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  1. You need a colonoscopy by a gastroenterologist. A no brainer!
  2. How very true! Despite what some people try to make out Brazil is very dangerous and foreigners are sitting ducks. My advice to anyone visiting Brazil is stick to the rentboy saunas which are fabulous and have a great and safe time.
  3. I just read a Google reviews of Spot and one person suggested that the waiters could have chosen by a modeling agency.
  4. Fares from Australia are expensive everywhere right now. Pent up demand and reduced services.
  5. In Pattaya I have twice stayed at the Rabbit Resort. A lovely resort, nice pools, across the road from the gay beach. I’m back in January.
  6. I stayed there once. Overall a good experience. The one thing that disappointed was the pool. A little on the small size and lounges rather cramped. Last time I was in Bangkok I stayed at the Plaza Athenee. Location not ideal but excellent service, a magnificent breakfast spread and a huge lagoon sized swimming pool, one of the biggest if not the biggest in Bangkok. I’m staying there again in January.
  7. I used to love the Tawan too. How I remember the place in the early 2000’s. It had a huge smorgasbord of some of the most beautiful men in Thailand. On my last visit the place was tragic.
  8. Thank you. My positivity may have been premature.
  9. Brings back memories of my first visit to the Brazil rent boy saunas.
  10. This is the second person to write positively about Tawan. It would appear the place has a new lease of life.
  11. Those hideous tattoos. A tragedy.
  12. Make sure head rules heart. I don’t want to be negative but the internet is full of stories of westerners who have been duped. I know a few from my own circle of acquaintances.
  13. I was of those asking about Arena. I think I’ll give it a miss.
  14. I’m sure most of the massage guys are straight. I recall some years ago a massage venue in Pattaya where the boys’ lockers were in the same room as customers. I couldn’t help but notice that they nearly all had photos of naked girls on the inside door of their lockers. They however gave happy endings to their gay customers.
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