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    BL8gPt reacted to PeterRS in Thailand Opens to All Visitors, Recommends Health Insurance   
    A joke! Another Thai joke from one of the principal jokers! My sister-in-law has just been diagnosed with cancer. I was to be staying with her and my brother in a few weeks' time. But her treatment means she has to keep clear of other possible infections for a minimum of 12 weeks. Even if I take daily covid tests, I can not guarantee that if I stayed with them I would be virus free.
    But for me that is a relatively minor inconvenience. For a great many Thais, it could mean infection and then more time away from work in a hospital. The measures being taken by India, the USA, Canada, the EU and others is sensible prevention. Anutin is in some dreamworld if he believes that planeloads of Chinese will have health insurance. Even if they do, how overwhelmed will Thai hospitals become if flights arrive - as they have in Europe in the last few days - with bewteen 25% and 50% of passengers infected with covid?
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    BL8gPt reacted to reader in Thailand Opens to All Visitors, Recommends Health Insurance   
    The Bangkok Post is reporting separately that ALL visitors must show proof of at lest two covid vaccinations.
    From Thailand News Agency

    BANGKOK, Jan 5 (TNA) – Deputy Prime Minister and Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said Thailand was well prepared to welcome visitors from around the world including those who would start to arrive from China next week while relevant officials would be monitoring the COVID-19 situation.
    After chairing a meeting on measures to welcome visitors, Mr Anutin said that existing disease control measures in the country were effective enough and would be applied to all visitors regardless of the countries from which they would arrive.
    “In case that some countries require their arrivals to pass RT-PCR tests for COVID-19 before trips, such travelers will be required to have health insurance. This will benefit them if they are infected and must stay in Thailand until their recovery. Therefore, tourists should have their health insurance before visiting Thailand,” the health minister said.
    He also planned to set up an operation center to monitor the COVID-19 situation and respond to emergency situations. The center will gather officials from three ministries and relevant organizations.
    Mr Anutin said that measures could be revised to suit changing situations. (TNA)
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    BL8gPt reacted to Tomcal in December Trip to Rio   
    I have found my best 2 airbnb thru friends who had known these apartment’s and the mgmt and knew i would like them! i think the doormen like meeting so many new guys while i stay there! lol 
    i got back to Ft. lauderdale today and this was a great trip although shorter then i usually stay for - just 6 days! 
    the next day my Brazilian friend was sitting having lunch and there were 2 guys with him one of whom i didn’t recognize, it turns out he had just gotten to Rio and was going to stay with a friend but it didn’t work out so he needed a place to stay for the night…after seeing this 6’1”, blondish/brown hair, 22 yr old and talking a while i said he could stay in my apt that night and he was really happy to be able to. i told him there was a extra single bed and that i had some friends coming over so he wouldn’t be able to l be there until after 11:00pm he said no problem! He turned out to be a treasure! when he got to the apartment my two guys were just leaving so everyone got to meet! When the door closed he kissed me and you can guess what happened next!! we finally got to bed about 1:30 and at 4:00 am  i felt him stirring and wanted to have sex again and then again at 9:00 am! i was worn out before the day started! He then made the bed did the dishes and cleaned the apartment! He is a keeper for someone!, He stayed with me the next 3 nights! 
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    BL8gPt reacted to Tomcal in December Trip to Rio   
    i got to Rio yesterday and my Brazilian friend had 4 Brazilians at his house so i spy the afternoon there 😈! we went to pointe at 6:00 and i did a message/sex session with one of the masseuses , then i was a chloe muscular guy who i never saw before, he said he just got to Rio from SP and had never been to pointe before! We went up to a room and he was amazing! a really nice guy! i am seeing him again tonight!  after leaving pointe we hooked up with 3 of the guys that had earlier been at my friends apt., i had sex with two of them(it was a great 3 way, then one stayed and spent the night with me. He left at noon today and is coming back tomorrow.  A guy who i originally met 15 years ago at 117, is driving uber now and he is coming over to spend the night, after i get back from pointe.  i love ❤️ Brazil!!
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    BL8gPt reacted to BlkSuperman in Cop in Brazil   
    So last night we didn't go to 117 because we were exhausted. The sauna schedule that I found and posted is still very accurate to THIS DAY!
    if you're ever in Rio use that schedule to know what saunas to go to. 
    So yesterday my husband and I were walking on Ipanema Beach. I looked and the most beautiful cop was standing by his police car with 3 other cops. I showed my husband the cop and told him I wanted him.
    We had begun to walk slow then positioned ourselves where the cop could see us. I nodded at him, waved and smiled. He waved and smiled then turned around to talk more to his colleagues. 
    About 10 seconds later he turned in my direction again and again I waved and smiled at this big beautiful man in his police uniform.
    We sat down to see if he would continue to look back periodically.  He did and I finally said FUCK THIS I'm going to ask him about club 202. I pulled up the page and walked to the officer to ask him if he knew how to get there. 
    He pulled out his phone and Google the club but I had already showed him the page so he'd know what I was into. He told me ITS SAYS THE CLUB IS CLOSED now. 
    I said THANK YOU and asked was he a personal trainer and that I'd be here for a week and would pay him to train me. 
    He said ok and we exchanged whatsapp numbers.  I texted him and told him he could make a lot of extra money coming to my apartment in Ipanema.  He asked DOING WHAT and I told him I wanted to spend time with him because he was so big and handsome. Before the end of our conversation he was telling me how he was going to eat my ass and fuck me later on that night. 
    Well fellas, he came over 9 p.m. last night, ate my ass and gave me every inch of his big Brazilian penis until I couldn't take anymore.  It was so hot. He spoke Portuguese to me while fucking me. That's a huge turn on for me.  He tossed me around every corner of the bed until I released my load. It was amazing. 
    He asked could he come back tonight to fuck his black bitch again. I told him ABSOLUTELY YES. I will take more pictures tonight and record the sounds he makes when we fuck.  He's very verbal. I just want you guys to hear how sexy his voice is.

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    BL8gPt reacted to MarcSingap in How did you celebrate this New Year period Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 ?   
    I spent one week in pattaya for New Year celebrations.
    Stayed with my regular Cambodian boy (offed from Banana Room Bangkok) at Avani Resort, really comfortable hotel but with a too small gym for a 5*. Gone to fitness7 150m away and had the pleasure to regularly exercise with Thai boxing guys 🥰. I can confirm Avani hotel policy with joiners : they don't care. We took several boys for 3some and no questions asked.
    Very busy period for gogo show boys. I was surprised to find Boyztown quiet at night until 10pm when suddenly many customers arrived (weekdays). The boys at BBB are on stage fully dressed... just no sense. But BBB packed with customers for showtime. Dreamboys much better with boy dressing in chubbies. ABomb same same but few boys and skinny type. Good quality bottle of whisky at 2800 bahts.
    At Jontiem Complex busy bars from 9pm. I was surprised to see quite no farangs under 50 (I am 48) and many 70+ with obvious critical obesity matters or barely able to walk without the help of a boy. Maybe all young gay farangs where at the big party in Bangkok (New Year White party). Even at high season a glass of Gin tonic is still at 120 bahts... and as everywhere if you tip the waiter 50 bahts then you ll have a extra strong gin tonic... (something I often do at Dj station).
    The fireworks at Pattaya for NYE were amazing. Offed 3 boys from Dreamboys and they were so happy to watch the fireworks instead of waiting for customers in the bar... I recommend to go in group.  Lots of fun.
    1st Jan I took the 3 boys and my Cambodian boy to Koh Larn. Again a relaxing and funny day with them. To my surprise the boys told me they were never offed by customer before for beach party... (no sex on the beach of course. Just having friendly fun together).
    On Jan 2sd I went at night to a local Karaoke bar in central pattaya with my boy and we were joined by 2 other boys who were in their day off. Lots lots of fun. Some numbered boys are available to come drink and sing with you (250 bahts one hour. No tipping expected). These Thai and Cambodian are crazy about singing. And I could have my favorite French songs. Cheap meals for 4 + 2 large bottles of whisky for 3800 bahts in total. So cheap to have fun from 10pm to 3am. Ended all drunk playing with lady boys...
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    BL8gPt reacted to TotallyOz in ANA Business Class = Exceptional   
    I met a lad I really liked on OnlyFans and we chatting a bit and then hooked up. He was popular so it took a bit of work. But, the sex was great.  I saw him several times and told him I'll be gone to the USA for Xmas. He asked if he could go. I told him if he can get a visa, I'll take him. He said he had a visa but no way to pay now. He had a BF pre-Covid that got him a visa to travel but the BF died and now no way to go and to use. I agreed to take him for a holiday but could not spend long with him. I told him after we had 20 sessions together I'd get him a ticket. He asked if we could do 5 per day and I said, no sorry, I'm an old man. 1 per day is max.But, he was able to manage and I took him. I only wanted to stay 2 weeks and he wanted to stay longer so I made other arrangements for him while I'm away.
    We flew ANA Business class. The lounge was OK in Bangkok and the flight to Japan was also OK. But, the flight from Japan to USA was amazing. ANA is defiantly my favorite airline for Business class now. The seats are very comfortable, the size of the monitor is huge, the tray is easy access, the amenities were good, the food was excellent. I liked the screens that allowed for total privacy (except above them) but it made it feel like you were not next to anyone. I had a window seat and really it was excellent. OnlyFans boy had an isle next to me and he was in heaven. He took at least 100 photos on the plane. I did not tell him we were flying Business class until we were at the airport. He was beyond thrilled but did not realize totally why until we were on the plane. He was so happy he became part of the Mile High Club and I was happy to make him happy and he was happy to make me happy (so to speak).
    We spent one week in NYC at a nice hotel and I showed him many places and many things that I loved. I flew there to visit family and he wanted to go with me there too. I was leery but told my family this is only a friend and to not get attached. But, he loved being cooked for for Xmas Eve and Day food from the south. He really enjoyed helping my family in the kitchen and just being a part of an American family. I never go near the kitchen and just enjoy the food being prepared.
    He wanted to stay a month longer than me so I arranged for friends in LA and San Fran for him to visit and stay with. I do realize there is a chance he will never return to Thailand but that is up to him.
    He had money saved up for the trip but I gave him so more and got him a flight to LA. He made it to LA and my friends picked him up and now his journey is up to him.  I need to be in the USA in Feb for a wedding so I'll fly back and if he is going back to LOS, he can ride on the plane with me again.
    ANA is now my favorite. I have flown Business on most airlines but not any in the past few years and for many years have stuck with Korean, Delta, Cathay, Singapore, Emirates, and KLM. I now have a new favorite that I'll use every time if the cost is not much different. This trip cost 180,000 round trip per person. It was the highest I have paid in years. I hope that cost goes down over the summer and believe when China opens up, things will get more competitive.
    Highlight of the trip for me, we arrived and had a few days of fun before the blizzard hit. He needed new clothes so we went shopping in NYC for winter wear. He found a really beautiful coat to wear and said he was excited to wear it in Thailand. (Why???). I don't think he took it off the entire time.
    I flew back on ANA and happy to shower in Tokyo.  The shower was clean and nice. The one flaw with ANA is the lounges do not have great food. They have seats and drinks but the food is subpar. Still, on the plane, all is a delight. The service is excellent. Masks are required and after being in the USA for a bit, I got used to breathing without one. However, once the screens were up, my mask came off.
    I was worried about customs in Bangkok as I had picked up Xmas and Birthday presents for the past few years and most were in boxes and obviously new. I had 15 different wine classes that were all individually boxed but wanted to keep them that way for safety. No issue at all upon return.
    I always take AOT taxi as I had more luggage than most and it cost 1k baht for the trip to condo where BF was waiting for his Christmas presents. It felt good to fly again and it felt good to help a boy that I know will never be a bf but just a friend. He is on the trip of a lifetime and just knowing I had a little something to do with it, is a nice feeling.
    One funny story, I was in Atlanta in hotel near airport for one night to get my flight and met a lovely guy online Grindr and hooked up at hotel. Next day, he was my flight attendant on United. It was quite odd as he told me he worked for the airlines but I didn't think to ask about my own flight. Also, Atlanta had tons of hot, young, black guys on the apps (my favorites), and I got tons of messages the one night there.
    Thanks for reading. I'll continue when the boy comes back to Thailand with a brief story of how his time went if anyone is interested.
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    BL8gPt reacted to gayinpattaya in Awful sexual experience   
    That's really horrible. 
    If it was in Pattaya, most of the bar boys are on the apps. 
    Also, for an example. One of the biggest bars in Jomtien Complex that have many freelance boys, actually know nothing about them. They are not paid a salary, and the owner doesn't even know their names. He doesn't even have an interest in learning their names. He gives zero shits. The only qualification to work there is to show the cashier their ID card to verify they are over 18 years of age. Other bars are exactly the same, but not all.

    I think these bad experiences can happen with bar boys or freelance or just anyone. Put it up to bad luck.
    I am always happy when boys I know tell me they had their blood tests ect from Swing. Thankfully many are responsible for their health.  

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    BL8gPt reacted to Radek48 in Tawan Bar   
    Vinapu is our greatest treasure of this forum
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    BL8gPt reacted to BlkSuperman in BRAZALIAN DICK THAT WONT QUIT   
    This BIG DICK BRAZALIAN TOP IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. THE guy he's fukcing is the trainer from the hotel we are staying in. The trainer shut down the gym and came upstairs to take this AMAZING DICK. This guy comes into the apartment, gives me a hug, takes off his clothes, showers, watches straight porn on his phone and his dick is HARD AS A BRICK in a matter of seconds.
    HE'LL BE back at 9 tonight for me. Enjoy the clip below. I don't know why all of the empty space is happening. Still can't figure it out.
    Have another hot sex show at 5 p.m. will post those clips after they SKEET THEIR LOADS.
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    BL8gPt reacted to BlkSuperman in Morning wood   
    @Novarunnerhe has  even a regular 3 times a day at the apartment he gets here 30 minutes before his scheduled time and just sits on the couch with a hard dick until the 2nd guy arrives.
    Files attached below
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    BL8gPt reacted to BlkSuperman in Morning wood   
    So my 10 o'clock just arrived and he's ready to put all this BEAUTIFUL BRAZALIAN DICK IN me!
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    BL8gPt reacted to BlkSuperman in New Year's Sleaze! RIO-HO DE JANIERO   
    I don't know what's going but here is a sniper of how my week in rio is going. I'm in love with this top. When he makes love to his bottoms he speaks Portuguese and it is such a huge turn on. I hired him to screw the personal trainer at the gym where we are staying.  
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    BL8gPt reacted to Riobard in New Year's Sleaze! RIO-HO DE JANIERO   
    This seems to be happening regularly. I thought its purpose might be a blank canvas on which to project fantasies. 
    Or, more plausibly, he’s typing bent over forwards or his feet behind his ears, and keeps hitting Enter when he verbalizes “Enter!”
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    BL8gPt reacted to BlkSuperman in Brazalian Bad Boys   
    We met these 2 guys at the sauna and asked them separately to come over today. They didn't know the other was CUM-ing over. Here's what happened.
    Video below
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    BL8gPt reacted to BlkSuperman in Brazil is SIMPLY UNREAL   
    If I told you what happened you wouldn't belive me so I thought it would be best If I shower you. The top is DICK THAT WONT QUIT. after we recorded him fukcing a few of the bottoms on video I had to call him over so I could feel his big dick in me. It was YUMMY. this isn't me in the video. I wish my body looked like that bottoms body. They actually did 2 videos together. The bottom texted me after the first video and told me he wanted to do a 2nd video with this top. I guess his hotel job came 2nd fiddle to this big dick. Sorry about the space in between the verbiage and video clip.
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    BL8gPt reacted to Shonen in How did you celebrate this New Year period Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 ?   
    Another wonderful and detailed post bkk! Thanks for sharing your interesting experience. And great photos.
    I like to celebrate everyday and enjoy them all. So New Years I don’t go out of my way on that day.
    I played in the billiards competition at 69 bar. Not many participants because of New Years.  Then had some drinks at Dorothy’s Show bar, Jewel Bar and finished at Cockitails bar, the one across from Double Shot.
    Met the charming manager, Paul, of that bar. Also two staff members were shirtless like Double Shot does. One of the staff there reminds me of the former King As he  wears glasses similar. He’s very funny.
    And had no sex that night as I forgot to go to the bank the day before. Can you imagine, I have to pay for it here,lol.
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    BL8gPt reacted to bkkmfj2648 in How did you celebrate this New Year period Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 ?   
    Your wish is granted Vinapu.  Those 3 guys are in fact ALL offable.  The one with the peace sign I got to know thanks to the guy here in Jomtien that organizes my 4 hands massages for me.  I had a crush on him and through subsequent 4 hand massages without my main guy - I got to know his "partner in crime" - the one standing behind the sliding glass doors.  They do EXCELLENT synchronized 4 hand massages and the ending is like a New Year's Eve firework display  :>))
    For the other 2 that you nominated I have not been with them but it was made clear to me that they can be offed  :>))
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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in How did you celebrate this New Year period Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 ?   
    as for New Year Eve I stay at home. We had family party as one of us has birthday on  Dec 31st but I voted 124 : 87 to stay home. 
    I did nothing special other than calling friend in time zone 6 hour apart and we had video toast, she with Advocat and me with , you guessed it , Gordon Gin. Because of time difference I was still 3 hours in 2022  and she was already 3 hours in 2023.
    I stay past midnight but did nothing special at the strike of 12, flush toilet perhaps or made tea, I don't remember .
    For me New Year Eve  is when I'm going to airport to fly somewhere for vacation
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    BL8gPt reacted to forrestreid in How did you celebrate this New Year period Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 ?   
    Firstly, I’d like to thank the OP for another great post about his activities in Thailand.
    I was visiting my family for New Year (I live in Ireland).  My sister and sometimes brother usually assemble in my parents house and watch the  rather insipid New Year’s Eve show on we have in Irish TV, and drink a glass of Prosecco at midnight. Then head to bed soon after.
    I woke up that morning was a bit of a sore throat. But didn’t take much notice of it. When my my sister arrived she said I should said take a Covid test. I decided to take one just to reassure her (my mother had some to hand). To my horror it turned out to be a positive test.
    My first ever positive Covid test after nearly three years of the virus. What an evening to get it! So that was the end of the party, and I had to go home. Ended up ringing in the New Year with a glass of Baileys in my bed…
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    BL8gPt reacted to TMax in How did you celebrate this New Year period Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 ?   
    My new years was the same old routine, a good movie a bottle of red wine then sleep. I gave up staying up all night just to see the new year in a long time ago, maybe if I was in Thailand, Philippines or Vietnam I would do something different. The last time I did stay up to celebrate a new year I was in Bangkok and that celebration was two of us screwing the night away😜
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    BL8gPt reacted to bkkmfj2648 in How did you celebrate this New Year period Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 ?   
    Since I am still fairly new here in Thailand as a recent retiree - I would like to share with you my first Thailand New Year's Eve period to get your feedback.
    Part ONE - New House Blessing
    On 29 December and 30 December - a gay couple (Thai + Lao) that I know bought a new flat in the Life City Park over in Bo Win in Rayong. They can be seen in the below first photo - the one in the green t-shirt making the peace sign and his partner inside the house standing up and pointing.
    The monks were coming to the home early on the 30th so they asked me to sleep there on the 29th to guarantee my presence. I still don't have a car or motorcycle and we checked BOLT and its dependability on big distances like this during the crowded holiday period would not guarantee my arrival in time.

    So, on the night of the 29th about 30 of their friends and family stopped by or slept there ( 16 people slept in the actual house as they also came from far away ). They finished the food preparation for the next day and we celebrated by eating some of it for dinner on the floor on floor mats. At my age, it takes me some effort to sit like that as my body is now more rigid than when I was young.
    Are you able to sit and eat like them on the floor ??

    The food was really good and I ate some things that I NEVER have eaten before. They even warned me to NOT use the hot sauce but I insisted on trying it anyway - and yes I sweated after eating it.

    Morning came and the 5 monks arrived and they sat in the living room on the floor on special mats that were delivered from the local Buddhist temple. My friends had to move out of the living and dining room areas all of their furniture. Conveniently, as this is a new housing complex, the house immediately next to them is vacant so they used that patio to put all of their furniture. While the monks were praying and blessing inside the house the most important people of the 40 in attendance were busy preparing the monk's meals in special silver ornate metal bowls - also delivered ahead of time from the local Buddhist temple.

    The part that most amazed me was the "opening of the third eye" - like right out of a science fiction film - as we don't give much attention to our individual third eyes in our Western world. So, the designated Buddha statue is given to the main primary monk where he makes this statue "operational" by opening up its third eye with a special Buddhist blessing. I believe that the third eye is like an antennae to our higher spiritual being (or creator). While the monk was performing this exercise, the hairs on my arm stood up as I found it so moving. I need to discover more about our dormant Western third eye.

    Do any of you reading this use your third eye??
    I believe that it is located in the center of your forehead above your nose.

    Then the BIG event - the primary main monk got up on a chair above the main entrance of the house to paint / etch with a special golden pen a symbol that, according to my Thai friend, states that this house has been blessed and that evil is not welcome here. This process of etching and then placing seals on the etched insignia took quite a while and the gay couple had to stay on their knees for quite a while to support the chair that the monk was standing on to ensure his safety.

    Lastly, the monks then went through each of the rooms sprinkling "holy" spiritual water ( it is probably sacrilegious to use the word holy to describe what I saw in the Buddhist religion ) and then they exited the house to sprinkle this religious water on each of us to bless us. They used a type of bamboo bundle of sticks to do it and I was told that the religious water is prepared back at the Buddhist temple.

    Have any of you had similar Buddhist monk experiences in your time in Thailand ?

    This ends part one of my lead up to my Dec 2022 New Year's celebrations.
    Part TWO - Condo holiday party etiquette
    About a week ago the condo where I live solicited for donations to pay for a New Year's Day party for the staff (maintenance, security, gardeners, administration, etc.). What I found weird is that the notice was directed towards condo owners. So I felt excluded as I rent here. So I called the number and I spoke to the organizer and she told me - well we don't include renters - as our past experience is that renters don't want to make donations as they are not owners. I asked her if I could make a donation as I am made to feel VERY welcome here by all of the condo complex staff here. She was quite surprised that I even cared about the condo complex building staff - as she said that they even have difficulties in getting donations from the actual condo owners.

    The condo staff offer a great service. For example, if I am having difficulties coming home from shopping they are right at the BOLT taxi to help me get into the elevator and up to my condo - you never have to ask them. If they see you coming for the elevator they hold the door open to make sure that you can enter. Two times that I needed maintenance in my condo - the maintenance team was at my condo within 1 to 2 hours after my request. Every day when I go in and out they are always smiling and saying hello.

    We used to have this kind of concierge service in our large condo buildings in New York City in the 1970s and 1980s - before the ravages of self-service in the USA came and all of these types of normal services were either taken away as cost cutting measures or made to be very expensive for the select few who could afford them. Living here in a Jomtien condo building is a real treat - especially if you are a baby boomer who remembers the good old days.

    Being in the holiday spirit, I decided to take a personal initiative where I would prepare and give each condo staff member a personal card from me saying how much I appreciated their professional service and as a new retiree here that they make me feel special, welcome, and belonging to a great condo complex. Firstly, I had to find money cards. These are easily found back in Europe and in the USA during the holiday season. I had great difficulties finding something equivalent. I traveled over to Pattaya city and walked around until in a Mr. DIY shop at the Pattaya Avenue complex I found ornate Chinese money cards ( as the Chinese New Year will arrive at the end of January ) that were perfect and super cheap. Then onto my home computer to write the perfect thank you message in English and then to translate it from English to Thai and then back from Thai back to English to see what could be tweaked to make sure that I deliver a correct and meaningful message. Then the printing of the messages in both English and Thai that would fit into the size of the small money card envelopes. Then the ironing of the baht bank notes that I collected so that they would feel crisp, clean, and new. And then the assembly of the complete package - illustrated in the below photo collage.

    Before heading over to Bo Win for the above mentioned house blessing I went around lunch time downstairs to the main floor where the hive of activity is by our condo workers and I started to distribute them to everyone I could find. And when I could not find someone the staff were already calling them from their work duty station to come to the lobby to collect their holiday note gift. The smiles on their individual faces and kind words in their limited English - truly made my holiday the best!! In fact, one of the security guys - every time he sees me he taps his shirt pocket ( as he showed me that he stored my note in his pocket ) and says thank you - I will never forget you. Truly a blessing to live here as a new retiree.

    So, do any of you who live in a large condo building have any similar experiences?

    I am curious to know how your condo building team that takes care of you every day is treated.
    Part THREE - New Year's Eve festivities

    Around 10:30pm I headed over to the Jomtien Supertown Complex to join my 2 Thai friends at the massage shop where they work - they had already been drinking for quite a while and kept asking me when am I coming to join them. I wanted to start late as I was sure that I would suffer a hangover the next day. They were already dancing in front of their massage shop and I immediately joined in - and got about 20 minutes of dancing in.
    We drank until 11:45pm when we headed over to Dongtan beach to watch the local fireworks and the massive launching of the flying lanterns - the sky was amazingly alit and the beach was full of happy people.

        -->> sorry about the crappy third photo - as Koh Larn is quite far away - my mobile phone camera did not do a good job of capturing the amazing Koh Larn fireworks - but with the naked eye they were still breathtaking.
    What was also amazing to note is that there was a dual firework show put on by Pattaya city with simultaneous fireworks on Koh Larn. From Dongtan beach we could see the fantastic (although distant) Koh Larn island fireworks. However, from Dongtan beach it was not possible to see the Pattaya city fireworks due to the curvature of the beach and Pratumnak hill. So we were truly immersed in 2 sets of fireworks and floating lanterns.

    We hugged and kissed at the conclusion of the countdown and remained a little while to take in all of the amazing sights.

    Then we walked back into the Jomtien Complex and walked through the main covered section which by now was heaving with a TON of people and there was a blockage in the main walkway as The Palace bar had constructed a dance floor that protruded out into the main walkway. You had to kind of climb over one of the edges of the dance floor to proceed to our destination, which was the Coqtale bar to say hello to our friend Paul and then to hopefully dance in the Double Shot bar.

    At this end of the complex - near the Poseidon hotel/restaurant the complex had a reasonable noise level and we could truly talk with each other and hear each other. My fantasy to dance in the Double Shot bar was not going to happen as the Double Shot bar was kind of subdued in my opinion ( whereas, on other nights it was more energetic and there were some people dancing ) - so dancing was not on the menu tonight. The only dancing would be to return to the madness of The Palace and the loud noise so we just decided to remain at the Coqtale bar until closing time. Before I knew it, Paul (the bar manager) said to me, hey you need to go as we need to close the bar before the police come. I looked at my phone and it was already 2:30 in the morning. Wow!! the night flew by. So I said good by to everyone and then walked home - and woke up very late the next day with a hangover. Had I been able to dance - I am sure that by dancing I would have burned off some of the excess alcohol and I would have had less of a hangover.

    How were all of your New Year's Eve celebrations ?
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    BL8gPt reacted to 12is12 in Happy New Year, everyone.   
    May u have a happy year of travels and sex,
    Bring happpiness to providers who make us happy,
    And share here tales of said happiness!!!
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    BL8gPt reacted to forrestreid in Athens – Pandemic Update   
    I spent a few days in Athens in late September.
    I decided to try out few of the places mentioned on this thread, to see if they were still going or had been wiped out by the Covid years. I am not an ideal candidate the task, as i am generally too nervous to actually hire bar hustlers or street rentboys, but I though of the readers of this website, and steeled myself to go out and about..

    Adventures in Bars:
    Both the bars that have been reported here as having escorts - Sami's Bar and Bizzar - are close to Viktoria Metro stop, so I took train there on a Saturday evening. One of the bars is actually only open on Friday and Saturday, so you better be in Athens at the weekend if you want to try them out.
    I walked around the square above the metro stop first. There were a few guys sitting on the park benches and looking at men that passed – it was obviously what they were after.
    I didnt linger though, and went to Sami’s Bar first (often spelled “Sammi’s” on social media) When I arrived at around 9.00 pm it was nearly empty. The friendly staff told me it would get busier later, and by ten there was about four customers in the place. No real interaction between them, apart from chatting to the friendly staff. I was frustrated that the sexy Persian guys Xclay met on his visits hadn't turned up, although perhaps it was too early. I decided to abandon it and went to Bizzar bar. This was busier, about 12 customers. There were a few younger guys circulating but they were shy about approaching you in the bar. What I figured out was that when a guy went downstairs to the toilets, they followed you down and made their pitch there. I talked to a Romanian guy during one trip downstairs, and an Egyptian on the next. The Romanian guy was pleasant and offered some fun in the toilets for €40. I did not take him up. The Egyptian guy was more pressing, and when I rejected his suggestion of going into the cubicle for some fun (my understanding was that this would involve me sucking him off, and nothing more), his suggestion of €40 rapidly dropped to €30 and eventually ended up with just begging for some money to eat. I gave him 10 euro and went back up the stairs, just in time to see the Romanian guy leaving with a customer. I then regretted not taking my chances with him, of course.

    Guys on Omonia Square:
    The next night, Sunday, decided to walk around the northern side of Omonia Square, to see if they guys were still there. Long time readers of this site might remember that I tried this scene before Covid, but was too chickenshit to do anything in the end.
    Well, history repeated itself.
    At about 10 pm on the Sunday, I walked north from Omonia Square towards the pedestrian street the Cosmopolit hotel is on. Plenty of female hookers giving me the eye, but no guys I noticed (there was lot of Middle Eastern-looking guys hanging in groups of two or three, but I did not get the impression they were on the game). Then suddenly a young guy came up to me and started chatting. He started telling me about how you could rent a room for €10 from the Cosmopolit etc. He did not say why, and I was unsure at first if he was trying to pimp a women to me or what. However, it when he said he just wanted €40, it became clearer. He looked Syrian or Iraqi, and was a bit jumpy in manner, so I was too nervous to go anywhere with him. I asked him where he was from and he claimed to be called Alex from Thessalonica. I said thanks, but no thanks, and walked away. But as I had evinced some curiosity, he was not to be shaken off too easily, and followed me round Omonia Square for five minutes trying to get me to change my mind, and did not give up until I was nearly at the Athinaikon restaurant on Themistocles St. Not an interaction that would tempt me back to Omonia Square

    Guys on web
    After that, I decided to play it a bit safer, and looked at some guys on the web. Chatted to a few guys on various sites – the main site for Athens is Hunqz, as far as I can see. I agreed to meet two guys, one on Monday and one on Tuesday. The price for each was €100, I went to the apartment of one guy and asked another to come to my hotel – I offered him an extra €20 for this. Both the guys I chose had a number of positive reviews, which is largely why I chose them. They were very polite and pleasant.
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    Stopped for a couple days in Zurich recently and here are the notes:
    1. Paragonya's remodeling did not seem to get in the way. I don't remember what was closed off from my previous trip (more than a decade ago) but there seemed to be lots of cabins, showers, nooks. Every inch was Swiss-clean. The cabins had condoms, lube, paper towel, and alcohol sprays. The remodeling should be done in a few days so I'd love to hear from someone what that looks like.
    2. There was a good crowd of clients and working boys. My estimate is at least 20 of each.
    3. Days and Times: Definitely a weekend thing, in fact only open I believe Thu.-Sun. while remodeling is going on. Definitely an afternoon thing. By 2 pm, you will have seen everybody who will be available. (One guy who came around 4 was asked "why so late?") By 4:30-5 pm, the guys start leaving.
    4. The talent: Lots of Brazilians, including one I saw in Barcelona just before. Lots of Romanians - smooth talkers, unreliable in the sack, very "business"; I used to enjoy this type but not so much anymore. Some Czechs, including a stunning muscle sweetheart. The rate is a firm 100CHF. I didn't sense an expectation of a tip.
    5. The worst thing: I must have forgotten that Paragonya is a "private" club and therefore smoking is allowed inside. Although they must have some ventilation system at the bar to keep the place from turning into a BBQ pit, it was really getting to me.
    6. Zurich in general. Still pretty expensive even with the favorable currency rates. Even the fast food and ethnic restaurants aren't a deal. The best concentration of passable eats and prices I found was, surprisingly, on the touristy pedestrian street right outside Paragonya. Otherwise, do what the Swiss do and get your sandwiches and coffee at the grocery store.
    I stayed at a pension in what turned out to be the edgy, ethnic, and slightly red-light neighborhood of Zurich. In addition to cafes and shawarma shops, think tattoo parlors, vape shops,  strip clubs, and hard-working ladies still hanging out in fishnet stocking when the nippy morning came around. There were also plenty of guys in track suits hanging out in front of the clubs and ladies, including one hunky Russian-looking guy who gave me "a look," but I didn't have the opportunity to find out what he was selling. All in all, I'm already thinking about a return trip to Switzerland.
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