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  1. I do not read Thai but it looks like 2700 baht for a two hour oil massage. Presumably there is then a tip to the masseur
  2. Sorry I can't help here, I always pay Transferwise with a bank transfer
  3. I am going back 10 years but I used to send 10,000 baht every 2 months 5000 baht a month was to pay his rent and service fees in a decent condo. He was very appreciative and he must have been happy as he became my UK Civil Partner and after 10 years we are still happily together
  4. From the UK Transferwise charge on sending 1000 GBP to Thailand is 6.96 GBP paying them by bank transfer and 8.95 GBP if you pay by debit or credit card
  5. I use Transferwise to send money from the UK to Thailand but noticed in passing I can't use it to send money from Thailand. I suspect Thailand and Malaysia have strict currency controls.
  6. It is quite a few years since we stayed, I enjoyed it, my Thai partner loved it. It is perfectly located for strolling across to the beach. Now (as it is much cheaper) we stay at The Agate
  7. Spoon I agree with Divine Madman, I'm sure the boys are like us. Sometimes it is really nice just to chat with a nice guy who can speak some English and I'm sure they also enjoy speaking with a guy who is clearly good company.(and lay down a marker for another night)
  8. If possible Hank could you pm me the photos
  9. I think it is worth mentioning that when my friend, a middle aged straight lady visiting from the UK, was in Bangkok in November she hired Mac as a tour guide and was very complementary about the tour he arranged and found him to be a charming (old fashioned word but she used it) and informative companion. She is a very busy lady back in the UK so probably hasn't had time to post a review but it is worth bearing in mind if any forum members have straight friends visiting that the guides (certainly Mac) provide a good service beyond the gay community
  10. Eight years ago when my now partner and I were getting serious we went together to the Red Cross in his Isaan city where we were both tested. There was a draw back in that the written results were only in Thai and the person we saw in the clinic couldn't speak English so my guy had to translate the results - good job I trusted him
  11. Good luck Michael and thank you for taking on what must be a considerable workload. Personally I enjoy reading this forum because of the civility and knowledge of the members, there is a lack of snide comments on here which I really can't stand and which appear on other forums.
  12. Please husband can I go to Bangkok to visit Moonlight?
  13. Thanks Sglad. A merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all other forum members
  14. If your pension is from a final salary scheme or a money purchase scheme in the days when you had to buy an annuity - I am assuming you can't do this
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