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  1. Does this mean Lucky Boys (or the proprieters of Lucky Boys) will not be returning? Shame if so. I was looking forward to visiting it next time I'm in Bangkok, but never got the chance.
  2. JackR


    I'm actually loving this thread. Wish you luck with the food vendor, Chum. I feel this so much haha.
  3. On my trips to Thailand, I typically go for around 10 days, but spend only 2 or 3 days in Pattaya - the rest in BKK. I've always enjoyed the side excursions to Pattaya. But when my trips to Thailand resume, I'm thinking of no longer going to Pattaya. It just doesn't seem worth travelling down there, just to visit slightly different bars, when the bars and guys in BKK are so good. Secondly, as mentioned on posts above, I find there is not much to do in Pattaya during the day and the selection of restaurants and hotels there are not as good. (In BKK, I can't fit in the amount of different restaurants I want to try - but in Pattaya, I can barely find any). My sense from reading these forums is that there was a craziness in the Pattaya scene many years ago - which was worth coming to see. But unfortunately that seems to have faded, and now the scene seems like just a smaller version of BKK.
  4. I find Viet boys gorgeous! I'm thinking of some of the Viet guys I've "known" from Jupiter (and some cute waiters from X-Boys, in Soi Twilight days). I don't think I've ever been to Fresh Boys, but I will definitely add it to the list for next time.
  5. JackR

    Silom bars

    I'm delighted to read all the active threads about Bangkok again. Great to hear.
  6. Anyone been to Cafe Rudiger?
  7. JackR

    Silom bars

    Is this bar in a new space? Or replacing an old bar?
  8. Worth it just for the beautiful interior. Hopefully they will open again soon.
  9. Milk, I would recommend: Fork & Cork (used to be at the end of Soi 4, next to Jupiter. But I see its now moved to a new location right on Surawong, opposite the entrance of Patpong 2 Mango Tree Eat Me Namsaah Bottling Trust Mazzaro Nalin Kitchen
  10. Spectacular thread Vinapu. I'm madly jealous of all your adventures, but I'm also delighted to hear that there are still so many opportunities for fun in LoS in this uncertain time. Gives me hope. I can't wait to get back.
  11. Great report. It sounds like you're having a wonderful trip. I wish I was there!
  12. Hi All Anyone been to the bars on Fuggerstrasse lately? Thinking of a potential trip to Berlin next. Haven't been in a long time. I love those small bars with the rough Romanian / eastern european / middle eastern guys. But not sure if they have all gone home because of COVID, or if they have come back yet. I'm aware Blue Boy has closed permanently, but I believe there are still a couple of other bars left. Thanks.
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