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  1. I can't speak from experience but I have a friend, who has a house in Thailand, who loved Columbia.
  2. A clear sign of how serious the situation is. "The Big Boss" is visiting Surin tomorrow
  3. Water is already a major problem in Surin. The local reservoirs have been dry and the water turned off in the city for about a week/ten days now. Water trucks are being used to provide people with a minimum amount of water. The authorities are building a pipe line to drain some old quarries situated about 10 km from the city into the reservoirs and hope to have some water by the 19th My partner and I live in a village about 9 km from Surin City and until now I had not considered it an advantage that we are too far out to be connected to the mains water system, when we built our house we had to sink a bore hole to access a water supply. Currently we have had no interruption to our supply which I think was bored down about 25 meters https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1727555/drought-struck-surin-hospital-declares-emergency
  4. To illustrate Vinapu's comment: A couple of days ago I booked Le Siam Hotel, in Bangkok (thanks to a recommendation on here). Initially it was shown as unavailable on Agoda but with rooms free on Booking.com. The next day it was shown as available on both sites with the price on Booking.com being the same as the hotels own website and a slightly lower price on Agoda.
  5. I believe Agoda, Booking.com and Expedia all belong to the same parent company. A stranger one last year, I booked The Maitria Hotel in Bangkok on Booking.com and they made the reservation through CTrip which I understand is Chinese owned.
  6. We have to go up to Bangkok early September to try and get a US Tourist visa for my partner. This hotel looks pretty near the Embassy Thanks for the recommendation
  7. Ask your friend if he has any ideas, he will probably appreciate you asking his advice. Consider hiring Mac at Siam Roads for a day and ask him to plan a day for you away from the normal tourist sights. (my friend, a lady, used him for 2 days back in November and was very complementary about him) I would stay overnight in Kanchanaburi so you are not rushing things - take a trip on the river in your own small boat. If you are tempted by a trip to an Elephant camp do NOT take the cheaper options go to one that does not allow riding. I highly recommend Good Times Resort on the river
  8. Let me know if you want more detail of my living expenses and I will send you a pm with a breakdown I don't feel the need to share on an open forum
  9. Agreed I really enjoy my partner giving me the once over. Hair trim, toe and finger nail cutting, eye brows trimmed and the thing he really doesn't like to see removing any hairs protruding from my ears. He always notices if he sees any Farangs with Thais who he feels haven't been groomed.
  10. Apologies for the late reply, I have been on holiday in England for a month during which I didn't access the website. My medical is included in the 80,000 and I have tried to ensure it includes all the bits and pieces. The figure is for two people. I am the main and only bread winner (my choice), he grows enough rice for our and his sisters annual needs, keeps our home and garden spotless, acts as my translator and most importantly keeps me very happy. If the GBP/THB rate keeps sinking (38.33 today) we could make savings to our life style and the 800,000 on deposit for my visa renewal acts as a safety net with the possibility of moving to the combination method if I need any of it as a medical contribution
  11. A good article. It is worth remembering that while younger guys teaching may just about be able to live on 30,000 baht a month it is nowhere near enough for a comfortable life for us older guys. I am early 70,s and live with my long term partner in Isaan. We own our house and car, so no rent or car hire. My, non too fancy health insurance has just increased to 85,000 baht/year (no out patient cover, I pay the first 40,000 baht of any claim and 25% of the bill after this) I find that I need 80,000 on average a month to fund a comfortable but not extravagent life style with one major holiday and several shorter holidays a year for me and hubby. I prefer hubby not to work as I like him around too much
  12. I believe Thailand has a trading and balance of payments surplus with the rest of the world. My inexpert logic thinks that this should make the baht appreciate against those countries with deficits which includes the counties where most of us send our income from.
  13. Mention of The Royal Cliff brought back memories. My first visit to Thailand was about 15 years when I came with 2 friends on a multi centre package (Flight and hotels in Bangkok/Phuket/Pattaya) The Pattaya Hotel was the Royal Cliff, when I brought a young man back for the night it was no problem, he left his ID at reception and there was a charge of 500 bht (at 70baht = 1GBP) Happy days, I never thought then I would now be living in Thailand with my partner of 10 years (not the same guy)
  14. Do Superrich at the airport change THB to GBP at a decent rate? I am resident in Thailand on a retirement visa and I have to transfer in every month more THB than I need. Next month my better half and I are going to England on holiday and I thought it would be an opportunity to change back some THB for our spending money
  15. Thanks for your reports, it must be very time consuming but they have been appreciated
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