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  1. I will be in Dominican Republic at the end of December for a couple of days. So far I have booked a resort in Punta Cana and I am in the midst of planning a stay in Santo Domingo. Of course I would like to have some fun with local for pay guys. However I rarely bottom and mostly top. Looking at reports from other members it looks like that might be an issue as the scene caters heavily to passive guys. Do you think there will be an issue in finding local escorts who are willing to bottom? Also having been to Brazil recently I would prefer to spend some time with the guy, having a conversation and some kissing before the main event instead of a quickie session. Something you could easily do in a sauna in Rio. Is this something easy to get in either Punta or Santo?
  2. Day 1 The first leg of my flight was pretty uneventful and calm. Once I arrived at Charles de Gaulle I made a beeline to the new Air France lounge that was just finished in fall 2021. It’s beautiful with a curved outer shell design and a two story layout with multiple sections for food and drinks. I took a quick rinse in one of their complimentary shower cabins and got ready for the long flight ahead. The flight from Paris was okay. The cabin design is pretty outdated in a 2-2-2 configuration and the seat only lets you rest in an angled mode instead of full flat like newer planes. But in true French fashion they made up for it with food and drinks. As expected the cheese and wine were spectacular. After a quick 11 hour in the air it was time to finally land in Rio. On the way to immigration only select passengers were asked to present their Covid documents - which are at this time a PCR test not older than 72 hours or antigen test not older than 24 hours before boarding, a certificate of vaccination and the filled out health form from the Brazilian government. Immigration itself took a minute and after collecting my luggage I was on my way to the hotel. To fill the time until my room was ready I took a stroll to the Ipanema beach nearby which was full of people that day. I was not just struck by the amount of beautiful bodies on display but also that in Brazil people of all ages and shapes aren’t afraid to show skin in public. After my room was finally ready I checked in, took a disco nap and got myself ready for my first visit to Club 117. It was raining in the evening that day and on the way to the Club the Uber driver took multiple wrong turns and even backed into the car behind us. Eventually we made it and I entered a nondescript door of a nondescript building to a place I read so much about. The facilities are well maintained but have a worn patina you can’t overlook. Both main bar areas are smaller than imagined but seemed to get the job done. There was the infamous video room but on that day only Brazilian news was playing. As I made my way to the lockers multiple boys in towels came up to me, introduced themselves and tried to make a sale on the spot. One mid 20s young Bodybuilder type with a shaved head opened his towel inviting me to touch where I want. One athletic boy asked me to squeeze his ass when he learned what I was into. Knowing the cardinal rule of never going with the first guy that talks to you I headed to the bar to get a Caipirinha and settled down. After a couple of chats and a small make out session with various boys the young bodybuilder came to me again and asked to sit down. I offered him a drink and we started chatting. He is 26 as marked by a tattoo of his birth year contouring his left biceps. He traveled to Europe before to meet clients. Chatting turned into more and he had full and juicy lips perfect for kissing. We soon agreed on 150 with gozar and off we went to get a room. Sidebar: on this forum Club 117 is described as having rooms as nice as hotel rooms. Maybe this was true in the past but in 2022 that is definitely not the case anymore. Adjust your expectations accordingly. In the room Paulo got rid of his towel and gave me an impromptu muscle show, flexing all that he had, asking me to count his abs, turning around showing me his ample ass covered in a peachy fuzz. We continued making out passionately. Soon we made it onto the bed and explored each other’s body. I made sure to give extra attention to his hole and he took it like a champ. We then did the deed and cuddled a bit before going to the lockers for me to pay him. All in all I had fun with him but in the interest of keeping it real I would not go with him again. On the plus side he is deliciously hard bodied, easy to talk and speaks English well. However he had to spit in between giving oral which is kinda a turn off and most importantly he did not cum even though that was agreed. I find it kinda demeaning forcing guys to cum even if they do not want to and not in a kinky way so I didn’t insist. I also understand that GPs are real human beings with wants and needs so I am not harboring any negative feeling on the session. It’s all good just not a repeat. (I am wondering what forum veterans would have done in this situation? Withhold money?) Soon after saying goodbyes I settled my bill (161 BRL for entry, two caipirinhas and two boy drinks) and left to head back to the hotel. Jetlag was finally catching up to me. Next day a visit to Point 202.
  3. Day 0 After some grueling and stressful months dealing with job responsibilities and the current state of the world the day has finally come to pack up a suitcase and be on my way to sunnier shores. On the itinerary are lots of sunny days and hopefully even more sinful nights with a day or two of work in the São Paulo offices of the local branch of my employer thrown in. I am writing this report mainly for two reasons. Firstly I have been an avid reader of this forum for a long time and the tantalizing escapades from prolific members have always fascinated and entertained me. Consider this my small contribution to the chorus and may it inspire other currently silent readers to go on their own trips and write their own reports. Secondly I am writing this report as I tend to be a person that overthinks a lot and getting stuck in negative first person narratives has long been a toxic trait of mine. On top of that I build up expectations of things and scenarios in my head to a degree that reality can never fulfill leading to inevitable disappointment. My hope is by recording my experiences in this public and yet anonymous way I can step out of these patterns, live in the moment more and use my writing as a place for reflection. But enough of the deep shit for now and let’s talk about the trip preparations. Back in January this year KLM and Air France offered business class flights from my base in Europe over Paris to Rio at about 1200€ that was just twice as much than the Economy rate. I didn’t hesitate long before pulling the trigger setting me up for about three weeks in Brazil to live out these fantasies I have been carrying around for so long. Since I am newbie I decided to make it easy on myself and booked a room at a nice hotel close to the beach in Ipanema for the first week instead of chancing an airbnb stay. Afterwards I initially planned to hit Iguacu Falls but helpful members of this board recommended it for another time due to low water levels at the moment. Heeding their advice I am probably going to stay a couple days on Ilha Grande instead before heading to São Paulo for mostly work and then finally returning to Rio for a bit before flying back home. In these weeks I plan to hit up both saunas in Rio and the one in São Paulo for some fun, do some sightseeing and just relax as much as I can. And maybe if I hit it off with someone in Rio I might offer them to accompany me to Ilha Grande, though I understand that is not recommend MO for first timers. Now that the stage is set on to the trip.
  4. Thanks for all the advice. I’ll go with the flow and keep the option to book a trip to the falls open.
  5. I will be visiting Brazil end of March for roughly three weeks and am wondering whether I should add a third stop in my itinerary. I plan to start and end my trip in Rio and have booked a hotel in Ipanema for the first week. After that I want to visit São Paolo for a couple of days but am thinking of adding a stop in either Salvador, Recife or Iguacu Falls before returning to Rio. Is that too ambitious for a newbie with not a lot of Portuguese skills? Should I just alternate weeks between Rio and SP? What would you do?
  6. I don’t understand how people still don’t wear masks a year and change into the pandemic. Really boggles the mind.
  7. Another para social relationship revealing its ugly side.
  8. Tanzania has a r of 0 because they don’t test at all for the virus for example.
  9. As usual money trumps moral objections
  10. That pool was heavenly. Nice views
  11. Like most things the internet wills into existence it’s just okay but not great. See snakes on a plane, arrested development on Netflix etc.
  12. The show is more straight forward than Wandavision. I thought the pilot did what it had to do but have not been blown away by anything yet.
  13. Lovely couple. Haters gonna hate. just tune them out.
  14. I also had trouble accessing my old account and started over with this one. I wish there was a way to transfer old accounts during the move.
  15. Can’t wait as well. It’s been too long away from Bangkok for me.
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