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  1. Nobody seems to have answered this part 😋
  2. I haven't suggested otherwise. I was replying to @Keithambrose's question "Without touching the overhead wire? " which referred to @Thomas_88's statement "if you're close to an overhead line, you can be electrocuted, even when you don't touch the overhead lines." which is true.
  3. Yes, if you get close enough to trigger a flashover. Also, it's not just the wire, some of the metalwork on top of the train may also be at the supply voltage, and depending on the system you could be dealing with anything up to 25 kilovolts.
  4. "Start 15 February 2024" if you believe the caption.
  5. That's an improvement. When I stayed in Old Sukhotai many years ago I was shocked 😵 to discover there was no night market. So where to eat? Fortunately my nose led me to an unmarked shophouse where a lady was making takeaway meals for local customers. She cooked me something quite pleasant but clearly toned down for the Western palate. She asked how I liked it and I managed to convey that I could have handled more spices, so she immediately made a repeat order with the proper degree of heat. From starvation to very satisfactory overeating 😋 ...
  6. "The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove themselves from it in a spectacular manner!"
  7. Something else to keep is your checked baggage receipt. Some countries actually check that the bag you take away from the airport is the one you checked in. And if it never emerges from the carousel, that bit of paper may be the only proof that the bag existed.
  8. Or talk to your pharmacist. They should know, maybe better than the doctor, about possible interactions. And, in the UK at least, are much more accessible ☹️
  9. An article here about the hotel's history: https://www.khaosodenglish.com/life/arts/2017/11/24/salute-50-years-late-nights-bangkoks-malaysia-hotel/
  10. Would that have been Malee, my usual breakfast stop when I stayed in the Malaysia? Owned by US/Thai couple Peter and Golf, photos on the walls of their many VIP guests. When they first opened, the BiB sent an officer round to negotiate their tea money, but they introduced him to Golf's cousin, whose Army uniform had a lot of brass on it. After that they had no problems 😉
  11. But he might have been aware of the Reverend Richard Coles, who these days is a British "National Treasure" ?
  12. FWIW Herts, Leics, Lincs, Mons, Notts, Staffs, Warks are all formal contractions of county names, only used in writing, and not even slightly cute. Likewise Hants, Northants, Oxon and Salop. You won't hear them used in colloquial spoken British English. Plenty of British towns and cities get nicknames, but I'm not aware of any that do it by adding an S , so I think you need to look elsewhere to explain "Pats", "Patts" or even (ugh!) "Patters".
  13. So you won't be shortening "กรุงเทพมหานคร อมรรัตนโกสินทร์ มหินทรายุธยามหาดิลก ภพนพรัตน์ ราชธานีบุรีรมย์ อุดมราชนิเวศน์ มหาสถาน อมรพิมาน อวตารสถิต สักกะทัตติยะ วิษณุกรรมประสิทธิ์" next time you visit? 😄
  14. Thanks. I now see my problem, which isn't colour vision. The map location is clear enough, but Google's interpretation of it may depend on who you are, or something in your search history. When I followed @floridarob's link, Google tried to take me to "Fortune Pharmacy" which I now see is the shop next door, but for reasons known only to Google, it actually centred the map on a completely different pharmacy. Here is where it should have gone.
  15. but if you're in Bangkok and you really really really want a cast iron statue, here's the place: (Google Street View) and there are two more floors of the stuff inside... 😵
  16. Green awning and a red sign saying "ผักบุ้งลอยฟ้า SEAFOOD" on Second Road, with an alley from Soi 13/3, looks like this?
  17. Maybe he means 100 USD per month?
  18. Issuing modern polymer notes helps. From the Bank of England: "In the first half of 2023 typically less than 0.0031% of banknotes were counterfeit, that is less than 1 in 30,000 banknotes. Some 73,000 counterfeit Bank of England banknotes with a nominal face value of £1.5 million were taken out of circulation. At any one time, there is around 4.6 billion genuine banknotes in circulation, with a notional face value of £82 billion." https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/banknotes/counterfeit-banknotes
  19. Suvarnabhumi (Golden Land) was the grandiose name of PM Thaksin's vanity airport project. Unlike the well-chosen site of Don Muang (City Hill - the clue is in the name!), Suvarnabhumi was built on an area known as Nong Nguhao (Cobra Swamp). Hence the nickname.
  20. I'd be very surprised (and it would be headline news) if I turned up to Gatwick to board EK016 and it turned out to be any Boeing aircraft 🙂.
  21. ... and just like that, the Tumblr site has been nuked ☹️. It had loads of posts going back several years, so why should it get removed now? Maybe a rush of new viewers triggered the Tumblr censors...
  22. While trawling Tumblr I tripped over this: https://gaykohsamuithailand.tumblr.com/ Mostly it seems to be advertising "Emerald Green Mens Club" but there's some eye candy (not all Thai) too. Not sure where the Parthenon fits in, though. For an overview see https://gaykohsamuithailand.tumblr.com/archive Disclaimer: I have had no dealings with the listed businesses, so this is neither a recommendation nor the opposite.
  23. If it really is one-way, most of the commuting locals are in for an unnecessarily long ride at the anticlockwise end of their day 😕
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