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  1. That of course makes total sense, it's a job, they don't do it for pleasure. However as long as you're also kind and a good tipper, I bet they do prefer a younger, more attractive guy over an older less attractive one.
  2. To be honest not tipping after you receive a happy ending, however disinterested the masseur is, would be completely unacceptable. That said I agree you shouldn’t just stay quiet about a bad massage. However I feel that saying something or not tipping *after* the massage is already over, is too late. It’s like going to a restaurant, eating the food completely, and then complaining about the quality and refusing to pay afterwards. If you don’t like the food, you try one bite and then you immediately inform the staff. With massages the same is true, if he’s disinterested and bad you can ask him to massage harder or let him know how you like it, and give him a chance to improve. If he doesn’t, you can reduce the tip (or give none at all if truly bad). However when it comes to happy endings if you don’t want to tip you should also decline it. These boys do want and rely on the big tip they get after a happy ending, so the best way for you to communicate to them that their attitude/massage is bad is by refusing the happy ending.
  3. Can we get back to the boys? K thnx
  4. Boyztown was already quiet before COVID. I’m not sure about high season because I’ve never been, but in low season it’s been quiet every time I’ve visited. When I was there in august, on a Saturday night, it was actually the busiest I’ve ever seen it. Every seat in BoysBoysBoys was taken. (However, there were also quite a few women). That said it was quiet all other nights. Jomtien Complex is a little livelier but it’s unbearably loud for me. The bars there have an ongoing loudness war. The drag shows there are also insanely loud, as in hearing damage loud. I wouldn’t go without ear protection. (I know Thai bars are loud in general, Jomtien was even loud by Thai standards) In Boystown there are a lot of older boys right now, but there’s still a few younger cute ones to be found if that’s what you’re looking for. BoyzBoyzBoyz still has at least 4-5 very handsome muscular guys to choose from. Also one, not so handsome in the face, but extremely buff bodybuilder guy if that’s your thing. He’s also a lot friendlier than he looks, and he speaks good English. If you’re still deciding where to go in Thailand however, I would say that the scene is better in Bangkok right now. All the go to bars there are quite lively, with a large selection of boys to choose from.
  5. I was in Pattaya a few weeks ago and in my experience it was busiest in Boyztown and the nearby streets, with the most choice. On Friday and saturday night it was actually pretty booming at one point. Other nights are quiet, but not abandoned. During weekdays in bars like ToyBoys you might be the only customer, depending on what time you come.
  6. You can pay for, take home, and ‘have fun’ with the numbered boys.
  7. So what is the expected tip nowadays if you were to off a guy in BoyzTown?
  8. I just got a really good (and very painful) Thai massage by a cute guy at SODA in the jomtien complex. I didn’t actually mean to get a nothing more than a massage, didn’t mean to get a happy ending… but, oops, I did. Afterwards I wasn’t sure what to tip so I asked the guy, and he told me “I decide”. I ended up tipping him 1000 TBH and he seemed pleased, I asked him if it was okay and he said “yes thank you so much”. So I felt like it was probably enough. however I was just curious what is considered a minimum tip and what would be a good tip for a massage with happy ending in jomtien?
  9. visited BoysBoysBoys last night and there was a lot of hot guys there. If you’re into muscle you’ll find someone to make you happy for sure. One guy was wearing red short shorts and did a magic mike routine and his body was just beautiful, athletic, muscular, with a strong defined back covered in Thai tattoos. Really nice!
  10. That’s odd, I asked Senso for pictures on LINE but they told me no pictures, but that I had to walk in.
  11. They definitely have a joiners fee. I don’t remember off the top of my head what is is though. Last time I had a boy over he suggested trying to sneak in when the security wasn’t looking. It was successful that time as I wasn’t charged a joiners fee. Your mileage may very. This was a few years ago. The Avani is a really nice hotel with a great pool and great service and a fantastic location, if you’re looking for luxury I can’t really think of any hotels in pattaya that best it (for the money).
  12. Is there also a massage place in Pattaya with masculine-type guys! I know Boystown has those types but it’s more the bar scene where you take a boy home. I’m really looking for more the massage experience. Anyone have advice on that?
  13. Thanks, but I don’t see anyone in this thread commenting on their opinion and experiences regarding Senso? It’s clear people are excited about the re-opening, but that’s about it. The link also goes to the website which has no real information or pictures, that’s why I was asking for a LINE (many shops regularly post pictures on LINE)
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