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  1. I am pretty sure it is, as ggobkk has previously reported. Be advised there is construction going on next door (for a new space like The Commons over in Thonglor). Might make sense to ask for a room without construction noise/view, if that sort of thing bothers you.
  2. What a great report, as always. In case some readers do not know, here is a picture of your mamasan/love interest Lucy. She's one of the mamasans that is pretty much guaranteed to kill my interest in anything other than running away as fast and as far as possible, but you are a far more kind and gentle soul than I. Up to you if you might think the 300 is her long-term off-rate.
  3. The good news is that ggobkk knows the costs and advantages/disadvantages of Bangkok and Pattaya as well as anyone, and has graciously reported on his adventures at length in the past. Clearly there is a lot of fun to be had in Bangkok and I am always happy to read the reports of forum members who have a good time. Have a great trip, ggobkk! Sorry to be missing you this time, but with luck on your next visit.
  4. Anonymous Testing Thai Red Cross offers anonymous testing for HIV and STDs. I don't know if Pulse Clinic does, but they seem pretty "woke", so one could check there as well. SWING is an excellent support/health group for the gay & trans sex workers. I don't know if they provide testing for customers or the general public, but they could be another source. On/Off Use. As I understand it, going on/off PrEP is fine, as long as you follow the guidelines. This means always getting tested - for HIV and kidney function - before starting/resuming and getting tested again when you stop. Again, just to point out, PrEP can fuck up your kidneys if they are not healthy and kidney health has nothing to do with your sexual escapades. So you can't really make a judgment about the state of your kidneys on your own. So proper testing for HIV and kidney function, etc., is essential. [I follow this particular regimen myself.] It is not a drug that should treated like a recreational viagra. Do Not Let the Perfect be the Enemy of the Good PrEP is important and useful. It does not protect against STDs and it doesn't promise 100% protection against HIV. I am pretty sure, however, that the health professionals who work with sex workers in Thailand (and elsewhere), strongly advocate PrEP for those who are eligible. When I read posts here sometimes the "oh it's imperfect" seems to drown out how good and important it is. The organizations that provide free PrEp and support to sex workers such as SWING, and Pulse for those who pay, and Thai Red Cross for anyone, make regular periodic testing a part of their PrEP programs. There are bound to be exceptions, of course, but these guys/gals are actively taking care of their health. Having a discussion with your guy about PrEP and where he goes for PrEP and testing is a perfectly fine thing to do. Because I have had the unpleasant task of accompanying an acquaintance to be tested for HIV where the results were positive, I almost always end up talking about PrEP with working guys I get to know. In my non-statistically valid sample of Hornet guys in Bangkok, identifying as "Negative on PrEP" does not mean they will necessarily bareback. (applause!).
  5. Guys - VCK is a brothel. So is Prince. (For that matter, so is Bangkok Massage, Myhero, etc., etc., etc.). So are most of the other shops we discuss. They don't provide much training, don't advertise as having trained-and-licensed masseurs. You might fid a guy who gives good or great "legit" massages, but that's all upside. Don't go in expecting it. These places offer erotic/sensual "massages" for relaxation and foreplay, plus sexual services. That's all that you or I can realistically expect at these places. That's what you get for the advertised price. If you go with those reasonable expectations and understandings you will more likely than not have a good time. Asnstudent has it right. There are other shops that advertise or try to distinguish themselves more on massage skills, or that don't so much hire the pretty boys so maybe the massages might be a tad bit better. If that's more important, then don't go to VCK, Prince, etc. It's really that easy. If you don't like the cost - don't go. Go elsewhere. And be happy. Asnstudent also has it right that 9:30 meeting means 9:30, not 9:35.
  6. Thank you for your great report. I hope you had a good time. It's a good reminder that there are always good and less good parts of any trip and you -- and GoldMember -- have exactly the right attitude: don't let the minor hiccups interfere with your overall enjoyment of the trip. (Also I secretly enjoy that your posts are driving some of the forum money police apoplectic.)
  7. Yes, thanks. Brilliant! Should be required reading for all visitors to BKK.
  8. Just to be clear - at Arena the minimum tip includes just what they say: massage with masseur naked, HJ & showering together; however, the masseurs there are available for more, you just have to agree to pay them more. For full services (sucking/fucking) the cost ends up being roughly the same as any of the other big shops. It's like a no-frill airline. If you want more pay. For me, if I'm tired, bored, whatever - sometimes a simple HJ is the perfect end to the massage. Other times, and depending on the guy involved, of course more acrobatic activities are involved. Sometimes at a place like Prime where the normal rule is no hanky-panky so I'm not really expecting anything anyway, if the masseur says he wants to give me a HJ, I'll even politely decline. (!). It's just how I feel and what I'm looking for from each experience.
  9. No one can say "it's too much." Arena has been around for along time with many many repeat customers. People who think it's too much than they want to pay should not go there. I really like that Arena is so up-front about what the minimum includes: massage, naked showering together and HJ.
  10. In my limited experience, "papa-san" is not used in massage places and as a general rule they don't particularly like/appreciate being called "mamasan" (it's a tad bit demeaning). "Manager" will do fine. At Prince - for a while anyway - they even studiously referred to the masseurs as "mister" and not "boy," although obviously they never got insulted or bothered if a customer said "boy."
  11. Great report! It's easy to get to Chakra/VClub by BTS to Ari and then a short walk or mocy ride. Also lots of fun good places to eat in the neighborhood.
  12. Sorry for the frustration. Most (probably 80%?) of the guys at Prince probably identify as "straight." So women customers wouldn't surprise me. I used to be a big and vocal fan of Prince from shortly after it opened. (I think the shop that used be there was named GQ???). Over the past few years I think the management side of things there has declined. It's just a poorly run operation. I went there in-person once and booked someone for the next day, but when I got there the guy was with another customer. I think there are lots of examples of Prince not honoring "bookings." Also I think the "management doesn't really give a damn" attitude lets the masseurs be a little less diligent and maybe play more games with the getting the customer out the door as fast as possible so they can get back into the rotation for the next customer. Having said that there are some great guys at Prince. Up to you. But I've stopped going there. Tipping a manager under the circumstances you described is generous in the extreme. Perhaps that is the only way to get good service at Prince. Loving your reports, BTW
  13. Thanks for the report and as always look forward to upcoming installments. I love that you didn't let the bad management at Prince get in the way of your good time. You're an inspiration!
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