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  1. Universal Tailors, 252, 2 Si Lom, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand They did excellent work for me. Very highly rated. Experienced. The only shop I’d use and I’ve tried others. There are thousands of tailor shops around, Just go and talk to the owner look at the shop and you will see the difference. Good luck with your suit!
  2. Thank you Slvkguy, your 8 pointers are excellent and on topic, and wise from experience. That list of 8 should be pinned if not already so. The goal here is to make aware and warn tourists as to the current situation. It’s not about drama or trying to scare anyone. Some visitors may get 100 hits from an app and believe they’re in a paradise free of danger or risk. If it saves one life it’s accomplished something. I say enjoy and be careful!
  3. Please see original post, as the link posted states in par 2 that first victim found in hotel bathtub. Other victims were found in their apartments. Many but not all apartments will have “security”.
  4. Quote regarding danger in S Am: Latin America: murders of trans & gender-diverse people 2008-2020 Published by Statista Research Department, May 24, 2022 According to the source, 3,157 trans and gender-diverse people were reported murdered in Latin America and the Caribbean between January 2008 and September 2021, making it the deadliest region of the word for this community. As of September 2018, a total of 219 murders had been reported in the region. Between 2011 and 2020, the number of murders stood above 200 every year.
  5. Well said. Agree 100% and Thailand no different, I’m there now. The only exception is the rare daddy fetish. Latin American is dangerous generally speaking, and not for a rookie. Now tragically there is a rash of murders.
  6. Thank you for the updates above, and the link to local media. Clearly of great concern. 11 murders to date is shocking! Many discussion threads recommend the App’s for meetings. Until the perpetrator (s) is/are caught no one is safe. I trust all forum readers are being “careful” with a highly dangerous situation.
  7. As of April there were 6 gay men murdered per the article below: https://www.washingtonblade.com/2022/04/04/six-lgbtq-men-killed-in-medellin-since-beginning-of-year/ There’s a reference to a possible serial killer in the article. Does anyone know of updated information?
  8. As discussed above the mileage tickets are extremely difficult to get in biz class or even economy with any decent routing. Just checked. Seems like some airlines are not even releasing their prime inventory for mileage and are simply selling it. I posted previously that an airline agent told me people are happy to pay the price for economy or biz, as they have not traveled for two years. This is all part of the post Covid realignment of travel and things are not yet normalized. Who knows if and when things will become the same as before. The price of hotels has also increased dramatically due to inflation and many people finally traveling. Don’t wait for fares/prices to drop, as there may be no availability for those who wait.
  9. When I spoke with the airlines reservations department the agent told me that people have not traveled for two years and that many do not care about the price. And she added that more than ever want business class for the additional space/ distancing due to Covid.
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