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  1. You scan your card to enter or leave the platform, not on the train. The card enters a dialogue with the ticketing system, exchanging information at both ends of the trip. As a result of that exchange, the ticketing system calculates what to bill the card at the end of the trip. It's only half price for over-60s on MRT. Not on BTS unless you're a Thai citizen. Yes, you can buy multiple single ride tickets but as you say, you have to know your destination. Better to buy a stored-value (Rabbit or MRT) card at the kiosk and top it up occasionally. (although the Rabbit card doesn't work on MRT, MRT have their own stored-value card.) MRT issue a different card (marked "elder") if you're over 60. If I recall correctly you can tell the MRT ticket machines you're over 60 by pressing a button. If you use a credit card instead of a ticket, yes, you will be billed at full price.
  2. What, no meter? "Official" airport taxis (the ones allowed to use the taxi rank) are supposed to charge what's on the meter plus tolls plus 50B, which should be considerably less than 600.
  3. Thailand is probably the only country in the world where someone could say "Thailand is the only country in the world that does not charge a fee for digital payments. " with a straight face .🤣
  4. Code of Conduct: Gay Guides membership is restricted to Adults Only. That Message Center members shall be expected to behave as adults is not an undue burden. The expected conduct standard for the Gay Thailand forums is the same as that observed every day in society by adults in our neighborhoods, towns, and cities. It is based on straightforward mature behavior, civility and courtesy that you find in a neighborhood Pub or Tavern where neighbors and acquaintances joined by occasional strangers come together to socialize in good temper, to share conversation, and to hoist, in moderation, a glass of favorite beer or wine or a cup of coffee or tea. These forums are NOT presented for abusive arguing and name calling, score-settling, thread stalking, or general cyberspace blood sport for the chronically bored. As in any Pub or Tavern, an egregiously abusive or chronically problematic customer (member) shall be banned from further post participation. In all instances, Gay Guides management shall be the final arbiter of what constitutes egregiously abusive conduct or when a member has crossed the line of "chronically problematic". In general, terminated memberships shall not be eligible for reinstatement.
  5. Yeah, right, "joywallet dot com" sounds entirely legit and I will trust them for money-making advice. And this 🍆 is a gaming website 🤣
  6. Still is, in many places. Laws are less than logical and age of consent doesn't always track age of majority.
  7. "western Mak province" ? I suppose they mean Tak.
  8. Is that official, or just the BiB demanding too much tea money?
  9. It's their preferred condom size, measured as flat width across the base in millimetres. Double it to get the girth.
  10. The OP is asking for best shows, which might modify the answers somewhat.
  11. Maybe, if that ranking is based on some kind of simple "democracy" checklist (universal franchise, fair elections, representative government, freedom to form parties etc etc), but if you look at equally political issues like minority human rights or religious freedom I think the ranking would be quite different. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_rights_in_Indonesia for instance.
  12. Two observations. 1) "Woke", like "politically correct" before it, is only used non-ironically by Daily Mail readers (for non-British readers, insert the equivalent newspaper or "news" channel). 2) Biology is complicated, more complicated than most people can imagine or understand. If you think there are just "2 types" of anything in biology you aren't qualified to discuss it.
  13. According to SuperRich's own website (scroll down to 'Find a store near you') the Suvarnabhumi branch is open daily 5.30 am - 11.30 pm. No mention of Songkran closures but there's a contact form on the same page so you could use that to get confirmation.
  14. It's not just Asian cultures, of course. The Romans had some interesting ideas about wind chimes...
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