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    During my trip in September, I went to my Myanmar friend's bar at 21:00 one evening. The curly haired mamasan who loved to touch and pressured me for a drink welcomed me, my friend sat next to me and we left after a short time to go to the Moonlight bar to have fun.

    My favorite Laotian guy was waiting for me there (we made an agreement with the Lao guy; while I am in Bangkok, he is not allowed to go on stage, and I am not allowed to go out of the bar with anyone else. Only people he approves are invited to the table for drinks).

    Later, my Myanmar friend leaned into my ear and said, "he really liked number 3." We invited number 3 to the table. At the end of the night, my friend from Myanmar said that he had an agreement with number 3 and that they would go to his room, and I gave him 3,000 baht extra. After some time, he asked me if he could get another 500 baht, I asked for what ? he shyly said that they had a long-term agreement. I don't know why but the way he said this in such a shy way made me laugh a lot (I still make fun of him about this sometimes). At the end of the night, we waved goodbye to them as I went to the hotel with my Laotian favorite. 

    In short, it was a happy night for everyone. It remained a beautiful memory when the man I picked up from Freshboys for fun took another boy from another bar to his room for a long time.
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    Day 9
    The only day I had set aside for typical tourist activities was this penultimate day in Bangkok, just before my early flight the next morning. I initially planned a guided tour of the Grand Palace and the Reclining Buddha, but after an underwhelming experience on my first day, I chose instead to briskly explore these cultural sites on my own. My main focus remained on sex.
    Before leaving my hotel, I had a quick rendezvous with my third Grindr match. He was a young local, bursting into my room with a coffee in hand and not quite matching his profile pictures. His energetic personality made for some fun, but since he wasn't quite what I had expected physically, the encounter didn't live up to either of our expectations. He attempted to set me up with a colleague of his, showing me a photo of an attractive young man on his phone, but later joked that his friend was 'afraid of my size'. It was an outside chance worth the attempt and emblematic of how Grindr is not a perfect replacement to reality.
    Dressed in black slacks and a polo shirt — the most attire I'd worn throughout my trip — I embarked on a journey to explore the city's cultural landmarks. The Grand Palace was a dazzling spectacle, a fusion of shimmering gold, throngs of tourists, endless selfies, and majestic Buddha statues. The heat and the vibrant chaos only added to the experience. Later, I ventured to the Chatuchak Weekend Market, where my prudent budgeting came in handy. I indulged in a spree of retail therapy, spending my last bits of cash on an assortment of bags and gifts, a delightful and unexpected highlight of the trip.
    After a flurry of sightseeing, I decided to revisit Prime Massage for a final, luxurious two-hour session. Back home, I usually opt for the 90-minute massages, but during my time in Bangkok, I had typically chosen shorter 60-minute sessions. This caution stemmed from uncertainty about the quality of the experience, as evidenced by a less satisfactory massage at Ssense or the dumpster fire at Sabaidee. However, by this point in my trip, I had grown confident in the exceptional service at Prime. Indeed, the experience surpassed my expectations, providing a thorough stretch and series of adjustments beyond what I had ever experienced.
    Finally back at my hotel as evening set in, I prepared for one last grand night out. With my flight scheduled for 8AM the next morning, I decided to forego sleep and make the most of the remaining hours. I reached out to Lenny to see if he could join me, and to my delight, he was available. We agreed to meet at Balcony Bar around 9PM. At that time, I was still engrossed in the Patpong Night Market, now captivated by the allure of Bangkok's street market retail scene. Lenny caught a glimpse of my excitement through a video call, with the bustling market and its cacophony of vendors as my backdrop. He playfully asked me to buy him some underwear, just as I noticed a group of boys horsing around behind him in what looked like a hostel dormitory. Eager to leave a lasting impression, I consented and ended up purchasing several pairs of underwear for him.
    As 9PM neared, I joined Lenny at Balcony Bar, where we settled in to watch the scene of Silom 4 Alley,'Gay Street.' The evening unfolded in a way that mirrored my first day in Bangkok, but this time with a new depth. It was the first real opportunity I had to converse with Lenny, and we instantly connected. Our previous interactions had been brief and scattered, often interrupted by his circle of friends or the presence of earlier suitors. Now, alone together, I could fully appreciate his charm, wit, and striking looks.
    Lenny expressed a fondness for Balcony Bar, considering it more welcoming than Circus Bar across the street. This sentiment seemed accurate, especially when an Australian man in his sixties, looking remarkably youthful thanks to 'scientific miracles,' joined us. Eventually, Lenny would get a “comp” drink from a friend who I had seen in the background during my video call with Lenny. This friend, a diminutive yet impressively fit Cambodian man, boasted about his adventures from the previous night, “I had five men”, and seemed eager for more. After a brief and dramatic appearance, he disappeared into the crowd, likely off to bag more men for his collection.
    As the evening wore on, my conversation with Lenny evolved into something more flirtatious. He playfully lifted his shirt, revealing his toned abs, and his surprise was evident when he felt my reaction grabbing at my crotch and feeling something hard. His curiosity piqued, he ventured further, encouraged by my response, to kiss me passionately. The night's energy grew with each passing moment. Sexual tension pulsating, I decided to make our way to DJ Station.  As I headed towards the street, I noticed a large cockroach casually making its way through the front entrance, seemingly unnoticed or disregarded by the bustling, capacity crowd inside and out the bar. This, I've come to realize, is classic Bangkok.
    At DJ Station, we agreed to share a jug of liquor rather than unleash that amount of alcohol solely on my liver and we danced, grinded and made out for a few magical hours.  Lenny thankfully shedding his baggy t-shirt to expose he was wearing a pair of underwear I had bought him by sagging his pants.  Unfortunately, not the thong I had snuck in with a few more conservative boxer briefs.  Eventually, we made our way to the restroom where a jacked Adonis, 6 feet, shirtless and with rippling muscles, had his hard dick out which a farang was greedily stroking.  Lenny went inside the toilet while I remained near the entrance to witness this curious scene and eventually Adonis, confident and tipsy turned to a group of Asians to show off his specimen.  As Lenny was exiting the restroom the two exchanged words, with this Adonis grabbing Lenny by the shoulders and the two seemingly having a pleasant moment.
    When I questioned Lenny about the flirty incident, his demeanor shifted, becoming emotional. We moved to a quieter area to sit, and he started to cry. This took me by surprise. He explained that the man had quoted him a fee for a night of company, revealing that the hard and stumbling Adonis was a 'Money Boy.' Lenny, however, insisted that his own intentions were different; he was striving to secure an apartment in Bangkok to find a job, particularly at Balcony Bar, hoping to make his family proud. Amidst this intense conversation and tears, which had sprung from what seemed like a minor interaction, Lenny disclosed a critical detail: he was just 2000 baht short of affording his apartment to allow his dream of getting an apartment nearby to become a reality.
    Perhaps some of you had already suspected who Lenny really was, and hints like his request for 'underwear' might have given it away. However, it was his dramatic reaction to encountering a vocal and domineering Money Boy, and then his story about a financial 'shortfall,' that made it unmistakably clear: Lenny himself was a Money Boy!  Was this his negotiation to set the rate for the evening?  It hadn't really dawned on me until that moment that I was part of a traditional ST/LT transaction.
    Nevertheless, as you have imagined from my various escapades, the fact that Lenny was a hooker was not a deal breaker, or even upsetting, possibly it was the opposite.  While I didn’t really engage with him on “rates” I empathized with his struggle and consoled him - it was not long before we eventually returned to the dancefloor to continue the night like nothing had happened.   
    We didn’t make it to G Bangkok - as 2AM arrived, now feeling emboldened that I was on the clock, we made our way to the Furama for an incredible evening and early morning of sex.  I didn’t get a moment of sleep.   At 5AM , I emptied my pockets of 7000 baht, which I had saved for a blowout evening, which I anticipated would be enough for a Tawan/Jupiter/GOD blitz but now went to Lenny.
    He assisted with packing, helped to valet my now doubled in sized luggage from the Chatuchak Market purchases, and stayed by my side as I waited for my taxi. He expressed his love and affection throughout. When the taxi arrived, we shared a last embrace and kiss under the sunrise, its poetic hues painting the sky and signaling the end of an epic journey. As I departed for the airport, I was a wreck of emotions: heartbroken, exhausted, exhilarated, and shaken.

    The Ultimate Tier List
    One certainty about Bangkok is its diverse and dense landscape of sex catering to various tastes within the Asian persuasion, and a few sprinkles of hookers and sluts from across the globe. As someone who is versatile-side, relatively fit, and enjoys reciprocal muscle worship, I've clearly ranked my experiences, which will guide any future visits to Bangkok but may not suit everyone. Unfortunately, given the challenges and expense of trans-Pacific travel, I wasn't sure upon arrival if this would be my first or only trip to the city. However, I now suspect it will likely be the first of more to come.
    S Tier 
    Arena Massage - most reliable erotic massage.
    Jupiter 2018 - hottest fucking Asians I’ve ever seen.
    Prime Massage - World class Thai massage.
    Silom Ibis Styles Pool Party - A random party with exceptional results.
    A Tier
    Tawan - Thrilling and intimate.
    Grindr - A stalwart with many hits yet many misses.
    Sauna Mania - Overloaded with sex.
    DJ Station - Overloaded with drunks.
    G Bangkok - Overloaded with sex and drunks.
    B Tier
    Jey Spa - Hot boys but inconvenient and expensive.
    R3 - Dark, dirty and sexy.
    Pattaya! - I have much more to explore here.
    C Tier
    Moonlight - Hot dancers and boys, but forgettable, sterile.
    Dreamboy - Same.
    Ssense - Cannot compete.
    Balcony Bar / Circus - not my thing.

    D Tier
    Sabaidee - Call the police.
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    BL8gPt reacted to revengeboo in My First Time in Bangkok - November 2023 Trip Report   
    A big thanks to Gay Guides and all the posters here who helped me plan this trip and all the posters that shared their trip reports and experiences.  I would not have had such an extraordinary, action-packed trip without it! 😘
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    BL8gPt reacted to macaroni21 in My First Time in Bangkok - November 2023 Trip Report   
    Beautifully written. A novelist perhaps?
    And yes, many of us would have experienced the same roller coaster feelings. Welcome to the club!
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    BL8gPt reacted to revengeboo in My First Time in Bangkok - November 2023 Trip Report   
    Day 7
    After a leisurely morning, I needed to change my accommodations for the final leg of my trip, as planned, opting for the more upscale Furama Hotel Silom at $100 US per night, a significant increase from the $40 nightly rate at Ibis Styles Silom. My aim was to conclude my journey on a luxurious note.
    Although Furama Hotel is a bit further from the bustling Silom 4 area, its location still allows for convenient access, either by a brisk walk or a quick tuk-tuk ride for 100 baht. I indulged myself by staying in an executive suite on the top floor, which granted me access to the executive lounge. There, I enjoyed unlimited Singha Soda Water and took advantage of the breakfast buffet, though I chose just a single piece of French toast and a piece of chicken through my 3-day stay. Didn’t eat much this trip.
    The room at Furama Hotel was notably more spacious than my previous accommodation. It featured a large bathroom, which intriguingly included a glass-enclosed room for the toilet – a design choice that might appeal to some. The suite also boasted a large couch, an executive desk, and a balcony. While the balcony was somewhat neglected and not fully accessible, it provided sweeping vistas of downtown Bangkok, beautifully illuminating the Iconsiam shopping mall at night.  However, while Ibis was modern and contemporary - Furama certainly was showing signs of age with stained hallway carpets and scuffed wood cabinetry.  It is unclear I’d stay here again but I did like the executive lounge for its convenience of coffee, water and ability to stroke my ego as I strode by wide-eyed tourists in the “main” restaurant.
    Upon settling into my room at the Furama Hotel, I opened the Grindr app, curious about the reactions to a new presence in the area. I sifted through an overwhelming number of messages and requests, possibly the most attention I've ever garnered on the app. This was likely due to a mix of curiosity about a foreign visitor and others who were professionally inclined and on-the-clock.
    Among the numerous contacts, one individual stood out for his straightforward approach, which resonated with my no-nonsense style. After minimal conversation, he arrived at my door, ready to engage. He presented himself as a "model" and was quite proficient in English. While he had a fit physique, he was not quite what one might call an Adonis. Clearly in his thirties yet maintaining a youthful appearance, our encounter was enjoyable but brief. We didn’t delve into personal details, and once he left, it marked the end of our fleeting connection.
    It wouldn’t be long until I was back on the prowl.
    While the Furama Hotel was a bit more distant from the Silom 4 area, it was conveniently situated just a block away from Arena Massage. This proximity presented me with the opportunity to rectify my Day 1 tipping scandal with Mr. Olympia and the regrettable underestimation of that 'Bad Boy.' It was time for my triumphant return to Arena.
    This time, as I entered Arena, there was no 'elf' on the balcony to guide me, but I had grown accustomed to the worn plaza. I quickly made my way to the familiar setting of the gym/waiting room, which had a distinct, almost prison-like ambiance.
    While the attendant and his helper remained the same and were happy to greet me the entire line up had changed!  Alas, even sex workers get days off. 
    Judgement time.
    I was greeted by the familiar lineup of masseurs, their expressions ranging from the familiar scowls to grins. This time, the selection wasn't quite as striking as I had remembered, perhaps reflecting the weekday 'B' team as opposed to the more impressive weekend lineup I had encountered earlier. Nonetheless, there was a sufficient variety of beef to satiate my appetite among any of them.
    Ultimately, I chose a masseur who bore a resemblance to Mr. Olympia, whose name I now recalled as Tom. However, this new choice, while similar, was leaner and shorter. Despite the allure of the more muscular and beefy masseurs and the testosterone-charged aura they created, I keep finding myself consistently drawn to the more bro, model-like figures. A “type” that is getting harder to ignore.
    The massage session at Arena turned out to be another remarkable experience. Enhanced by a masseur who was not only skilled in massage but also keen to engage more intimately after a thorough 30-minute back massage. He proved to be an adept top, impressively endowed, and demonstrated a sensual and attentive approach, ensuring a mutual climax. 
    Contrasting with Tom, he even joined me for a post-session shower, a gesture that had been rare during this trip, except for the overly enthusiastic Chinese masseur from Pattaya who had been continuously messaging me with declarations of affection and desire.
    Now, I had also learned my lesson regarding the tip and was sure to give him 2000 baht in the VIP room before trying to awkwardly fumble with bills surrounded by an audience. At the exit, they changed up the "survey" that was provided - the only massage place in Bangkok that provides customers a written satisfaction survey, even inquiring if a masseur joins in a shower - it may look rough but it is THE preeminent raunchy massage parlor on this planet. Previously I had given Tom, excellent marks across the board though I was reeling and unsure. In contrast, now I could confidently give this latest Olympian the same top score.
    As mentioned earlier, the host at this point did not even play act giving me back change for the VIP room knowingly keeping the 1000 baht and it was well deserved.
    Back at the hotel, I planned to visit DJ Station/G Bangkok for another night out. However, despite my attempt to take a brief nap, exhaustion and jetlag ultimately prevailed. I succumbed to sleep by 6 PM.
    Two more days remain...
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    Day 6
    Following an early morning jog at the Ibis Styles Silom gym, I felt the need for a massage. In my itinerary notes, I had marked Ssense Massage as "carnal," distinguishing it from other categories like "sex" or "normal." I anticipated an experience akin to Arena rather than Jey Spa or Prime Massage. However, those expectations were not met.
    It appears that experiences at Ssense might vary, or perhaps there's a secret menu, but the establishment offered a passable Thai massage in a small, curtained space. When compared to Prime Massage, which represented the pinnacle of ambiance and skill, Ssense fell well short.
    Fortunately, they accepted credit cards, sparing my envelope cash budget. The cost for a 90-minute massage was slightly higher than Prime's, at 700 baht. With the minor additional fee for credit card usage and tip, the total came to about 1000 baht with tip.
    The masseur, a young man, was competent, but the lack of privacy in the curtained room was noticeable. The foot massage station was mere feet away, separated only by thin layer of fabric. To make matters worse, a frequent flicking of a light switch in the common area was distracting. The studio's limited space, especially challenging for someone of my height (6' 2"), necessitated unconventional methods like pressing my legs against a wall during stretches.
    Overall, the experience was unremarkable, though its proximity to Silom Road was convenient. Yet, I doubt its ability to compete with other massage parlors nearer to the main areas. The highlight of the day came later that evening with my visit to Jupiter 2018.
    On my itinerary, Jupiter Bar seemed perfectly tailored to my preferences, known for muscular, model-like figures with stone expressions and dead-inside eyes. Admittedly, this type appeals to me. I’m learning more about myself.  Originally, I planned to visit on Day 2, which was essentially the first full day of my trip. However, the unexpected events at the Ibis Sytles Silom Pool Party significantly altered the first leg of my trip.
    As 10 PM neared, I confidently approached Jupiter Bar, now seasoned from several massage sessions and visits to MB bars. With my baht neatly sorted by denomination, rather than haphazardly crumpled, I was promptly escorted to my table by a diminutive waiter. He was quite adorable in his little fancy black dress clothes, identifiable as offable by his garish numbered tag, but that evening, my interest lay elsewhere. While I can appreciate a slender build, my preference was set on meat I could sink my teeth into.
    However, my evening was soon deflated by the presence of a live singer, energetically performing renditions of pop songs from years past. He tried his best to engage the audience, which consisted mostly of groups of giggling Asian girls and their friends. Despite his talent, there was a noticeable air of desperation in his attempts to involve the crowd, which largely comprised either these bashful girls reluctant to participate in his karaoke-like performance, or dirty old men, like myself, who were dismayed by this interlude and wanted shirtless men grinding.
    Within a seemingly endless twenty minutes of the grating live music, the show finally commenced, and it was nothing short of spectacular. Dozens of men, resembling models with the build of elite varsity athletes, entered the club. They maintained dour expressions, shirtless, and as the show progressed, they alternated between various styles of pants and underwear. Among them, one in particular caught my eye: light-skinned, with a square jaw, long flowing hair, and a piercing glare.  Why so mad?  Maybe I can change him?
    The performance included a few quirky, kitschy dance numbers featuring a ladyboy and a select few of the models, including the one, Mad Boy, who had captivated my attention. His body rolls to "Sexy" by French Affair were a standout, prompting me to signal the waiter at once to bring him over. It was amusing to see the waiter relocate my seat neighbor to the back of the bar. He was an Asian man in his 50s and had secured a prime front-and-center seat but judging by his undisturbed glass of Coca Cola, no ice, he seemed to have been occupying that spot for quite some time.
    After Mad Boy’s dance routine was over he eventually came to my table to take place of my departed neighbor for a beer I had purchased for him.  Shirtless and brooding, he kept his focus straight ahead as I tried to engage in some light banter.  He could speak good English but he had little to say.  At this point, hornier and exhausted as ever I decided to hell with it and to off him before he could even get halfway through his Singha. I desperately needed get him out of his black pants he had been wearing during his dance routine taunting with a thrusting crotch now that said crotch was inches away.
    We made quick time to the hotel and at this point, likely knowing a tip was on the line, he began to warm up, craking a smile every so often and even shooting me compliments.  In the hotel room we got to business and he allowed me complete control over his completely smooth and flawless body to lick him up and down and worship his muscles like I was a depraved kitten.   I also finally got to take full advantage of the jewel box shower in the Ibis Styles hotel watching him lather up in the shower.  We ended the experience with mutual masturbation and he was on his way.  I suspect it was all about 3000 baht between the off fee and tips.  At this point, its been made clear that my grasp of what I was spending should be taken loosely but I suspected it was a very good value even if the ST was rather tame compared to some other hookups.  Nevertheless, he was one of the hottest guys I’d ever seen and Jupiter 2018 secured its place as my favorite MB bar of the trip.
    I had a note that I went dancing on this day and nearly forgot that afterwards at about 2am I went to G Bangkok but the atmosphere was a huge departure from the weekend as this was now mid-week. It was very empty about thirty people in the cavernous dance hall that before held hundreds and now spotted a couple girls. I did make out with a chubby Thai boy in his twenties so not a total bust - it was mostly uneventful. Left in an hour.
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    Day 5
    In the final moments of my stay in Pattaya, I visited Jometein Beach for a brief jog and to take in the sights of Super Town Walking Street. I observed the seemingly dozens of attractive massage boy twinks, engrossed in their phones, occasionally glancing my way, likely in hopes of attracting some weekday business. The beach area here was noticeably more tranquil and cleaner compared to the main Pattaya Beach. Despite this, should I return, I would prefer to stay near Pattaya Beach yet again for its livelier atmosphere. 
    Initially mistaking the baht buses crowded with tourists for tour buses, I eventually overcame my hesitation and managed to catch one back to LK The Empress for 20 bahts, a great deal  There was also some entertainment watching a tourist lose her phone as she clung to the back tail texting away only to have her family scramble off the still moving vehicle dashing into the street to save the precious computer.  Thankfully with traffic as bad as it was, we were not moving fast and her phone miraculously survived many near misses!  She was spotted on another baht bus cruising by later - having never paid for the one her family dramatically jumped from. 
    The journey back to Bangkok was generally unremarkable, except for a peculiar instance when the Grab driver stopped to refuel. The cost was surprisingly low, I remember calculating to $0.25 per gallon compared to my hometown where it is about $5.00. Yikes, and it was a full-service station - can this be real?! Additionally, the driver made a stop at a rest area for a restroom break, leaving me in the car with the keys inside.  So thankfully it was an unremarkable trip back and a taste of the horrific rush hour traffic around 5PM in the City proper.
    For the evening, I had set my sights on visiting Tawan, a place I considered a kind of Mecca. Despite not having a particular interest in leather or BDSM, the appeal of Tawan was quite strong. My preference for beefy, muscular types, as showcased during my emotional rollercoaster at Arena, made the idea of a stone-faced and muscle-bound MB bar especially enticing after my experiences in Pattaya overloaded by uber-affectionate twinks. It promised to be a significant change of pace.
    I arrived at the bar promptly at 10 PM, aiming to be there for the first, and I believed, the only show of the evening, considering it was a weekday and the crowd was expected to be relatively sparse. Upon entry, I was greeted by an attractive host sporting a military-style buzz cut, dressed in tight black jeans and a fitted black t-shirt. Yummy.
    Once inside, I initially felt like I was the only patron in the bar, though I later noticed a small group near the entrance engaging with an exceptionally attractive sumo wrestler-like bodybuilder. I was somewhat taken aback by the immediate attention and being ushered to a front and center seat. Tawan's setup was much more intimate and smaller compared to other bars I had visited, such as Dreamboy with its bleacher-like arrangement. This closeness was almost disconcerting, as it felt like one of the imposing hunks scowling at me could nearly reach out and slap me.  So perhaps I am a little bit into BDSM.
    However, as time rolled closer to the show the tiny bar did fill up.  I met a fellow American who was seated next to me.  A jovial man likely in his late sixties - a retiree who was well versed in jetsetting and MBs.  Another few farangs also were among the audience and Asians.
    Before the main show began, a few dancers were rotating on and off the stage. Among them, a notably large man, though not particularly toned but with a muscular neck and legs, caught my attention with his gorgeous smile, which seemed fixated on me. In response, I found myself sheepishly grinning at pretty much everyone, not wanting to get roped into anything like X-boys so soon, including two dancers who seemed quite out of place. They had a smooth, sweet, twink-like appearance, a type I had become very familiar with by now - the bottoms, I would find out.  
    The show was enjoyable.  Not quite sure where Halloween masks came to represent BDSM but I was certainly impressed with the large muscular bodies that rivaled those brutes of Arena.  They strode the stage confidently with their weapon of choice and menacing style that I could have watched all night.  The all-nude but large cocks wrapped in plastic was still a turnoff so when they streamed into the audience for tips I avoided most of them looking obviously distracted until the smiling guy from the stage came over - 100 baht.  My new American friend soon after was accosted by the live sex show portion and had to endure producing a tip as a toll to remove the bottom from his lap.  He didn’t stick around much longer after that interaction. There was also, for my first time to witness, a cum show - as the small bar now filled to capacity was able to muster up enough tips to get the muscular mesomorph in a Jason mask to cum to a musical countdown - impressive.
    I stayed until about midnight enjoying the rotation of men even after the show concluded.  In particular, I had my eyes tracking that sumo-wrestler bodybuilder wearing a skimpy jockstrap exposing his massive ass but after he left the table of Asians near the door early on disappeared into the kitchen eating ramen for the remainder of the night.  I guess it takes a lot of calories to look like that -- it was not meant to be. 
    Another monstrous muscle daddy was also making me weak - the sort of cartoonish musle that only modern science can produce and he oozed bravado and "straight acting." He prowled around the stage and only went on during the show and just as the club was shutting down for the evening. A massive and imposing specimen who knew he was making me nervous with a bewitching smirk and knowing eyes.   He did not wear a number. 
    As the evening began to wind down, the dancer who had earlier smiled at me took a seat beside me. We engaged in the usual conversation about who I was and where I was from, and he was very charming. I observed the men receiving their "tips," and he somewhat sadly informed me that he had only earned 200 baht that night, mentioning it was particularly slow. While I empathized with him, my own sexual frustration was heightened by the intense presense of 'monster daddy,' looming on the stage without any signs he was offable. Feeling a mix of emotions, I abruptly signaled the host that I was ready to settle my bill and leave the premises with my tail between my legs. I gave my smiling large friend a 200 baht tip for the pleasant conversation, then hastened towards the door tail between my legs.
    The host however trailed close after me groping my ass and crotch asking who I was offing tonight or if I wanted a massage.  Though I had been eyeing him up all night, his firm body squeezed into that far too tight black outfit, as he whisked people to and from tables - I was perfectly fine having a calm night and heading to bed.  However his insistent molestation of my genitals and offer of a nude B2B massage upstairs for 3000 baht.  A few shuffles later, 2500 baht caught my ear.  My first negotiation, this must be a deal!
    So meekly defeated I agreed and he ushered me upstairs to a shower and massage room that would have been well placed in a horror movie movies along with those Freddy Krueger masks.  It was very worn down but had the utility to get the job done.  The host stripped down exposing his fit body, not quite as monstrous or muscular as most of the dancers from the show but certainly attractive by any definition.  He also had a pleasant personality - perhaps a bit too chatty.  It was a quality massage, his muscle not going to waste with nice pressure and ultimately explained to me his entire backstory about having a girlfriend and where he was from.   That did not stop him from sucking me off (with a condom) letting me suck him off (with a condom) and finishing with a joint climax. My chatty Kathy masseur had noted in the afterglow of my semen seeing that the usual white cream was now mostly clear as water, “you’ve been cumming too much.”  Well sir, I’m not stopping until sawdust comes out of this thing.
    It's important to acknowledge that throughout this trip, I've been both happy and impressed with the consistent use of condoms by the MBs and even the guys at Sauna Mania. While I hadn’t used condoms for all my activities during this trip, I did for the majority. Additionally, I'd taken proactive steps for my sexual health by consulting with my doctor ahead of this "sexcation". I was prescribed DoxyPep to guard against bacterial STIs and have been on PrEP as a preventative measure against HIV.  It's a responsible choice that I value and am glad that sex workers are protecting themselves.
    After the massage with the host, I did my little walk of shame down the ramshackle upper floors of Tawan to the street where I noticed several of the dancers and waiters hanging out.  I suspect this would have been a ripe time to off guys 'off the record' - and perhaps that is why they were all lined up to watch me mortified that there was an audience to receive me and hour after I seemingly left the building. 
    So, while Tawan did not turn out exactly as I had expected if this had been the only bar for the entire trip I would have been more than satisfied.
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    The business in Patpong One among food vendors is improving. Numerous small vendors have taken over stands formerly occupied by merchandise sellers at the Silom end. One of the old cafeteria restaurants that previously serviced the workers has set up many tables outside on the soi and is doing well.
    I estimate the first 20% of the soi is now given over to food offerings of all sorts, drawing a varied crowd.
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    BL8gPt reacted to Shonen in Offing a guy from bar (but not for sex)   
    I paid a twink 1,000 baht to play pool with me in Bangkok. I had sex the night before but it was just to play pool. He’s my level so we had fun.
    in fact he only wanted half of what I gave him because he had fun but I insisted he keep it. Looking back I should’ve kept it because he seemed disappointed I didn’t take it, maybe some karma bullshit going on, ha ha.
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    You were both happy with the outcome so that's really all that matters, no? I'm sure it wasn't the first time he's had such an off. I know two guys who work Soi 6. They have a regular out-of-town client who offs them both just to meet him at his hotel to strip down and drink with him for a few hours. Since they both are conversational in English, all leave happy.
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    BL8gPt reacted to Boy69 in Offing a guy from bar (but not for sex)   
    I remember many years ago I offed a young guy it was clear he isn't gay and into the sex scene but he was very nice person and polite so we ended talking about our life and movies I gave the full tip agreed and he was happy with that. Also me
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    No matter what reasons to take a boy off from a bar, whether sex is involved or not, you are still obligated to give him the same full tip amount that you would for taking him off for sex.  Don't cheapskate him on his tip.  The tip is the primary reason he agrees to go off with you.  Don't forget that.
    The only exception, in my opinion, would be if he knows what to expect and why you are taking him and agrees to take a lesser tip or forfeit his tip entirely. Make certain it is clear to him, fully understood, and agreed before you take him off.
    Communicating with him should not be a problem these days.  There are several good apps out there in which you can type in and/or speak English into the app and it will translate for him into Thai - and vice versa.  He can speak into the app and what he says will translate into English.  What comes out is not always perfectly accurate, but close enough.
    My personal favorite translator app is Voice Tra, but again, there are plenty of others. Give them a try.
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    BL8gPt reacted to macaroni21 in Trip Report: Bangkok   
    Oh dear, your trip report has made me, as an old-timer, feel somewhat guilty. Why? I'll come to that later.
    But thank you for an honest and insightful report. All of us make mistakes or have bad days, even old-timers who have even more reason to slap ourselves when we foul up. We should have known better! we say to ourselves.
    What you've unknowingly pointed out - and it is of value - is that whereas most of us write about our experiences in Thailand with regular forum members in mind as the readership, we may be forgetting that there are newcomers such as yourself, who are drawing information from our posts in planning for their first trip. Thus the guilt. I can totally understand that lurking will be the preferred method pre-visit since a newcomer has little to add to the discussions. But lurking means invisibility, and so the regulars in this forum don't realise the effect our posts may have on newbies making their plans.
    So, for the benefit of potential newbies, allow me  to make a few observations that may help:
    1. If you're going to travel all the way to Thailand, and money isn't a serious impediment, plan for a longer visit rather than overpay for services because you're short of time. Hotel, food and local transport costs are relatively cheap in Thailand. Giving yourself the luxury of extra time takes away the pressure of getting things right at first try. It allows a longer learning curve, and therefore a better chance of getting a number of good sessions even if you hit a few duds along the way.
    2. Be self-aware and extremely careful when you are the "visual" type. (see the thread https://www.gayguides.com/forums/topic/40355-the-different-erotic-things-we-look-for/#comment-368148 for explanation), i.e. you're the type that chooses your partners based almost exclusively on looks. Looks do not correlate with service quality. If anything, boys who are aware that they are above-average in looks may be below average in service quality; it is the not-so-nice-looking guys who know they have to work harder for their keep. See also point #6 below.
    3. The rise of Line-based advertising, where the massage places send out pictures of their boys by the bundles may have increased the vulnerability of buyers who are visual, because then you're relying (exclusively) on looks (photos). When I use Line with the massage places, I tend to do it in a slightly different way. I first tell them what time I want my appointment and what I prefer of the boy service-wise. Then I ask them for a shortlist of boys who fit my criteria. Most places with decent customer service will send back about 4 - 6 pictures to choose from. Those places which do not reply with a shortlist I quickly ignore - it indicates they have no idea what their boys can or cannot do or they are not interested in ensuring a fit between customer and client.
    4. As you noticed very quickly, paying triple or quadruple the going rate does not get you triple or quadruple the satisfaction. In fact, it only makes you a target for the unscrupulous. My advice to newbies is: Steel yourself to resist overcharging. Walk away. Of course this is easier if you have time on your side which is why my point #1 above is important.
    5. Old-timers like me write about places pretty distant from the city centre. Newbies should stick to the Silom-Surawong area, at least for the first 4 - 5 days. There are plenty of attractions within that area alone to keep you busy. And plenty of hotel options, so you don't have to travel by taxi or Grab and get stuck in traffic. Save the more distant places for your second visit. See map of gay ghetto: https://shamelessmacktwo.travel.blog/2023/12/07/map-of-silom-surawong-area-december-2023/. Tip for those wanting muscly masseurs: Go (walk) to Arena Massage. You don't have to go all the way to Sabaidee or Jey Spa.
    6. Especially if you're a very visual person, the gogo bars may serve you better than the massage parlours. Firstly, you see the boys in the flesh (though in some bars they are more covered up with sweatpants and T-shirts nowadays compared to 10 years ago) and you can take your time in making a choice. Secondly, for the price of a boydrink (and perhaps a thank-you-but-not-tonight tip of 100 baht) you get a chance to engage in a bit of conversation with a shortlisted boy. You can assess his language skills and personality, and very often too, get a sense of whether he really wants to go with you. Boys are not as desperate for customers as we may imagine (I know of boys who say they will not go with a certain type of customer.) Do not be put off by oldtimers like us moaning about ever-increasing costs at the gogo bars 😂 The bars still give reasonable value. However, never admit to the mamasans that it's your first time in Thailand; once they get their claws into you, they won't let go!
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    Hello fellow forum members!
    They say all good things must come to an end and so it is with a tinge of melancholy, I say farewell to Bangkok for now. 
    This forum has been both informative and tantalizing for me so wanted to do my bit and contribute my experiences with the hope that it helps others. 
    There are a few things I discovered through my journey:
    1) Logic doesn’t always seem to apply when communicating to massage places on Line; 
    2) Think first, act later rather than the other way around; 
    3) Massages can be good, massages can be bad but you really don’t know until you’re there;
    4) You can plan as much as you want but often what or more likely who, you want is probably unavailable so you need to be flexible.
    Arrival into BKK was ‘smooth as silk’ although not all fellow travelers did not seem to share my eagerness to get out and into the city as much as me. Landing in the evening, I wanted to squeeze in a massage in the evening if possible, the only obstacles in my way being the tour groups of passengers who decided to block the travellators and Bangkok traffic.
    Priority queues for business class immigration seemed to have been removed but managed to get into a newly opened short line at immigration. Armed with an iPhone and an e-sim it was now time to get to work on sorting my evening out while in the Grab. I had done my research before arrival, faithfully adding various venues on my Line account thanks to this forum. The evening would teach me a few lessons it turns out, yet more of that to come later.
    Zoo Onsen and Spa
    The eye-candy of Zoo / Malepark had caught my eye ever since I’ve been planning my trip to Bangkok. There are reviews on here which had I heeded, I would have saved myself time and money but alas, sometimes I think I can beat the odds in the high stakes game of finding a place to make you happy… 
    Booking via Line was both convenient, confusing and complex in equal measures. I contacted Malepark (sister site to Zoo) which advertises an apartment like room as a venue – this is not the case, at least for me and my massage was just in the usual Zoo venue. I sent of a message requesting a particular therapist, only to be advised that both my first and second choice were unavailable. As such, I settled with my third choice, a guy with a video with a great body but with a face suggesting an attitude of somewhat disregard. I would later discover that first impressions do count…
    Booking made, I checked into my hotel quickly before jumping on the BTS to On Nut. I read the directions but having gone back and forth past the Google maps location, I pondered if I would ever find the place. The reviews elsewhere on this forum point to entry through a neighboring spa, unfortunately that seemed to be closed so I had started to ponder what I was going to do as Zoo weren’t picking up my calls. Finally I decided to have a go of it having spotted some eye candy in the Nut spa next door, I asked them if they were Zoo after which they asked to see my Line messages and they finally twigged. 
    They took me up a couple flights of stairs and I was then told that the person I had booked was only available via the ‘Superboy’ package, whether this is true or not I don’t know but by now I was fully invested having spent 20 mins walking up and down the street looking for the place. I was told that this would cost 6000 THB including tip – steep I know but I’m on vacation so decided to assume that at that price, there must be some quality to it…. But wait, the soften the blow of the 6000 THB cost, there was a 3 for 2 offer. It is at this point I should have paused and thought but I didn’t. As such, I just whipped out my credit card to splash out on the 12k THB. They didn’t want cash for some reason. 
    We showered separately and then came the ‘massage’, only it wasn’t anything I would call a massage. With absolutely no pressure applied at all, he basically spread oil over my body for an hour or so. I’m not sure if it’s his natural state but he seemed somewhat disgruntled, perhaps with Zoo management, and one of the first (and few) things he said me was that there are better and cheaper massage places to go to… a resounding endorsement then! The only good things were that he was in his underwear for the task and he had clearly been advised where the more sensitive parts of the body were so decided to spread oil around there for a bit. 
    The end finished with a h/j (nothing else offered) after which he asked if he wanted me for him to continue with the massage. I think we both sighed of relief when I said no, I showered alone while he hung around the room. As the tip was included I did not tip extra nor did he ask for anything. Perhaps Zoo short change the therapists in passing through the tips which is why he was so grumpy – who knows.
    Now armed with a 3 for 2 package, I felt the need to return to Zoo the next day. I refuse to end up paying 12k for such a dud so at least I could better justify it in my head if I had a more decent massage. The next day, I requested a different therapist, again my chosen therapists were unavailable so I picked Mike. I cute looking guy but not muscled like my usual preference.
    The massage was somewhat of a redemption in the fact that the massage was of good to very good standard. At least I managed to enjoy a massage if only would have been at US / European prices. The therapist was clothed throughout and ended in a h/j again and he was somewhat embarrassed that I was looking at him while he was working on it. 
    Overall, a lesson learnt, don’t over commit, don’t over pay and make sure you know what you’re getting before you start. If they are cagey it’s probably a red flag. In fairness to myself, I did try and get the required info from Line beforehand but they said that they would discuss ‘extra services’ when I got there. 
    I tried making another booking for another therapist only to be told that he wasn’t classed as a ‘super boy’ so couldn’t be used. I think they’re making up things as in the poster he was clearly pictured. I was also told that the spa was closed on the day I wanted to book only to see them later advertising which therapists were available on the day, including the one I wanted.
    In the end I abandoned my third ‘free’ massage. Not wanting to waste my time, I had found a better massage as described below.
    Another day another opportunity
    Determined to change my fortunes, I started researching for the following day. I had several failed attempts at Apollo Massage where by I messaged the team on Line only to be told 1) The guy I wanted was not available today then 2) The guy I wanted as a back up was back at his home town. This is despite the daily Line postings showing the ‘therapists’ of the day being available including said guys – guess it’s marketing.
    Having had an overall disappointing and expensive run at Zoo which I’m going to put down to education, I decided to go through Twitter and do a little bit more research. I do recommend the Thai Twitter accounts who seem to offer, in Thai, some detailed reviews. There I picked out a review for Aurora Massage which was already on my Line list but I had dismissed as I hadn’t seen it mentioned on this forum before.
    I decided to minimize my risk by picking the same therapist that was reviewed. The Google Translation talked of B2B massage and a good set of skills so it seemed to fit the bill. The person at the other end of Line appeared to have a good command of English and was explicit on the costs which I liked. Massage was around 1500 THB depending on the service and it was 2000 THB for soft and 3000 THB for hard service. I decided to be equally explicit on what I wanted, not full hard but oral and shower afterwards. I said I would pay the min tip and asked him to communicate to my therapist so there was no misunderstandings.
    The tricky bit was the need to pay a deposit which equaled the cost of the treatment. I advised I wasn’t able to send as a tourist but they said go to a 7-11 to send the money. Going into the 7-11 they just pointed me to a bank. After 15 min wait in the bank line, I finally managed to make the transfer but in hindsight it was quite the hassle. As the spa is fairly central, I think next time I would just ask if I could go to the spa to pay the deposit first and return later, that would have been quicker than waiting in the bank I think.
    Per-fect Auora massage
    I arrived on time and I was greeted by the therapist on entry. I wasn’t 100% sure it was him at first give he was wearing a mask, I was hoping that the mask and others would come off soon. The spa itself was quiet and I don’t think they have walk in customers as while central, it’s a good 10 min walk from the main road with the BTS stations on.
    Upstairs, I took a shower alone and waited for him to return. Here things started to get special. There was an aroma electric diffuser with mood lighting in the room which helped improve the environment and the therapist now re-entered the room mask off and changed the music to some easy listening English songs. It just seemed to set the scene just right for me.
    Then came the massage, all I can say was it was Perfect. He took off his clothes such that he was left in just a crisp white underwear, very sexy indeed. He had the right level of coverage, pressure and got just the right level of teasing whilst ensuring the massage came first and foremost until we were ready to finish off later on. It was the little things which made me feel like he was professional like keeping one hand on my back while he maneuvered around the table to get to another position. 
    In transition between different parts of the body he oiled up his muscled body and did a body to body maneuvered which sent tingles of excitement through my body. When it came to the end there was a perfect transition and my request to pass on my requests were flawlessly executed. Post the first time of me cumming, he offered to help me go again but I can’t reset that quickly these days so we moved on to the shower. Again, without me prompting, he was well briefed of my request and we showered together. He gently washed me down and I saw is log like appendage. 
    On exit, I paid him a tip. I had promised 3000 THB but given I was so satisfied I gave him 4000 THB. He tried to hide his expression but he eye contact with his colleague told me enough to see that he was happy. While I know some may disagree with over paying tips, for me the extra is not material and I’m happy to pay for something I value and if it makes others happier still, then that’s a bonus.
    Having only one day left in Bangkok, I took the opportunity to rebook him again the next day… The next day was a 120 min massage marathon. Every bit as good as the previous day although I do recognize that sometimes some of the fun is the anticipation of what could come next. Having experienced it just the day before, I had less anticipation but a great time that was perfectly executed.
    Not wanting to miss out if I ever returned to BKK, I asked him for his Line (I’ve had it before where therapists move spas and I can never find them again). We tried adding each other but I think my Line is corrupted or blocked somehow as it’s not adding people. Not wishing to give up so easily I took his Instagram instead.  it seems like he has quite a number of followers with his model like photos. I thanked him again and gave him 5000 THB this time, 120 mins of hard massage work deserves a good tip in my view. 
    Later in the evening I messaged him on Instagram to which he replied and sent me a few messages. 
    Clubs / bars
    On one of the nights I was free around 9pm so decided to head down to Boy Town to check things out. I’ve been before but not for 10 years or so and I was intrigued what had changed. My first impressions was that it felt less crowded before and far fewer touts than I remember. It could be that I was walking down different parts. I went up and down the soi several times but noting that the show didn’t start until 1030, I decided to circle the block several times to see that market and buy myself the time.
    This was a Wednesday night so may not be reprehensive of weekend but after getting bored of circling the block, I decided to accept the tout’s request and head to the Hotmale bar around 945pm. Sitting and standing on the stage were probably 15 or so guys wearing red sweatpants and most were topless, fairly good looking but nothing absolutely striking. Other patrons were few and far between, in fact, just one couple in the corner whom left after 5 minutes from my arrival indicating that they would return at 1030 which they did. One mature farang entered after me along with a somewhat tipsy (nearly fell over) mature Asian.
    I found the stage somewhat awkward as all the guys had eyes on the patrons and I wasn’t really wanting to make eye contact with them as I didn’t want them to come over if I wasn’t into a particular person. I thought it would be somewhat rude to send them back. Anyway, after 30 mins of glancing but not really making eye contact, I asked to see a guy who fitted my profile the most. Filled with some Dutch courage I asked him over for a chat. He had a good command of English and equipped with the knowledge of this forum, I bought him a drink. I assume they must get some kind of cut of this because he was given a slip for his pocket. The cost of his drink was 400 and mine was 500. After 10 mins or so of holding hands, I signaled that I had an early flight to catch the next day (a lie) so couldn’t off him but for his time I tipped him 300. I settled at 1030 just before the show started.. 
    Dream boys
    Dream boys also had a show starting at 1030pm so I thought I’d pop in there to see what was going on. The guys were of ok standard but seemed likely older and less interested. I ordered a drink and the show started shortly after. However, the first act was some menial dancing and given not one of the guys was giving me vibes, I thought I would just return back to my hotel. I settled up and left which was a surprise to the touts who checked whether I had actually paid my bill so quickly after entering. 
    Hotmale take 2
    Having decided not to off the guy the day before, I couldn’t have helped wondering what could have been. Having never done something like this before, the curiosity was overwhelming so the next day I decided to jump back in a taxi and go back. As I was debating with myself whether I should go or not, I only arrived at 1115pm, just as the show ended and in walked the rest of the guys including the guy I had chatted to the other day. 
    He gave me a wry smile and a cheeky ‘I know you lied to me look’ after I had told him I was leaving the day before. This time I called him over right away and made up some excuse and again bought him a drink. I asked him whether he wanted ST or LT and he said ST. I appreciate the explicit view rather than being told LT only to have some excuse to leave. I thought we would leave immediately but whether it was because I told him that I had just missed the show or he was calming my slight nerves, we stayed until the end of the midnight show. The midnight show was only three acts and I think it lasted just 15 mins long. A couple of dances and then a big c parade. It’s probably best described as a parade as they just whipped it out and walked around the stage. After the music stopped they walked out to the audience and offered a hold, one guy came to me which I found quite awkward as I was already with my guy so I gave him 100 THB and a smile and he went off. I ponder what the ‘off rate’ is for these guys, I saw a couple other patrons with guys but not many at all. I think most were in just for the show.
    My off then asked what I was thinking as venue which I said I would take him back to my hotel. We jumped into a normal taxi and the driver, obviously knowing I was in no position to haggle, said it would be 300 THB to get back to central. A 10 min ride but to be frank, I didn’t really care.
    I was a little apprehensive in getting into my hotel as it’s was one of the top end 5 star hotels and entry to the guest lifts is a direct walk pass a narrow-ish walkway which is flanked by both the concierge and reception. I think we both instinctively knew what to do though and we whipped out our phones to look at while walking passed confidently and quickly pass the reception. 
    In the room we had a shower together as my request and direction. I didn’t want full on activities but managed to have a good time. He was a kisser and playful and clearly knew what he was doing. He too had an appendage like a log, I suspect it’s part of the job requirements. We took a shower together afterwards but after the activities, he probably needed to get back home to his gf / bf or something as he was texting something to say that he was on his way back I guess. I sent him on his way with a 3000 THB tip (2500 THB was advised at the bar but thought I’d give him extra for a taxi home). Overall an interesting experience which I wouldn’t repeat again but now my curiosity is somewhat satisfied.

    Overally, Bangkok delivered again with excitement and energy. The massage at Aurora Massage was an absolute highlight and will be etched in my memory for some time.
    I’m not sure when I’ll be back again, perhaps a number of years time but I shall, forever have fond memories.
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    BL8gPt reacted to revengeboo in My First Time in Bangkok - November 2023 Trip Report   
    I've picked up on this too.  He also alleged I was racist in a post about Berlin since I hooked up with a Chinese National at the Kit Kat Club, so we have that as well.  A sweetheart 😛.  But I must admit, I am an unabashed rice queen (among otherworldly delicacies).  I'll be doing reports from Europe and beyond next year.
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    BL8gPt reacted to revengeboo in My First Time in Bangkok - November 2023 Trip Report   
    Day 4
    Awakening at 4 AM, I would continue to have major effects of jet lag for days to come. Fortunately, having recuperated from the previous days’ escapades, I found myself in the hotel gym by 6 AM. There, I was greeted by the sight of two stylishly dressed 'daddies' in their trendy lycra outfits, offering a pleasant distraction as I powered through my workout routine.
    Soon after, a return trip to Prime Massage, this time attended to by a different masseur. Since it was a weekday and my arrival coincided with their opening time, I was able to get service immediately, a contrast to the hour-long wait of my previous visit. I was impressed by the efficiency and scale of Prime Massage's operations, observing teams of workers with headsets efficiently shepherding customers through the various buildings. The level of precision in their service was remarkable. The masseur assigned to me was thicker and more robust, providing stronger stretches and cracks that echoed a chiropractic session. Pure bliss.
    After the massage, my journey took me to Pattaya. Initially, I was unsure whether to include Pattaya in my itinerary. When I first planned this trip, my focus was solely on the famed city of Bangkok. However, the numerous mentions and detailed reports about this beach town piqued my curiosity. Ultimately, I decided that a 60-mile detour, in the context of my 9,000-mile journey to Thailand, would be fine even if I was prioritizing nightclubs, saunas, and muscle worship in my original itinerary over host bars and twinks.
    Opting against taking the bus, I felt a pressing need to maximize every moment of my trip, and the thought of navigating a bus terminal or risking a missed departure seemed too cumbersome. Prioritizing efficiency and convenience, I chose to book a Grab Premium car. This decision allowed me to reach my destination, the LK The Empress, right at the 2 PM check-in time for about $40 US and a little over 2 hours. I planned to spend one night there before making my way back to the Ibis Styles Silom. 
    Upon arriving the familiar deluge of Grindr messages came in as fresh meat was detected in the grid.  This time with a noticeable increased percentage of European/Australian travelers and ex-patriots.  I was starting to get caught up in different different message threads because some of the xxx pics that were coming through were too compelling to ignore but I was frantically trying to explore the area as sunlight slipped away.
    Pattaya captivated me with its distinct beachy vibe. The LK The Empress, in particular, was a highlight. My suite offered a breathtaking ocean view, where I could gaze out at the dozens of boats anchored along the shore. The distant Pattaya sign, beckoning. It was also a short walk to Walking Street and Boyztown.
    From the ground level, the streets buzzed with life, a bustling blend of tourists and automobile traffic. I was thrilled to powerwalk/wander somewhat aimlessly to see the monuments such as Relax Massage and Boyztown - much like my giddy first day in Bangkok - admiring these landmarks of smut. 
    I found myself receiving a relentless stream of texts from a Chinese masseur at Relax@Me Massage. His approach was a mix of emotional appeal and ego-boosting tactics, a combination that proved to be quite persuasive. Despite the numerous warnings evident in the establishment's Google Reviews, which were startlingly low (1 star) and filled with earnest accounts cautioning potential visitors, I couldn't help but feel intrigued. The masseur's persistent and passionate messages to meet him piqued my curiosity.
    Given my penchant for impulsiveness and a tendency to embrace thrill I found myself easily swayed by his entreaties and abandon logic. Fateful mistake, is this now three, was soon to be in my clutches. 
    The masseur was a complete departure of the Bad Boys, Adonises, Superstars, and Boy-Next-Door dreamboats I had become so overwhelmed with in Bangkok.  He was a tiny tot, a sugary sweet, innocent-looking babe.  This image along with his messages about how attractive I was and that he was in love with me seemed like youthful and earnest lust but were a warning of things to come.
    I made my way to the massage parlor that was off the normal tourist hubs near the beach but not a great distance and allowed me to see more of the City.  Upon arrival, I realized I was in for a little trouble.   About 12 boys were sitting out in front who all looked a little worn out, average, or even a bit odd.  This may be a bit uncharitable since I had become desensitized from Silom and the sight of dozens of sexy boys of all types lounging outside 9-Teen, M Star, and other various parlors or the epic lineups from Arena, Sabaidee and Jey Spa. Types ranging from hot, handsome, and sexy this was now my new normal.   So I realized the rumors of Pattaya were true and that concessions were needed but thankfully there was a discount in price.  I was quoted 500 baht for an hour oil massage, body-to-body with a 500 minimum tip. 
    My tiny tot, about 4’ 8”, came bouncing out the gates when he saw me approaching.  He looked even younger than the pictures he sent and I then thought about any tips from this board about avoiding entrapment if this boy was actually a boy.
    The fateful mistake I made was not as dramatic as Sabaidee the day before but again my lack of discussion with him about what body-to-body entailed or what my interests were led to another awkward experience.   The accommodations were rather rough but not alarming.  I was treated to another shower/toilet combo but this time the masseur was much more attentive, even joining me for my initial shower.  His English was pretty good and he had a cheerful demeanor.
    He began the massage, nude, his body had all the signs of tone and tautness of an adult man trapped in a child-like body.  Defying all expectations and stereotypes he had a thick, 7-inch cock that was erect from the start.  Uh oh.  About 15 minutes into the massage that was mediocre but not bad, a lick to my sphincter and he was eating me out, this was unexpected. It was quite sweet.  He took a condom out and asked if he should “stick it in” but I knew I was not going to relive the prior day's misstep and told him I was not a bottom. I had also not made preparations to bottom so I was not going to risk it.  I had incorrectly just assumed he was a bottom based on his aesthetic and poetically lustful declarations of love and affection. He then shoved his huge dick in my mouth.  There was a unique and unwelcome tang to his girthy uncut member but I serviced him for a while until the dick cheese became too intense and we eventually settled on concluding the visit with mutual masturbation and a follow-up joint shower.   
    A friendly goodbye and I high-tailed it out of there not looking back.  However, not some 10 minutes had passed before my tiny tot began to message me again.  This time assurances that we’ll meet up after he is off work at the end of the day for dinner.  Then that he was going to be celebrating a holiday later in the week with family and wanted me to come with him.   Some 15 messages poured in by the time I left the parlor until I reached my hotel with the prerequisite, “are you there?” and  “I love you” interspersed to enhance the intensity. A prelude to the increased level of assertiveness from Pattaya twinks.
    I couldn't resist the temptation to visit a local McDonald’s, driven by sheer curiosity to discover what unique menu items they offered in Thailand. To my delight, I found and savored the Samurai Pork Burger.
    However, by 6 PM, the cumulative exhaustion caught up to me but I was successfully able to manage a cat nap.  Waking up refreshed and ready for my evening exploration of Boyztown.
    My first stop on an unwieldy host 'bar crawl' was X-Boys.  I had a great time here and would have been happy to have stayed the entire night if not for my obsessed desire to crawl. The place was near capacity with me joining relatively late and seated in the back with a large pole in my line of sight.  The host was a relatively attractive ladyboy who would continually inquire if I wanted to tip him as he would twirl and pout his lips.  With good humor, he would twirl away when shooed. I knew no such tip was expected or necessary.  
    Next to me was a farang that seemed to take residence in the bar and was quite familiar - likely a staple.  He had a bottle and multiple mixers along with boys swirling around him but one in particular seemed to be his companion and the others may have been clinging on hope to come off the bench and play the game.
    One of these boys, another thin twink sitting next to me in baggy gray boxer briefs and impressive bulge began to look over at me and smile.  I was unsure what to do.  Thinking back to previous reports and FAQs I’d read on the board, I was nervous about stumbling into a verbal/metaphysical contract with an MB when that was not my intention but his earnest smiles turned into a salutation and questions.  He spoke English relatively well asking me,” where I was from”, “how long I was there”, “who I was with”, and “was I having fun” - the usual interrogation to see how much money could extract from me I’d reckon.
    Throughout be then began to get bolder.  Starting to pinch my nipples, rub my crotch and kiss me.  At this point, I rewarded his intensive marketing with a drink of his choice, I believe 300 baht.
    The show starting timely at 10:30 was entertaining.  The ladyboy host would do a thankfully short number, an odd “sex show” with boys coupled up that was sort of lifeless and not sexy. Perhaps since I was way in the back with an unwanted structural support pole reduced the appeal.  A few women in the crowd and the front row were cackling in delight.  There was a group of straight men who came right off the street to do a jump dance routine that was good but they were fully clothed so the tip jar likely suffered as a result.  There was a twink getting fucked by a top taken around the bar.  This a scenario I was familiar with from this Forum and unfortunately was not able to avoid the twink laying on top of me securing a 100 baht tip though the “experience” was hardly erotic.  Most impressive was the cock contest that caused a lot of howls and groans. There was a pluckiness and rouge energy to the show that made it all very entertaining.
    In time, my new skinny twink had a friend come over who sat next to me on my other side.  Now this guy was my type.  Boyish, but visibly an adult, he was stocky and relatively tall wearing a tight pair of black boxer briefs.  He could also speak some English and was very charming and friendly going through the familiar interrogation and engaging in flirty play at one point leading my hand to his butt for an inspection of his hole.  Okay, I’m going to buy him a drink now too.  Ultimately, the sight of me surrounded by these two boys led the host to come back over and he too started to feel me up, and asked me for a tip, as he groped me, or a drink, as I steadfastly refused.   The skinny twink then moved to brass tacks. 
    As the host explained the 'off fee,' which I believe was around 500 baht, the two MBs began pointing to themselves and each other, evidently suggesting their availability. This sudden development caught me off guard, sparking a moment of panic. I questioned how I could possibly bring my ambitious bar crawl to an abrupt halt at the very first stop. To gracefully exit the situation, I quickly excused myself, reassuring them that I would return later since the night was still young.
    Shortly after settling the bill the two charming MBs were called back to the stage as the show concluded. They rejoined the lineup, swaying to the music with their numbered badges on display for the crowd. It was a peculiar scene, reminiscent of what I'd seen at Dreamboy, yet lacking the same intensity of gogo dancers or club-like production elements. As I hastened towards the exit, the skinny twink playfully blew kisses in my direction, leaving me in a state of uncertainty about whether I had made the right decision in leaving so soon.
    My next stop was A-Bomb. As I approached, the host informed me they were closed due to a lack of customers for their show. While I was there, my attention was caught by a cute boy standing nearby, one of the few MBs still lingering at the entrance. This boy, a charming Thai with a small mustache and round face, approached me and led me inside. The bar was eerily quiet and empty, but he guided me to the back seats.
    Shortly after, the host reappeared, bringing me a menu. The situation felt surreal: sitting in an empty bar with this cute boy now cozily wrapped around my arm. To add to the bizarre atmosphere, two other MBs walked onto the stage, looking visibly miserable and bored but we were quite muscular a departure of the boyish twinks I'd been encountering everywhere. They half-heartedly attempted a dance, removing their shirts while keeping their jeans on. It seemed as if they were putting on a show to give the illusion that the bar was back in business. However, after a brief ten minutes, they too left the stage and exited through the front door.
    The cute boy wrapped around my arm goes through that familiar script of questions all the while massaging my legs and rubbing my crotch.  Quickly getting to business offering to bottom for 1800 baht or some odd calculation.  I literally had my calculator out at one point as we were going through scenarios of the cost of taking him to a room nearby versus my hotel versus this or that.  Ultimately, while he was really cute - not like my X-boy cuties - and I was on a bar crawl - I needed to press forward!  So, I fled A-Bomb after paying for my drink and his ~ 500 baht.
    My last stop would be Toy Boys.  I arrive and there are 4 skinny young twinks in boxer briefs on stage standing around and a group of three Asian women talking to a boy they had commandeered.   Within a few minutes, these women would leave and now 5 skinny young twinks would turn their attention to me as I sat there drinking a Coke Zero, exhausted and bewildered.  The host came up to me eagerly with the off proposal of 500 baht.  One of the twinks, a bad boy, kept scowling at me and thrusting his hips in the universal “fuck” sign as the other more shyly stood there smiling and swaying to the music.  
    Judgement time.
    I thought about fleeing a third time back to the welcoming embrace of X-boys but then I wondered if those boys would still be there.  Would I feel pressure to off the skinny boy and leave my stockier dream behind?  If I picked the stockier MB would his friend be jealous? Could I handle the awkwardness?  Did I have the money or will to take them both with me?  Overwhelmed with my mental gymnastics and transactional ethics - I quickly announced to the host that I would off the bad boy twink and frantically conclude this epic bar crawl.
    This small lad, I would later find out is a twenty-year-old Cambodian. I was headed back the the Empress and a fine ST. He had smooth cinnamon skin, tight body, silky hair, and spoke little English.  I remember thinking he looked like a barely legal porn star. Again I was greeted by a large dick but nothing monstrous and he took well to directions to get things going. It was all rather "professional and detached" and I did not mind in the least. After about 30 minutes we had cum and was off on his way forever, or so I thought.  The entire thing was 2000 baht and I was beyond satisfied with my short trip to Pattaya.
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    Pictorial Interlude

    View from Ibis Styles Silom Pool / Gym

    Pool Party!
    Cruisin' Silom Road

    "Gay Street"

    The Atrium

    Mama Mia

    The good ol chaotic alleyway street markets

    Much to the Carnival barkers' dismay, I was not interested in seeing ping pongs projected out of a pussy but I respect the game and heroism.  🫡💯

    The economy is churning despite a few zombie buildings.
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    Day Three
    I woke up at 10 AM, my head throbbing and body aching — the unmistakable signs of a hangover. Despite the discomfort, I was determined to make the most of my vacation. With nearly half of my trip already behind me and a busy schedule ahead, there was no time to waste wallowing in bed. My last substantial meal seemed a distant memory, making me grateful for the extra serving I had at breakfast the day before.
    My first destination for the day was Sabaidee Spa, located about a mile from Silom Road. I hoped a leisurely walk would help settle my uneasy state. According to Google, the spa opened at noon, and in my eager anticipation, I found myself at its doorstep at 11:55 AM, ready for what I expected to be a relaxing “massage.” However, to my surprise, the sign on the door announced a 1:00 PM opening. Killing time, I wandered the surrounding area, which included a dumpster yard and a street alley food market. The sights and smells of these sizzling brown and green organic matter were intensified by my hangover, but I pressed on.
    When 1:00 PM finally arrived, I was the first customer through the door. The attendant greeted me and presented an iPad showcasing a gallery of men, a confusing array of bodies. It was unclear if all those pictured were actually present, making the exercise seem somewhat perplexing. This initial confusion was soon cleared up as a group of men were ushered out for my inspection, allowing me to make my choice in person.
    As the lineup of men stood before me, the attendant at Sabaidee Spa took an interesting turn. He pointed to one particular individual on the iPad and zoomed in on his image. This action, performed amidst the real-life presence of the other men, only heightened my sense of anxiety. I found myself torn, surrounded by an array of sexy men, each man smiling in anticipation of selection. In hindsight, I pondered the attendant's gesture. Was it merely a suggestion, a subtle hint, or perhaps something more? Could it have been a sign or a cryptic message, a piece of a larger, unseen puzzle of my journey? Because what to come would be a nightmare situation.
    The masseur the attendant subtly directed me towards stood out distinctly from the rest. He was a shirtless man in his late forties, notably labeled as a “Top” in the selection. As someone who primarily identifies as a Side or Versatile, I often find the Top versus Bottom dichotomy a bit puzzling. This particular masseur, being shirtless, somewhat older, and clearly a serious bodybuilder in his prime was one of just two Tops presented.
    However, my attention was swiftly captured by another individual standing beside him — a stunningly attractive man in his twenties who perfectly embodied the archetype of "tall, dark, and handsome." With his cool smile, chiseled features, and thick black hair, he was strikingly compelling. The other four, labeled as “Bottoms,” unfortunately faded into the background in comparison. So, setting aside the attendant's intriguing suggestion, I chose to go with this enigmatic and darkly handsome masseur.
    Reflecting on the situation, I realized that this choice was perhaps my first significant misstep of the trip, or maybe the second if I count the mystery cocktail jug from the night before. In the excitement of the moment, I had neglected to communicate my preferences and expectations to the attendant. I hadn't mentioned my inclination as a Side or Versatile, nor had I clarified what exactly I was seeking from the massage experience. Furthermore, I chose the unambiguous "Erotic Massage - 3000 baht" from their menu without fully understanding its implications, and I failed to inquire about the attendant's curious gesture with the iPad.  
    This oversight led to a horrific encounter with the brooding masseur I had chosen. Our interaction during the massage was awkward and frustrating, resulting in an experience that ranked as one of the worst “massages” I'd ever had. It was a stark reminder of the importance of clear communication, especially in situations involving that kind of baht.
    Despite the initial disappointment with my choice of a masseur, Sabaidee Spa did have its pleasant aspects. Upon settling in, I was provided with a refreshing cup of tea and a towel, creating a soothing atmosphere as I waited for the massage. After the lineup, the men retreated to what seemed like a kitchen area, where they immediately went to scrolling their phones and gossiping.
    About five minutes later, I was led upstairs to a spacious massage room, which boasted two beds and a well-constructed shower. The masseur who escorted me up then left abruptly, leaving me alone in the room. Unsure of the protocol, I decided to start with a shower, as it had become a familiar routine by now. After the shower, I found myself waiting in a state of uncertainty, wondering which bed to choose for the massage and if it even mattered. This brief period of waiting added to the already awkward beginning of what was supposed to be a relaxing experience.
    When the masseur returned, he silently gestured towards one of the beds, indicating where the massage would take place. He spoke no English at all. 
    He disrobed, revealing a remarkably chiseled physique that matched his striking facial features. His skin was flawlessly smooth, and his muscular build was impressive, speaking of a disciplined fitness regime.
    However, the session, which started with much promise, took a turn. Barely five minutes into the massage, which began with routine strokes on my back and legs, a pain struck my sphincter.   Wait what?  I turn around and he is wearing a condom and trying to stick it in my ass.   I crane my neck over and scream, “Do you have any lube? That hurts!” He looks at me curiously.  He tries again.  I then flipped over and pointed to the massage oil container that he had barely used.  He then seems to understand what lubricant is and adds a dollop to his very large cock, 8 inches and thick, and tries again, this time we are missionary as I had flipped around.  And he begins jackhammering me as if this were some rape porn fantasy on steroids.  I finally settled that this is not going to work by shoving him off me.  He gets the message and scurries out of the room.   After my shower and tending to a brutalized orifice I storm down to the reception. The attendant has a beaming smile and asks, ‘Did you get a happy ending?’ while mimicking a blow job, poking his tongue on the inside of his cheek.  I explained there was nothing happy about the experience and it was horrible and I had literally only been away for twenty minutes.  He then explained that he was sorry but it was this masseur's first day - that was it.  No refund, offer to press charges, nothing.   So needless to say, no tip, and  - 1 out of 5 stars, cannot recommend them until they get better on-the-job training, hiring orientation, and customer service.
    Throbbing head, throbbing anus the only solution I could conjure would be to take a short break and go for a jog around Lumpini Park, which was on the way back to Silom.
    A spectacular park with a great jogging trail, paddle boats, a makeshift gym, and great views of the skyline from every angle.  After two hours, I began to settle and decided to roll the dice again.
    Opting for my preferred mode of transportation during this trip, I hailed a Grab Premium, which I found to be familiar to Uber but a fraction of the cost back home. The premium service was a larger sedan with leather seats as opposed to a small car and fabric seats.
    The journey to Jey Spa took about 35 minutes from my hotel, bad traffic, and I soon found myself arriving in a residential neighborhood. The ‘spa’ resembled a typical single-family home from the outside. A stack of shoes outside the front door alerted me of this expected custom and in my socks stepped through the threshold into the, Living Room. I was greeted by and older gentleman that comically gave off a very “pimp” vibe.  Perhaps it is because he so casually declared, “bring the boys out!” after I explained to him I was there for an hour massage.  
    Now Jey Spa had been on my mind for quite some time.  I have been following their Line account for weeks now and they are constantly sending messages with the line up.  Another poster on the board also had reported a riveting trip report that read like a fantastical romantic novella with a particular Jey Spa masseur, Arm.  So with that knowledge, I wanted to see what this “Arm” was all about.
    As the boys marched into the room, I was much more comfortable this time, the panic of Arena a long ago memory but the pressure of making the “right choice” still gave me anxiety and now I had to contend with fear that another Mr. Jackhammer could be hiding in the shadows. 
    Tops and Bottoms were separated on both sides of the living room except there was one boy in the middle and the only one shirtless.   This solitary figure distinctively set apart from the others I would find out was also more expensive at 2000 baht compared to the others at 1500 baht.  
    Still reeling from the Saibadee Spa disaster,  I decided to take a chance with the versatile 'superstar' at Jey Spa. He exuded an undeniable sex appeal, combining the boy-next-door charm with an impressively sculpted physique becoming a familiar sign in my journey and an obvious and predictable insight into my “type” seems to be manifesting.  Bulging pectorals, well-defined six-pack, coupled with a captivating smile and boyish dimples. These attributes collectively painted a picture of someone who I’d be ready to risk it all, for a chance.
    After making my selection, I noticed Arm, one of the 'tops,' disappearing into another part of the house. He still carried the aura of a legend.
    Since the VIP room was already booked — a reservation I hadn't planned to make — I was led to a house next door. There, I encountered my first experience with a combined shower/toilet room, which was separate from the massage area. Now I understood the appeal of the VIP rooms. In this makeshift restroom, reminiscent of a janky RV, I found myself awkwardly bundling my clothes and phone in a corner as I showered. Afterward, I had to navigate down a hallway naked, carrying my belongings, which only added to the awkwardness of the situation.
    Once settled on the bed the superstar masseur arrived and quickly disrobed.  Wow.  Having already had a preview of him half-naked the full feature did not disappoint.  Bubble butt, large calves and well-endowed but nothing like the monstrosity from hours earlier.  He complained that this room did not have a sound system and fussed for about 5 minutes trying to find music on his phone to play.  I laid there now regretting losing out on this Casanova Arm in place of a Primadonna but ultimately the Superstar came through with a quality massage and fantastic fun.  When it came time for him to top it was clear he knew what to do, and that he was gay.  Thoroughly checked in with me on pressure and speed while using his hips to elegantly roll rather than smash.  My sphincter had been rewarded after a harrowing journey.  Unfortunately, I did not get to top him, so whatever versatility he had - it was not meant to be but after we both had ample time to suck, lick and jerk a double climax was all that mattered.  I tipped him 1000 baht.
    The day concluded with me finally seeking some nourishment. I headed to Mamma Mia, a tourist-friendly alleyway restaurant, eager for a taste of my favorite Americanized dish, 'Drunken Noodle.' It seems 'Drunken Noodle' doesn't really exist in traditional Thai cuisine; it's essentially a noodle-based basil stir-fry, which is extremely common but not marketed like they do back home. While Mamma Mia's rendition of 'Drunken Noodle' was only mediocre, the atmosphere made up for it. Dining as cars lurched past the restaurant, only a few inches away from the patrons, added a unique charm. It was an experience heightened by the sight of Instagram influencers striking poses against the backdrop of rugged street vendors.
    My phone begins to buzz.  The boys from last night are back at DJ Station for another round of mayhem. 
    But after being ravished in all manner of the word it was off the bed by 10 PM and prepare for tomorrow's adventure - Pattaya, and more miscalculations to come 😂.
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    Day 2 - Part 2
    I didn’t think this report was going to reveal itself like some perverted Harry Potter series with so many posts but I must concede that the most intense moments of my week-long adventure occurred early on, as my stamina and sanity would wane. 😀
    After returning to the hotel from Arena, an experience that fully met its renowned reputation, I quickly prepared for the Ibis Styles Silom pool party. Given that it was Saturday, the hotel and Silom Road were already bustling with activity. My initial plan was to observe from a distance, somewhat inconspicuously in a dark corner creepily oogling the crowd. However, the reality was quite different.
    The pool party turned out to be a lively and social gathering, drawing in about 100 attendees from a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and countries. I found myself engaging in conversations with various friendly men, boys and a sprinkling of curious women.  Some of the people I made conversation with also agreed to make plans to extend the festivities later at DJ Station and G Bangkok, both already on my itinerary.
    Traveling alone, I'm usually cautious with alcohol consumption, particularly in unfamiliar places. However, the engaging company and seemingly endless beer buckets, coupled with my lack of sleep and the lingering effects of my trans-Pacific journey, led me to let my guard down and warning bells began to ring.
    As the evening progressed, I was introduced to a striking Cambodian boy in his early twenties, Lenny, by an American of Asian descent living in Mexico — a testament to our awesome planet. Lenny's charisma and captivating presence in the party, complete with a group of equally animated friends, caught my attention. He paraded around with his boyish good looks in a tight white speedo daring gawkers to see the results of his ventures into the pool.  Taking his time to pose and preen for his friends to snap photos as they shrieked in delight over the scene of envious glares and thirsty voyuers viewing the commotion. 
    However, my attempt at conversation with him was not as successful as I'd hoped as I fumbled around a few lines and nervously made small talk.  That is when I realized I need to make a hasty retreat as my pre-arranged companion had arrived from Siam Roads.
    The concept of a companion for the evening seemed sensible at first, but as the night unfolded, I began to realize that my hyper-promiscuous energy combined with the City’s high-spirited sex-fueled denizens, made such an arrangement somewhat redundant. Nevertheless, my companion proved to be understanding and supportive of my own sex-crazed ambitious plans for the night.
    Meeting my companion in the hotel lobby, I was apologetic for my tardiness, likely looking as the Crypt Keeper on Spring Break. We had a brief discussion about my dream and desires for the evening before heading out - hardcore partying 🫡.
    After yet another round of showering, we embarked on our first destination of the night: Sauna Mania. Walking to the bathhouse, I became acutely aware of the unique smells and sights of Bangkok's streets at night, including the surprisingly large rats that seemed more akin to rabbits, all under the backdrop of streams of people on the sidewalk.
    The entrance procedure for Sauna Mania was all very familiar to typical bathhouses I’d been to before with utilitarian lockers and very old and worn feel.  It was “underwear” night and I had worn a very revealing jockstrap with a cut out for my dick so it was mostly visible not realizing that Sauna Mania would only be giving out towels the size of a wash cloth.  My companion alerted me to meet him at 10pm in the lobby and I said 9pm, which was about an hour not knowing how this was all going to unfold.  Well, long story short, I left him waiting for me once again as I got sucked into a swirl of Asian bodies and sex not to be seen again until - about 10pm as he had figured. I was obviously foreign and a slut by my underwear as most guys seemed to have traditional briefs or boxers and very few went all naked or had revealing jocks so I recieved a great deal more attention than I am used to in a bathhouse.
    I was impressed by the size of Sauna Mania with its vaulted and open air patios and various mazes.  The facility was packed to the brim with people.  At one point in the maze area is was so crowded hardly a person could move and people smashed against each other just gave in to whatever orifice or phallus was pressed upon them.  It was hard to tell even who’s what was going where.   After breaking free of that chaos I connected with a very large, bodybuilding type Chinese man about thirty or fourty.  He was a top so I finally was able to check that box, or I guess I should say scratch that itch.  After that I hairy local Thai guy who had been tailing me all even wanted me to top him and I obliged putting on a show for the Sauna in several of the open air rooms as neither of us had a private room and it didn’t seem either of us cared. Even at my last moment in the lockerroom as I departed I could not help but to molest an older Thai daddy who was buzzing next to me - I was unglued and loving it.
    Sheepishly returning to my companion he suggested we go to Circus and see the “gay street”.  The energy was off though.  At this point, I was covered with sex.  The unfortunate thing about Sauna Mania is that for a bathhouse, its hygienic or “sauna” features were sorely lacking.  There was no pool or hot tub, which is likely best for everyone's health and safety but even the showers were too utilitarian and soap harsh and unpleasant.  Not to mention the little hand towels they supplied did little to encourage a thorough clean.  
    So after an awkward beer at Circus - vacantly staring out into a sea of lights and chatting gays, me reeking of raw bathhouse sex and now horny as ever I had to explain to my companion that I am going back to the hotel to yes, shower, properly.
    After that detour he decides to take me to Dreamboy.  Now through all my research, Deamboy never came up as a bar I wanted to see.  Mostly because I took @vinapu clairvoyant suggestions to my inaugural post soliciting advice at face value and was hesitant to deviate as from my diligent studies of this board I assumed we are kindred spirits. However, Dreamboy is impressive in size and filled with people for the 10:30 show. However, the show was not all that entertaining to me with a few forgettable drag queens but some fun dance numbers with dancers and their cocks wrapped up like hotdogs. Now this is the first time I've seen gogo dancers proudly march on stage dicks out in such a manner. Certainly I've seen (and reported on) sex show and the like but this with the light one girls cackling and men drooling was still quite the sight to behold. Oh my. Thailand is different.  I wandered around the bar at time trying to find the bathroom and everyone including staff and performers were quite forgiving and kind to me as I likely looked at this point a complete mess.
    I did enjoy some of the boys, who were clearly great gogo dancers and had great energy and moves but out of the some 20 guys on stage at a time, maybe that was one or two?  Many others looking completely out of place made me feel uncomfortable as they stood there jerking from side to side or desperately staring out into the audience for attention.  Their “boyish” lean looks were fine, I’ve already mentioned my tour of twinks and boyish men so far in the trip but they just didn’t quite pique my interest.
    I couldn't help but notice in my peripheral vision the several farangs that had arranged MBs in the back rows overjoyed and in love and that also warmed my heart.
    My companion was a bit agitated, I think he felt let down by the show, or perhaps my flagging energy was a sign we needed to leave.
    Continuing the evening's adventure, we headed to DJ Station now about 11ish, where I began texting some acquaintances from the pool party, informing them of our imminent arrival. The club, a multi-room extravaganza, was a vibrant mix of energy and people. It was bustling with men in their twenties and thirties, sprinkled with daddies who either shared their love or perhaps sponsored their company. One thing I enjoyed – it was all men!  An extremely rare sight in a gay club in my hometown. The exact cost of entry or the other previous stops escapes my memory, a side effect of the endless beer buckets from the earlier pool party, but the entrance fee did include two complimentary drinks. I believe everything cost 400 baht, at which point I still figured was $400 US, still unsure how to convert money in my head only later figuring out it was more like a paltry $10. I chose a beer, clinging to the hope that sticking to one type of drink would help clear my increasingly blurry vision.
    I really enjoyed the pulsating EDM, all the songs seemed ripped from a typical American club. My companion, who had been more of a peripheral presence throughout the evening, seemed relieved to part ways as I became engrossed in the lively bar scene. He high-tailed out the building as if it had caught on fire.
    Not soon after, I noticed the Cambodian boy, Lenny, with the white speedo, now somewhat fully dressed - pants but proudly shirtless and gyrating on an older farang in his fifties.  Lenny spotted me and came over and we shared a chat and he offered to buy me a drink with one of his tickets.  At this point, I lost my other drink ticket and was relieved - hopeful that perhaps they sold Dasani?  He suggested I get what seemingly everyone was holding a large half-gallon size container filled with a colorful drink.  I didn’t realize these jugs that people were carrying around were mixed drinks that could be bought with one ticket.  No wonder the place was verging on unhinged - nearly everyone was fucked up.
    Like any nervous gay trying to impress a crush I confidently agreed and get the jug of whatever may come.   Soon I was slurping what seemed like straight liquor and continuing the party with him, his friends, his diligent farang companion, and others from the pool party.  At this point, I had enough sense to know that I was not “going home with him” and that this older fellow who seemed to be a satellite in his orbit had priority and I respected the code.
    We make our way to G Bangkok thought I prefer its former moniker GOD, I think literally next door.  A tunnel-like TSA experience but not very intrusive searching.  I had poppers and random items like earplugs but none of that seemed to matter to the security guards who frisked me and metal detectors we were sent through.  Once inside the nearly pitch-black club it was quite familiar to something I’d expect from New York City after hours, again the cover paid for drink tickets, which at this point I think I went back to beer with the feeble hopes I was not going to be in serious trouble tomorrow.  The music was a varied mix of pots and pans clanging and electronic synthesizers but no one was there to sing along only to writhe and grind against one another and the sound system hit all the necessary notes.
    The pain could wait a few more hours for now I’m just making out with guys, fondling on the dancefloor, on a real warpath. Mercifully, at 4AM and the light blasts on and I permit myself to flee the premises a quick 10-minute stumble to my hotel with a huge smile and triple vision.
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    Day 2
    I woke up at 9 AM, a mix of giddiness and jetlag clouding my senses, and made my way down to the breakfast buffet at the Ibis. Opting out of the prepaid breakfast during my reservation — a decision driven by my plan to eat minimally, only enough calories to keep me from keeling over in a sauna or dungeon if I were so lucky  — I paid 199 Baht for the meal. The mint chicken and rice were so delectable that I indulged in a second serving, an unexpected treat amidst my hectic schedule.
    I was thrilled to discover that the Ibis was hosting a gay pool party on its rooftop that evening, a serendipitous welcome for me. However, I had already arranged to meet a companion through Siam Road, run by fellow poster Moses. My initial apprehensions about navigating Bangkok's vibe and concerns about potential communication barriers were quickly proven unfounded, and the companion proved to be unnecessary - but more on that later.
    The first major agenda of the day, aside from the unforgettable massage experience technically this same day, again my grasp of time and reality are still ruptured, was a visit to Prime Massage for an authentic Thai massage. Remembering the advice to wait two hours after eating, I used this time to hit the gym, running on adrenaline and excitement — after all, it was the main event, my birthday. The rooftop gym and pool offered a fantastic view, though the greenhouse-like gym design made for a sweltering workout.
    After freshening up — I now understand why so many posts on this board mention showers and showering, it became a recurring theme of frequent showers necessitated by Bangkok's humid climate and my intimate excursions — I headed straight to Prime Massage. Opting for a one-hour session at 300 Baht felt almost too good to be true. The massage, delivered by a fit, young masseur, was surprisingly intimate, despite the non-sensual setup and the unflattering pajamas I was forced to wear. His technique, involving close physical contact and a lack of hesitation around personal boundaries, was both professional and deeply relaxing.  He laid on top of me, rolled around me, letting me feel his tight body, and let his hands go where they needed to go without flinching, even if it came to grazing my thankfully soft penis.  I was a bit nervous I was going to be hard as a rock and thrown out as just another proud American sex freak.
    Post-massage, I ventured out to explore the landmarks of Silom, a district I had only recently become acquainted with through Gay Guides. My first stop was X-One Currency Exchange, known for its favorable rates and efficient service - a great Google review and I believe I had seen it mentioned here a few times. The process was quick, and I was impressed by the excellent English spoken by the staff, as well as the constant smiles and 'wai' bows that seemed to be a charming staple of Thai culture.
    With cash in hand, I began my exploration like an excited child, even snapping photos in broad daylight in front of the legendary Tawan Bar, Super Pussy, and Jupiter 2018 as if they were the Eiffel Tower, Christ the Redeemer, and Great Pyramids of Giza. My stroll along Silom Road was pleasant, noting the cleanliness and orderliness typical of an emerging market economy, although later encounters with carefree rats would add a different dimension to the experience later that evening.
    My next anticipated visit was to Arena Massage. Arriving in the early afternoon - again after another shower in the hotel - at a seemingly decrepit plaza, I initially doubted my choice. I seemed to have wandered on to the set of World War Z, a post-apocalyptic scene, until I spotted a welcoming wave from a fit, middle-aged man several stories above and the sight of the "Arena Massage for Men" banner reassured me: I had indeed arrived at my intended destination.
    As I ascended the steps of the plaza to enter Arena, I was immediately struck by the atmosphere — it was exactly as one poster had described: akin to a car mechanic's shop. The setting was raw and unrefined, with men resembling rugged brutes grunting and scowling at each other as they worked out in a gym setup reminiscent of a prison yard. This gritty ambiance and unhinged testosterone was making what the kids used to say… flood my basement.
    However, just as I was immersing myself in this prison/mechanic porn fantasy, I was pulled back to reality by the man who had been waving at me earlier. He reminded me of an elf from a video game, appearing suddenly to offer an urgent clue. He guided me to a leather seat and began explaining the various options available — the "menu," so to speak. Despite my extensive research on Gay Guides and a fair understanding of what to expect, I feigned surprise, cooing and oohing as he described the allure of the VIP room, and offer up a complimentary Coca-Cola.
    Then came the moment of the lineup — about five beefy guys, each exuding a mix of bravado and charm. They flexed, posed, smiled, smirked, and scowled, each trying to catch my attention. Despite being forewarned about the intensity of this moment, I found myself overwhelmed, my heart racing. In a desperate attempt to stall for time, I awkwardly asked the maître d', "They all look so great, who would you choose?" Amidst nervous laughter - I am sure with panic in my eyes, I finally settled on a light-skinned masseur who stood out as the quintessential model of muscular perfection, smiling and posing shirtless as if he were on the stage of Mr. Olympia.
    Abruptly the pageantry stopped like with a screeching proverbial record scratch, and the men went back to business scowling, lifting weights, dispassionately eating take out etc.   
    With my mind still reeling from the selection process and my chosen masseur momentarily out of sight, my attention was inadvertently drawn to another striking masseur. He stood shirtless, his jeans precariously low exposing his fat ass and rippling abs, and he caught my gaze with a look that mingled bemusement and perhaps a hint of bitterness. He added to the tension by teasingly grabbing himself, then returned to his workout, his actions playfully taunting and reigniting a wave of panic within me. I found myself second-guessing my choice, wondering if I should awkwardly ask for a do-over and select this bad boy masseur over the one I had initially chosen, who exuded an angelic aura.
    However, before I could spiral further into this delirious rabbit hole, my Mr. Olympia reappeared and gestured for me to follow him upstairs. As he led the way, I noticed that he, too, appeared shorter than when he stood in the lineup. This realization of height disparity was becoming a recurring and somewhat amusing theme in my Bangkok experience.
    The VIP Room proved to be a wise choice. It featured a large bed and an en-suite shower, which I took advantage of before the session began. Mr. Olympia, following my lead, also headed for the shower, but surprisingly, he did so fully clothed. This peculiar behavior reignited my sense of panic. I began to question his shyness and wondered if he would return in those same frumpy pajamas I had encountered at Prime. Doubts about my choice resurfaced, and I found myself longing for the bad boy, knowingly, now taking residence in my head rent-free.
    However, my worries were soon put to rest when he returned to the massage bed, where I lay anxiously awaiting, fully nude. He appeared to be in his twenties, with flawlessly smooth skin and strikingly good looks. His massage technique was strong and proficient, albeit not exactly what I had anticipated for the session after Prime but steps above my Grindr connection. Nonetheless, as the hour progressed, the experience evolved into something more aligned with my expectations.
    He took his time giving me a wonderful blowjob and allowed me to rim and finger him until climax.  I was a bit disappointed there was no sex - my goodness, I was getting greedy - but frankly, there was nothing to be disappointed about having a god-like man do the things we did to each other.   Back to the shower and then to the lobby for more awkwardness as I paid 1900 baht, and the elf snatched the 100 baht change as his tip.  I’m sure he caught my look of horror as I was too slow to snatch it myself.  
    As I sauntered to the door to greet Mr Olympia one last time, I was reminded of the minimum tip of 1000 baht.  I offered it up.  Fumbling with the colorful money still not sure what it all meant and think was this $ 1000 US dollar in my ongoing exhausted joyride.  I offered up the minimum tip with a swirl of elation and disappointment but soon regretted that and assured myself I would return and give him a bonus tip as it was an amazing massage experience  – and perhaps a visit with that Bad Boy.
    — to be continued, Crazy Things At Night - the Pool Party, Siam Roads, Sauna Mania, Circus, DJ Station, GOD
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    BL8gPt reacted to revengeboo in My First Time in Bangkok - November 2023 Trip Report   
    Gentlemen, I have just returned from Bangkok. My gratitude goes out to all who shared invaluable tips and travel insights, which I studied intently in the month leading up to my journey. Before this, my knowledge of Bangkok was limited to what I had conjured in my imagination, fueled by the song “One Night In Bangkok” that I listened to on repeat as a youngster.
    As my 30th birthday approached, I desired an adventure, something wildly enjoyable. Impulsively, I bought a ticket to Bangkok, setting off to create an impromptu plan for my trip a month or so before departure.
    Now, back in the northwest USA, I find myself grappling with jetlag, a mix of sexual exhaustion, euphoria, and a surge of existential mania. I'm ready to contribute my own story to the esteemed Gay Guides message board. My hope is that future travelers will gain insight from my experiences – both the successes and the missteps – or perhaps the seasoned veterans will find amusement in the account of a newcomer navigating the renowned sex tourism capital of the world.
    I am not new to international travel or to the company of escorts, having indulged in both across various continents. However, my experiences had never extended to Asia, a region that has always intrigued me, particularly due to my interest in Asian men. The distance and cultural differences were daunting, but now, having immersed myself in this new environment, I regret not making the journey sooner. 
    In short, I am shaken.
    Day 1
    The anticipation for this trip had been building intensely, fueled by the erotic tales from this message board. I meticulously planned my itinerary, including visits to famed MB Bars and anticipated massage experiences. The flight itself was an endurance test — over 24 hours of a dehydrating, cramped, and stuffy journey, catapulting halfway across the globe through numerous time zones and across the dateline, leaving me questioning the very fabric of reality.
    Stepping off the plane, my senses were heightened, and I found myself admiring the uniformed army men and security personnel while navigating customs. My fascination with Asian men was now confirmed as “a thing”.
    Prior to my arrival, I had arranged for a Siam Pride Limo Taxi, thinking it necessary to bridge the language barrier in this foreign land. My Day 1 in Bangkok began late at 11:30 PM. To my relief, I soon discovered that most people I encountered spoke excellent English, and that transportation would be one of the easiest aspects of my trip. 
    Yet, there was a certain excitement in being greeted at the airport by an attendant holding a sign with my name, and then being ushered into an aged black car with tinted windows, driven by a middle-aged, fit, and stoically silent driver — perfect.
    The drive from Suvarnabhumi Airport to my hotel was shrouded in darkness, exacerbated by the tinted windows of the car. The surrounding scenery gave off a melancholic and almost sinister aura, reminiscent of my experiences in São Paulo with its vacant skyscrapers, trash can fires, and eerie silence. But considering it was midnight and I had been awake for over 24 hours, my mind was on the brink of implosion.
    Upon arrival at the Ibis Styles Silom Hotel, the mood shifted dramatically. The hotel was bright, modern, and welcoming, staffed by two cheerful attendants who provided exceptional service in perfect English. I chose this hotel as it seemed relatively close to the action and was about $40/night a bargain bin price for a 3-star resort that I would take any day.  However, the room itself was quite compact and only offered a view of the hotels busy looking atrium.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed the site of its jewel box glass shower nestled conveniently next to the queen bed and private toilet tucked in a separate room.  The designer knew what he was doing. 
    It was now 3 AM, and I had been awake for more than 30 hours. Weary yet restless, I checked into my room and immediately logged onto Grindr.
    The display of muscular, toned, shirtless profiles on my screen was overwhelming. The flurry of messages from eager locals was like nothing I had experienced in other gay neighborhoods. Focused on my purpose, I zeroed in on a profile offering “Massage” services. After all, this was Bangkok, and I was here to immerse myself in the famed experiences the city had to offer.
    The masseur, a youthful-looking individual probably in his early twenties, boasted a fitness model's physique, which was evident from his popular Instagram account overflowing with followers. This online presence served as a form of validation for me, and I decided to accept his offer for a 2500 Baht outcall visit. The fact that he was just a block away added to the appeal, as I was eager to get a glimpse of the streets and residential life in this new land.
    He was available - NOW!
    In a flurry, I quickly freshened up and made my way to his apartment. Upon arrival, I noticed he was shorter than I had anticipated, yet his physique was strikingly chiseled, likely around 8% body fat. He had a pleasantly shy demeanor and his English, while not perfect, was more than adequate.  He walked me to his spartan studio apartment and we stripped down. The massage itself was satisfactory — and playfully frisky.  
    He had mentioned it body-to-body and full release.  I did not expect much more than a rub and tug, but after about thirty minutes, he went to town, going down on me.  Oh wow.  Then came the 69.  He allowed me to poke and probe his entire smooth and boyish body with my tongue as he ravaged my cock with his mouth.  Very good!  A climax for both of us.  I tipped him 500 baht, completely forgetting what I learned from this board on how to handle such a custom, and at 5AM, I returned to the hotel with the confident knowledge that Bangkok is the greatest city on Earth.
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    After supper at Foodland Patpong, Z and I went into Dreamboys. It was 11 plus and halfway into their show. Fewer customers and fewer guys working as compared to last Friday night. Show about the same. Z enjoyed watching the energetic dance numbers. He sang along to the songs that the ladyboy diva singers sang. He didn't like the erotic cock dancing and big cock show. When macho man in heels appeared, Z was taken aback at first but he enjoyed it as the performance went on. "You want to tip him?" I asked, holding out a 100-baht note. Z said yes and appreciatively handed the tip to macho man in heels on stage.
    Z recognised and called out to a Dreamboys guy. "He's my friend. He's from Myanmar." He is one of dancers for Sex Bomb dance and he is a good dancer. We watched him dance and I gave Z a 100-baht note to tip him. I can confirm that Myanmar dancer is not just working at Dreamboys purely as a dancer. He is available for off. He has a number on his white shorts and he went on rotation on stage with the other guys. So it seems that Dreamboys doesn't hire only Thai guys. They have guys from the other countries as well.
    At 12.15am, the coyote dancing began signalling the start of the 3rd show of the night. Only 6 guys dancing compared to 9 guys on Friday. When they ended, 3 guys received 100-baht tips each while the best 3 dancers received 1000-baht garlands each to applause.
    Z and I left after coyote dancing. I said bye to him. "See you next year, Myanmar boyfriend," I said to him as I hugged him. "See you next year, Singapore boyfriend," he replied.
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    My plan for the night was Hotmale Beer Bar downstairs, supper at Foodland Patpong with fellow forum member (he would leave Thailand two days later), catch a show at a bar and finally massage at midnight. O, the massage guy, offered to come to my hotel room after he ends work at 12.30am. Of course I said yes.
    At Hotmale Beer Bar downstairs, it was one of the waiter's birthday and he had invited some friends over for a small celebration with some food at the sofa seats and table. I wished him happy birthday and gave him a tip. Z, my current infatuation, was working at the upstairs bar. News soon spread upwards that "Z's Singapore boyfriend" (a name given by the other waiters) had arrived and Z promptly came down to say hi to me. I told him about my midnight massage so no off to hotel. But how about dinner and watch boy show with me. OK he said. At 10.10pm, we adjourned to Foodland Patpong to meet fellow forum member and his guy for last supper until next year (tentatively middle of year in June).
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    I took BTS back to Sala Daeng. Saw that a new bar was being built next to Hot Male Beer Bar downstairs. It's in pink. Oh dear. Not a girlie bar please.
    Got some lunch then lazed at pool waiting for Grinder guy. Not just one but two in fact. One Thai guy. Mid 20s. Tall and twinkish. Freelancer just like the Thai guy I met yesterday.
    My other Grinder initiated session came in late afternoon. 34 years old. Laos. And surprise surprise he works at Super A! He was stopping by at my room for quickie before he reports for work at 6pm. Sex with him was the best among all the guys I met this trip. Experience trumps pretty boy looks, sexy 6-pec abs body and skilful massage skills, I guess.

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