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Found 17 results

  1. Because I am switching from a temporary employment contract via an agency to a permanent contract directly with my employer, I had some holiday time left to use before April 1st. What better way than to spent that holiday time in LOS? Only a short stay this time. Two weeks in Bangkok and Pattaya. ARRIVING After a few days in Dubai with an old colleague and friend I was flying to Bangkok and arrived yesterday. I had read some comments on this forum (and messages on English language Thai news sites) about enormous waiting times for immigration at BKK Airport and long queues for a taxi into town. But thank god that was not the case yesterday. Immigration was cleared in about 10 minutes and outside I could walk straight to an available taxi. No lines at all. HOTEL Hotel I booked this time is the Quarter Silom Hotel, in the same soi as Tawan bar. They had good offer and the pictures looked good. Indeed the hotel is very modern. Rooms are big enough for my liking. The design is a bit dark. I like the led lighting that you can control the colour from. I arrived at 2pm but unfortunately my room was not ready yet. I had to wait about 1hr for my room to come available. Downsides: my room has a connection door to neighbouring room. Because of that some noise from that other room is coming into my room. But more concerned about what the neighbours might hear coming from my room when I have a visitor... And like more and more hotels you need keycard to use the elevator. No chance in letting a Grindr boy come directly to your room. Need to pick him up from downstairs, with staff probabaly noticing. But also probabaly not caring. FIRST NIGHT I was tired from missing out on a night sleep because of flight times. After a quick nap I decided I wanted to have a look at the Patpong boybars. Curious about the new Dreamboys location. Still tired, while walking around the area and checking out the re-opened Patpong night Market, some messages came in on Grindr. A guy with nice muscled body was advertising himself as "love to suck deepthroat". In the chat he told me he doesn't only like it, but he's also very good at sucking cock. So I decided to try if this was true instead of visiting the bars. Turned out a good choice. Was long time ago I was given head so skilled. A good first night in Thailand. The bars can wait for tomorrow... That was what I was thinking. Turned out that was not possible. But more about it in my next post. Nice body of my first night guy
  2. Burapa – 2023 – Back to the Culture – Ride for Peace motorbike parade Background Being a new retiree in the Pattaya / Jomtien area I am trying to experience many of the unique Thai cultural events that take place in my new home country, Thailand. This report is about the annual BURAPA Bike Week event that takes place each year (except during the pandemic years) in Pattaya. How did I find out about this unusual event? I am a member of the PCEC (Pattaya City Expats Club) and on 11 January 2023, Richard Rhodes, one of the founders of Burapa, was invited to give a talk about their annual event. Pattaya Mail article about the PCEC presentation of BURAPA I do not own a motorbike and I barely know how to drive one. So, I was not driven to see this event because of that but instead to see/learn about a different kind of not well known Thai happening. The below PRIME video gives a good summary of what they are about. Prime Video - Burapa: Bikers of the East Logistics I don’t own a car or motorbike, so, with 2 of my local friends (Thai / Laos – they were featured in my earlier New Year’s week events posting here), we took a BOLT taxi to the event. My Thai friend has a car – but he wanted to be able to drink and that is why we took a BOLT taxi. The Burapa Bike Week event is held at the Eastern National Sports Training Center in what the locals of Pattaya call, “the dark side” = Eastern Pattaya – east of the railroad tracks. Below map indicates where it is on the right hand side. It was a 120 baht fare from the Jomtien Dongtan beach area, and took about 35 minutes. Unfortunately, Google took us on a wild goose chase where for the last part of the trip it sent us on long and windy dirt roads that circumvent the northern part of these large grounds in true darkness – as there were no street lights. However, there was a ton of traffic – so it was slow going. For the return trip back to Pattaya – we made the mistake of trying to get a BOLT taxi from the northern point that we entered at – which is dark and on a dirt non asphalted road. The first 2 BOLTs that we called gave up – even though my 2 friends who can speak Thai tried to navigate the BOLT drivers to where we were – it was just too dark to find us – even though there was a ton of traffic all around us. So, now I know where the “Dark Side” of Pattaya originates from. I prepared the below map for all of you so you can avoid our mistake – which was caused by Google navigation that the original BOLT driver used. I strongly suggest that you arrive and depart this event from the SOUTH part of these grounds on the well lite Chaiyaphruek 2 Road. See the below 2 exit points indicated in green. The third BOLT driver that eventually found us where the above RED X is indicated on the below map – explained to us that for future visits we should always wait for a taxi on Chaiyaphruek 2 Road – as it is asphalted and well lite. Our trip back to Pattaya (Jomtien) was a breeze and quick. Ride for Peace On the third day of this 3 day event was the annual, “Ride for Peace”, where hundreds of motorbikes drive from the fairgrounds in eastern Pattaya down Beach Road in Pattaya City, and then continue onwards to Jomtien Beach Road and then return to the fairgrounds. So, around 3:30pm, yesterday (11 Feb 2023), with my 2 friends we walked over to the Police Box at the beginning of Dongtan Beach to wait and watch for the arrival of the motorbikes. Some had said that 500 would come – but I estimate that around 200 motorbikes passed us on Beach Road. It was kind of exciting – more for the surprise of the many unaware tourists who were going about their beach business and for all of the bahtbuses that were blocked from moving until the 200 motorcyclists had passed by. This made me aware of the fact that this event is not well advertised / known outside of the motorcycle community. We even asked the local motorcycle taxi guys if they knew when the parade would start and they did not even know what we were talking about. So, my Thai friend went into the Police Box and they told us that they were already on our way as they had already left Pattaya City and were heading for Jomtien. In about 10 minutes the entire thing was over. Below is a photo from the short film that I made (notice the motorcyclist riding with a LARGE live snake). Fair Grounds This place is HUGE – so dress accordingly – in shoes/sneakers that are good to walk in and you do not mind walking in the dirt. They laid down hay everywhere to reduce the dust and this was very effective. The main attractions are: The two BIG concert areas – structured on opposite sides of the fair grounds. One is exclusively Thai rock bands and the other one is foreign falang rock bands coming from the UK, Australia, USA, and Europe. There are plenty of places to sit and/or stand to watch the concerts and nearby are places to buy drinks (Chang beer was one of the main event sponsors), including cannabis infused drinks, like ganja. Performance area – where the motorbike guys show off their very interesting motorbikes – they slowly ride back and forth amongst the crowds. It makes this event very exciting – as if to be in a movie or Medieval or Renaissance festival. There were many sexy motorbike guys – especially the young ones. Market place – this was my favourite part of this festival. On the outer perimeter of the above mentioned areas, there are these narrow winding dirt paths FULL of individuals / organizations selling their wares. Including; t-shirts, leather wear, motorcycles – even Italian Vespas, Harleys, etc., pottery, knitwear that was very ornate and detailed – some of it was in native Indian style, places to eat, cannabis, tattoo shops, jewelry, food, drinks, opportunities to have your photos taken with various artistic types with a motorcycle emphasis, chances to sit ontop of horses and have your picture taken with native Indians (Thai people), visit Indian tepees, boot shops, etc. I was totally amazed of the potpourri of offerings that were available in this marketplace, as I had never seen anything like it before in my life. In conclusion, would I go again? YES, but I would be better prepared – from a transportation point of view. Also, since this event is held over 3 days, I would try to arrive earlier – we arrived around 7pm – to instead arrive around 4:30pm – just to see some of the daytime shows and to see what the fair grounds look like during the day. I highly recommend this event to all of you. Note that the entire access to the fairgrounds is FREE – great value for money. You only spend if you want to eat/drink or buy merchandise. The concerts and entertainment are ALL free. I share some of my pictures below.
  3. Pattaya Koh Larn island trip report - November 2022 This is my trip report to Koh Larn from Pattaya. It is written for those who might want to venture over to this beautiful island for a day trip or to stay a couple of nights like we did. I travelled with 2 of my Thai friends, as it was one of their birthday’s, hence these chosen dates. Why Koh Larn? Because you may want to get away from the hustle & bustle of busy Pattaya to stay at some truly beautiful beaches that have transparent blue turquoise clean water with nice white sand. As we know, most of Pattaya, and lesser so, Jomtien beaches have brownish water, consequently making it sometimes difficult to enjoy a true pleasant beach experience that Thailand is known for. Note, that Koh Larn is NOT at the level of beauty of Koh Samui or Phuket – but for only being 20 to 30 minutes away from Pattaya – it is a nice quick and easy substitute for them. Day ONE - Monday 21 November 2022 We took a Grab taxi from Jomtien over to the Bali Hali Pier in Pattaya. At the pier, there are many offerings for private tours via speed boat (costing thousands of Thai baht) and also transport via speed boat for ฿150 baht per person one way. We opted for the speedboat transportation modality, which takes 20 minutes. Note that if you continue towards the pier you can buy a ฿30 baht one way fare on the ferry boat, which takes 40 to 45 minutes. Note ferry schedule below – there are 2 destinations available – Naban Port which faces Pattaya, and Tawaen Beach which faces west into the Gulf of Thailand. http://kohlarn.com/getting-to-koh-larn.html The speedboat ride was quite enjoyable, as the sea was calm – consequently there were not many bumps. If you find that the sea is rough, then I would suggest that you instead take the ferry. Each of us wore a life vest – including all of the other passengers. After exiting the speedboat onto the floating pier, you will be almost immediately solicited for room rentals, taxis, and motorbike rentals. My 2 Thai friends had already reserved us a place in a 2 unit bungalow that they really liked (from previous trips) because it is isolated and private and still within the Naban village. We walked about 5 to 6 minutes south from the pier (as indicated in the below map) to where my 2 friends were greeted by a friendly Thai lady who acted as the broker for our 2 sleeping accommodations, which included 2 motorbikes (1 per unit). The price was ฿1,500 baht per unit and we always took 2 units – as I like to sleep alone. This is our first night accommodation. Simple – but nice and very private with a rocky beach front – when the tide is up the balcony is on top of the water and when the tide is out the balcony overlooks the rocks. Nice places to sit on each single balcony with 2 chairs each with a small table, nearby tree with tons of shade and an outdoor table if needed. From the below photo, you can see that the rooms are modest but practical. There was good air-conditioning and normal bathroom with hot water for a shower. The best part was the view of the Pattaya city and Jomtien skylines. For some months now, I can see Koh Larn from where I live in Jomtien and now I can look back to where I live. I have to say that it is very impressive – more so from Koh Larn looking towards Pattaya/Jomtien – especially at night when the entire city is illuminated. Note, there was NO breakfast included in the above mentioned price. View of Pattaya City and Jomtien from our Koh Larn room balcony – quite impressive. We unpacked our bags and then headed out to lunch at one of the many roadside cafes on our way to our first beach destination at Hat Nuan beach – which is on the southern tip of Koh Larn. Beach was pleasant and nice, but was not my favorite because when you walk into the water, it quickly gets deep – as there is a drop-off in the sea floor. I prefer a gradual drop off where you can walk out far into the water before it gets deep. At the far end of this beach – towards the rocks – are a group of monkeys. Many tourists were feeding them. I did not attempt to get too close as I saw many Youtube videos where the monkeys will steal something from you (like your mobile phone) and run away. No thanks. After a couple of hours at Hat Nuan beach, we then drove over to Samae Beach, which is on the western side of the island. The center of the island is dense green with large hills – so the ride from west to east and east to west are breathtaking – as the views from high up are stunning. Note the following - The roads on Koh Larn are narrow and there are NO cars – only the occasional baht busses that shuttle passengers back and forth between the different beaches. Each way on the baht bus is ฿30 baht for each single ride. Consequently, since there are NO cars – it makes driving on Koh Larn very pleasant, as it is just motorbikes going about – and they tended to drive slowly without any chaos. This is truly a nice experience after the crazy chaos of motorbikes in Pattaya city. Also, even though I have my official Thai motorbike driving license – I have not yet started to drive a motorbike in Thailand. I believe that driving one on Koh Larn will help me get over my fear to get started. Consequently, during this trip, I was the 2nd passenger on one of our 2 motorbikes. Going up some of the bigger hills puts a strain on the motorbike – so, if you plan to go 2 persons on a single bike – make sure that you get a motorbike strong enough. For sure, 2 falangs on a single motorbike might not make it up some of the steeper hills. In my case, we were always 1 falang and 1 Thai – and as we know, the Thais don’t weigh much. Next stop, was Samae Beach. This beach I really liked. During this trip, we visited 5 beaches in total and Samae was tied for my favorite with another beach that we visited on day 2. Samae, has the type of white beach sand that I really like with the gradual decline in the seabed, that allows you to walk out quite far before having to start swimming. The water is a beautiful transparent turquoise color. After almost arriving to sunset, we drove back to our room to freshen up for our Main Event – the birthday celebration of my Thai friend at the infamous Klom Klom restaurant / bar. The Klom Klom restaurant / bar is truly an eclectic cool hippy type of place and was an excellent choice to celebrate my friend’s birthday. This was one of my most favorite places in Thailand – something that I would expect to find up in PAI, in northern Thailand. A jazz band was playing during our visit. The food and drinks were very good. The only negative is that the food came from another affiliated place that is across the street – which made the wait for our meal somewhat longer than normal. When I thought that the bill would come, instead the waiters and band played and sang happy birthday for my Thai friend – which was a nice surprise. Even the customers joined into sing. A weird jello birthday dish was served with a lit candle in it (?? Thai tradition ??). To find this place – see below map – as it is about half way between Naban village and Tawaen Beach. Anybody who lives on Koh Larn knows about this place as it is super famous. Back home for some more drinks on our balcony to enjoy the illuminated Pattaya skyline. Day TWO – Tuesday 22 November 2022 We had to switch accommodation locations because one of our 2 bungalow rooms was rented out to another party (surprise snafu). So, we moved north of the main Naban village pier to ธนัชชา รีสอร์ท (Thanatcha Resort). Note from the map below, that this place is VERY close to the main ferry pier and if you remember from the above ferry schedule, the first ferry is at 6:30am bound for Pattaya. It starts blasting its horns for departure at 6:20am. So, I would avoid this place if you do not like to wake up early. Also, it is kind of run down and you can see that it has seen better days. It has a large wooden deck that is tastefully illuminated in the evening with an excellent view of the Pattaya city skyline. Breakfast is included. Price was the same as the previous accommodation, ฿1,500 baht per unit and we took 2 units. This place includes breakfast out on the terrace, which included a Thai kind of rice / chicken soup, toast and marmalades, and eggs sunny side up + coffee. Our next destination was to go see the BIG giant Buddha up on Buddha hill. What is impressive about this place is that you have an incredible view of almost all of Koh Larn – especially looking down onto the tourist packed Tawaen beach. Furthermore, this is where the paragliders take off and land – it was truly breathtaking to watch all of them as there was at least a dozen of them up in the air above us. Have any of you tried this paragliding thing? https://www.flykohlarn.com Driving down into Tawaen Beach, the scene was overwhelming, as the beach was teeming with tourists mainly from India – it was loud and super crowded. I told the guys to continue onwards, and we found a great place to have lunch just before the next beach over, where Tong Lang Beach starts. It was much more quiet and tranquil. I believe that Tawaen Beach is extremely crowded because the main ferry from Pattaya also stops here. Here is a photo of the tranquil and beautiful Tong Lang Beach, where we relaxed for a couple of hours. It was nice and pleasant – but was still not yet my most favorite beach spot. Our next stop was Tiennara (Tien Beach). As I mentioned from day one this was also my most favorite beach. But now after writing this report and reliving the fond memories, this beach is my number one favorite from this Koh Larn trip. Why? It is a very BIG (long) beach with many variations within the beach, such as lush green canopy overgrowth where there were many places to stay shaded, eat, relax, etc. There are even secluded places to lodge and stay overnight here --> I definitely need to return to sleep in one of them. Have any of you slept in any rooms that are directly at Tien Beach? If so, please share with us the relevant contact information. To arrive at this paradise, you first park your motorbikes and then walk on this elevated concrete pathway until you arrive onto Tiennara (Tien Beach). It feels different than the other beaches as you feel more isolated and more immersed into the nature with the white powdery beach sand. Note that walking north (opposite way from which you entered) you will eventually find some red chair lounges. This is where we stayed, and the older owner/manager is most likely gay and one of his sexy younger workers appears to also be gay. He was quite flirty – another reason to return to this beach. On our way into this beach over the elevated concrete walkway, my 2 Thai friends acknowledged a group of fellow gay Thai individuals who were heading back – as they only came for the day. So, perhaps this is the beach more frequented by us gays ? The sun was starting to set and it was time to drive back to our accommodation to freshen up and to head out to our last dinner on Koh Larn. The chosen Thai restaurant is, ยกยอ-เกาะล้าน (Lifted Yo - Koh Larn) https://yokyor-kohlarn.business.site/ which is located on the main road going south from the Naban village that follows the sea shoreline (see below map). It is a somtum type of Thai restaurant and the food was great. It received a 4.3 rating out of 5 maximum in Google. After dinner, we made a quick stop at 7-Eleven (even on Koh Larn they seem to be almost everywhere) to grab some beers to enjoy our last view of our hotel sea deck illuminated Pattaya / Jomtien city skyline. We had breakfast in the following morning at our 2nd day hotel and then off to return our motorbikes and join the crowd looking for speedboats back to Pattaya. Again, ฿150 baht per person one way. In about 22 minutes we were already back at the Bali Hali pier in Pattaya. We called a BOLT taxi to take us back to Jomtien. Would I go back to Koh Larn? MOST definitely – I was truly enchanted with this place and I see that it will take several trips to discover all of the nooks and crannies on this wonderful island – truly an oasis in nature to get away from the craziness of Pattaya city. What would I change? 1.) To have better control over the accommodations that were chosen – there are tons of them and some are truly amazing. 2.) To get over my anxiety to drive a motorbike in Thailand – as Koh Larn is definitely a tranquil place to overcome this fear. In closing, I hope that you enjoyed my long trip report. I hope by sharing all of this information with all of you that it will encourage some of you to take advantage of this unique place in Pattaya.
  4. Part 0: Ready for take off While I'm writing this, I am at the airport waiting for my flight to Bangkok via Doha. Ready for almost 1 month in Thailand. Bangkok, Chiang Rai & Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket… I have a busy schedule ahead. Planning to make an interesting trip-report for you guys. Off course with up-to-date information about all “boy fun” on offer at the moment. But also some non-sexual (boring…? haha) stuff. Any requests on what to check out while I’m around, let me know. The first time I came to Bangkok was in February 2013. As starting point for a two-month round tour in South-East Asia. It was my first time travelling solo. A big adventure. I instantly felt in love with SE-Asia. Not only because of the easy-to-get guys, but also because of the culture, nature and food. As a result, I would come back every year. As I worked in tourism, I had 3 months off every year in European low-season; the best months to travel in SE-Asia. I even managed to work in Phuket / Khao Lak a few months for the company a few years later. A dream come true. My last holiday in Thailand was in January / February 2020, just before covid19 hit. And now, after more than two years I am finally coming back! In my favourite city: Bangkok. It’s busy, smelly, humid and noisy. But somehow I like how vibrant it is. I’ve always been more a city-person than a beach-person. I was thinking about all the good memories I have in Bangkok. The many nights I’ve spent in Soi Twilight. You couldn’t enter that alley for 5 meters without being groped, touched and seduced by bar staff, moneyboys and touts trying to lurk you into their club for a “big cock show”. All fighting for your attention and money. Entrance of Soi Twilight in the old days I usually started the night with a drink on the terrace of Maxis bar. While sipping my rum&coke I could watch all the craziness going on in Soi Twilight. From there you had a good view on the massage boys of Bangkok Massage waiting for customers. Laughing girls passing by. Straight couples with the guy holding hands with his girlfriend and having a scared look in his eyes. Solo male tourists getting in ando ut of XBoys, Fresh Boys or Dream Boys. With or without their “catch of the day”. The first show I watched was at Dream Boys. How shocked I was seeing the act with the ladyboy with the very small penis and the acrobatic fuck show. And you could just choose from the guys on stage by telling the staff which number you like? A bit like Chinese take-away restaurant: choose what looks tasty from the menu, tell them what number you want and take home to enjoy… A whole new world to me; buto one I found very interesting and exciting. I also remember another club at the end of Soi Twilight that had a big water tank, where boys would swim in to do some kind of underwater erotic show. Was it Classic Boys? Watch this YouTube video to see how it was in Soi Twilight the good old days. Anyhow; I was used to all of it pretty soon. The shows in the different bars didn’t shock me anymore. After you’ve seen a few, you come to the conclusion they are all “same, same”. The only thing that kept me intrigued for some time, was the act where they slam their hard cocks with a loud bang into a metal pole. That must hurt! But somebody told me they really don’t slam their cock that hard into the pole. The noise is made because the slam something else (feet/leg?) into the pole at the same moment, so it looks the cock is making a harder impact than it actually does. But I never managed to actually see prove of this theory myself. Soi Twilight closed down (2020) Why am I writing this? Because as we all know Soi Twilight is gone. The last time I was in Bangkok, I had to settle with Patpong 2 instead. It’s good that some of the bars and clubs from Twilight found a new home in Patpong 2. But in 2020 I felt Patpong 2 was by far not having that special vibe that Twilight had. And for sure, covid19 will not have done anything good to change it become better. But let’s look at the bright side: Bangkok still has a lot to offer when it comes to boybars, erotic shows and sexy guys. And I’m about to go on a big adventure in the LOS again.
  5. I have been living in Bangkok for almost 6 months now and the Silom gogo bars and massage parlors around BKK have started to bore me. So I started exploring an untapped territory amongsts us farangs in Thailand. Although foreigners are not unheard of in these Karaoke/Host Bars but its extremely rare I heard. To be honest, I haven't searched the forum if there's an already existing topic about this but I hope you guys wouldn't mind. I'll jumpstart this topic with some of the few places that I have already been and I will list down a few other places that I know and hopefully some of our members can explore and share their experiences as well. So here it goes: Chill HostBar This is located in Nonthaburi which is around 20 minutes from the Grand Palace in Bangkok. I would recommend this to first timers since the owner can speak english well and they have models whose first language is english. Some models are magazine-models-quality and most are straight. Sitting with the boy is 750/hour. VIP room starts at 300/hour. No sex in the VIP room but kiss and blowjob is alright. I was able to off someone for 500 THB and there is a motel across for the same price. The model I offed grew up in Australia so he is a Thai with an australian accent. Fucks and kisses hard. I tipped him 1,700 after. One word of advice though is that the owner can be a little shady. He ordered food which I ended paying in the end. I've also been told that the VIP is getting prepared (even though I was the only customer that time), preparation took 1 hour and turns out I was already paying 750 for sitting with the model. What's worse is that the whole time I was just talking to the owner because I was too shy to make a move on the model (we were sitting in the common room). If you'd like to save some moolah while exploring this bar, just buy enough drinks to get to know the model, don't order food, and just sit with the model in the common room and off him after. Buzz Karaoke/Host This is a fairly new host bar in Bangkok. There are around 30-40 boys to select from which are mostly twinks and straight. Beer prices starts at 1,000++ (3 beers), sitting with the boy in the common room is 250. VIP room is 300/hour and sitting with the boy in the VIP room is 750 for the first hour and 250 for the succeeding hours. No sex in the VIP room is allowed but kiss and blowjob are okay. Staff speaks limited english so you will need to use google translate if you don't know basic Thai. The boy I sitted with is straight and fairly new to the business. I was only able to kiss him and fondle his cock in the VIP room. He was too shy to get a blowjob in the bar. I got his Line and we were supposed to meet up so that I can give him a proper one but didn't reply on the day itself anymore :(. So this was 4,400 THB charged to experience. Sit2Sis Restaurant/Ent Club This is a hostbar in Din Daeng Bangkok. If you take a grab/bolt to the place, you will see a Sis2Sis restaurant but that is not the bar itself. You would have to go inside the parking of the same building and take the stairs one floor down. You will need to take an ATK (100/THB) to get inside. So a beer costs 260 THB, ice is 130 THB and sitting with a boy is at least one beer/hour (which is 260 THB). However, they employ a bidding concept wherein guests can fight/bid over the boy/models that they want, meaning if you bid to sit the model for one beer and someone else bid two beers (520 THB), you would have to bid three beers (730 THB) to get him and so on.. Bidding happens every after hour so all the boys would return to the stage to get bid for every after hour. Customers are mostly Thais although, there was also a group of Chinese. What suprises me is that almost all of the 40-50 models get seated for atleast two beers. Some groups would sit 3-5 guys so be prepared to shell out some moolah to compete. I sitted a boy who can speak english and ended up sitting him for two beers for 4 rounds. My bill racked up to 4,500 with no sex, blowjob or kiss nonetheless, it was a fun night. There are a few other places in Bangkok with more or less the same concept (pay to sit the boy with no expectation of sex). This could be thrilling for others (like me, lol) who like a challenge in laying a straight guy. The only downside is the cost but if you're someone who doesn't have to worry about money, here are a few other places I found which you could try and share your experiences with: Fake Club Bangkok TurboClub Bangkok 76 Garage (can't sit with the guy but models are AAA quality) Mirinn Club RCA ERR Infinity YES.BKK Hiso Ciety (I think this is the cream of the crop of all Male hostbar in BKK)
  6. This will just be a short update report, I spent a long visit to Thailand a few months ago and this trip was just a side visit because I was 'in the area'. Taking every opportunity that arises I spent a week between Bangkok and Pattaya, too short to get to all of the bars I wanted, but long enough to get a feel for the recovery. My prior trip was still enjoyable, but dealing with the Thailand pass hoops and the shifting sands of closing time restrictions, outdoor 'restaurant' seating only, and other covid measures did put a cloud over things. I'm happy to say a lot of these hurdles are now gone, and the life in the bars is returning. Firstly, getting there: No more Thailand Pass paperwork 👍 Vaccine paperwork not checked on arrival, just at check-in 👍 Immagration was a 15 minute affair, just as before 2020 👍 Flight prices are crazy and my flights were full 👎 The exchange booths in the basement adjacent to the aiport station were open, 2 with identical rates, then the one bank (i cant recall which) booth with worse rates. Up a few levels and out to a Taxi, it felt so good to be in and out of the airport in 30 mins, in a taxi zipping down the motorway to Silom. Bangkok The first thing I always do is walk the Surawong, Tawan, Silom Rd, Thaniya block. It was around 8pm for reference. Surawong: Olivia massage was open with 8-10 guys (1-2 twinks), Green Massage was about the same. Tawan side: I think I counted 3 massage shops with guys outside, more muscle guys. Silom to the right of soi Tawan: A new shop Nineteen massage, I only saw 2-3 guys out front, none I fancied so I didn't poke my head in. Silom past patpong/soi4/soi2: The touts are back, a few massage offers from the guys outside Soi 4 for Adam Massage. The soi 4 bars were open and a bit of foot traffic, which was a good sign. On the path back from Thaniya I believe Amolir was open again, but I missed it in my notes on whether it is still mixed-sex or only ladies. The massage places are coming back to life, much more choice than earlier this year. I returned to Patpong later, and was flanked by touts as I stroll up the stairs to Fresh Boys... busy busy busy. They were down to 2-3 open benches left, there was about 25 guys on stage and waiting in rotation. Most of the guys I would describe as twunks, 3-4 twinks, shirtless in white booty shorts and a couple of cute waiters. The shows are never my highlight, but they at least have big cock pole kicking back I guess. My off was a bit of a dud, seemed to be new to the scene, but it's still good to be back. On the following afternoon I decided to investigate Olivia Massage, just as I picked my massuese another guy walked out that would have absolutely been my first choice. Oh well, I'm not going to let the guy down and switch half way in the door with him. Now I don't think i've been to Olivia before, I was under the impression it was generally considered a 'extras' kind of place. The guy I picked stayed fully clothed and made no advance to asking for extras, I made some not so subtle hints but he didn't take the bait. He was very new, very limited massage skills and no english. I made my way to Banana room after dinner at G's, Banana had i think 8-12 guys, still more twunks but a few options for me. I didn't end up taking anyone, just some drinks and enjoying the views. My final Bangkok day I did the rounds of the massage shops, but it was a bit early in the afternoon ~12pm. The guy from Olivia said hi, but the guy I really wanted to return for wasn't in. Green massage was empty this early so I did a walk past nineteen and it's too early for them too. Decided to pass and make my way back to the hotel. I had a coffee at the cafe beside The Quarter opposite mango tree (can't find on google maps). I picked beans from Chang Mai, absolutely delicious. Coffee lovers should give it a try and see if they're consistent, I only tried it once. Back at the hotel I fired up Grindr and set up a meeting with a university guy. He came over later and it was the best sex I've had in a very very long time, I was in heaven for a good 2-3 hours. We exchanged Line and I was considering canceling Pattaya to get the rest of the week with him, but I decided to hold strong and stick with the plan. I'll be back for him again another trip hopefully. That was my Bangkok stay, very brief, but some very good signs for the recovery. I'll post Pattaya in the next day or so.
  7. Its time for me to start writing my report again. Last year, I had told myself i would not prefer to go to LOS during this time. Crowds is crazier, hotels are more expensive, so is the flight, and of course, boys are also more demanding. But as the year goes, i havent taken enough annual leave and need to use them by year end, so if i needed to overspend for travelling anywhere, ill choose one place that im sure will get my money worth, and that is LOS. This time around, I have the luxury of knowing what to expect travelling to bangkok and pattaya during this time, so i am very well prepared. And instead of focusing on the cons, there are clear advantages of travelling during peak season, otherwise it will not be called peak season for no reason. Boys are abundant, shows are getting better with specials, even the customer crowds are much cuter and hotter too lol. I also decided to go for a longer trip, 14 nights to be exact, and added Laos (3 nights) in the mix, at the time where bangkok and pattaya is too crowded for me anyway so i can get away from the crowd and hopefully have a rest in between my bangkok and pattaya men hunting. Thus my trip (18th Dec- 1st of Jan) we broken up with first 3 nights in Bangkok, 5 nights in Pattaya, 3 nights in Laos, and last 3 nights in Bangkok again. I like this setup better than previous year (24 dec - 2nd Of Jan, 4 nights Bangkok, 5 Night in Pattaya) because i went slightly before the peak of peak season time (christmas eve to new year) and this time around, it is Christmas in Pattaya and New year in Bangkok instead. As i booked my flight rather late, a direct flight wouldve cost me close to a business class, so i got a little creative and got several bookings done separately to cut down the flight cost. It does save me some cost, but not major saving after all the booking is done, but id do it again as it does gives me lots of flexibility to try and make my itinerary above work. I was using Air Asia final call promotion and managed to book flight to bangkok (1 stop) and return flight to Vientiane, using minimum points, and only spend ~USD 50 for the whole trip. Unfortunately my direct flight from bangkok to KUL is not cheap, a bit more than USD100 but adding more day for cheaper flight ticket started to make no sense even if i only add hotel cost, so i booked that direct flight back anyway. All in all, I can consider my Bangkok to Vientiane flight is really cheap, and i paid the regular price for KL-Bangkok legs, so all is good. As for accommodation, since i booked rather late, most hotels have already jacked up their prices, especially during the new years. My favorite hotel, Raya, is fully booked, and the normal value hotels around silom had either sold out, or jacked up their prices making them no longer value for money hotel, so i settled with a slightly more expensive hotel of known quality. For my first bangkok leg, I stay at Pullman hotel G, then stayed 2night in zing, 2 night in ambiance and 1 night in zing again, staying in best western vientiane, and for the last leg in bangkok, i stayed in Furama Silom. Of course, Zing and ambiance are already forum's favorite stay in pattaya, with very reasonable price and location, but for Zing, it is worth to spend a bit extra for the second tier room as for very little difference, the upgrade is huge. Im totally happy with my cheapest room in ambiance, though the room i had didnt have elevator access all the way, only at level 2, and then needed to take 2 flight of stairs. Not an issue this time, but wouldve been a big issue if this happened during my previous aug/sep trip where i had sprained ankle. So as a caution, if this is an issue, try to get a room with access to elevator if u stay in ambiance. Between Furama and Pullman, Id choose furama in a heart beat. Room is much bigger, with bathtub and shower and of course, the glass walls is great fun to have when entertaining boys, which is what i love with Raya rooms too. Pullman Hotel G room is fine for the hotel, but their cheapest room cant beat furama offering. Best western vientiane is also a great hotel, very reasonably price, huge room, with balcony, and super close to the night market, as well as close enough to the airport bus stop. I have done well with my budget too this time, and realized even before travelling, itll cost me quite a lot if i were to take one boy each night for long time companion, but i guess we shall see what did happened as i write my report. I also contemplating with my report style as 14 nights of detailed reporting my get too long and boring, but then again, i might not remember much anymore as i was there for far too long compared to all my previous trip so ill just write what i remember first, and some of them ive written in various thread before, so it might be a repeat. This trip, ive met lots more forum members and as always its nice to finally meet few veterans as well as new members and exchanging notes of boys and world's issues alike. And of course, this is my prized possession from this trip lol
  8. Before i get started, I want to say a big thanks to all of the trip reports from you guys, I really enjoy reading all of your escapades and learnt a lot in preparation for my first trip! So a bit of a intro; I've never been to Thailand before but I'm fairly well traveled and not new to Asia in general or the pay for play scene. I'm not really sure why it has taken me this long to come to Thailand but better late than never. My preference is twinks so a lot of the guys i will focus on are 20-25yo slim bottom guys, sorry hunk muscle fans you can stop reading now. I will be staying in Bangkok for a week and a bit then Pattaya for 5 nights, with a few days reserved in BKK for 'business' meetings... or as i like to explain to the tax man and my work colleagues 'the purpose of my trip'. The report takes an interesting turn for me personally, i am usually very much a butterfly but well that wasn't how things worked out. enjoy. 18/12 Day 0- So my start to this trip report begins in the uber on my way to the airport, my driver and i got to chatting about where i was going and it turns out his wife is Thai and he is planning his retirement to go back to join her in the house they built in her village next year.. It was a great 30 minute ride, with a lot of the usual advice (don't drink the tap water, look for busy food stalls to eat at) and parting words of "you might return married, goodluck".. doubtful, but who knows. I finally hit the ground in BKK at about 10pm, it was a pretty horrible flight with Thai Airways and packed with very annoying groups surrounding me on a full plane. It was possibly one of the worst flights i've ever had with regards to other passengers being loud, drunk and obnoxious but i survived, if looks could kill i would be up for mass murder though. Immigration was a breeze, straight out to grab a local sim card from DTAC tourist sim stand with 20GB data ~B1200, withdrew some baht from an ATM and down to the taxis. It was a 30 min trip to Le Meridian and was about B320+75 in tolls, i was greeted by a very friendly hot French guy at the check in desk.. A bit of light flirting to see how he reacts, seems to be entertaining some subtle advances so I'll work on this a little more later if i get the chance and I'm on my way up to see my suite for the first 5 nights. At this point I'm pretty tired but i decided to just do a quick walk to scout out my surroundings around Patpong before i get some rest, i almost gave in on this plan when a cute massage boy grabbed my arm but i held strong and after a lap of Patpong noting some bar locations i retired for bed. 19/12 Day 1- Sleep was everything i needed, I woke up energized and excited. I ventured down to the breakfast buffet, I'm usually a 'coffee and cigarette breakfast' kind of guy but it's hard to say no to a full assortment of everything you could want for breakfast included with the stay. The coffee was mediocre but I'm a bit of a coffee snob, I'll drink it though. I walked down to the BTS station and took the train to Siam and I spent most of the day in Siam Paragon window shopping and walking around, I'll definitely go back when i have an appetite to try some of the plentiful food options on the lower floor, the shops were most of the usual stores you would find in a shopping mall around Asia but still interesting to look around and compare prices. At around 2pm It was time for a massage, i walked back down Surawong Rd to find that cute guy that grabbed my arm last night just past the patpong entrances, he was no where to be seen maybe it was too early and i couldn't quite remember where i saw him in my sleep deprived state so i found another cute guy K from Amolir a mixed male/female massage shop in yellow shirts. 60 min relaxing oil massage B500, I don't have much of a point of reference for massage but he did a decent job, he was a little shy after the turn so i waited for his offer (first offer request was B3000 as he knew it was my first time in Bangkok haha, instead i offered 1500 which was still probably too much) we agreed on a bj and he stripped down and put on a decent oral performance including kissing. He was all smiles and a sweet guy so it was worth it for me even if i did pay a little over a normal tip, we exchanged line contacts and off i went with a spring in my step. Back to the hotel to shower off properly and take advantage of the LM club lounge benefits of cocktails and snacks, this is where my day ended a little abruptly... I'm not sure if it was the heat, the alcohol, not eating since breakfast or a combination of the three but i felt horrible after my second drink, i was going to force myself to go and at least catch a show but I couldn't be sure i wasn't about to get worse so i decided to retreat with water and something easy on the stomach to eat while telling myself it's best to rest now and catch up on the fun later without the fever and sickly feeling. 20/12 Day2- I woke up feeling great, whatever it was has passed and i strolled down to the breakfast buffet again for about an hour of self indulgence and over eating.. after a mid day nap / food coma, went to foodland to grab some pocari sweat for the fridge (great for hydration and for hangovers) and some snacks for the afternoon, generally wanting to take the day slow and save myself for the night. LM lounge again for warm up drinks, and then off to LuckyBoys at about 930, the bar is 3/4 full but i get a seat off to stage right and sit with a very chatty and friendly mamasan. After a few questions about what i like and a drink for each of us i call down one of boys from stage to buy him a drink as well, he has just started at the bar last week and was very sweet but had pretty bad breath and after a while i noticed he was preoccupied by someone across the room that i assumed to be a repeat customer so i slid him B100 said thank you and let him go back to the stage/customer as I was only half interested in him anyway. I chatted with the mamasan about a cute viet but mamasan said no good, he no suck or bottom (possibly straight), "don't take viet boys" was her advice. The mamasan proceeded to call out across the room to him to confirm and he shook his head no. It was a shame, he was probably the best fit for my type body wise, later on he appeared in the big cock show which at least gave me a bit of eye candy from him. This mamasan was actually really helpful and funny throughout my time in LuckyBoys, i gave two drinks through the night and a B100 tip as a thank you. So i decided to call down a guy from Myanmar (i think, i have trouble understanding the boys), he has been in the bar for a month and just celebrated his 24th birthday, I order a few drinks each during the show and discussing what he does, everything is in order and off fee is requested then he goes off to get changed. The show went on for what seemed an eternity, it was ok and i enjoyed the big cock show where i got to see the straight viet on full display i was a little bored and spent most of my time watching the other customers reactions during the lip syncing numbers. Checked bin and off we went back to LM, No ID check or so much as a smirk from the doorman and I'm kind of glad the french staff member I'm keeping my eye out for isn't around. in room activities were ok, we each showered and it was on, he has a really nice body, had a little trouble with my size to start with but he didn't complain once and put in a good effort, we didn't have great chemisty in bed so i kind of rushed things and after about 30-45 minutes i was spent and sent him on his way. We are both somewhat shy and he was very quiet but still enjoyable to be with, B2000 ST + 500 bonus for being a good sport and he was out the door and i was straight to bed. Would possibly repeat, but not high on the priority list due to lack of chemistry.
  9. Shalom y'all! Just landed. Took some plane time to start writing. Some Background. 35yo married + 1. Israeli. This was my 6th trip (and trip report!). My husband has a big exam soon so he asked me to take our 3 yo daughter and go somewhere for the entire Jewish Holidays period (almost a month). Without any hesitation I booked us both a ticket to BKK for 26 days. The first 10 days of my trip was accompanied by a Thai nanny, and the rest was with my parents that decided to join some parts of my trip to spend quality time with their grand daughter. The trip was devided to 7 legs and so will this trip report. I scheduled it so we'll be in fun to party places during weekends (Bangkok, Singapore) and the mid week we went to places where it doesn't matter that much if you come on weekends or not (Pattaya, Chiang Mai). Since this trip was relatively long, and most of my time was spent at kids stuff with my daughter, this report will not be a detailed one. I'll try to stay focused on things that will be of interest to this forum. Take into consideration that my trip was about 70% child play and 30% dad's play haha. The report will focus on dad's play. Leg 1 - BKK weekend - Engines on TLV-BKK 11h flight went easy considering the fact that it was just me, 3yo girl and a fair amount of carry on luggage. The fact that I won the bid for upgrade to buisness class sure helped LOL. Suvarnabhumi Fast Track - after getting recommendations from forum members, I ordered Fasttrack, golf car, porter and a car with a child seat. 14 minutes from airplane gate to the car!! It was not cheap (4800 THB) but very helpful for a dad in need. Upon arrival, met the nanny which we already knew from our previous trip. Hotel review - Somerset Park Suan Plu - 3BR apartment (220 USD per night): This place was conveniently located a 3 minute short walk from Prince. When traveling with family, the concept of serviced apartments is my preferred. Apartment was all I could ask for: big, clean and each room had a lock haha. Breakfast was medium. Will return. I decided that first day of my trip will be dedicated to commercial sex and the days after will be dedicated to non commercial sex. Prince #1 - My goal with fasttrack was to arrive to the hotel at 4PM so my daughter will nap immediately upon arrival. I've become an expert in adjusting her naps to my needs haha. So it was no more then 15 minutes upon arrival that I was already at Prince after checking in, greeting the nanny and putting my daughter to sleep. Guys on display were nice as always. I saw the guy I was with last time, who is nicked Cha. For some reason, this guy seemed to be actively avoiding eye contact with me. At a certain point he actually stood behind someone and appeared hiding. He was of course the hottest guy there that afternoon. And by hot I mean shredded muscle. Retroactively thinking, I'm not sure why I chose him knowingly that he is avoiding me. But that is exactly what I did. I don't come to Prince to get massaged so can't comment on that. But his service was even better than our previous time. And by service I mean getting fucking him while he flexes. And also the prefuck teasing. All was so good I have really no idea why he was avoiding me. But I am sure he was. Left that place very happy and satisfied. I will see Cha a week later at XXO party. He looked at me and said "you look familiar". I told yes, I know. He then said "from the gym, right?". The whole situation was so weird I told him no and just smiled and went on. I then found his Grindr and IG. He states there specifically that he is not a MB. I contemplated the thought of sending him a massage and talk but that stayed only a thought. Anyways, Prince was a great start. Tawan #1 - after my daughter woke up, we went to Asiatique market for a pleasant evening. Recommended. I Put her to sleep at 22 with the goal of making it on time to Tawan. Arrived at Tawan 22:30 and finally met this forums superstar massage reviewer, DivineMadame. We had a nice conversation and inspection of guys. We both appreciated the looks of one guy in particular over there. He definitely seemed like a superstar and got his share of attention and tips from the crowd. When the show ended, encouraged by DivineMadame, I went to say hi. I ask for his name, of which he replied Tiger. 15 minutes later we were at my room. I didn't expect much from that guy cause I thought he was more eye candy than bed candy but he was mind blowing at what I needed from him. Which was a intense and intimate muscleworship session. The next day I took my daughter to the weekend market. An exhausting and nice place. When it was time for her nap, it was time to go to Babylon (#1). Until that point, Babylon never failed me. Nor it did this time. Had a taste of the local buffet of Asian crowd and some white guys too. I really like that place. After some more quality time with my daughter, it was bed time for her and play time for me. Had a sex night with someone I met on Grindr (#1) during my previous trip. This guy wanted to film our action. I only agreed to do that with my phone so we did that, then watched, then played more. It was a great night. Came back way to late considering the fact that at 8AM my daughter will wake me up. Next day, after some more exploration of Bangkok's children's play spaces, it was dads play time at Babylon (#2). This was the first time Babylon failed me. Don't know why. Maybe I was too tired, maybe just bad karma, maybe after a while I got too picky. But after about 2 hours I decided that I need to face the fact that no fun will probably happen here. So I left Babylon unorgasemed for the first time and to date also the last time. At the evening I took my daughter to the Cat Cafe. It was a nice experience although I think the cats were way too friendly and probably drugged. After putting her to sleep I had some time to kill before my Grindr hookup so I went to Banana boys and the show and guys has improved since the previous time I was there. Grindr hookup #2 - I started working BKK Grindr a week before arriving with FAKEGPS. A week before arriving I just started talking to ALL the hot guys there. One guy, I actually talked to several times before but it didn't work out till this trip. He unsurprisingly works in the fitness industry. This time he was more eager to meet. We met for drinks at Silom. I then realized that this guy, as hot as he was, had serious issues of low self esteem. I usually find it tiring cause then I need to invest energy in making him feel desired and hot. So, I play along cause I have a goal of bringing him to my room. An hour later we are in my room. He still needs a lot of me ensuring him that he is good enough for me which is a little turn off for me. But I was really into fucking that guy so out of 3 hours meeting, one hour was probably dedicated on sweet talking him to bed. But it was worth it cause that guy did everything I wanted in bed. He also had a very clear OCD which made him very sensitive to his cleanliness. But he softened with time. All and all it was a great night. 3AM, 20 mins after he left, my daughter woke from a nightmare. I was very happy that it did not happen earlier. I did not want her exposed to the other side of this trip. After about 4 hours of sleep my daughter woke me up, and we started packing and getting ready for our next leg - Pattaya!
  10. Moses

    Gay Da Nang

    I'm in Da Nang currently Blued is filled with boys. Over 100 boys online with filters "below 30 yo + Asian + with photo" on the distance "less than 5 km". Got 50+ offers at first 3 hours after arrival. About 50% are masseurs with asking price 30$ "for everything". Rest are students who "want to practice my English". I'm silver haired top, 55+, average body 185/85, nothing special,... Will write report later. _______________________________________________ https://siamroads.com - your local guides and holiday companions
  11. As the saying goes, "All work and no play makes Jack/Mack a dull boy". In Bangkok recently for work, I made sure my evenings were free. Then tacked on a few more days in Pattaya. The first of four trip reports is up at http://shamelessmacktwo.travel.blog with one new report a day. Beware -- these are long reads. Sunday evening upload: Bangkok bars Monday evening upload: Bangkok massage Tuesday evening: Pattaya bars Wednesday evening: Pattaya massage.
  12. BiggusDikkus’s excellent account of his first experience of Bangkok planted the idea that a thread on ‘First Encounters’ with the City of Angels could be entertaining. Here is mine to kick things off. Before landing the story in Bangkok I need to back up a little as I had a vicarious familiarity with Bangkok long before I first visited. My perfect gentleman of a father (on one occasion, after finding a slug in his salad, he wrapped it in lettuce, doused it in dressing and ate it to avoid any embarrassment to his hostess) spent time in Japan and South East Asia on business in the 1960s/70s. He was very nice and very slightly naughty. As a child I was fascinated by beautifully produced Geisha House books he brought back from Japan, full of oval pictures of perfectly made-up young women. He and my mother were each other’s best friend so whatever he found to amuse himself, it was done with her knowledge and if not blessing then at least understanding. My parents had a broad outlook and so my being gay was a practical issue not a moral one. They had gay friends. The World was tough on homosexuals (the then term-of-use). This was unfortunate but a fact. How could they help? They lead me to believe that sex is enjoyable, even more so if you and your partner have a connection. Nothing wrong with casual sex, but avoid becoming fixated on mere physical sex. Sex is also a mental pleasure, which is why a connection is so important. To balance the enjoyment, there are risks. Life is a bugger. No Free Lunch and No Free Hedonism. Unplanned pregnancy can be a major life problem (although you are probably free of that one) as are diseases. Particularly syphilis (this was pre-AIDS). To clarify the point for a fifteen year old they gave me some quite advanced and very graphically illustrated medical texts. The autopsied syphilitic brain looking like a Swiss cheese was a standout image. To paraphrase my father “Swimming is great fun. Try to only swim in clean water. If you suspect the water may be less than clean, cover up properly and wash thoroughly afterwards, in which effort medicinal alcohol is useful”. So I was launched into the World with few hang-ups about my sexuality, open to and aware of the pleasures of the flesh and totally paranoid about STDs. Even with raging teenage hormones the image of the brain-as-Swiss-cheese could deflate my dick in seconds. Preparing for my first encounter with Bangkok in the pre-internet age my advance research was undertaken at the local gay bookstore. My father recommended his hotel, which is now the Anantara by Ratchadamri BTS but which back then may have been a Peninsula as that was his regular chain, and assured me that the Thais were very charming and open minded people and that I would like them. In Bangkok, ensconced at the now-Anantara, I made a strategic decision that I soon reversed. I was not sure exactly who I would encounter at the clubs and, despite my father’s assurances of open-mindedness, I could not picture myself walking comfortably through that stunning lobby with a pickup. Guided by my gay guide I went to the Tarntawan and reserved a room for recreational purposes. Friday, my first evening free of business obligations and I am excited. I have a map. I have a rec room. Krung Thep, mon amour! However, there is No Free Hedonism. As I am about to going swimming in possibly less-than-clean water, I am possessed by an almost paralyzing fear of Swiss-cheese-brain-syndrome. It takes several sazeracs to reduce this to manageable dimensions before I launch myself into the night. The hotel porter whistles up a cab (this is pre-BTS), I give the cab driver my destination and into the traffic we go. The driver looks at me in the mirror. ‘You like boy?’. Yeesss, I carefully reply. “I take you better bar”. I feel a surge of almost crazy elation. Yes, he is probably going to his friend’s bar where he gets a commission, but these people are relaxed. I decide to go with the flow. I have a map. ‘Ok’. I have no idea where he took me. Starting several sazeracs in and then continuing to drink at bar after bar, I have only a sketchy memory of the evening. I wanted to see it all and my memory is a blur of many bars, many boys and tip jars swallowing many red notes. All fun. It was all huge fun, even if I can’t recall the details. Finally I took a guy off from a bar that had an aquatic show. Tall, elegant, looking wonderful in speedos. Charming. And very understanding of someone with a few too many drinks in him. He took me to a hole in the wall restaurant for carbs and coffee. Possibly I was worth sobering up as, back then, I had thick floppy bond hair and a trim swimmers build. Possibly, understandably, he did not enjoy the fumbling of drunks. We spent several sensuous hours in mutual exploration and pillow talk. He was a student. This was how he financed his studies. How long was I in Bangkok? Not long enough, I thought. Departing in the morning we ran a gauntlet of stares from much older farang breakfasting with last night’s offs. The kind of detached lust-absorbed stares of people trying to picture you naked, people whose conversation is best avoided as it is often distasteful. The people who in my then-not-so-far-back youth had caused me to stop going to gay clubs and switch allegiance to jazz bars. I began to dislike the Tarntawan. In the evening I headed out to reconnect with Elegant-in-Speedos. Pre-Line, pre-iphone, pre-internet there was no easy way to remain in touch. I had to go back to the bar. But which bar? At the time I was not sure it was the aquatic one. Exploration is fun. I began at Tawan, planning to do the rounds in an efficient non-drinking manner until I found the right bar. Leaving Tawan I was accosted by the tout from a small bar across the soi. Many boy, you like! It was a small shabby bar with maybe eight guys who upon my entry mounted the stage and gyrated in a semi-sensual vaguely come-hither torpor. All except one and that one guy worked it with every asset and move he had. He was the most masculine of the group. An intelligent lively face, deep brown, solid muscle on a slender frame and large hands and feet which accurately indicated the potential of his endowment. In bed at the Tarntawan after showering together I am in sexual overdrive. This guy is hot. And then, the third time he removes my exploring hand from between his stunning buns, he holds it against my chest and gives me a polite but firm lesson in reality. He like girl. Have girlfriend. Have men sex as it pay a lot more than construction. While I am customer, he is himself, has boundaries, I need to respect them and him. It had never occurred to me that any guy working gogo would be anything but gay (naivety) or that anything within my vanilla repertoire would be off-limits (arrogance). He sees these thoughts on my face and smiles, pulls close and says ‘Here what I do’. I tell him what I do and then, as two tops, we proceed to make each other feel good. Within his boundaries he is very sexual. Why is more of the World not like this? After showering we leave together, him to his girlfriend and me to the more comfortable accommodations of the now-Anantara. It is around 1am and in the lobby I again encounter the gauntlet of stares from the sexually-fixated. Now I dislike the Tarntawan. Sunday, my final free evening, I reconnect with Elegant-in-Speedos. Looking at him in his street clothes I think I would not at all mind being seen with him at the now-Anantara. So that is where we go. We have cocktails and Thai food from the twenty four hour menu in the lobby. No one stares. In the room there is a bowl of red spiky Thai fruit which I have not been sure how to approach. His eyes light up and he shells one for each of us. They have a sweet and slightly scented taste. Our lips lock in a sweet and scented kiss. I looked for him the next time I visited Bangkok. ‘How long you not here? He graduate, go home’. The beginning of a cycle. A long and enjoyable cycle. Long may it last!
  13. It was 5:30 a.m. Tokyo time when my alarm went off but it was easy to climb out of bed. With purpose. I was leaving for Bangkok later that day and I still had to pack. It wasn't until 8:30 p.m. that I was able to check into my hotel. That's 10:30 Tokyo time. I was hungry and tired, not to mention sweaty, having had to walk and lug my suitcase for the last kilometer or so. I did not go straight up to my room to shave, shower and get myself ready for a Friday night on Silom. “Or maybe on Patpong,” I thought to myself. “Patpong is supposed to be getting busy with gay bars now that Soi Twilight has turned out the lights.” Before I could take a look around, I needed some calories. So I broke one of my Cardinal rules of traveling in Thailand — I ate dinner in the hotel's restaurant. Side note: I was the only solo diner in the place but I was mostly doing the same thing everyone else in the restaurant was, using my phone to scroll through my social media accounts. Even couples fed their smartphone addictions rather than make conversation. So rather than feel lonely, I was part of the club. I was also feeling my age. I didn't get up to my room, unpacked and showered until after 10. I was exhausted; there would be no Friday night out in Bangkok for me. All I could do was crawl in bed and let memories of my first trip to this megacity unspool in my head. That night I also broke a Cardinal rule. Was it really 23 years earlier? Must've been. Like tonight, it was a Friday, but when I arrived at my hotel much further into the night, I was exploding with energy. I just had to wash up, pull on a pair of designer jeans and a Calvin Klein T-shirt and find my way to the fabled Silom Soi 4, to Telephone, to Rome and so many other bars and clubs I had only read or heard about. Could I find the soi on my own? I probably could have squeezed my guide book, “The Men of Thailand,” into a pocket, but I wasn't going to embarrass myself. I wasn't going to look like a foolish tourist. And besides, how hard could it be? One alley over from Patpong, TMOT told me. And my hotel was a 10-minute walk down Surawong from Patpong. It would be easy. So off I went. I would sate my hunger at a street food stall on Patpong. I was going to get the full Bangkok experience. Then, finally, I began making my way to Soi 4. As I recall now, I was almost at a jog. And maybe my haste was my problem. I ended up making some wrong turns. As everyone knows, there are two Patpongs, but I let this slip my mind. When I finally did turn into Soi 4, well, that's when I broke that Cardinal rule. Only I did not realize it until several long minutes later. ”Are you looking for the gay bars?” someone asked. How did he know? That's exactly what I had been trying to do for, what, 15 minutes? Was I on the wrong street? Again? How many wrong streets could there be? I had initially missed Soi 4 and not realized it until I saw a sign for Soi 2. Surely I didn't double back too far. At least I hadn't got all the way back to Patpong. And who is my interrogator? A gay basher? I don't think I would admit to a stranger back home that I was looking for “the gay bars,” but this is Bangkok, and TMOT, while perhaps failing to give more specific directions to Soi 4, did insist that gays are not harassed in Bangkok, that even taxi drivers wouldn't think twice if I told them to take me to “the gay bars.” So I could tell this guy the truth, whoever he is. ”Yes,” I managed to say. He smiled. He knew the answer. So at least “The Men of Thailand” was right about Thais not being prejudiced against gays. I felt braver. I could safely add to my one-word reply. “Do you know where Telephone is? Is this Soi 4?” ”Follow me,” I remember him saying. “I'll take you there.” So off we went, back out of the alley I was sure was Soi 4. Apparently I had been wrong again. When we got to Silom, we turned right. We walked past the nicknack stalls of the night market. We walked by the first Patpong soi that I had missed earlier in the night. We passed the next Patpong street. Is that really a Christian bookstore on the corner? Odd place for a Christian bookstore. And aren't we going in the wrong direction? Or maybe that was my mistake all along. I was supposed to take a right at the end of Patpong, not a left. Wow, that would have saved me a lot of time. I could already be in Telephone, flirting with a cute local. Or maybe Rome. I really want to go to Rome. I've heard so much about it. The best gay nightclub in Asia, they were calling it. My new best friend then brought me out of my own thoughts. ”Where are you from?” he asked. I told him. “How many times have you been to Thailand?” “When did you arrive?” “How long are you staying?” Hey wait a minute, I thought. How far are we going to walk? One alley over from Patpong, right? And this neighborhood doesn't really look like a nighttime entertainment district anymore. In fact, we seem to be passing a hospital. A Christian hospital. I didn't realize there was such a big Christian influence in Thailand. My inner monologue is often over active. It also has the ability to make the exact same sound as a needle being dragged across a vinyl record when it's about to change topics. “Who is this guy I'm with?” I finally thought. I didn't actually ask that question out loud but I could see a little anxiety in his face as he noted my own. ”Just a little bit more,” he assured me as we turned right onto I don't know what street — a street that did not have nearly as many Friday night revelers on it as the street where I had met ... Who? Who the hell is this guy? And then it hit me. “Oh, no!” my inner monologue screamed. “I broke the TMOT Cardinal rule — ‘DON'T GO WITH TOUTS!’” ”Obviously we're not going to Soi 4,” I managed to say with a snarl. “Where are we going?” ”A gay bar,” the tout answered. “Trust me. You'll like it.” He was practiced. He recognized that I was about to turn back, so he turned into a desperate conversationalist, keeping me stupidly talking to him as we continued turning corners and walking down poorly lit streets until we were there ... Under a sign that read, Galaxy Boys. We walked up to the second floor and into a very dark, very uncrowded bar that had at least a dozen go-go dancers. All young, maybe late teens, early 20s. All with perfectly lean but beautifully defined bodies. All with smooth, bronze skin. All with long, lithe legs. All with supple calf muscles that took shape much higher toward the knee than I had ever seen before. All dressed in nothing but bikini bottoms. And those smiles! The walls appeared to be black, and there was little light, only dim beams that lit the boys on the stage. The ones in the shadows were pulling out their little soldiers and rubbing them until they stood at attention. The achievement of a full erection would bring a broad smile and a glance my way. The tout was right, I kind of did like this place. In fact, I was entranced. There's something to say for sleazy bars. Especially when no one sees you walking into one. I ordered a beer and sat back while the tout walked toward the entrance where he engaged the manager, at least I think she was the manager, in an animated conversation. More of the dancers smiled my way. I smiled back, unsure what else to do. You can probably guess the next several events. The manager and tout would return. The manager would insist one of the boys come down and sit with me. He put his hand on my thigh, and one of my hands on his thigh. His skin was warm, smooth, a little damp. I found myself in the same conversation I had been in minutes earlier with the tout. The go-go dancer took my hand and placed it further up his thigh, so that my pinky was rubbing his cock. He giggled when my head turned, betraying my startlement. ”I like you,” he said without pronouncing the k. I stared into his eyes, and as I searched for the proper response — Was there one? — he began to kiss me. It wasn't a peck, but a full, lips locked, open-mouthed, gentle jaw movement kiss that my tongue remembers well to this day. ”I like you, too,” I said, pronouncing the k and figuring I might as well state the obvious. “I'm also hard as a rock.” I don't think he understood that but the tout and manager seemed to know that the time to pounce was right and they were back at my sofa with a 2,200-baht bill. ”For one beer?” I sneered. ”No for boy off too. And must pay boy another 2,000 baht at hotel.” Apparently it had already been decided that I was taking the best kiss I had ever had back to my hotel. But I balked. I was on my way to Soi 4, remember. I never made it to my intended destination that night. I left Galaxy Boys and returned to my hotel as it had been ordained for me. ... I'm not sure what will come next, a report on Night II of my most recent trip to Bangkok, or me reminiscing about that first trip 23 years ago.
  14. This is my 5th trip to Thailand and my first trip with my husband and child. All my previous trips were solo. I will try to focus on the more interesting gay parts of my trip, a fact that will probably make this trip report shorter than previous ones, considering the specific nature of this trip. A brief intro, 35 yo Israeli married + 1. Last trip was 16 months ago; I came for White Party 2018. At that time I knew it would take me some time to come again alone to Thailand and I set my mind on returning for Songkran 2019. As time passed by, I started realizing that I will not be able to pull those dates off so I set my mind on the week after which was also Jewish Passover. But, my partner was less enthusiastic on letting me travel solo during the holiday since he had tons of work and was not able to take full care of our daughter this time. I understood him and the situation but I still missed my BKK. So instead I decided to try and make it a family trip. I realized that traveling with our daughter while my husband had tons of work that he will have to do during our vacation is not my best option. So I convinced his parents and siblings to join us. It was quite easy, who doesn't want to have his vacation in Thailand? So this was a big family trip that I planned and arranged to all of us. I also knew that the maximum time that we should all spend together is a week. More than that will be too much family time for all the people involved J So for this big trip, I scheduled a weekend in BKK for all of us, then mid-week we spent at a resort in Krabi and then we split so my husband, daughter and I had another weekend in BKK without the rest. It took me lots of planning, booking, coordinating for the whole group. But it was worth it. We flew the weekend after Songkran. This year, a smaller Israeli airline, Arkia opened the 2nd direct TLV-BKK route. It was a shitty flight with a 25yo plane. But my daughter and I slept most of it so I didn't care much. Having a 2yo child in BKK has its advantages. We didn't need to queue almost anywhere. Once Thai airport staff saw we were with a stroller we were guided to go to fast track which was nice. Since this trip I was not alone, I tried to leave little room for mistakes so I asked Lebua to send us a van with a proper seat for my daughter. 2500 THB. Arrived at the Tower Club @ Lebua state at 6 PM Friday evening. Hotel is nice but I think for its cost, 235 USD a night, there are many better options than that one. But, my sister in-law really wanted to stay in the hotel of the film "The Hangover 2" so I let her have it her way. It's a very nice hotel with large rooms and high balconies observing BKK and free lounge. Excellent service and professional staff. We had dinner at Siam Discovery's Outback. Again, not my first choice, but I usually comprise about things I don't care that much. After that we put our daughter to sleep and the pre-booked hotel nanny arrived (300THB per hour). Now It's dads time for our night out in BKK. It's my husband's first night in BKK and I was keen on showing him some of BKK’s jewels. Arrived at Jupiter just in time for the show. We both enjoyed the eye candy show and it was a full house. Offing was not an option considering the fact that our daughter was with us in our suite. Some of the stars there are really impressive and for sure would be an good offing option for us, although it seems to me they are better at being looked at than actually having fun with, but I maybe wrong here. From there off to Moonlight. It was my first time there, and after reading some threads about it, I has higher expectations. House was almost empty. Some of the guys were hot but it was by far less entertaining then Jupiter. It could have been that it was the 2nd show of that night and maybe it's always like that in later hours. But even with taking into consideration the late hour of the second show, something about their show was just not sexy enough. Maybe coming in time for first show is a better option, but we did not have time to check that out. After that, we went to DJ station. A solid stable BKK institution. House was full and we enjoyed the crowd. I never liked too much the music there… too much pop for my ear. My husband liked it more than me. Anyways, we both enjoyed our time there since the combo of guys, music and alcohol can’t be beaten J We were not actually looking for sex since we were both very tired and also things were a little logistically complicated with having a stranger as a nanny in our room so we preferred calling it a night. The morning after my husband had to work, so I took all the rest to Siam Paragon – they did shopping and I took my daughter to Sea World. Sea World is just one of many nice things that I would have never think on even easting my time in BKK if I was without my daughter. Having said that, it is the most impressive aquarium I have seen compared to those in the States and Europe. I took her back just in time for her nap, I had a vision in my mind that while she is napping and my husband is working in our room, it is my time to shine. Arrived at the Prince at about 3PM. BKK was very rough on traffic our entire stay so whenever I went alone I took a motor taxi. I entered and chose the most muscular ripped guy I saw and we went together to the room. After showering I waited about 3 minutes. Then, the mamasan guy knocked on the room and told me that I had to choose another guy since he couldn’t work now. I found it weird, but decided that I don’t care that much and went outside to choose another guy. On my way out back to choosing, I saw the guy that I choose coming back to my room as if everything is as usual, then the manager stopped him and they argued loudly in Thai. This thing seemed very unprofessional but again – I didn’t care that much. The manager said he is sorry and that the guy I chose is bad service etc… I told him OK and went to choose me another guy. The mamasan guy in Prince is generally unhelpful by saying all the guys are great there and excellent service so I again choose by intuition. I choose another muscle guy. Massage is as I usually get in prince, very sexual, lots of oil involved, muscles flexing and genitals being rubbed and touched until we both climax. Tipped the guy 1500 THB, and left very happily to my room and even had a one hour nap before our daughter wakes up and we continue our evening together with daddy being much happier after his massage haha.
  15. I arrived last Friday evening from Australia via Malaysia airlines, 7pm. I was dreading the airport and freeway congestion but all good. Through immigration, collected my luggage and into my pre booked car within 30 minutes. A record. Then the roads were empty. Into the Crowne plaza in Silom 35 mins later and into my room by 8:15. WTF ! So some time for a quick walk around to survey the new venues post the demise of Soi T. I’ve previously posted my love of Soi T and especially Maxis. But the Soi was more than that, it’s was self contained. Bars, gogo shows, massage and boys. Nothing better than my evening ritual of sitting a Maxis each evening watching the coming and going at bkk massage, fresh boys etc and downing a few Long Island ice teas. I digress. I headed to Patpong 2 to survey the set up. So ok there the new placed, dream boys Paridiso etc and screw and fresh. But there is no atmosphere. No bar to sit and watch. Well there are bars of course but nothing appealing. Anyway I sat at one of the bars next to screw boys and downed a few beers. Then back to my room about midnight for some sleep. Should mention that it’s fucking HOT. Never known such heat, even in the evening so that is slowing me down a bit during the day. So to Saturday night. I started the evening in the hotel club bar. Free drinks from 5 to 8. Bonus. Then off to Soi 4 which I’ve not explored before, only a visit to Jupiter last year. I was in search of a bar to just sit for a while as I like to do. It was early ~ 8:30 and the Soi was a bit quiet. First stop was banana bar. I was the only customer, with 4 waiters busy on their phones when I sat down. Drink ordered, but no atmosphere here. Waiters too engrossed in their phones to even get passing customers attention. Only positive was watching the arriving boys for the upstairs venue, I recall fresh boys venue now ? Anyway I then moved on to Telephone bar. It’s was starting to get a little busier and I got good seat to survey the Soi. Waiters were attentive and friendly. Stayed about a hour and will go back tonight. Next into Taiwan. 9:30 ish and only a few customers. Drinks 500 bt. Outrageous. A few chunky boys on stage but nothing outstanding to speak of. Other guys sitting round the place on their phones. Didn’t stay for the show, just a bit sad for a Saturday night. But on exiting the place a guy I’ve seen before from one of the massage places adjacent to Taiwan grabbed me. The is very handsome and soon lifted his T-shirt to show me his muscular stomach. He then grabbed my hand and pushed it down his jeans. Nice. If only I was younger, fitter and not so drunk it would hav3 been magic, but I gave him a few hundred bt and went back to my hotel alone. But he made this old dude happy for a minute or two. Off to check out Fresh boys in Soi 4 tonight.
  16. Dear all, I am writing this report on my last day in the land of smiles. I am now sitting in one of the thai restaurant in front of jomtien beach, about to start eating breakfast, alone, after having bought my bus ticket back to suvarnabhumi at 11am for my departure to kuala lumpur at around 4pm. I should arrive in the airport around 1pm, giving me enough for checking in and having lunch at the airport. Seafood soup with rice and a no-ice mango shake (asked for mango juice but not available, i said mango shake is cold for early morning and she said can make with no ice) While waiting my food to cool down a bit, im writing the introduction to my trip report, just to start putting some info so i wont get lazy to write the report when im home and busy with work. I barely slept last night lol i feel blessed that i am to be able to take this trip and even though it was "planned" at the very last minute, without proper plan, it went better than "planned". I would say that this trip is my first official solo trip to Thailand for the sole purpose of boys, since my last three trip has been mixed with other trips, or partly with straight friends. After this breakfast, ill hang around dongtan beach, maybe if there is any masseur available, get one last massage before heading to bangkok. Ill continue writing after this whenever time permits. Watch out for next installment!
  17. Trip Report – July 2015 – Chiang Mai – Sukhothai – Kanchanaburi – Pattaya Friday 3 July fly Thai Airways from Rome to Bangkok. Flight was good and almost every seat taken – I was in peasant class so it was a somewhat uncomfortable journey. Watched lots of movies and only manage to sleep very little. Arrive Saturday 4 July at BKK at almost 6am exhausted, went through immigrations which had a line that lasted about 50 minutes as it seemed that many flights arrived at the same time and at that hour not all of the booths were open. Went to the ATM and withdrew some Bahts, then went to the carousel to retrieve my luggage. A Thai guy who I did not know who works at BKK comes up to me and asks me my flight number and then volunteers to assist me to find my luggage and introduces himself to me as, Ananda, and then brings me to get an AIS SIM card. Ananda asked me if we could meet later (we exchanged phone numbers), as I told him that my number 1 priority was to go to sleep. I then checked into the Novotel located at the airport, as they have “Freshen up” rates which I took for 5 hours so that I could shower and sleep. After a 10 hour flight I wanted some pampering. Woke up about 11:15, got ready, checked out, and then took the Novotel back to the Terminal. The Novotel is physically attached to the Terminal but it is a long walk so the shuttle it was for me. I checked in for my Bangkok Airways flight to Chiang Mai, got rid of my luggage and then texted Ananda and I offered him lunch. Nice guy, has worked at BKK for 5 years and uses his job as an opportunity to meet and seduce falangs. He was disappointed to find out that I was not spending any time in BKK this trip and we left it at that. However, later on into my trip he did try stalking me with constant text messages which I conveniently ignored as I could tell that he was too pushy for my tastes. Had a great less than 1 hour flight to Chiang Mai and was disappointed to find out that my guide Woody, and his partner, Non, from the last time were not already waiting for me at the airport. I texted them and within 15 minutes they were there to pick me up and we were reunited again after 18 long months. You may remember the great time that I had with Woody and Non from my December 2013 trip report: http://www.gaythailand.com/forums/topic/9381-trip-report-chiang-mai-29-dec-in-progress that I decided to use their services again, but instead of for just 2 days, this time it would be 7 days, where we planned a big trip to the outskirts of Chiang Mai, Sukhothai, and then Kanchanaburi. I booked us a nice room at the Qi 68 guest house, http://www.qi68hotel.com/ in Chiang Mai in the Chang Phuak area which was convenient for our eventual night escapades. I could see immediately that the guys were disappointed with my hotel choice and I did not find out why until we arrived later in the trip at Sukhothai. Then we went to get a bite to eat, and then we visited some of the more important Wats (Wat Phra Sing, Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Chiang Man and Wat Suan Dok) which is always such a pleasure for me as I like to watch the guys do their Buddhist prayer thing, especially the one where they shake a canister that is full of Buddhist Fortune Sticks until 1 falls out which has a corresponding number. The noise of the shaking fills the Wat full of hope and spiritual energy. They then leave the prayer area and usually to the side is a “fortune” that is written that corresponds to the number. They love sharing with me this entire process and I enjoy participating in it. In addition, each of the Wats are unique in their own way and from an artistic and cultural point of view they never disappoint me. Then off to the Saturday night market where as usual I was overloaded with its immensity of stuff for sale, entertainment, and smells of the various foods that are available. As it was Saturday night, we headed over to the Circle Pub http://www.circlepubchiangmai.com/ to see the show which was of a typical go-go boy style show and then we moved on to Adams Apple, http://www.adamsappleclub.com/ as I did not get to see it on my last Chiang Mai trip and I had promised Vinapu after my last LOS trip that I would check it out on my next trip. We walked in and it was pretty busy – not packed but a decent crowd. The owner/manager immediately welcomed us and there was a gaggle of guys around him as he was definitely being entertained by most of them. We watched the various Go-Go boy skits, and then Woody talked to a few, as he seems to have contacts with them. The night we were there most were of the twink type – not my type – and being my first day in LOS I was tired so we called it a night. Would I go back to Adam’s Apple – most likely yes, as I would want to have more energy for my next visit and maybe arrive a little earlier to see if we missed some of the famous manly Shan types that I heard about but did not see much of that first night, as perhaps they had all already been offed. Back to the Qi 68 guest house where Woody and Non gave me an excellent 4 handed massage. You may remember from my previous trip report that they both work as masseurs at the Classic House in Chiang Mai, www.classichousemassage.net/ . We did not meet there as I found Woody on Line when he was advertising his tour guide business, as that is their true passion and massages are their 2nd passion. So, I got the best of both worlds in this trip. The Qi 68 guest house does not have breakfast, they have a large common kitchen if you want to use it. This is the reason why the guys were disappointed with my lodging choice. So, I asked them to take us to the "Butter is Better" diner in Chiang Mai (189 Chang Klan Road) http://www.butterisbetterbakery.com/ which is truly an excellent place for falang breakfast, but the menu is rich enough to even satisfy the Thai guys, so we were all happy. Today’s agenda (Sunday 5th of July) was to go to see the famous Wat Prathat Doi Suthep, which is 15 kms outside of Chiang Mai up in the beautiful national park of Doi Pui, about 3,500 ft above sea level. Woody and Non have a car, so transportation is not an issue. I did not get to see this important historical gem, which was built back in the 1300s on my last trip so it was very important to see it this time. We also ventured up the 300 steps to see the marvelous golden pagoda which they say contain the relics of the Lord Buddha. Lastly, the view of Chiang Mai down in the valley is breathtaking. Then we drove further up the Doi Suthep mountain to see the Bhubing Rajanives Palace and beautiful rose gardens, which is a royal residence built in 1961 to accommodate the royal family during state visits to Chiang Mai. My guides having been there several times were more taken back by the lack of water in the reservoir and were very worried about the ongoing drought in Thailand and lack of rain. I noted that the reservoir was very low – but it being my first time it did not register to me as alarming as it did to the guys. Ironically, I chose July for this trip as I wanted to experience Thailand in the hot, sticky, and rainy season (since I am thinking of moving here I want to see our beloved LOS in all of its seasons). In my 12 days here I only saw brief rain 2 times – so this drought problem is very worrying. The grounds are immense and there are many botanical gardens and buildings to see. By the way, if you are in shorts, you will need to rent long pants in respect to the royal family. Then off to a great Thai lunch at the Palace’s car park. Then the guys wanted me to see a real Hill Tribe village, so we visited Doi Pui Mong – it was interesting to see how the hill tribe people live. Of course, a big market that wound through the narrow street of the mountain village which was conveniently covered, as the hot sun was scorching. Plus, my first normal Thailand intestinal attack arrived and it was off to a Hill Tribe outhouse – not a pleasant experience but necessary to survive the drive back to downtown Chiang Mai. Please note to bring sanitary supplies on these kinds of “out of the city” adventures. Back to the guest house to freshen up and then off to see where Woody and Non live – they live with Woody’s sister and her husband and their 2 children, peeboy and num. They showered and packed their bags as we decided to leave Chiang Mai tomorrow. While they prepared themselves, I tried to entertain the 2 children with their toys and of course communication was impossible but it was still fun. Then we were off to see the famous Sunday walking street, which I saw last time but I really enjoyed it as it is packed with cultural delights, entertainment, great smells, and the ability to see many variations of people. While walking around, I saw a travel office offering some zip line adventures, something that I had wanted to try for a long time. I asked the guys to talk to the staff about it and we left with some exciting brochures for some places that are about an hour outside of Chiang Mai. The guys were quite surprised that this old falang was up for some adventure in the jungle. I told them, “I am not dead yet and you only live once!!” We visited more Wats, with their beautiful night lights and then we headed off for some dinner. In this photo I thought that something was wrong with my camera – because when I checked the photo of the same Wat, it had 2 different colors – then the guys told me that it was planned that way with the lighting – a very nice touch. After dinner we went to visit the New My Way bar http://www.newmywaybar.com/ for some fun. As expected, Woody knew one of the go-go guys, Song, who was an ex-Classic House masseur, and so we offed sexy Song and brought him back to the guest house. He had a perfect body, 6-pack abs, very masculine, and sexy. Unfortunately, he could not keep an erection, as I think he was a bit put off by the 6 hand massage on me and too shy. We made the best of it and everyone got to squirt at the end. This was my first 6 hand massage in my life and I think it will be my last. Yes, it was nice to have 6 hands moving all over your body, but it was too intense and it was hard to keep from losing control and cumming to a quick end. Lot’s of requests to stop, slow-down, don’t touch, ecc. – so too much energy focused on trying to not arrive to a quick finish instead of just relaxing and enjoying the sensual massage session. Monday July 6, we check out of the Qi 68 guest house and then head over again to the "Butter is Better" diner to fill up on some good breakfast food before our big adventure to the Mae Taeng river, a little over an hour from Chiang Mai to visit the Zipline Chiangmai adventure park. On the way you pass the Maetaman Elephant Camp, and the dirt road was full of Elephants and Ox’s carting people around who were having a lot of fun. I decided on this trip for NO elephant rides, as I already did it last time in Koh Samui, and after 20 minutes I was very bored, as the elephant moves so slow – so once was enough for me. So this trip is more adrenaline oriented and hence why the choice for the zipline adventure. We arrive and we meet very sexy Mieng (who is from Sukhothai our next destination) who would be our zipline guide during our adventure. At this wonderful place, you get to admire beautiful wild Thai orchids, catch an awe-inspiring view of the Mae Taeng River, which is way below you while you are soaring from tree-to-tree, almost like a monkey. We signed up for the 2 hour zipline adventure, which entails 31 different tree-top platforms, which varied in length from 20 meters to a truly amazing 400 meter zipline. They have plans next year to open an additional 800 meter zipline and I definitely will want to try it. This place is great – lots of attention to safety details, a training class before starting the adventure, etc. At first I was very apprehensive and scared at the thought of falling into the jungle and abyss underneath, but after the first 30 minutes I was much more relaxed and found myself having the time of my life. The highlight is when Mieng convinced each one of us to let go of the zipline break and handle and to just fly across the jungle tree tops upside down like a monkey. What exhilaration seeing everything from an upside down point of view. It is truly a full on adrenaline experience and if you have a strong heart, I urge you to do it if you also have the stamina. I am almost 54 and if I can do it you can also do it. Plus it is a great experience to become absorbed into the Thai tropical forest and jungle. Ok, that is enough for this portion of my trip report. I hope that my writing style does not bore you – I’m a details guy, and it is the little details that interest me the most when I read trip reports. Soon I hope to update this report with our continued adventures to Sukhothai and then Kanchanaburi. Afterwards I will leave my guides Woody and Non to head off to Pattaya for 4 days of debauchery (as no guides are required ;>)) before heading back home to Italy.
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