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  1. ? Not dead just yet. I don't expect people to be coming from around the world as if it were a circuit party, but with luck this week and upcoming weekend will be jam packed with funseekers trying to catch the Twilight of the Soi. It will be a good chance to have fun, firm up some memories, lighten your wallet, and get Line or Facebook contact info for hotties on your "to do" list, while they're all in one place. (I've already started doing that.) I admit once the "right" side of the soi is all closed and fenced in, sitting at Maxi's or Hot Male will lose a certain amount of it's charm, but 'cross the street eye candy or no -- like the band on the Titanic -- I certainly expect to playing there until the last call -- which as of two days ago, was expected to be April 16 or 17 (after Songkran) for Maxi's.
  2. Nice photos. Until the other day you could get the "Fresh Boys will close" sign in the same frame as a "This Soi is Not Closing" sign. As far as I know everything will indeed be back to normal tonight (Sunday). * * * I understand reader bumping this thread (well, I sort of understand), but now we've just got two threads on the same soi twilight closing. It is election day here, so I vote people stick with the other thread (Soi Twilight Rumors), because it was, until reader's folly, the one that people were using to report.
  3. FYI - today's viral video really does a great take down on the new constitution and takes digs at everybody. 250 Bootlickers
  4. Sorry to have missed you. Had plans (hehehe) for later that evening at my place. Glad Ganymede worked out for you. I have a guy there who is spectacular - top 1%, but works a few weeks at a time, then travels around spreading joy. (Not your Ken.). Can't vouch for everyone who works there, but generally guys seem to have great attitude. My advice - go for the "body to body" massage. Sounds like you've had a wonderful trip. Thanks for the reports.
  5. Right now, quite lovely. Not too hot. As of last night it was the same as last weekend as far as Soi Twilight is concerned - expect closed, reopen Sunday at 6:00. A lot of regular restaurants in my Line & Facebook feeds are also closing tonight because of the no-alcohol rule. A bunch of guys from at least one of the bars I know of are taking advantage of the bars being closed and have left town for a little holiday/merit making. I am reasonably confident that a sufficient number will be staying in BKK to satisfy those in need tonight. Khaosod has an article and map about where the various final campaign rallies will be in Bangkok this evening. The pro-junta party will be right at National Stadium BTS station - so people may want to steer clear of there late afternoon/evening. Or go. Up to you. BKK Election Rallies
  6. I don't think this is correct. Certainly Thai media shows lots of activity. Voting turnout is expected be in the 80-90% range. Last weekend's early voting turnout was very high.
  7. I think it just happens to have a disproportionate number of fans who post in this forum. Clearly Balcony/Telephone are far more "popular". The food is perfectly fine and there's usually something for everyone on the menu, a nice staff that manages to be fun and friendly and competent. The scene on the soi is both louche with all the sex trade going on, and for the longer-term visitors, even wholesome, with the kids playing football in the street, watching the "family" meals at Bangkok Massage, etc. -- so for me the people watching is better. Seats a bit more comfortable and with a fraction more space than Balcony/Telephone, IMHO. But overall for me it's the staff. They're non-offable, so it's just more an island of relaxed fun with friends and maybe a little harmless flirtation, surrounded by an ocean of fairly amusing depravity. I'll certainly miss it more than any part of soi T.
  8. FYI - Best way to recover from the Banana Bar goodbye party might be a special event brunch at Spasso (the restaurant/club downstairs at the Grans Hyatt Erawan). With a drag show hosted by Pangina Heels, star of Stranger Bar, Maggie Choo's, Drag Race Thailand, etc., etc. (Drag-haters of course feel no obligation to go.). DrinkGurl
  9. DivineMadman


    Last Tuesday there was a panel discussion on the Thai election at the Foreign Correspondent's Club here in BKK. They have posted a video of the event on youtube. ElectionTalkingHeads
  10. I think there's a place called Moonlight, but no one ever seems to discuss it here. Still that could be on your list. If x-boys was where the mamasan dragged your guy away from the other customers, then I win 20 baht because that was my guess. But X-Boys has been on the skids lately anyway. Freshboys Soi Twilight has been very popular lately. I guess the rumors are that it will relocate to Soi 4. So probably keep an eye out for that in May. (I had heard the boss from Freshboys was doing something on Soi 4 but it wasn't that it was going to be the exact same as current Freshboys, but maybe the rumors are about two different places.) G Boyz on Wall St. Successor to X-Size and about as popular as X-Size was. There's Freshboys 2 and Screwboysin Patpong. I haven't ventured down to Classic Boys so don't know what's going on down that end of the soi. And of course as you know Jupiter for the millionaire club and Tawan for those guys. I haven't heard about Hot Male. Same owner as Moonlight of course. Combine staff? Perhaps the Moonlight insiders know. As far as gogo bars are concerned, compared with l-2 years ago, we're: -1 X-Size, +1 G Boyz, +1 Freshboys 2 (net +1). If in the next couple months we're: -1 X-Boys, -1 Hotmale (?) -1 Freshboys (Twilight), +1 Freshboys Soi 4, -1 Dreamboys (Twilight), +1 Dreamboys (Patpong) (net -2 for March/April) Net-net we're only down 1 gogo bar, 2 if Classic boys disappears. But we do lose all the beer bars and Dick's and who knows what will happen to Maxi's. But there's so far one new bar (Chill Out) on Patpong. Not the end of the [gay] world.
  11. I take a different approach and say if someone wants to check out a particular shop or particular guy(s) outside central Bangkok, then by all means do if you have the time and the desire. These days the easiest way to do it -- for me at least -- is to have the shop send their location on Line. I then just use that with a click or two to book a Grab Taxi. It avoids my translation errors and I never have to try to explain exactly where I want to go. (I think the workflow actually is, after the usual back-and-forth about booking particular guy(s): (1) shop sends map "location", (2) Line gives me the option to open that location in google maps, then (3) use the google maps option of booking Grab. For some reason once that worked better for me and that's how I've done it ever since. I don't think you can book Grab directly using Line, but I haven't checked that in a long time). If it's in an unusual neighborhood, I also invariably check out the location using street view on google maps - just because I'm that sort of nerd and like to pre-orient myself, even though very often particluar sub sois/alleys are not covered. Getting a Grab home is just as easy (or easier). A more cost effective approach is often to take MRT/BTS to the nearest station and then get a Grab, but booking straight from my condo is so much easier I indulge. "Faces say nothing-no relation with quality of services at all." Truer words never written. Personally, I don't think quality/skills/enthusiasm increase or decrease with distance from Silom, but certainly facility with English decreases outside the main tourist zones. Even in Silom, these days my expectations are a fairly middling massage and who-knows-what-will-happen as far as the special services. More often than not I'm pleasantly surprised by the massage and I enjoy the thrill of discovery as far as the special services are concerned. [Keeping a list of "regulars" who meet massage skill requirements and also rock-my-world, but always leaving time to try some new guys/places, is the best. IMHO]. So definitely if someone drives 45 minutes and thinks that the massage is going to be better as a result of distance, he's likely to be disappointed, but that's because of the his unreasonable expectations. But if some particular cutie grabs your eye, you have the time and the money, why not go - just go with reasonable expectations. Up to you. Crowns Club has been around 2 years, and a lot of the guys who work there seem to be regulars, to the limited extent I've kept track. That's a very good sign. It seems well-managed. I know two people who have been there (one intimately). No reason not to go there as far as I can say. The guys there aren't 100% my taste, but for some there might be a major league hottie there. It does seem that there is a common complaint about "where are the twinks" in Bangkok, so I try to point them out for those who care.
  12. Also G Boyz on Wall St just off Surawong and Fresh Boys 2 in Patpong, both gogo bars. And the new Chill Out Bar Patpong.1 for drinks, karaoke and I think there might be a massage room upstairs. Chill Out Bar opens around 2:00pm. Nice space with nice people.
  13. Unless you have substantial mobility issues, you should be able to walk. Do not despair. Bangkok guys are masters at re-flation.
  14. What Spoon said. If you're trying to compare working massage v gogo bar, it's just easier to get multiple off's in a given day at a place like Prince or VCK. Also many small mid-size massage shops let the guys live there as well, so that free housing is a big plus for them. DM Spa, Crystal Relax and others (names I forget right now) let the guys set their own tips. There was a discussion on TMMSociety about this a while back. The answer there was around 100K a month. 3 customers a day 6 days a week at 1,500 a "pop." THIS SEEMS QUITE HIGH TO ME. (Sorry, I didn't mean to shout.). Seems high. Of course, I don't think the money is near as good at the massage factories along Surawong/Silom.
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