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    My experience from the past was that the guys at Tawan are for the most part straight and offer either top services or muscle (?) worship. Is that still the case?
  2. I'll be at the Crowne Plaza in Silom in November. Might there be anything new to report as per a trainer's gym in the Silom / Lumpini area? Thank you,
  3. I am a big fan of this site. It's given me some great information and some of the guys have been super generous with their time and information. Thank you! But lately, after perusing some of the threads....sadly I am often seeing a pattern of the following: Bitching about how expensive everything is Complaining about things like economy airline seats that aren't wide enough to accommodate their girth Pointing out how life (boys, mamasans,etc) is always trying to cheat them Going on ad nauseam about topics (usually themselves or other bits of nothingness) that aren't relevant with what this site is all about Again, I love this site. But if some of the guys might think about what this site is really all about and leave a lot of their postings to time with a therapist, it might be beneficial to all.
  4. This will be my first trip to Colombia. Your suggestions on how many days to spend in Bogota, how many in Medellin.....and then how many in another city...would be appreciated. I like architecture and museums - but I primarily there for the hot guys. Thanks!!
  5. Might anyone have a recommendation about a good gym near Silom? I'm looking for a gym where primarily gay guys work out .
  6. Any news on how they might they might request proof of vaccination?
  7. I used to stay at the Crowne Plaza Lumpini Park. NEVER a problem with guests. I'd meet them in the main floor lobby. We'd take the elevator up to the guest registration lobby...then change elevators to my floor. I always dressed appropriatelyl....and acted/looked like I knew what I was doing. Acting as if....always helps.
  8. Is a Visa now required (again) for travel to Brasil? I thought that it had been eliminated.
  9. You, Mr. Riobard, are hereby nominated to become an honorary member of the Boytoy Language Police. Thank you for the very thorough explanation of the origins of "punter".
  10. "Extremely painful"...? Extremely painful is the time devoted to aftercare upon having a hemorrhoidectomy. I know first-hand. The PCR test (of which I have also had) is more of an inconvenience. The worst part is the sneezing after they yank the sticks out of your nose.
  11. Thank you for offering up what the term "punter" means. I've been accessing this site for a few years and had no idea. Nor have I ever used it in conversation. Which brings me to another topic....communication. I would appreciate it if guys would care about clear communication when posting on this site. The abundance of acronyms used (since when is PT short for Portuguese?) and the lack of proofing is frustrating. Some sentences make no sense at all. Thank you.
  12. I read it. My question is valid. Snarky comments such as yours are not.
  13. Great story TomCal. Is Ipanema / Farme ....still the center of gay nightlife? Or has it moved...?
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