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  1. I'm only here for chicken with cashew nuts
  2. I travelled from BKK to Manchester UK mid April returning in July. Was on Emirates A380s economy changing in Dubai The flights were expensive twice to three times what I paid pre Covid. All four flights were full suggesting people were not put off by the cost
  3. I am not getting that warning
  4. Pre Covid flying from BKK to Manchester economy return 600 GBP was expensive, I'm flying on Emirates later this month and it cost me 1250 GBP (approx 150 GBP is because I want to try upper deck economy)
  5. I hope it all works out well Vinapu, you of all the posters on here treat the lads very well, but this guy is making requests which run up a red flag.
  6. I went with my partner to the Buriram (Thai) passport office yesterday for him to renew his passport. Cost for a 10 year passport was 1500 baht + 40 baht for EMS and they told him he should receive it in 3 to 4 days. Last year I renewed my UK passport and it took 17 weeks and cost 128 GBP for a 50 page passport - I used an agent to avoid trips to Bangkok total cost 12500 baht Quite a difference in cost and service
  7. We have stayed many times at the agate and always had a fridge in the room
  8. If money is no concern IMO Cafe Des Amis is far and away the best restaurant in Pattaya Less expensive with an atmosphere I really like is Au Bon Coin which isn't open every day
  9. Guess there is no way around that. Using your VPN you can access BBC IPLAYER for free and view a good selection of programmes. You do have to say you have a UK tv licence but they don't ask for its number
  10. That looks a really nice guest house. Would you mind sharing the location and name, pm if you prefer.
  11. Sean Connery will always be James Bond
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