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  1. "Woke police"? Someone's been reading too much Daily Mail and believes everything they are told. đŸ¤Ŗ
  2. Thai pronouns and honorifics are highly nuanced and I don't pretend to know any of the subtleties. ā¸™āš‰ā¸­ā¸‡ (Nong) literally means "younger sibling" regardless of sex. Here I think it's used to imply a respectful relationship to the customer. (Thai doesn't make the same distinctions in familial relationships that we are used to. For example there are words for father's younger sibling, mother's younger sibling, parent's older brother, parent's older sister, but not for the other combinations of father/mother older/younger brother/sister.)
  3. No point in interacting with people who aren't arguing in good faith. Whataboutery (look it up) is the key word here.
  4. Only Thai nationals, unfortunately, unlike MRT where it's everyone over 60 regardless of nationality.
  5. In Japan, visiting the sento/onsen, often as a family or social group (sports team, bunch of friends etc etc) is still very much part of the culture even though everyone has baths at home. The big sento have all the other things you'd expect at a spa, restaurants and so on, so people often stay for many hours. At the other extreme, I've watched the sun set over the sea at a seaside onsen that was just a vouple of natural pools in a space between some big rocks. That was mixed bathing - the women wrapped themselves in towels, the men were naked. A visit is definitely recommended if you like eye candy, but you need to know the etiquette.
  6. Yes and no, up to a point. GIYF: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_in_Thailand but TiT so the laws are not exactly paragons of clarity.
  7. Very sensible indeed. Never throw away documentation until you are on the next phase of your travels! Some airports even demand your baggage receipts before you can take the bags. (The boarding pass inspection is probably because a recently arriving flight was a stopover that didn't terminate there, so they need to be certain that confused passengers to wherever didn't get off in the wrong country. It happens.)
  8. It might be worth pointing @young11 to a certain Massage Explainer for more details of how it all works 😉
  9. The proverbial hundredmillion-dollar hamburger. I wonder who was on board? 🤔
  10. One possible difference: is the ATM billing you in baht or your home currency? If it's kindly offering to do the conversion for you, the "dynamic currency conversion" rate you get will be far worse than if you insist on being billed in baht and letting your home bank do the conversion at the mid-market rate. Just say no!
  11. "The Men of Thailand" 7th edition from 1999 lists A-Bomb, Ambiance, Le Cafe Royale, BBB, Toy Boys, which all still exist in some form.
  12. Glad to hear he's still in business. His farewell massage was my last encounter before departing in 2020 🙂
  13. Is that Gun who was at the Ambience for a while and before that at Narcissus on Pattayaland 1? If so, I second the personal recommendation. Otherwise I found Scandic as Macaroni says, though to be fair I haven't been there for several years and they may have improved.
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