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  1. Just began watching "180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us (TH Series)". Very interesting but much more serious then a standard BL Lakron. The two male leads, the young son and the middle age man are both very handsome. The son has already stripped down for his evening shower. I wish I could scrub his back... You can find it on Viki or maybe Bilibili.tv CHEERS
  2. Better if you ask on the Philippines group, But rather quiet on there... 🙄
  3. HAHAHA I find the seat in the shower great for other things. Like having my long time and hot Filipino friend give me his special prostate exam!!! 🥰
  4. Here in the US, and I am sure in many countries, there is a Legal Document called a Durable Power of Attorney. It empowers someone to act for you if you are unable to make decisions yourself and when you die to take over your affairs. As I am now 81 and my partner is 75, we both keep reminding each other that we need to find a Lawyer and set up this document. But it seems we never get around to it... So be advised. Take the time and prepare for the inevitable!!
  5. I have been visiting the Philippines for over 15 years. And I have meet many many handsome Pinoy guys. All of them were cut and none were butchered. So I guess my experiences were different and on the positive side. Hope you enjoy your trip there...
  6. Keep watching!! You will not be disappointed... 🤩
  7. OH!! But I think Old Daddy's Electrican??? 😋
  8. I have been going to the Philippines for over 15 years. I am not seeking a Long Term BF because I have a Gay Husband back home in the USA. Anyway, I never use Grinder and I have met a number of wonderful Filipino guys. I frequent Facebook and sometimes Romeo. I meet my Friends every trip and enjoy going out with them or visiting other beautiful places in the PH. And they all LOVE old Dads!! Just give it a try!!! 🥰
  9. OH I just thought we Old White Men were Daddies???
  10. So Olddaddy, did you make it to Angeles City. Send us a Trip Report. 😉
  11. Salamat po for the good description of the Macho Bars in the Philippines. Bottom line they are much more expensive than the Go-Go Bars in Thailand and the results are much more mixed. My recommendation is to skip them and meet local guys online or in the Mall. In addition to Grinder there are guys on Romeo and available to chat on WhatsApp. Many are seeking older "Daddies" and hoping to find a Long Time Relationship. But Pinoy guys are great as Friends and in Bed!! Go and enjoy!!
  12. I agree! GenSan is a nice place to visit in the PH. But there not any beaches near by. You have to go down to Glan to find a good sand beach. But Davao is much better. You can take a Pump Boat across the strait to Samal Island. Several nice beaches and water parks there. And many places to visit in the City. Give it a PLUS!!
  13. But Amara is much further from Patpong and the Bars. Raya is just across the Street. CHEERS
  14. The Rose used to be a Short Time Hotel. I enjoyed going there with a new heartthrob!! At USD250-300 they must have done a major upgrade??
  15. So the Gate Agent should have asked? And they did not ship back the Power Bank? F*ck Bangkok Airways!!
  16. So is the problem having the Power Bank in the Hole of the Plane? You could have brought it as Carry-On??
  17. My God! I am with your BF about the whinning... 3000 P is USD60. Not expensive for a good hotel in Manila. Expensive, think 5000P = USD100 per night as a Minimum. Just ENJOY!!
  18. Do you think that is happening now?? I see several new faces in the Model Line Up. Any comments from your Guys who are there??
  19. Have not gotten a Report about your trip to Angeles City. Did you go there?? Share some details... INGAT
  20. There is or was an Elevator to the Third Floor.
  21. Amazing the Soi was shut down 3 years ago and nothing has been built on the Site. What a waste of time the Bars could have been open... 🤔
  22. I just tell Guys who send me Requests that I am not an ATM... But then with some Friends I do have a Soft Heart... ☺️
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