% -  and for nothing – just a bank rip off.
    When I go to 117 or 201/202, I always try to have over 500 in cash on me in case I get too horny. I often see punters paying the house bill by cc or debit card. Yes, the drink prices are not inexpensive. I often buy a drink for me and the GP before or after a programma. In BR always let a business know if your card is debit or credito in advance. Tapping the card reader almost always works. Yes, there often a conversion fee from your bank or cc company. It could be as low as 1%. Experience has taught me the best cards to use abroad.
    Use lots of sunblock at the beach – better to be a bit un tanned than being burned !!
    If anyone on the forums is in Rio now, feel free to say hello
    Ciao !!
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    BL8gPt reacted to BlkSuperman in Sharing sex partners in rio   
    @Floridarob, we are completely different then. I'm an insatiable slut with a hungry hole. I prefer the crowded sauna with endless garatos with their big hard dicks swinging. the rate in the sauna was $120R which was about $27US dollars, I believe.  whenever we hired someone to come to the apartments,  we paid them $60US for one person and double for us both. the airbnb cost are through the room, but for what you get in return with all those beautiful brazalian men, I'm happily absorb the high cost of the airbnb for the week. in the saunas, those guys know that there is stiff (pun intended) competition in town and will lower their prices to make extra side money. most of the men are using some sort of enhancement pill to keep their dicks rock hard and almost all of them are going to give you the fukc of your life because they want the repeat business. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to floridarob in Sharing sex partners in rio   
    I know we're probably very different....it's etched in my mind to stay clear of Rio 2 days after Christmas until 3 kings day (Latin Holidays).

    Too much competition, prices are higher, lines in saunas for suites, guys trying to do as many programas as they possibly can (good for them, bad for me).

    First 3 weeks in Dec are my star dates to go almost anywhere. Kids in school, parents looking for Christmas stuff, in Rio is very slow....lots of guys need money for Christmas stuff..... flight deals are good, cruise deals are good, hotel deals are good, the only super crowded places are the malls, which I haven't been to in a LONG time
    New Years Eve in Rio is a blast....Once was enough for me, the other things negate the 1 good night.......
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    BL8gPt reacted to Riobard in a few observations from my Nov/Dec trip to Brazil   
    I agree with your assessment based on several weeks in both cities spanning Jan to July this year. I am not so concerned about overhead prices; in fact just congregating in such a setting has its appeal at a social outlet level. However, it’s a challenge to find worthwhile guys in the venue we attend on Rua Pedro Taques. I used to pray that guys from ads would turn out to be garotos de programa there. However, as others have pointed out, there is l Iikely a hierarchy of dignity in terms of how trade is plied. Thus, one is left to screen from escort ad sites, or try one’s hand at the spas with two to four. I hate the ad route, not so much out of security concerns but more so the frequent disparity between what you see and what you get. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to babybear2 in a few observations from my Nov/Dec trip to Brazil   
    I just finished a 2 weeks trip in brazil, overall, it is a great trip.
    (1) Lagoa in SP, not that great anymore. The house is packed on Friday and Saturday, not good on other days.
    The owner has hiked the entry price for both garotos and clients by 15R, I heard a few garotos complain about this. And there is never a free cabin day.
    Even though the house is full on Friday and Saturday, but there are very few garotos that are of great quality. Half long time veterans who have long past their prime days, the other half new comers are really just boys next door type, they will not catch my attention if they walk outside the sauna.  Greek god is something Logoa does not have anymore 
    (2) 117 + 202, a lot of fun. I did not expect I can meet so many new guys in Rio this time. 117 is packed + packed on Tuesday, no place to sit. 202 is less packed on Wed, but still a great amount of new faces. And I have met 3-4 new guys in each sauna that I would like to keep seeing in the future. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to BlkSuperman in New Year's in Brazil - best cities?   
    Rio is definitely worth taking a second look if you want your mind and other BODY parts blown.
    It is ELECTRIFYING for New Years eve. It's also a great way to meet lots of guys from other parts of Brazil because they come from all over to make money in the saunas, as that is a very busy and lucrative time for the garatos.
    The patrons in the saunas are SUPER FRIENDLY as well. The airbnbs and hotels are DOUBLE, some TRIPLE in price, but I've noticed that the airbnbs in copacabana aren't AS expensive as the one in Ipanema and there are still some available in copa.
    If it's just you going then consider renting a studio instead of a 1 bedroom apartment. You can save money that way.
    You say you're not into the NY festivities, but you can always go to the sauna, order a few beers, meet a few of the garatos, chill out there for a few hours and enjoy the shows.
    I've been blessed to be in rio for carnaval and NY eve and I can tell you the vibe during NY eve is 100 times better.l and worth every extra penny you will spend.
    The men are beautiful and they are in your face all night long vying for your attention while beating their hard dicks in the palm of their hands.
    Trust me, you WON'T REGRET going for NY EVE.
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    BL8gPt reacted to BlkSuperman in Sharing sex partners in rio   
    I ran across this photo while purging some old photos in my phone. I took this photo while I was waiting for my Food at galitos grill in Ipanema. 
    After i ordered my takeout i stood on the sidewalk and the sexy guy in the shorts with no shirt seemed lost.
    I couldn't take my eyes off him because his body, as you can see, is flawless. The guy in the shirt is an incredibly sexy hunk as well and he was sitting at the table earing with his husband.
    He told his husband, he's here and got up from the table and walked to the corner where the shirtless guy was. I walked behind him and heard them introduce themselves to each other and exchange pleasantries. 
    Shirtless guy asked to meet the husband, they talked, complimented each other on their bodies and made plans to meet later on at shirtless apartment that was a few blocks away from the restaurant.
    When shirtless walked away, I heard the husband tell his partner I CANT WAIT TO GET AHOLD OF HIM TONIGHT. 
    I turned to them and said omg he's very sexy. They laughed and The husband replied HE WILL BE ALL OURS IN ABOUT AN HOUR.
    The husband and I have already secured an amazing apartment in Ipanema for new years eve. 
    I sent my husband the link and he loves the apartment. 

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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in Phuket trip spring 2023   
    no, I was talking about visual pleasures. On another hand scenario you are painting is far from impossible , specially on busy , touristy streets later at night. Not only  you can strike conversation, they may  be boys who will be first.
    It already reported in one of my travel posts but can repeat. late at night, probably past 1  I took walk from Nantra Silom in soi 8 toward soi 2, somewhere past soi4 I noticed guy, I guess about mid 20,  walking in opposite direction. He smiled , I smiled back and kept walking .On reaching end of Silom I turned back and after a while I noticed the same guy walking quite slowly. When I was passing him he asked ' where u you going ? " , so I turned and said ' to ' my hotel " , ' can I go with you  ?"  was the next question.
    I could say NO but why sane person will be doing that  ? so I said YES. Very pleasant companion, too bad I did not have phone and  Line then. In the morning he clearly did not look for  nor expect any tip but I slipped into his pocket him 1000 or two saying ' it's for breakfast and taxi".
    Similar situation  happened in May by the bust stop at Christian Hospital on Silom and it was barely evening. Guy stopped me out of blue and asked 'do you want sex?", I did not take him on his offer as likely I had something arranged but he looked quite OK.
    So when you walk , yes have eyes opened and not only because somebody could drop 20 baht note.
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    BL8gPt reacted to Boy69 in Tourists Allegedly Lose Thousands of Dollars Kept in Hotel’s Safe Boxes in Pattaya   
    In my recent trips I prefer to travel with two or three credit cards and minimum small amount of cash ( 1000 to 2000 USD/EUR ) just to get by if something go wrong with my cards. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in How did you celebrate this New Year period Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 ?   
    make sure you go to gym daily for  a week or two beforehand as fuck on the lap requires some substantial gymastics 
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